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After hanging up the phone, Megan and I both stayed in the bed for a few more minutes, trying to wake up. We were both reluctant to get out of bed. The sun shone bright. The air conditioning making the thin curtains move slowly.

I rolled onto my side and kissed Megan on the cheek. “Time to get up Sweetie. He’ll be here at about three thirty or so, and you KNOW he’ll want to play a little before we go out. He’s missed you almost as much as I have.”

“I’ve missed him too, I missed you both. You’ve always treated me with so much respect and shown me so much love. I’m glad you decided to visit me again.” Megan said as she sat up on the bed.

The covers slid over my chest and down my side as she sat up, waking my nipples abruptly. It was colder in the room than I had first thought. I rolled closer to her as I moved onto my belly, stretching and burying my head into my pillow as I yawned.

I felt Megan gently drag her nails across my back as I stretched, causing me to stretch harder, enjoying the feeling. I turned around and sat up next to her, still not wanting to get out of the warm bed. I yawned again and finally stepped out of bed, I walked to the thermostat and turned off the AC. The fan clicked off and I headed back to the bed, and took Megan’s hand. I helped her stand and we both headed for the bathroom. Both of us emptied our bladders and jumped into the warm shower. Again we washed each other, enjoying her touch and the warmth of the water.

We finished showering and dried off in the bathroom, not wanting to open the door now that the room was warm. Megan quickly drew smiley faces over the fogged mirror before opening the bathroom door. She retrieved her bag and we both went back into the bedroom to dress. We both decided on comfortable clothes, so we put on jeans and tops. I also braided her hair, to keep it out of her lovely face.

We ordered a small lunch and ate downstairs in the diner. We laughed and caught up some more on each other’s lives apart. We decided that we would all eat dinner at the small pub across town. We both wanted to see Brian again, and hoped he would join us later at the hotel. I was also a bit curious to see how he would react to seeing us again, especially after teasing him the night before.

After getting back to the room, we cleaned up a bit. We also made sure all of our toys were back in our bags, there would be time for those later on.

Kevin called up from the front desk at about three. He was excited to finally be at the hotel and was looking forward to seeing ‘his women’. He arrived at the door and was greeted by lots of kisses from us both. He finally made it through the door and set down his things, and gave us both hugs and more kisses.

“So, you two, what plans do we have so far?” Kevin asked while grinning like a mad man.

“Well, first off, you get to shower and shave. Relax a bit. Don’t want to rush into anything, I know your heart couldn’t take it.” I said and stuck out my tongue.

Megan laughed and smacked my ass. I laughed and stuck out my tongue again at Kevin. As he stepped forward, I pushed Megan in front of him as my ‘shield’, as I took off down the hall and into the other room. Megan squealed and giggled, knowing that the games had just begun again. She turned and ran after me to the other room.

I heard Kevin laugh as I turned, running into the bedroom. He followed slowly, keeping Megan and I wondering what exactly he was planning. He walked into the door and stopped. He smiled his own devilish little smile and said, “I hear you two are a bit sore, and for that you BOTH toplu porno need a little punishment. I was supposed to be a part of the fun, as opposed to you two having *THAT* much fun without me.”

Facing Megan Kevin said, “Amy told me that you were already sore, I’d love to see how sore you really are.” Kevin turned to me and I smiled and wiggled my eyebrows. He knew I was completely willing to share Megan with him.

Megan looked at me. I nodded and she quickly sat down on the bed. I leaned forward, and kissed Megan’s cheek, assuring her everything was ok. It was now her turn to choose her next action.

Megan stood up slowly and removed her shirt. Kevin took eack of her hard nipples between his fingers and pinched them. Megan winced, but stayed quiet, knowing the more she complained the more fun he’d have pinching them. Kevin’s hand traveled down her chest and across her belly, stopping at the top of her jeans. Megan knew what he wanted, and quickly unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans, slowly pushing them down. She removed her panties as well, spead her legs slightly, and stood in front of Kevin. He smiled and was delighted to find that she was shaved completely smooth.

