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Big Tits

This story is part 1 in a series. While all stories may be read independently they are best enjoyed as a collection. The first portion of this series sets the stage of a two day training extravaganza between a slave, her Master, and a Domme they often play with. These works are fiction, but inspired by real events between a D/s couple and friends. All parties portrayed are consenting adults over the age of 21!


Generally speaking date night with my Master is something I look forward to with great eagerness. You see, I am a slave and have been committed to my Master for the past two and a half years. He took me in as a brand new submissive and has trained me to be his perfect compliment. I will be sure to share these stories on my initial training soon! While my Master and I are now so perfectly aligned it has not always been this way, from learning about humiliation endurance, to accepting my inclination towards medical fetishism Master uses every opportunity he has to grow my knowledge and experience of being a submissive half in a D/s relationship. Now, back to why you are here. My most recent examination with Master…oh my it was such an event.

Every now and again Master and I hit a stumbling block, but who does not in their relationships! Last month had been one of those stumbling blocks. Master and I ventured to one of our favorite party locations and had been working on finding a couple to incorporate into our play. Well, we identified a couple, but the female part of the other couple was incredibly shy and didn’t want to play with my puffy, desperate, pink pussy. I left feeling rather embarrassed and since then I have been very closed off and doubtful of my abilities. That is why when my Master proposed a special date to help me recover from our last play night I was very excited, but also slightly nervous.

Let me provide some further context, I have a never ending desire to be engaged in medical play. I crave the feel of latex against my flesh, I dream about being stretched open wide by speculums and other devices. There is nothing I wouldn’t do to have a good and long examination from my Master…however, the last play date we shared put a wrench in those desires. As I was reclined on the shining gynecologist table with my pussy open by the cold steel of a speculum I was acutely aware of the two different people watching my ordeal unfold. The man was enthralled, practically echoing the movements of my Master on his submissive, who was giving me steely eyes in disappointment at the predicament my enjoyment had placed her in. The judgemental gaze of the other submissive stuck with me and inadvertently caused my legs to close up and my desire to be medically teased and tortured stifled. This story is how my Master shook me out of my closed leg phase.

Winter in the Northeast is bleak. Cold days and nights are complemented by plenty of precipitation and wind. This combination of cold and dark make the winter season all the better for devious date nights between Dominants and submissives. As the bright white moon hangs in the icy blue sky the heat of a good training session help melt away the frigidity outside. The warmth between a Dominant and their submissive is enough to make any cold day set on fire. As date nights generally go I am responsible for meeting Master where he says, when he says it. Always given explicit directions over text I am constantly aware of the responsibilities and expectations Master has placed in my hands. It was typical for Master to select and plan where we would stay, I merely would show up! However this time I was tasked with finding a two night apartment rental. I selected somewhere along the coast that had a lovely view of the water from the apartment. A quaint one bedroom that was above the hustle and bustle of a classic downtown Main Street. The kind of town with an ice cream shop and drawbridge right below the entry door. We always needed a vanilla escape from play after an evening of training, coastal towns provided the ideal backdrop.

Whenever I did arrive at an apartment or hotel before Master it was my responsibility to set up the room, and prepare myself for his arrival. To account for this I usually arrive two hours early to begin my preparations. This evening would be no different, my Master expected and deserved a perfect, wet, and ravenous slave. First I would set up the room that would host most of our play. The bedroom in this apartment was nestled behind the kitchen and living room, with a bathroom en-suite. This arrangement was perfect regardless of what Master had planned. A plush king sized bed was in the center of the bedroom, and as luck would have it the mattress sat atop a four post bed…which was fantastic for when I was helplessly restrained. Two side tables flanked the mattress and provided the essential space for toy and torture device set up. Across from the bed was a mirror, an element on advertised in the apartment listing, however this happy addition would make it possible for me to watch Master at work between xvideos porno my legs.

