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Black Dildo

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Please note that this story is fiction and takes place in the imagination of the writer, nothing that is written ever happened. My fictional characters may or may not practice safe sex, however these are merely words and I would always advocate the practice of safe sex in the real world. Some of my fictional characters” actions may not also be legal in all places in the world, and my fictional stories are not meant encourage any reader to break any of their local laws. Anything can happen in our imaginations but in the real world we are bound by restrictions. Play safe.

Cockaigne Chronicles is a new series set in the fictional town of Cockaigne where the laws are different, and anything can happen. Social nudity and sexual interaction are nothing to be ashamed of and the moral limitations that inhibit us don”t inhibit the residents of Cockaigne.

Now, fire up your imaginations and let the fun begin…

Adam Grows Closer to His Family
by David Heulfryn

I woke up with Luke”s hard cock poking my arse. It was so far between my cheeks that his bell-end was poking my hole. For a moment I wanted him inside me, but then I got scared and shifted along the bed so that his hard cock was no longer between my cheeks.

Luke groaned when his cock was no longer being caressed by my buttocks, and he drifted awake.

I could feel his hand delving between us to feel his cock and give it a few strokes.

My cock was rock hard and begging for me to touch it, but before I could, Luke”s arm rested on my body, and his hand felt for my cock. He grasped it and slowly wanked me.

“Morning, Horny,” Luke whispered in my ear.

“Morning,” I croaked.

“Sorry I fell asleep last night. I think my tiredness just took over and my body didn”t care how horny I was.”

“That”s alright,” I whispered.

“But this morning is different.”

Luke shifted forward, and I felt his hard cock push between my arse cheeks again.

“L… Luke…” I stuttered.

“Don”t worry, Adam. I know that you”re not ready yet. But I think I am.” I could feel his breath in my ear, it tickled.

A noise came out of my mouth.

“Will you fuck me, Adam?”

“Yes.” I croaked, and my cock lurched and created a damp patch on my bedsheet.

Luke was like a whirlwind; he jumped out of bed, throwing the duvet on the floor and leaving me lying exposed on the bed. He dashed out of the room. I wondered what the hell was going on. But a few seconds later he came back with a plastic tube.

“Lube.” He panted, trying to catch his breath from the exertion. “You”ll need lube.”

Luke jumped back on the bed and pushing me off. “Stand up and then lie on me.”

I did what he said. If he were a girl, it would make sense, he was lying flat on his back, and I was lying on top of him.

“This isn”t how me and Trent did it. He was on all fours, and I pushed in from behind.”

“I want to see you, Adam. I want to see your face.” Luke lifted his head and kissed me.

I pulled away and knelt between his legs; he lifted them up and held them behind the knees.

I wanted to laugh. Luke looked so funny in that position, but I knew it would blow the mood, and I know Luke had wanted this for some time.

To begin with, I played with his hole with my finger. It was dry and awkward, then I remembered the lube and squeezed a drop in the centre of his pucker. My index finger slipped in easily.

Luke moaned as he şişli travesti felt me penetrate him.

I played awhile. Pushing it in and pulling it out, when I curled my finger inside Luke, he gasped.

“Fuck.” He almost shouted.

I did it again; it was driving Luke crazy, and I could feel his hole twitching around my finger.

Without pulling my index finger out completely, I pushed in a second finger. The stretching of his hole made him groan again.

“I”m ready.” Luke told me, “but take it slow.”

I pulled my fingers out of my stepbrother”s hole, and I looked as it stayed open, I could see the red flesh inside; I was intrigued.

Luke may have been ready, but when I looked down, I realized that I wasn”t. My cock had softened and now drooped between my legs.

Using my hand that had just been inside Luke”s arse, I stroked myself until I became hard again. It didn”t take much.

Now I was ready.

I pulled back my foreskin, so my knob was totally exposed. It looked wet, but I grabbed the lube anyway and smeared a glob over my cock. My hand was now covered in lube, it felt strange. I wiped my hand on my thigh to get rid of as much of it as I could.

“Are you ok?” Luke asked, wondering why it was taking me so long.

“Yes. I”ve just put some of this stuff on my cock.” I told him and pressed my cock against his hole.