Kevin kneeled on the floor, and wiggled his eyebrows. Megan splayed her lips with her fingers. She leaned forward and slowly rubbed her sex against Kevin’s mouth. His tongue darted forward, lapping at her slit, savoring her musk. I watched him take her clit gently between his teeth and nibbled on her button as his finger slowly entered and began to probe her.

Megan’s hips began to push forward harder as he fed another finger into her core. Kevin began moving his fingers rapidly. He fingered her deep and hard as he continued to nibble on her clit. Megan moaned and continued grinding her sex against his fingers, trying to drive his digits deeper into her tight hole. Kevin slowed and removed his fingers. Megan looked down and she saw him greedily licking his fingers clean. His eyes were closed, savoring her taste.

Kevin slid both fingers back into her, slamming them over and over into her core. He could feel her sex grasping at his fingers trying to keep him inside of her. Megan was so tight and this excited him. The smell of her sex was driving him mad.

Kevin removed his fingers, and again cleaned them off in his mouth as Megan quietly waited for him to finish. After he was done, he stood up. I quickly went to his side and smiled. I unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans, allowing his full erection to be freed. He then moved to press Megan’s back hard against the wall. He brought her leg up, and slowly fed his cock into her. They both moaned. Him enjoying her tight fit. Megan pushed her body closer to his, trying to accommodate his thick cock.

Kevin pushed her up, while lifting her other leg. He began to fuck her deeper, her weight making his cock dive deep inside her. She moaned and dug her nails into his back. He slammed his cock into her over and over, each time making Megan inhale sharply, her moans getting louder and more guttural. He fucked her faster and harder, feeling her sex squeezing his massive erection, wanting his seed.

Kevin was moaning and grunting with the rushes of pleasure, fucking Megan as deep as he could. She continued to grind her hips against his, pleading for him to cum. Begging him to cum in her.

Megan’s begging drove him wild, and he finally released his seed. His cock diving into her as her sex milked all that it possibly could. Her muscles constricting as he came in her. Her legs still wrapped around him, he carried her over türbanlı porno to the bed and gently laid her down.

Knowing Megan was still close to climax herself, he again drove his two fingers deep into her, twisting his wrist slightly while caressing her g-spot. She came violently, her back arched and her muscles tightened around his fingers, trapping them inside her for a few moments. He lay next to her on the bed, pulling her into his arms, holding her gently against him.

I finally stood up from my seat across the room and climbed onto the bed behind her. She was relaxing her body, and I could hear her breathing slowing. I kissed the top of her head and then Kevin before I got comfortable behind Megan. I watched Kevin rub Megan’s side, as she began to fall asleep. Kevin and I kissed once more before beginning to dream.

I didn’t sleep long, I was too excited. I knew the next few days would be full of pleasure and bonding. Kevin was sleeping lightly, he opened his eyes as he felt me move over in the bed. I smiled and nodded at him. Motioning that Megan was still sound asleep. Kevin nodded slightly, and I returned one of my own.

Kevin’s fingers slid across Megan’s hard nipple and descended across the firm flat plain of her belly. He tenderly caressed her navel as his hand reached the small curve above her pussy. She was sleeping with her knees slightly bent and it was easy for him to push her thigh to one side and slip onto the puffy folds of her womanhood.

I watched as Kevin’s fingertips found the central slit between Megan’s labia and homed in. His whole body was focusing on the feelings that came through his probing digits. Her slit was warm and dry, but I knew he would quickly change that. With a little fumbling, he found the fleshy hood that covered her clit and drew small circles around it.

“Mm-hmmm” she moaned quietly in her sleep as her upper leg straightened and rolled to the side to allow him free access. A grin threatened to split his head in two as his caresses caused her to unknowingly surrender to her growing lust. Her small foot slid along the upper side of his leg as he slipped his knee between her thighs to hold them open. Now his hand could move over her pussy with ease.

He teased Megan’s little jewel relentlessly for several moments, until he could feel her central crease become quite slippery and wet. My lips moved to her throat and began to suckle as I reached around her side, and began to caress her hard nipples. Kevin slid his fingertip down her slick path and curled it into the opening of her velvet box. He traced a path around her jewel as his finger began to sink into her.

