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This story describes sexual encounters of consenting and loving adults and is meant for legally adult audiences only.

Many thanks to gustavca for doing a great job editing the story.


It’s been a tough couple of months. Juggling our parental duties, waning social live and demanding jobs has left us close to completely drained. Our weekend away from it all is not arriving a moment too soon.

Getting into the car I run through the checklist in my head. Kids and all they need for the weekend dropped off at your parents: check. Left the house in good order and locked it up: check. Packed our clothes and stuff: check. Didn’t forget to pack the toys: check. The rose I bought for you on the passenger seat: check. The address of the luxury wellness resort entered into the car’s navigation: check. I hit the start button, reverse out of the driveway; the weekend has started!

To get as much time together as possible, I managed to persuade you to leave on Friday, giving us until Sunday evening before we have to pick up the kids again. Weaving my way through the early weekend traffic, I steer the car towards your office in the city.

I think about the place I found on the net and booked for us; a very nice wellness resort, with all the bells and whistles, in the middle of the woods in the east of the country. It not only comes with lots of different saunas, pools, massage and beauty treatments, best of all it offers big suites with their own private wellness facilities.

In anticipation of this weekend, I have spent many hot fantasies of fucking you in the whirlpool. Thinking about that now is causing my dick to slowly grow. Realising that I am about to miss the exit to your office I am stirred back to reality. I use the time at the traffic light to dial up Cinematic Orchestra on the car’s audio system. It sets the mood, as we have spent many lovemaking sessions to the rhythm of their tracks.

You are already waiting for me outside the office. Opening the door, a smile appears on your face as you grab the rose and sit down.

“Hi, honey, have I already told you today that I love you?” you say.

“No, you didn’t,” I reply with a smile.

Resting your hand on my thigh you give me a kiss on the cheek as I steer the car back into traffic. “Rough day today?” I inquire.

As you stare through the windshield, you reply with a sigh, “Yeah, but let’s forget about that now. It’s the weekend, our weekend.”

Grabbing the thermos cup, I hand you the tea I prepared earlier.

“Awwww,” you say, “you’re such a sweetheart.”

On the highway now, picking up speed, the scenery starts to whizz past us. Your hand is still on my thigh as you sip your tea, occasionally and absentmindedly stroking my leg. Both tired we enjoy the rest provided by not having to talk.

Halfway through the journey I glance at you seeing that you are asleep. With a smile I think you probably dozed off quite some time ago.

Slowly steering the car over the long and curving driveway I gently stir your leg. “Honey, time to wake up. We’ve arrived.”

You open your eyes and look at the scenery. Trees everywhere, the beautiful old mansion coming into view as I turn the last corner. As we drive up to the building a man exits, pointing to a spot close to the entrance.

“Good evening, madam, sir. Welcome to our resort. If you hand me the car keys I will take care of the car and ensure that your luggage is brought to your suite.” He moves his hand towards the entrance, indicating that we should leave it all up to him and enter the mansion.

The wide hall welcomes us. The interior of the mansion is a tasteful mix of classic and modern. Marble floor, some comfortable modern furniture, and a stairway curling up to the next floor with a huge chandelier hanging from the ceiling. Taking it all in we hear light footsteps approaching us from behind.

“Good evening, Mr and Mrs Black, I hope you had a pleasant journey,” the young woman says with a warm smile. “My name is Ann and I will be your personal assistant for the weekend. Why don’t we sit down for a minute, so I can explain the basics to you and ensure that you know how to reach me in case you need anything.”

The two of us sit down on the comfortable couch. Ann seats herself on the other side of the low table.

Taking a small tablet into her hand she explains, “This will help you with all the needs you might have during the weekend. You can use the resort’s App to contact me; order food or drinks to be delivered to your current location; find your way around the resort; see which of the facilities are free and to book any of the treatments we offer and lots more. It’s pretty self-explanatory, but if you wish I can walk you through it.”

Knowing our way with gadgets we assume we’ll figure out how to use it and decline her offer.

“You’ll find your own tablets in your suite. When you first use them, you must register your fingerprint. This will be used for confirming your orders and to unlock the door to yetişkin porno your suite. If you wish you can join dinner in the dining room at eight, or would you prefer a dinner for two to be served in your suite?”

