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Kimmy is glistening with sweat, sitting in my lap with my cock still buried inside of her. She turns and kisses me on the neck.

“That was so wild,” she says. She stands up slowly, my softening cock slides out of her. Her skirt is hiked up above her waist and her panties are still down around her ankles. My cum starts dripping out of her pussy and down the inside of her leg.

“Did you think this was going to happen when we came into this sex store?” she asks.

“Not in my wildest dreams,” I reply, feeling like I’ve melted into the chair.

We hear movement in the neighboring booth again. Kimmy stares at the hole in the wall, but it is too dark inside the other booth to see anything. She looks back at me and whispers, “Do you think they know we’re in here?”

“Babe, I’ll bet there is a line out the door after what you did for the last guy.”

She smiles at the thought of her sexual exploits just moments ago. Her hands start to wander up her body and unconsciously start rubbing her nipples through her thin blouse.

“Do you think they are looking at me right now?” she asks, sounding more hopeful than alarmed.

“I don’t doubt it for a second,” I say.

Kimmy looks back at the hole, likely imagining the possibility of a stranger staring at her naked pussy from the dark booth next to us. She steps completely out of her panties and starts to unbutton her blouse, never taking her eyes off of the hole in the wall. I always knew she had fantasies about possibly getting caught having sex, but her immediate decision to strip in front of a stranger comes as a shock. Her blouse falls to the floor and she is immediately unclasping her bra. As the bra falls from her chest, her perky tits are exposed, showing her hard, dark nipples that betray her arousal.

She turns her back to the gloryhole and looks over her shoulder. She slowly bends over and slides her skirt down her toned, tanned legs. Whoever is on the other side of the wall is getting an amazing view of her dripping wet pussy and tight, little asshole. She tosses her skirt to the side into the pile of clothes that she was wearing just a minute before. Now she stands up slowly in this dark gloryhole booth with nothing more than a pair of shoes.

Despite my recent orgasm, I can feel myself starting to get hard again. Kimmy turns back towards the hole as her hands are exploring her own body, squeezing her tits, pinching her nipples, and caressing her stomach and chest. One hand sinks to her clit and begins rubbing in slow, gentle circles. My cum acts bedava porno as the perfect lubricant for her masturbation. I can hear her breathing become labored as she begins to rub herself faster.

It is at this moment that a new cock emerges from the wall. This one is much longer and thicker than the last. Kimmy lets out a high moan, whether from her masturbating or from the sight of the new, enormous cock, I don’t know. She turns to me, looking for tacit approval for what she wants to do. Not wanting to deprive her of her fun, I nod yes. She immediately drops to her knees in front of the cock and reaches up and grabs it.

“Oh my god, this is enormous,” she says. “I need two hands for it!” She wraps both of her hands around the cock, stacked one on top of the other to illustrate her point. Her body is writhing, visibly excited by this new development. She moves her head to the side of the cock and sticks her tongue out. She licks the entire length of the stranger’s cock, staring at me the entire time with her beautiful, dark, unblinking, almond eyes. Her tongue flicks in and out, tickling the underside of the head. The cock jolts, nearly out of her hands, undoubtably overstimulated by her mouth. She giggles, taking pleasure in the power she wields.

I begin to stroke myself, getting turned on by my innocent girlfriend servicing random men with what seems like a practiced confidence. My eyes roam over Kimmy’s body, drinking in the curve of her hips while she kneels down on the sticky floor; her firm tits bouncing as she works her way up and down the length of the cock; and the curve of her tight, athletic ass resting on her heels. She sees me jacking off to her and gives me a naughty look.

“You like watching me lick cock?” She runs her tongue down the considerable length of the cock while staring at me.

“I don’t think this will even fit in my mouth, it is so big.” She opens wide and tries to envelop this mystery cock with her soft red lips. She manages to get the head in, but little else. Her tongue swirls around the tip. She sucks and slurps, adding to my arousal, as she continues to pump the cock with her hands.

Finally, the cock comes free of her mouth with a wet pop and a gasp of air from Kimmy. A string of spit dangles from the tip. Kimmy grabs the spit with her hand and uses it to lubricate the cock as she continues to jack off this strange man.

She looks at me with a devilish smile and says, almost reluctantly, “Do you think this cock would fit in my little pussy?”

I’m zenci porno not particularly large and I think Kimmy is the tightest I have ever had. I have a hard time imagining her fucking this monster. So why try to imagine? “I don’t know. Do you want to try?”