She felt so wonderful to touch. Her pussy made a soft wet slapping sound as he stirred it to arousal. Her velvet box glazed his hand with girlish honey. He brought his fingers to my lips and gently rubbed it onto my lips. I licked my lips greedily, and then licked his fingers. Moaning softly. Kevin smiled and returned his fingers to Megan’s wet womanhood.

Kevin could have lain next to her and fingered this wonderful girl for an eternity, but both of us could sense her awakening. I slid my hand across her mouth and moved my lips to her ear. As my hand closed on her, she gave a jerk and her legs snapped shut on Kevin’s thrusting fingers.

Realizing it was the both of us, she seperated her legs and relaxed her body, again ready for our touch. Kevin rewarded her by thrusting his fingers back into her. I leaned over her. My hand that had been cupping her mouth now pulling her face toward mine and our lips met türk porno in a gentle kiss, which soon became hungry passion. Her sweet lips parted and her tongue met my own as I thrust it deep into her mouth. I could still taste the wine that we had been drinking just a couple hours ago.

Kevin’s cock was painfully hard as it lay in the crease between her ass cheeks. It pointed upward against her, the warmth traveling between them. I don’t know how long we lay in bed, his fingers sinking in and out of her. My tongue still swirled in her mouth and my fingers replaced Kevin’s and I fingered her deeply, drawing out her nectar and rubbing it across her hard jewel, enjoying her quick gasps of pleasure.

I finger-fucked her, harder now, twisting my fingers inside of her. Kevin kissed her shoulders, and neck as he moved to sit behind her. My fingers slowly exiting her, only to be replaced by his thick erection.

I was able to reach between her legs. I gently guided the head of his cock to her tight opening, pausing only to allow her to move back against him. I began to cover his hard cock with her nectar, that still covered my finger tips. I gently pulled him closer to her, making his tip rub against her jewel, making them both shiver. Pushing him back slightly, he thrust into her tight wet pussy, making Megan gasp suddenly, which also caused Kevin to grunt with pleasure.

I knelt on the bed in front of Megan, watching her nipples become hard little nubs as Kevin fucked her deeply and slow. Megan was on her hands and knees now, while Kevin continued to fill her tight little pussy. Both were moaning and pushing hard against each other. Megan was squeezing her sex, making the fit even tighter, which excited Kevin even more. Kevin’s cock was now completely covered with Megan’s sweet nectar.

Megan’s moans became more intense, and she suddenly pushed me backwards, and began to lick at my pussy. Megan’s tongue laped at my own juices, causing me to push my hips forward. Megan was now on her elbows, her ass still up in the air as Kevin continued to slam his cock into her. She was licking at my clit and holding onto my legs.

I began to caress her face and play with her hair as her moans became more intense. She was very close to her orgasm. I love watching her climax… it’s almost as if she has reached deep into her soul and grasped a part of heaven.

Megan came. She closed her eyes her body tensed. Her moans were gutteral, coming from deep within her chest. Kevin’s eyes rolled to the back of his head. His cock was thrust deep inside of her. He could feel her sex tightly squeezing the sides of his manhood. He grunted and pushed against Megan, his own climax beginning. They were both locked together. Her sex, holding Kevin fast, milking his cock of every last drop he offered her.

I sat forward, kissing Megan as her climax began to ease, her body relaxing slightly. Kevin leaned forward as well, trying to catch his breath, slowly removing himself from her. Megan leaned back, and sat on the bed, resting her head against Kevin’s chest. I moved back a bit, leaned on my elbows, and again began to slowly lick Megan’s pussy, tasting the lovely mixture of the two of them. Her orgasm continued, as I licked her soft wet flesh. Kevin’s arms wrapped around Megan, as her orgasm finally ended. I moaned, and licked my lips. Megan sat forward and took my hands, gently pulling me into her lap. We sat quietly on the bed for a few moments, just enjoying the slowing rush of blood in our veins.

I stretched and looked at both of them, still sitting quietly, Kevin’s arms still around Megan. I smiled and slowly slid off the bed. “Time for another shower and I’m rather hungry now.” It was getting a little late. I knew we had to get to the pub early enough to eat, and then have plenty of time to share with Brian… *IF* he agreed to come back to the hotel with us.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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