After peering into the bedroom and digesting the space we would share I began to open my large black toy bed and prepare the room. First I began to untangle my under bed restraints. The clank of the metal rungs on each corner served as a cold reminder of their purpose to keep wiggling bodies in place. I shimmied the cross of straps underneath the mattress and positioned them perfectly in the middle – ideal location to minimize possible movement. With the restraints appropriately assembled I pulled out the list Master had sent me of mandatory toys.

Under Bed Restraints – Check

Matching Restraint Cuffs – Check

One cuff for each limb. The carabiners attached to each cuff would lock me in place for teasing, torture, and training.

Traditional Speculum – Check

This speculum had two bill that meet at the end of a 4in slope. The bottom bill could drop out an additional half inch, while the two bills could be separated to stretch my pussy a full 3in. Master often used this tool to watch my vagina orgasm during training and exams.

Collins Speculum Check

THe first speculum opened top down, this speculum opens from side to side. When it was time for Master to check my gspot and clit this speculum would open my 3in across and feel very deep inside my hole. Both of these toys prevented my vagina from contracting during an orgasm and produced an expert tease Master loved to explore.

Magnetic Nipple Clamps – Check

Cool metal circles with strong metal magnets in the middle. The two magnets firmly grasp the nipple and turn my breasts into flesh jewels

Alligator Nipple Clamps – Check

The alligator clamps were constructed of two metal dowels that had rubber toppers. Controlled by an almost vice like tightener the clamps were my most severe. A chain attaching the two made this particular set ideal for nipple stretching and punishment.

Clothespins – Check

Clothespins were Master’s favorite clamps. Their simple design, effective hold, and easy availability made them ideal for use. These also were utilized across my body adding to their appeal.

Flogger – Check

Master had a lovely deep maroon flogger that was constructed out of unshined soft leather. Initially purchased as a discipline tool I enjoyed the sensation too much and this was often used for pleasure.

Ball Gag – Check

A small black ball was held together by thick black leather straps. Despite the reassurance that Master loved to hear my moans, wails, and screams I would often be gagged to add in my humiliation.

Box of Black Latex Gloves – Check

Master only wore black, his gloves were no exception. Tightly around my Master’s hands these would be used even at times when not engaged in medical play.

Everything required by Master had been brought, great news as it would save me from future discipline. I arranged the toys on the side table next to the bed, and ordered them from most to least fun; which for me went from Collins speculum to Alligator clamps with my flogger squarely in the middle. Finally satisfied with the arrangement of the room I ventured to the bathroom.

Turning on the water I was delighted to see a waterfall style shower. As I cranked up the heat I began to peel off my casual clothing. I removed my black jeans from my legs, these were so tight I often was asked if they were difficult to pull on. Next I shimmied off my sequin covered tank top and reach behind my back to remove the clasp of my pink laced bra. When Master came over I would be required to wear no undergarments. With no underwear to removed, Master expected that I always went commando, I was totally bare. Fully naked I was able to look in the mirror and admire my body. Standing at 5 foot 8 inches and weighing about 160 pounds I was satisfied with my shape. A true hourglass with the picture perfect hip to waist ratio. My breasts were full, each a D cup, and they sat nicely on my chest. My nipples were large and pink, more often than not they stood at attention. The flesh on my breast were a milky white, and often took on red color when used in play. Before hopping into the shower I took a quick moment to play with my breast. I took one full mound into each hand and looked down at the pink and white flesh. Next I held my left breast in my left hand and took my right thumb and index finger. I grasped my left nipple between the two fingers and gently pinched on the sensitive skin. A slow slight pull sent a jolt to my cunt and I noticed I was becoming more aroused. With my mouth gaping in pleasure I repeated the sensation on my right breast. Pinch, pull, gasp, moan I was feeling more desperate for Master with each passing moment.

I ran a steaming hot shower and resisted any temptation to put fingers into my gaping pussy. On date evenings I was on strict orders to NOT masturbate. Master always wanted to be the first to touch me on our evenings yabancı porno together. Considering that I typically edged three times a day, for a minimum of twenty minutes, this ban on masturbating was always a challenge. The desire in my pussy swelled all over and just thinking about the desire growing between my legs was getting me even more desperate.