Luke shivered when my cock touched him, and I could feel his hole throbbing against my knob.

I pushed, but nothing happened.

“Push harder, Adam.”

I did as I was told. I pushed, but Luke was still not opening. As I pushed even harder, I could see my cock buckling and bend in the middle. I reached down and held my cock, to support it.

This time his hole popped open.

“Stop!” Luke called out.

He could sense me about to pull out, to stop him hurting.

“Don”t! Stay inside. Let me catch my breath. Let me get used to it.” Luke gasped.

I looked at my stepbrother”s face as he winced.

“Don”t look so worried, Adam. It”ll be alright.”

Luke smiled at me; he no longer looked to be in any pain or discomfort. I returned his smile and felt my cock twitch. I pushed again, and his smile broadened. I kept pushing inside until my red pubes were tickling his balls.

“That feels so fucking awesome.” Just wait a moment.

I could feel Luke”s tight hole gripping my cock, sucking it in, trying to suck in more and wishing my cock was longer; perhaps in a few years.

Luke reached between his legs, gripped his genitals and pulled his balls and cock out of the way. “Ok, Adam. Fuck me.”

I pulled back slowly until just my knob remained inside him and pushed back, equally slowly. I needed to take it easy; Luke”s tight arse was gripping me like a vice, and I was in danger of shooting too soon.

“You can go faster when you”re ready.” Luke told me, “I”m used to your fat cock now. It feels so big inside me. I don”t ever want you to take it out.”

We smiled at each other, and I leant down and kissed him. Our tongues played with each other. When we broke apart, Luke raised his legs and rested them on my shoulders. I turned my head and kissed his foot.

Luke wiggled his toes, and I sucked in his big toe, I don”t know why, I never would have done this normally, but now I just wanted a piece of Luke inside me. His toe felt nice in my mouth, and I could be rougher than if it were his cock.

It must have done something to Luke as he groaned; it was like it was just an extension of his cock.

While I was sucking his hallux, I wasn”t fucking him, my cock stayed balls deep inside him, and I felt it squeeze my cock whenever Luke groaned.

Slowly, I started to pull beylikdüzü travesti back and in again, all the while I was drooling around his toe.

It felt so good, I wanted to cum.

Enough of the toe job, I spat it out and looked down at Luke”s cock. He wasn”t hard yet. I pushed his hand away, which gripped his balls and grabbed hold of his cock.

“Shit, Adam,” he said as my fingers wrapped around his shaft. “That feels so fucking good.”

“I want you to cum, and I want to cum inside you,” I said. “Is that alright?” I asked timidly, wanting his permission.

“Just fucking do it.” Luke gasped. “Do what you fucking like to me.”

I don”t think his mind was in the right place, I think he just wanted to cum and to feel my cock going deep inside him.

I pushed in and leant forward to place my lips in his. I had to release his cock, but it was crushed between our bodies. I wriggled my arse and pelvis against him, my cock moving inside him and my pelvis caressing his hard cock.

Luke opened his mouth to groan, and I slipped my tongue inside. His breath went into my lungs, and I felt Luke collapse underneath me, all his muscles relaxed, and I felt a long low groan in my mouth. Between us I felt his cock pulsate and spew his spunk on our bellies.

Pulling apart, I retracted my cock. I looked at my angry knob and then popped it back inside Luke. I played with him a few times before I slammed hard. I was sorry for his balls which were crushed between us.

I kept slamming hard into Luke, and he would grunt every time my pelvis hit him. I started to go harder, his tight hole gripping me as firmly as it could.

I was nearly there. I looked down, Luke spent cock lay shrivelled amongst his nest of pubes, a puddle of cock snot wobbling as I thrust inside him.

“Fuck, Luke,” I called out as my balls ached so bad.

My heart was pumping fast, I could feel the throbbing in my ears. I held my breath, and in a few more strokes, I hit him hard and deep, as deep as I could go.

I gritted my teeth, stifling a guttural sound and I spurted inside him.

My cock was still throbbing and spewing cum as I fell on top of Luke, who wrapped his legs around me, his heels nestled neatly in my arse crack.

Luke wrapped his arms around me and cradled my head, he stroked my ginger hair.

We lay entwined and silent.

