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Disclaimer: All characters portrayed in sexual activity are 18 years of age or older. Reviews are always welcome, flames in all caps or poorly spelled will be snickered at, no excuses. Enjoy!

Chapter 10- Awkwardness Mounting

I pulled on Alexa’s hair and she groaned in pleasure. I was fucking her from behind, with her bent over the desk of the big office we’d been working in. She ground her ass back against me and flexed her pussy around my cock, making me shudder. I’d never known anything like it.

And I was so in love with her.

“Gnnnn, Alex…” she hissed, flexing her fingers against the pad that topped the desk. “You feel so good…”

“I love you, Alexa.” I panted.

“I love you too,” she replied, turning her head to look at me, eyes shining. “You gonna marry me?”


“And be mine forever?”


“Alex, I- uh! Oh God… Alex, I can’t live without you. We need to be married, somehow.”

I nodded, enthralled by her voice, smooth with pleasure. We had gone to the university to do our summer work and after the campus had emptied out, she slipped into her schoolgirl outfit, which I was now fucking her in. The little pleated skirt was hiked over her beautiful ass while the blouse, knotted at the midriff, was unbuttoned, her incredible breasts spilling out of it. They were pressed now against the desktop while I watched my glistening cock sliding in and out of her wet pussy.

Within seconds of her putting on the outfit we were making out hungrily and the piles of papers on the desk were now scattered around the floor as we made room for a badly-needed fuck session. My addiction to my aunt was exactly that- an addiction. In spite of it breaking one of the world’s most universal taboos, there was nothing I could do about it, even if I’d wanted to. And I sure as hell didn’t want to.

I reached down and squeezed her breasts, gripping them and pulling her upright to me. She shuddered and moaned, turning her head to kiss me hungrily, tongues tangling in one another’s mouth. I squeezed the silken flesh and pulled gently on her nipples. Her ass squirmed against me and I pushed in and out of her. The moist heat of her womanhood, it’s velvet clutch around me, was sheer heaven.

“Let me turn around, Alex,” she said breathily, her hairline damp with sweat and her skin pink. “I want to see you, to look in your eyes when you cum in me…”

I nodded and pulled out of her for a moment when she turned around. I marvelled at the sight of my aunt, who was so inhumanly beautiful to me- her lush, golden blonde hair, penetrating blue eyes, her kind smile, her sculpted body, adorned with glorious breasts, athletic legs and her wanton pussy. She looked up at me with molten eyes, her hand slowly pulling up the hem of her tiny skirt, exposing herself to me. She parted her legs to make room for me.

I took her by the hips, staring back into her eyes. We knew one another’s bodies well enough that I easily found her entrance and we both sighed as I pushed back up inside her, the pliant, slippery walls giving way before my hard cock. She put her hands gently on my shoulders, her butt resting against the desk and she legs on either side of mine. My hands found her bountiful breasts and her head fell back when I massaged them as I began to push in and out again.

“You feel so good, Alex…” she whispered, her eyes closed, letting the sensation of our lovemaking flood over her, stroking the back on my neck with her fingers. “Unlike anything or anyone I’ve ever been with. It’s so perfect and right with you…”

She squeezed me rhythmically as I pushed inside, filling her. My throbbing cock stretched her walls and we could hear the wet sounds her pussy made as I fucked her. Her breasts jiggled hypnotically and I squeezed them again. Her head fell back, her eyes closed. She ground her hips in circles against me. I gazed hungrily at the glistening wetness of my cock and her slit, bonding us to one another.

“Cum in me…” she whispered. “Let me feel you cum deep inside me, Alex.”

I took hold of her hips and began pumping back and forth with more vigour and she squeezed me tighter. We both groaned, no longer trying to delay our climax. The goddess I worshipped wanted my cum and I would give it to her. We squirmed and ground against one another, sweat shining on our skin, hearts pounding and panting.

I could feel the tingling boil inside my balls, spreading through me, my thrusts becoming almost desperate, pushing further inside her. Her hands gripped my ass and squeezed before trailing up my back, nails straking my skin. They finally arrived at my upper back and she pulled herself against me, wrapped her legs and arms around me.

“Oh God!” she gasped, shaking almost uncontrollably.

My hands found her ass cheeks and I pulled her against me as tightly as I could, pushing my hips forward with all my might. Her eyes flared open and we stared into one another’s eyes as I began to cum inside her. The warmth flooded through me and escort bursa I lost myself in those sapphire eyes while I pumped my essence deep into her yielding pussy.

I treasured this moment in our lovemaking, where I felt like I was seeing right into her soul, to my aunt’s true self. I could see how much she loved me, her total and even fanatic devotion to me. And she could no doubt see how in love I was with her, nothing held back.