Climbing out of the shower I began the final portion of my pre date ritual. I painted my face with the minimal amount of makeup required and stepped into a typical date outfit. A short skirt and a low cut top, Master’s favorite. Given the shape of my body most skirts were short on me. This one was black cotton and sat just below my ass. If I were to bend over anyone would be able to see my rosebud. This length was perfect just in case Master took me out to a party and wanted my ass accessible. The top was similar to my other one, a sequined shirt that had adorable cap sleeves and a neckline low enough to show the tops of each breast.

That was it, the room was prepared and all I had left to do was wait for Master to arrive. The clock read 4:45pm, 15 minutes until the evening would begin. I spent the remaining time fiddling in the kitchen and preparing the dinner I had brought. Promptly at 5:00pm there was a knock at the door. I scurried to the doorway and did one last look in the mirror before swinging it open. In front of me was my MASTER! Master stood at 6ft tall, and had a full head of salt and pepper hair. Always adorned in all black he looked both severe and inviting, a dangerous combination. With two perfect blue eyes he always carried a smile, even as he silently undressed you in his mind. Master and I are 22 years apart in age. He is a cool and confident 45 and I am a shy, often reserved 23. His experience makes him the ultimate Master for a slave like myself. I don’t ever want to give him up!

Quietly I invited him into the apartment and took his overnight bag from his shoulders. Small in comparison to the bag I carried around. Master insisted I keep all the toys in my possession as a consistent reminder of the tools he needed to keep his desperate slave in check. He shrugged off his coat and it fell into my hands. A heavy black wool jacket that had a waterproof coating. The gruff exterior fabric sat uncomfortably in my palms, however as an obedient slave I went to hang it in the closet. As I walked back to the apartment entryway Master spoke.

“The apartment looks great slave, thank you.”

This was the only hello I was given, unusually steely and to the point.

“Show me the bedroom slut.”

Eagerly I took his hand in mine and desperately pulled him into the bedroom. Master’s hands engulfed mine and his aged skin was always gruff and controlling of my softer skin. Thankfully Master did not mind my controlling pull, he could tell I wanted to show him my work. We stood near the bed together and silently shared the space as he took in the view. He broke our hand hold and walked over to the toy table. Slowly he looked down on the toy table and began to rearrange the elements. My speculums were placed together, clamps positioned partnered together as well, and from his pant pocket he pulled out a new toy…a small bullet vibrator. When he was finished rearranging Master began to take each toy into his hand, one at a time and rolled it over inspecting just to make sure they were spotless.

“You set up the room in an acceptable manner. You are still wearing too much clothing. Take it off.”

No matter how much Master may like a skirt and shirt combo he enjoyed a naked piece of property more. I worked first on my shirt because my nipples were hard and rubbing against the sequined shirt. I was in need of freeing them from their trap and feeling the cold air on my sensitive nips. As the shirt came off my breast feel into place atop my chest and rose a full inch up each time I took in a breath.

Master came closer to me and looked down at my chest. In each hand he took a breast and gave them a long, slow squeeze. My flesh began to turn a pale pink and he held my eyes in a deep lock with his as each thumb began to rub over each nipple increasing their point.

“Nice and full, look how quickly they grow as I touch you. Now let’s hope that pussy is wet too.

Next came my skirt and I couldn’t pull it off my body quickly enough. As I stepped out my legs naturally settled into a position with a half foot gap, just in case Master wanted to touch.

“Such an obedient slave I have, look how your legs just open up. Climb onto the bed with your knees underneath you and reach out in front, I want to see your holes.”

This position was typical, Master loved to give me a quick look over before the evening began. These quick inspections served as a brief tease and moment for Master to finalize his training plans for the evening. His planning was my pleasure I always enjoyed his introductory tease. I climbed onto the bed and tucked my legs under my chest so that I could provide Master yaşlı porno as much access to my holes as possible. My knees were directly against my breasts and both my asshole and pussy would be available in this position. Fully relaxed and open I could hear Master carrying a chair in from the dining room so he could sit in front of my holes. Once I felt he had settled into the chair he ever faintly began to touch me and speak.

