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She had often wondered why he went to the park for his run on the same day of the week, but today she was going to take advantage of it. She saw his truck and she pulled in a few spots down and across the lot. She walked over to his truck, found the key he always left hidden in the bed and opened it up. Then she got the truck ready the way she wanted it. She slid the front seat up. Moved some of his clothes out of the way and then she decided to climb in the back seat.

She knew she had time before he got back so she wanted to really build up to what she had planned.

She sat back and relaxed, thinking about how it would feel to his body next to hers. What would his reaction be when she started her plans. Would he get into it, would he go along? She knew he would, and she enjoyed thinking about how his body would react. His hands running along her thighs and ass as he pulled her tight to him, his chest pressed against hers. His lips on her lips as they kissed. How his body feels when he pulls her tight against him. The way he almost crushes her but never does.

She was looking forward to feeling his body sliding along hers. She slid her hand inside her jacket and across her nipple, she shivered as her fingers began to caress the nub. She slid her fingertips across her other nipple, then she began to gently roll them between her fingers. Her mind was now thinking about how his hands felt on her nipples. The calluses, the strength, the way he would at times be very gentle and then turn around and pinch them nice and hard. How his lips felt on her nipples when he would lower his face to her breasts to lick and suck on her until her nipples were hard and erect. The way he used his teeth to nibble on her nipples and to chew on the sensitive skin of her breasts. Her mind was filled with images of his teeth on her nipples as she continued to play with her nipple. Her other hand began to slide down between her legs.

She let the tip of her finger glide gently up and down her lips. Feeling them beginning to get damp. Her jacket slipped open more and she could feel the cool air on her chest. Her skin got goosebumps as she let one hand gently caress each nipple, while her other hand was gently running up and down her slit. As she brought both hands to her nipples, she squeezed them as she was imagining his strong hands now caressing her. His sweaty body under her as she straddled him, her wet pussy rubbing against his hard cock. she slipped a hand back down between her legs and began to gently tease her clit and lips again.

She closed her eyes again as she imagined how it would feel to have his wet body trapped under her as she rode his cock to her own orgasm. She brought her damp fingers to her lips and tasted her juices. She returned her hand to her pussy and continued to caress just the outside lips of her pussy and her clit. She felt her lips begin to open more, she let her fingers begin to slide in just a little more. She so desperately wanted to feel his cock spread her open as she sat on him.

Her fingers were now gently rolling her nipple between them keeping it nice and hard. She was ready for him and he wasn’t back yet. She finally opened her eyes and looked at her watch. She realized he would be back soon, so she climbed out of his truck, locked doktor porno it up and returned the key.

She wondered if he would smell her excitement that she had left behind as she walked back to her car. The cool crisp air kept her nipples hard as she crossed the parking lot. She climbed back into her car and let her hands resume their teasing of her body. She kept glancing up to see if he was back. She had both hands on her nipples as she saw his profile gliding across the parking lot back towards his truck. She leaned down in her car to make sure she couldn’t see him. She watched as he slowed down and stopped. From the little bit of light from the parking lot lights it looked like he was pretty wet like he usually was. She didn’t care. She wanted to jump him and use him.

She watched him get the key out of the back of his truck, he walked to the drivers side door and opened it up. She thought she could see him sort of look around his truck wondering what is going on. She quickly climbed out of her car and walked across the lot and behind another car. She knew she had to move quick. The cool air was making her nipples hard again and she could feel her excitement building. She could see him sort of glance around to see if anyone was around. She knew what he was about to do. She sneaked around the back of the car, she could see him now standing between the 2 open doors of his truck.

She watched as he began to slide out of his shorts. Just as his shorts were at his knees, she ran up between the doors, grabbed him and pushed him against his truck. She put one hand over his mouth and the other over has cock, as she felt his wet skin against her face and hands. He was even wetter than she imagined he would be.

She whispered in his ear, “I want you NOW” as she pushed him into the front seat of the truck.

He felt her pushing him into the his truck. Her body pressed up against him. One hand on his cock squeezing it, the other playing with his nipples. His shorts were now down by his ankles and he almost fell face first into the seat as she continued to push him into the truck with a strange urgency.

As he finally got on the seat, he rolled over and he could just make out a gleam of excitement in her eyes. Her jacket slid open as she climbed in and closed the doors. His own eyes lit up at the sight of her nakedness under the coat.

She leaned over grabbed his keys and stuck them in the ignition to turn on the radio. Rammstein started playing as she sat back down on him.

She slid back onto his naked sweaty body, she could feel his warmth in her naked thighs as she lowered her face to his. His skin was cool and wet and warm all at the same time. Her mouth hungrily sucked in his tongue, her hands were already busy on his nipples as she slid her hips forward. She felt his cock begin to harden under her. She pulled her jacket open exposing her body to him.

His hands ran along her ass and up to her breasts. She let out a gasp as he felt her begin to squeeze and pinch her nipples. She was still grinding her pussy onto his cock , as she was kissing him hungrily. She could taste the sweat and salt on his cheeks and lips but she didn’t care. She wanted him and she wanted him then and there. Her hands were running ensest porno through the wet hair on his chest, playing with his nipples and down his sides, making him jump as she tickled him. This forced his cock harder against her hot pussy. she could almost feel his heart beating in his chest. She continued to grind herself on top of him to the beat of the music.