Trembling, we kissed one another, relieved to have cum together, something we were both dependent upon now. We kissed lovingly and deeply, my cock still filling her. We whispered loving words to one another while kissing, hands caressing each other’s bodies gently. I held her to me, never wanting to let go.

“Oh, wow…” came a familiar and unwelcome voice from the doorway.

We both turned our heads to gaze at the interlocutor before Alexa sighed quietly and pressed her forehead against my shoulder in despair. I kept staring as Jeanie leaned in the doorway, arms crossed over her chest, smirking at the two of us. There was no point in moving away from Alexa and trying to salvage the situation, because we had no idea how long she been standing there and I was clearly buried deep inside my aunt and had been playing tonsil-hockey with her.

“Don’t mind me, I love a good show as much as the next girl.” Jeanie lilted, finally walking into the office and closing the door behind herself. “Gotta admit though, Alli, you really had me fooled when you seemed all grossed out at my suggestion that you two would look hot fucking.”

She must have seen the look in my eyes because she put up her hands and smiled. “Easy, tiger, I’m not gonna blackmail your aunt or anything, I promise. After all, I’m fucking your parents, so I’m not exactly clean here.”

She stood a few steps away from us and sighed. “I… well, I’ll just come out and say it. I’m jealous.”

We both stared at her.

“Look, I’m not gonna plead some poor rich girl case or anything, but I’m not fooling myself either. I got into this university because my parents are stupidly wealthy and contributed a whole goddamn wing or something and I’ll get a degree in whatever because of it and I’m never gonna hurt for money, but none of that matters, does it? Because I’ll never find anyone to be as madly in love with as you two are with one another.”

I think I saw tears in the corner of her eyes. She put her dainty fingertips over her lips.

“I mean, I’m jealous, yeah. But not angry, just envious.” Jeanie continued. “What you two have is beautiful. I’ve never seen anyone so in love, except maybe the profs, y’know? Don’t worry, your secret’s safe with me. I know you think I’m a ditz and maybe I am, but I’m a good-hearted airhead.”

She looked at Alexa and sighed. “I spent all that time teasing you about fucking your nephew, just to be funny and hope you’d think I wasn’t a total waste of time. Guess the joke’s on me.”

I sort of expected my kind-hearted aunt to detach from me and give her friend a hug, but instead she held onto me a little more tightly. Whatever Jeanie meant to Alexa, it wasn’t a patch on what I meant to her.

“Just so y’know, I’m not gonna be messing around with your folks anymore,” our guest said, looking at me now. “It’d just not feel right, since I’ve been with Alli. And while I’m sure they enjoyed sharing me, I don’t think they’ll miss it if we stop fucking. Not a big deal to them.”

“How long were you watching, Jeanie?” Alexa asked, but her voice was not unkind.

Jeanie smiled weakly. “Long enough to not fool myself into thinking that my words made you want to fuck your nephew,” she said quietly. “Long enough to hear you talk about how in love you are. I really hope it works out for you. Because that’s not how my parents are and I don’t see that in my future. So I really want it to work out for someone.”

She looked at me again. “You’re a lucky fella. And if she’s in love with you, that must mean you’re awesome, so she’s a lucky girl. I… I don’t care how you do it, but… get married, please?”

Jeanie blew us a kiss, turned and walked quietly out of the room, closing the door behind her. We stared at the door for several seconds before Alexa sighed and pressed her forehead to my chest.

“What was she even doing here at this ungodly hour?” I asked. “During the summer?”

Alexa shook her head. “I sort of remember her telling me during a pause in our lesbian sex pretzel that she sometimes came late and wandered the campus, trying to find some purpose in being there. She… when people were around, she felt like a fake, like she didn’t belong there.”

“Maybe she doesn’t.” I shrugged.

“Maybe, but that’s not our judgement to make, Alex. Mike and Karen seem to believe in her, at least to some degree, and we know at least that’s she got some emotional depth to her, even if she’s a round-heeled bimbo. I… we need to remember to be kind to her. She wants us married, after all.”

I sighed heavily. Getting caught bursa merkez eskort had definitely not been in my plan for the evening, but clearly it could have been a lot worse…


A few days had passed and we were sitting in one of the offices, going over papers and sorting them into piles that hopefully represented categories. We hadn’t been given too many instructions, so Alexa (probably rightly) surmised that what organization we gave the department was a welcome improvement to the no-system they seemed to run on.

Dad had been allowed back to work on a casual basis, as long as he was mostly sitting and did not exert himself. There was the option of a wheelchair, of course, which mom offered to push him around in, but he declined and bought himself a Segue, which he spent the next few weeks on, bombing around and annoying the faculty, who knew better than to complain. Dad was larger than most of the faculty put together, so nothing was said, unless he left skidmarks in the hallways.

“Lets count our blessings,” Alexa said as she sorted. “Some night we’re going to look out a window and see your mom and dad silently glide by in the moonlight, naked and fucking their way across the campus on the damn thing.”