“Tonight will be good for you slave. We will play in new ways and I know you will be eager for more.”

As he was speaking his right hand met my right ass cheek and he gave it a soft rub. As he rubbed his palm over my moon I wanted to sit backward into his hand, but knew better and stayed still. His left hand meanwhile had traveled to my rosebud and he applied minimal pressure at my opening.

“Your ass will be opened girl, oh yes it will.”

With that one finger pushed its way in, and he went all the way down to his second knuckle and I let out a soft and low moan. My ass has been a sore topic since the beginning of our training. I was eager in word, but shy in practice. His one finger felt good as he slowly moved it in and out of my ass, however, I was desperate for touches elsewhere on my body. He pumped in and out of my ass a few times before it was fully removed and he was speaking again.

“I hope for your sake this pussy is ready for tonight.”

His hand had fully moved to my puffy pink lips and I was growing more desperate with each moment. Each set of thumb and forefingers had grasped a full pussy lip and they were being pulled apart. The stretch was causing a slight stinging sensation that I had grown to love and crave. The pull at my skin caused moisture to build inside and make my pussy open and close. I felt the involuntarily opening and closing, signalling my desire for use. As I was winking Master blew air into my cunt, between breaths he spoke.

“Good girl, one more quick check.”

With his left hand my pussy was still being held open. His pointer and index finger were holding my inner lips apart and providing direct viewing to my hole, clit, and pink dripping walls. His thumb sat at the top of my wonting hole and gently rested on my sensitive clit, the pads of which was firmly against my clit. Then as I was being stretched open by two fingers, holding my outer lips apart two fingers from his right hand felt at my smaller, pinker, softer, wetter inner lips.

“So soft, good girl.”

Methodically he inserted both of his thick, strong, and confident fingers into the back of my soaking wet and dripping cunt. He swiftly swirled both fingers around my hole, while applying consistent pressure to the top of my hole, I couldn’t help but purr. Softly he pulled his fingers a half inch out of my pussy, reinserted them, pulled out, pushed in, and occasionally gave my clit a pinch.

“Mhmm someone is all ready for tonight. Off the bed now, time for dinner.”

The beginning of our date was off to a magnificent start. Master seemed pleased with the apartment I had rented, as well with how the space and my body were presented. So far I was more than ready for the evening to continue. Master had just completed his initial look over of my body and was clearly ready to get the evening moving.

“Got set up dinner”

Typically Master and I would get lost in long conversations and he rarely was short on words, but tonight he was direct, stern, and purposeful in his words, I was entranced. Scurrying off to the kitchen I grabbed two plates, two glasses for water and the necessary utensils. I had cooked us a lush dinner of roasted chicken, mashed potatoes, and steamed vegetables. On date evenings I was required to cook us healthy meals that would provide plenty of energy!

As I finished setting our table Master came into the kitchen. He too had changed from street clothing into his play clothing. A pair of calf hugging joggers that made his butt look more perk and tempting. A black t-shirt that clung to his pecks and made his arms pop out in such a site that I wanted nothing more than for him to wrap me tight in a hug. Master always wore all black when we were together, his subtle reminder of who was in charge. Despite being middle aged Master had the tone, confidence, and build of someone far younger. Nothing made me feel more helplessly submissive than looking at my domineering Master in a date night outfit. My eyes were twinkling.

Coming from the bedroom he again surveyed his surroundings and broke the silence.

“Set the table for one more, we have a visitor.”

My eyes widened and my mouth opened slightly in fear, Master had not mentioned a guest, but I knew better than to protest his choice. I walked back into the kitchen and pulled the remaining dishware necessary for a guest. I became starkly aware of my predicament. Naked, horny, and exposed for dinner with a guest. My nervousness began to rise. As I finished the table Master had a ding on his phone and he went to the door…our guest had arrived.

At the door was Mistress Svetla, one of our consistent playmates. We had met Svetla a few months ago at a party and since then we had played twice more. She was a cruel and twisted Domme who took pleasure in making me squirm, don’t worry I will share our first encounter soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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