Glancing over to you I judge the mood you are in. By the looks of it you are in for some company after your rest, so I tell Ann we will join dinner in the dining room.

“That’s great,” she replies. “There are some other guests staying with us, I’m sure you’ll find some pleasant company. Now if you’d like to follow me I will show you to your rooms.”

We follow her up to the stairs and onto the landing, a long hallway with the occasional door extends towards both sides. Turning left she leads us over the thick carpet, past several doors and paintings towards the very last door.

“You’re staying in the Ocean Suite,” Ann says as she opens the door.

The room welcomes us with the colours of an ocean sunset. It is quite spacious. There is a nice sitting area to the left with a crackling fire in the fireplace and a door marked “Rest” in swirly print. Next to that is a small kitchen area with a bar to the right and another door marked “Enjoy”. There are windows across the full width of the room with two doors leading onto the balcony.

“Please note that the whole resort and its grounds are clothing optional. Meaning that you may wear whatever you want anywhere, or nothing at all. Whichever you prefer is fine. As it’s your first time here, it’s probably good to know that most of our guests prefer to wear just a bathrobe in places like the dining room and nothing in the wellness areas.”

Ann points towards the two tablets on the bar and asks if we have any more questions. You reply that all is clear.

“Fine, then I’ll leave you two to it. Please don’t hesitate to call me whenever you need anything.” With that she turns around and leaves the room into the hallway.

You move close to me and give me a kiss that would have left Eros blushing. Eager for more I pull you tight against me. Our lips and tongues are dancing a hot tango. Your hand moves towards my groin, cupping the growing bulge.

“Hold your horses, soldier. I’m going to find our stuff, wash off the day in the shower and then it’s time for dinner.”

Scanning the room you decide to go for the door marked “Rest”, which turns out to be the bedroom with its own bathroom.

Grabbing one of the tablets I make sure to register my fingerprint, leafing through the options of the resort App. Pretty straightforward indeed. As I put the tablet back on the bar I hear you call, “Simon, honey, come over here, you really should see this.”

Walking into the bedroom I see you in your naked glory. “Yes, you’re right, I definitely needed to see this!” I smirk at you.

Sticking out your tongue you point towards the open wardrobe. All of our stuff neatly on hangers or folded on the shelves.

“Wow, quite the service!” Slightly embarrassed I look at the contents of the wardrobe, wondering what they did with our little toy collection. Scanning the room I find the bag in which I packed them sitting discretely on top of one of the nightstands.

“Call me when you’re done in the shower,” I say as you move towards the adjacent bathroom. “I’m going to relax a bit on the sofa.”

Back in the main room my eyes are caught by the “Enjoy” sign on the door opposite the bedroom. Oh yeah, I had completely forgotten about that. The door opens to a large room, lots of wood and stone. In the middle of the room is a very large round basin, halfway into the floor. Starring into the water I see comfortable looking seats all around the edge. Hmmm… that will easily fit four people. Space enough to make my fantasy about you fucking me in there come true.

Looking around the room I see a spacious Finnish sauna in one corner with windows looking into the garden, a large shower in the next and what looks to be a Turkish bath in the third. The last corner holds two very comfortable looking loungers, a refrigerator with various drinks and a massage table.

We will definitely enjoy all of this.

Looking at the clock I realise it is already 7:30. Dinner will be in half an hour, better hurry.

After both of us have showered we descend the monumental stairs to find the dining room. We are both wearing a nice and comfy bathrobe with, after a short giggly conversation, nothing underneath. Making our way through a nice lounge we follow the sound of soft conversation.

The dining room is a beautiful large room. Big bay windows look into the garden and forest, now beautifully illuminated by artificial lights as the sun set an hour ago. The centre of the room is dominated by a large glass fireplace, the tables set around it to emphasise its presence. A quick scan of the room reveals there are about a dozen guests; some couples, a group of four and a man and woman sitting at tables by themselves. All wearing the resort’s bathrobes, making us instantly relax.

Ann youjizz porno walks up to us with a smile, “If you would still like some company for dinner, I can introduce you to a nice couple I’m sure you’ll like.”

“Yes please,” you answer her.

She leads us around the fireplace to the other side of the room.

Walking up to a couple at a table Ann says, “Hi, I would like to introduce Simone and Simon to you.” Both rise to shake our hands as Ann continues, “Simone, Simon, Rob and Julia.”