Behind us, we suddenly heard a round of applause. I forced myself to look around and saw mum and Mark standing in the doorway; Mark had a massive hard-on which was drooling at the tip.

My mum turned and pecked Mark on the lips. “Our little boy is really growing up. I”m so glad.” She then started to stroke Mark”s cock.

“My little Lukey has also grown up. I couldn”t have hoped for this, but I”m so glad.”

I dropped my head to Luke”s chest and just started laughing.

Within twenty-four hours, I”d been caught sucking off Luke and now fucking him. One month ago, I wouldn”t have been seen without my top off, never mind naked, and definitely not fucking.

“Adam, sweetie.” My mum called to me, “Will you help me. Mark is desperate to cum after watching you and your stepbrother.”

“Sure, Mum.” I jumped off the bed, leaving Luke exhausted on the bed.

I knelt in from of my stepfather and was about to swallow his cock when my mum stopped me.

“No, Sweetie.”

I looked up at her.

“He needs you the other end. He needs you to fuck him.”

My cock was softening, but what my mother had said reversed the process, and I quickly became hard again.

Luke was hogging the bed, and I don”t think he was going to move anytime soon, so Mark lay on the carpet and lifted his legs like Luke had done.

istanbul travesti “I”m lubed up already, Adam. Your mum has had her fingers up me. But I need a cock, fingers just aren”t doing it.”

I didn”t say anything, I just lined up my sticky cock with Mark”s hole and rammed it home.

As I fucked him, he stroked his cock. He went so fast I thought he was going to rip it from his body, but I concentrated on fucking him.

Mark”s arse was looser than Luke”s, I suppose it was because he was bigger, but I still felt him squeeze my cock as I fucked him.

I looked over at Luke, I think he had fallen asleep as he hadn”t moved and his face was pointing to the ceiling. My mum stepped in front of me and straddled Mark”s head. Still standing, with her legs each side of his head, she fingered herself. I watched as her fingers played with her labia and rubbed her clit. When she pushed a finger inside herself, I felt my cock throb.

My mum groaned and then let out a squeal. I saw her squirt something; I thought it was pee, but it squirted onto Mark”s chest, and a little dribbled onto his face.

Mark licked up what he could, and my mum continued to finger herself.

“Come closer.” Mark gasped, and mum bent her knees so that Mark could get his tongue into her cunt.

I”d never seen a man do that to a woman before and my eyes were fixed on my stepfather”s tongue as he licked and stroked my mum”s clit, played with her labia and penetrated her cunt.

Beneath me, Mark started shaking. His whole body shook from side to side, his arms juddering, and his tongue ignored my mother”s cunt and flopped out of his mouth. His cock started throbbing and flailing around between us like he was cumming, but nothing was coming out.

As quickly as it started, Mark stopped shaking, and I watched his cock throb and shoot cum up his body.

Mark”s arse gripped my cock and sent me over the edge as I hammered it home and spewed my load into him.

When our bodies had calmed down, I pulled out of him and stood up.

“Well done, Sweetie.” My mum congratulated me.

She came over and hugged me, my soft, sticky cock went between her legs, and I could feel her coarse pubes scratch my sensitive knob.

Mark got onto his feet and rubbed my ginger hair. “Good one, champ. I know where to cum if I need to get off until they take this damn thing off my cock.” He pointed to the cock ring that constricted him and prevented him from cumming.

“No problem, Pussy-Boi.” I jabbed Mark in the stomach. He may have been nearly twice the size as me, but it was my cock that made him cum. “And never call me Champ, again.” I smiled at him.

“Sure thing.” He hugged me.

Luke still needed to get his stuff from his mother”s, so Mark rocked him awake and told him they were going to get.

Mark wasn”t allowed to wear clothes and Luke had none of his own, so they decided to both go naked.

“She is going to flip her lid.” I heard Luke say as they went downstairs.

Mum left to do whatever she does around the house, and I flopped on my bed and drifted off to sleep.

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I have created this universe but am open for other writers to contribute their own stories and characters. All I ask is that you send me a copy of your story. As my tales evolve the universe will become populated with many new and strange characters. Use one of mine or create new ones. After all we have a town full of people and I can”t possibly write about all of them.

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