He moved one hand down to her ass and began to squeeze it. He tried to ask her a question but she kept on kissing him, not giving him a chance to speak. He continued to play with her ass and nipples as he began to kiss her back. He reached up for her face and she surprised him by grabbing his hands and holding them over his head. He tried half heartedly to break free from her grip but her kissing and the grinding of her pussy on his cock was to distracting.

He began to try and work his hips lower so he could try and slide his cock into her. He felt her begin to slide her hips up and down his cock more and more. Her breasts were now right in front of his face so he took a nipple into his mouth and began to suck on it.

She let out a low groan as she felt his lips wrap around her breast and his tongue touch her nipple. His wet body was pressed against her. she could feel his hips driving his cock up at her pussy. She was enjoying the feeling of the length of his cock pressed against her. She could feel her excitement building. She shifted her body so now she was almost sitting in his lap with her legs wrapped around his waist and back. His cock was still pressed up against her.

He was still grinding his hips and trying to get the head of his cock into her as he now had his hands on her back. He raised his head from her breast to her lips. His wet chest was now pressed against her as he used his hands to try and raise her ass and hips up high enough to allow the head of his cock to enter her. Her hands were on his face pulling his face to hers. Their lips locked tight. Her hands were running up and down his back, her nails scratching and clawing at his back.

She could feel his urgency, she wanted him too. She relaxed her legs and allowed him to raise her up enough to get the head of his cock near the entrance to her wet pussy. She reached down with one hand and helped guide it into her. As she lowered herself back onto him, she let out a long low moan and hiss into his mouth. She felt the head of his cock spread her lips and slowly slide in. his wet face was pressed against her neck as she gripped his back. His own hands helping to hold her and steady her as she lowered herself onto him. She began to rock back and forth on his cock with her legs wrapped around him. She pushed his head back down to her breasts and she began to slide one hand down between them to her clit as he began to suck on her nipple again.

He sucked her nipple back into his mouth while he rocked with her. His cock gently sliding in and out of her pussy. He felt her hand slide down between them as she began to play with her clit. He concentrated on playing with her nipples with his mouth. He was still dripping with sweat from his run as he tried to catch up with her. He could taste his own sweat on her nipples from when she was hugging him tight. His hands were squeezing her ass keeping her moving erotik porno as he continued to try and fuck her while they were pinned into the front seat of his truck.

The steering wheel was hitting her in the back as she rocked back and forth. She could see that the windows on the truck were fogging up and she smiled. She was also happy that he had tinted windows. She continued her assault on his back with her nails as she rode his cock up and down inside of her pussy. She could feel his hot breath on her now now damp breasts. Her thighs were still wrapped around him and his arms were on her back and running down across her ass.

She was getting close now, she unwrapped her legs from his back and pushed him back against the seat. She was now straddling him with his cock still inside her. His hands were now busy playing with both her nipples as she teased his while holding herself up over him. She continued to grind to the music. The music was loud enough that it was tough to hear each other breathe. Her hands were still tweaking his nipples as she began to raise and lower her hips. Slamming her hips down on to his. Forcing his cock in as deep as she could. She had one hand on her clit and the other on his chest, using him for leverage as she fucked him.

He started to push up each time she dropped down on him. Forcing her to rise up on the seat of his truck. Their pants of lust and excitement were almost loud enough to block out the music. He felt her continue to pinch his nipple as he played with hers. He finally slid one finger into her mouth and she sucked on it. Then he added a second and she sucked on that. Once he thought they were wet enough he reached behind her and began to finger her ass.

She let out another groan of her own.

He began to gently slide a finger into her ass. Using the weight of her downstroke his finger was soon buried deep inside her ass. She let out another groan as she felt the new invasion behind her. He wiggled his finger around feeling his cock inside of her as she continued to fuck him. He let the finger continue to explore while his other hand played with her nipple and his mouth was locked with hers.

She had one hand furiously playing with her clit while her other hand was now scratching his chest as she was building closer and closer to her orgasm. Every matched thrust brought her closer. She could feel it building it up. She was panting in his ear as he kissed, licked and nibbled on her other ear. His fingers still playing with nipples that were now smashed against his wet chest. His other hand still working the one finger in and out of her ass. She continued to writhe across his chest, driving her hips into him. Working his cock as deep into her as he could.

Finally she grabbed his head, pulled it to her chest, squeezed his arm as he sucked on her wet salty nipple and let out a moan as she felt her orgasm wash over her. Her pussy was squeezing on his cock as she came. Her hands were scratching his back now as she held him tight against her. Her hips finally slowing down as she caught her breath.

She slowly released his head from her grip. Her hips had now stopped moving but he was still trying to move his own hips. She opened her eyes, smiled at him as he looked up at her hungrily and said,

“Thank You, that was fantastic! Now hurry home lover!”

With a deep long kiss, she then climbed up off of him as he was trying to stammer out a question that he couldn’t word. She wrapped the coat around herself and repeated,

“I’ll be waiting for you at home!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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