Both of them smile as they greet us, Rob moving his hand towards two remaining chairs invitingly. “Please have a seat, we were just about to have a drink. I’m sure Ann will bring whatever you like in a minute.”

After ordering our drinks we strike up an easy conversation and before we know it we are all having a great time and dinner arrives.

Dinner is really amazing: portions just the right size and the tastes a harmonious feast. While eating we talk about us and our lives and learn a lot about them. It is really funny how easy it is to connect to some people. It soon feels as if we have known each other for a long time.

At some stage I notice that Julia’s bathrobe has loosened up a bit, revealing quite a lot of her breasts. Pretending to be a gentleman and not the horny guy I really am I look away. I let my gaze drift towards you.

What the hell? Your bathrobe is half opened too! Looking slightly from the side I can even see one of your nipples. It is hard and occasionally rubs against the fabric of the robe. My cock is awake now, slowly rising and pushing against my robe. Shit, I cannot be sitting here in just a robe with a hard on!

Looking across the table I see Rob watching me with a smile. He moves his eyes towards the exposed breasts of his wife, then towards your breasts. Looking back at me he winks and raises his glass of wine towards me. With a smile I return the gestures.

As I bring the glass towards my mouth Julia says, “Well gentlemen, would you care to explain to Simone and me what that secret conversation was about?”

I almost choke on my wine. Busted!

I then catch you staring down at your half open robe and then at Julia’s exposed breasts. You say, “Well Julia, I’m curious as well. Do you think it has anything to do with our tits?”

All four of us look at each other, we burst into laughter. The mood is even lighter now, the conversation a bit more spicy.

After desert you take my hand and announce, “Well, guys, it really has been an enjoyable evening. I hope you don’t mind if Simon and I retreat to our room.”

Rob looks at you with a knowing smile and replies, “No, no problem at all. In fact I was about to propose the same to Julia.”

All four of us walk up the stairs towards our rooms. Our room being two down from Rob and Julia’s, we wish each other pleasant dreams and depart with friendly kisses on the cheeks.

As we enter our room, you drop your robe to the floor. “Honey, I’m so fucking horny! If you don’t do me now I am going to explode.”

And with that you are all over me, your hands tugging away the bathrobe while your tongue invades my mouth. Grabbing your buttocks I pull you in tight, my cock pushing between your thighs, sliding over your already slick cunt lips.

“My, my, we sure are hot, aren’t we, Mrs Black?”

Taking my hand you lead me into the bedroom. Climbing onto the bed on all fours with your cunt and ass exposed you say, “Fuck me from behind, Simon. Give it to me hard!”

My gaze is caught by the beauty of your cunt as I follow you onto the bed. Your lips are swollen, pulling your cunt slightly open and revealing the pink and wet inside. God, I love your pussy!

“Honey, I need your cock NOW!”

With one hand I guide the tip of my rock hard cock towards your opening, wetting its head with your luscious nectar. Then I push it into you hard, all the way until my belly rests against your ass. I immediately pick up the pace, pounding into you as you push against me.

Feeling you contracting your muscles around my cock I nearly loose it. I guess you’re getting close as well as you are panting and moaning while I ravage your cunt.

“Oh baby, give it to me hard,” you say grinding against me with each of my thrusts.

Looking down I see my cock pistoning into you, all wet and shiny with your delicious juice.

You are moving your torso down, resting your head sideways on the pillow. Causing your ass to stick up even higher into the air. Your breath now short and shallow, you mumble something intelligible. Grabbing your hips with my hands I pull you onto me as I thrust deep.

“Oh yes! Yes, go on, baby! Go on,” you moan.

Your cunt is making wet noises as my cock is fucking you hard. Getting close to my climax I hope I can hold on until you are there as well, but I am soon rewarded with you cumming on my hard cock. I continue to pound your now soaking pussy, as you start to buck against me and shudder.

Hoping for an encore youporn porno I try not to cum yet. Almost impossible, as you are grabbing my cock with your cunt, letting it twitch back in carnal conversation. Slowly I decrease the speed of my fucking until I am completely still. Occasionally I let my cock jump inside of you, causing your whole body to shudder in return.