Kimmy bites her lower lip and looks back at the cock protruding from the wall. She then looks back at me and nods. She gets to her feet and turns her back to the wall. She bends over and braces herself against the far wall with her hands as she tentatively scoots back towards the gloryhole. The cock slides between her legs, rubbing the outside of her pussy and clit, reaching up to her belly-button as Kimmy gets closer to the hole. She reaches down and pumps the cock between her legs, using it to rub her clit. She manages to say between heated gasps, “I can’t believe I’m doing this.”

I am sitting in the chair, watching my sweet Kimmy about to get fucked by a monster cock. I would not have guessed it before, but the sight is getting me so turned on. I am completely hard again, completely unable to look away from this scene unfolding.

Finally Kimmy leans forward far enough so the tip of the cock is pressed against her pussy lips. She leans back, just a centimeter at a time, as the cock begins to disappear inside her. Her eyes shut and her mouth opens in a silent scream as the thick cock begins to penetrate her tight, asian pussy.

“Oh my god, it is fucking huge!,” she screams. Her legs begin to shake, but she keeps pushing back. The man on the other side is pressing against the wall, desperate to be inside her tight hole. A long drawn out moan escapes Kimmy’s mouth. Finally, her smooth ass is pressed flush against the wall, obscuring the hole. She is breathing so heavily to deal with sensation of being completely filled with cock. “I cannot believe that whole thing is inside of me.”

She begins to draw away from the hole, only to push back to meet the stranger’s thrust. It starts slowly at first, letting Kimmy get used to the girth and length, but quickly speeds up as she becomes desperate to be fucked. Her eyes roll back in her head and she moans louder and louder. She lets one hand drop from the far wall and reaches between her legs to start rubbing her clit. She is nearly screaming now:

“Oh my god! OH MY GOD! I’M GOING TO CUM!” Her body is shaking as she is being violated by the massive cock. I can see her whole body tense, her heels lifting off the floor as she is struck with an earth-shattering orgasm. “FUCK, I’M CUMMING! brazzers porno I’M CUMMING!”

I am beyond turned on at this point. I watch her come down from her orgasm, but still she does not pull away from the hole. I stand up and walk in front of her. She opens her eyes and sees me approaching, my cock hanging just in front of her face. She smiles at me and licks her lips and then takes me in her mouth. She is madly sucking my cock, licking, and slobbering, crazed at being used in a seedy little porn booth. The cock in the wall continues to fuck her, jolting her forward, deeper onto my cock. She takes me so deep that a few times she gags, but she is ravenous for more. Kimmy is moaning with every thrust, making her blowjob feel that much more amazing for me. I am taking in every detail: her mouth stretched around my cock, her eyes closed from the exertion, and her tight ass bouncing off of the wall as she impales herself on a thick, anonymous pole.

We then hear the man in the other booth begin moaning. Kimmy fucks even harder, desperate to get all the cum she can out of this guy. She then stiffens as the guy cums deep inside of her. Kimmy lets out a long, wavering moan, but it is muffled by my cock in her mouth. The stranger then pulls his cock from her and Kimmy collapses to her knees in front of me. She takes a moment to catch her breath, holding my cock in her hand, resting it against her cheek.

She then looks up at me with those beautiful brown eyes and says, “Baby, I want you to cum all over my face. I want to feel that hot cum all over me.” This is one of the dirtiest things she has ever said to me, my legs nearly buckle right then and there. Without taking her eyes off of mine, she takes my cock into her mouth, pumping her head back and forth, trying to suck the cum out of me. I can see between her bare legs a puddle of cum forming under her as gravity pulls the other man’s semen from her used pussy. She is blowing me voraciously and I am so turned on, I can feel my balls tingling before too long.

“Oh Kimmy, I’m going to cum, baby,” I tell her.

She pulls my cock from her mouth and begins to pump furiously with her hands.

“Yes, baby, give me that cum. I want it so bad. I want you to cum all over my pretty little face! Use me, baby, I want to be your little slut!”

This is enough to push me over the edge. The first spurt explodes onto her forehead and hair, the second on her lips and cheek. She keeps pumping and points my cock at her chest so I coat her tits in my cum. Eventually my orgasm subsides and I am left looking at my innocent Kimmy, kneeling on the ground, completely naked, covered with the cum of multiple men, cleaning the tip of my cock with her tongue.

She smiles at me and giggles.

“What?” I ask.

“How many tokens do you have left?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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