Pulling my cock slowly out of you, I gently rub its head over your clit, drawing another moan from you. As I lean back I look at your wet open cunt, enjoying the sight it offers. I move next to you onto the bed and nudge you to turn towards me. Kissing your forehead and the tip of your cute little nose I wrap my arms around you.

You open your eyes and smile at me, “Just what I needed!”

I answer you with a gentle kiss.

I know there is one last thing I can do for you to complete your satisfaction. One last kiss on your forehead, I leave for the kitchen to make you a cup of tea.

As I am pouring the hot water into the cup you enter the room and say, “Why don’t you bring that with you and join me in the whirlpool?”

“Shall I bring you anything else?” I inquire.

You look at me seductively and answer, “No honey, just tea and that nice looking cock of yours.”

Grinning ear to ear I follow your swaying ass into the wellness room.

Testing the temperature of the water with your hand, you state that it is just perfect and enter the basin with a sigh. I set the teacup next to you on the rim of the pool, then ease myself into to the warm water beside you. Looking around I find the control buttons and switch on the bubbles. “Just bubbles? Or should I also switch on the jets?”

“No, bubbles are fine for now”, you say as you cuddle up against me with the tea in your hand.

The warmth and the bubbles have us soon drifting into relaxation. You close to me, occasionally sipping your tea. One arm around you, my hand is resting on one of your scrumptious titties, cupping it completely.

Having finished your tea, you turn around to set the cup back on the rim. Moving back against me you slide your hand between my thighs.

“Ok, mister, where’s that hot cock of yours?”

Your hand is now fondling my balls, cupping them and gently pulling on the sack. One finger trails down to rub the sensitive spot above my anus. Kissing my neck you move your hand up, grabbing my now hard again cock with your hand. You gently pull the skin back and forth over the tip. My pelvis reacts with an uncontrollable thrust, moving more of my cock into your firm grip.

You are looking into my eyes as you tug on my cock and ask, “Ready to be fucked?”

My cock is faster in replying, twitching in your hand in response.

Slowly you move over me, rubbing one of you nipples against my lips. I suck it hard into my mouth and you moan. Straddling me now, my cock still in your hand, you rub it along the slick lips of your cunt. You slightly tilt your pelvis and move the tip of my cock against your opening. Slowly you sink yourself onto it, as you look me deep in my eyes.

Feeling my cock sliding into your hot pussy, I moan as I feel you tighten your muscles. Your hands on my shoulders, you start to ride me slowly. Your beautiful tits just in front of me, nipples so hard it is almost obscene. You pick up speed now, grinding your clit against my pelvic bone on each down stroke.

Occasionally you surprise me by clenching your cunt around my cock, drawing a moan and counter thrust from me and I mutter, “Oh honey, you’re making me wild. If you go on like this I will cum hard inside of you in no time!”

You smile at me and answer with a husky voice, “That’s just the idea, mister. I want to feel your hot cum spilling into me!”

I am countering each of your thrusts now. We are pounding hard against each other. You are moving up and down, tilting your pelvis on the down stroke to press your clit hard against me. My balls are starting to stir as you lean into me. Your head on my neck now I can hear your shallow breaths as you fuck me harder and harder.

“Oh, I’m going to cum soon,” I moan.

“Yes baby,” you pant, “give it to me. Fill your wife’s cunt with your hot semen!”

Grabbing your hips I fuck you back now, pulling you hard against me on each down stroke. Feeling my orgasm approaching, inevitable now. One last hard and deep push, I hold you close. My dick all the way inside of you starts to jerk, releasing my load into you. Shaking uncontrollably I pull you against me, occasionally thrusting into you again.

Holding you tight I slowly return to reality, opening my eyes to see yours as you approach for a wet kiss.

“How’s that for a start of our weekend away?” you ask with a smile.

Enjoying the feel of our bodies against each other and the warm bubbles, we drift off in the afterglow.

I feel you stir against me as you place a gentle kiss on my mouth. “Come on, honey, let’s dry off and go to bed.”

One the way back to the bedroom my eyes catch the tablets. “Oh, you still have to register your fingerprint, love. Or else you won’t be able to unlock the door to our suite,” I say. Grabbing one of them I follow you into the bedroom, handing it to you on the bed. “Just turn it on, the App will guide you through the steps,” I say as I am off to the toilet.

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