I squeezed my eyes shut and shook my head. “Thanks for the libidoectomy, I was getting rather horny.”

She giggled and she resumed her sorting. We were silent for some time before she spoke again, her voice tinged with regret. “I really wish I knew what to do, Alex. It’s so damn unfair that you’re my nephew. I wish we could get married, but we can’t. Not here. We’d have to move to France or Finland or something. And that would destroy my new family anyway. I feel so… trapped…”

I nodded. “I know a few places allow avuncular marriage over in Europe, you’re right. But if we’re married and in love, there’s a risk if we decide to have kids.”

She nodded. “I looked it up, could be as high as a thirteen percent chance of passing on congenital defects. Do you know of any in the de Bourne family?”

I shook my head. “No history of congenital diseases or cancers or anything. Mom always said one of the reasons she married dad was because of his impeccable good breeding stock.”

“None on the Gordon side either,” she added. “Same fantastic genetics. So if we did have kids, they might just be advanced and impossibly blond and blue-eyed.”

“Oh good, little Aryan children of the damned,” I laughed. “Inbred superhumans.”

She grimaced. “I’ve seen the size and your dad’s skull, and yours isn’t much smaller. I’d be frightened of pushing those kids out…”

I sighed and shook my head again. “It’s all just whimsy at this point. We can’t exactly break apart the family because we happened to fall in love.”

“I know…” she said quietly, trailing off as she looked at the papers in front of her. We continued sorting out papers related to Proto-Indo-European language theory when she just stood up and looked at me.

“Take me to the maze?” she asked, holding out her hand. “I’m feeling like some Dutch kissing.”

Without even blinking, I stood up and took her hand, leading her out of the office and onto the campus. It was late Saturday night and I knew we’d be alone.


I was sitting on the stone bench and Alexa was straddling me, her crystalline blue eyes looking down into mine. Tears glistened on her cheeks, but she wasn’t crying. She was sad, yes, because we loved one another so much, but she wouldn’t cry. I wiped some tears away with my thumb and she pressed her lips gently against mine, whispering about how much she loved me. My hands rested on her waist and I whispered back, the two of us enjoying the solitude of the hedge maze. Moonlight shone down on us and she looked beautiful as her golden hair caught the silvery rays. I wondered if this was what it was like to be in love with Galadriel or Indis of the Vanyar.

Forehead to forehead, we said nothing for some time, just comforted by each other’s presence and feelings. Her fingers caressed the back of my neck and her breasts pressed to my chest. Normally the feel of her body against mine turned me on, but right now, we just wanted solace in one another. Together and desperately in love.

“I want to marry you,” she whispered in my ear. “I don’t know if I can love anyone else. It sounds silly to say, since we’re so young, but I don’t understand how to love anyone else any more. If… if I went back to the other side of the world tomorrow, I could lose myself in sex, but be in love again? Even with Freja? No. I… oh, Alex…”

“I know how you feel,” I murmured back. “I don’t see how my life continues without you, except in an unsatisfying manner. There’d always be a big, nagging hole I couldn’t pretend wasn’t there.”

She got off my lap and pulled me to my feet, leading to a patch of soft, emerald grass and laid down. I settled myself gently on top of her and we kissed lovingly for several minutes, my aunt and I. Desperate bursa sınırsız escort to feel close, to feel one another’s heart, lost in the deep truth of our feelings and comforting one another because of the hopelessness of our predicament.

“I want to do silly things like marry you here and now, to commit myself to you, as if it were a real and legal thing. But I can’t just stay with you always and never marry you legally, can I? We can’t do that to our family.”

I shook my head. “I wish we could. Why does this have to be so difficult?”

She sighed and I stood up, pulling her gently to her feet. We walked silently around the center of the maze, her fingers tracing along the statue in the center. Finally, I pulled her to me and leaned back against the hedge wall, holding her tight. She snuggled into and sighed, wrapped in my arms.

There was a giggle and the rustle of movement on the other side of the wall and we froze, eyes wide and not daring to make a sound. What if we were discovered?

“I can’t believe we’re doing this!” whispered a familiar, giddy female voice. “What if we’re found?”

“Big deal, people know we’re married,” my father said in his distinctive baritone. “Maybe I should shout loudly to the night that I’m violating my wife in the campus hedge maze.”

“Don’t you dare!” my mom hissed, scandalized but also giggling. “I have a reputation to maintain!”

“The same reputation that gained notoriety when we were caught boning in Convocation Hall four years ago?” dad teased. There was movement against the other side of the hedge wall and the endless leaves shivered, as did my spine. Mom almost squealed and there was a sound like playful struggling.

“Be careful, you thunderous oaf,” she said, trying to sound commanding. “Your stitches won’t- gnnn!- you need to be careful, the doctor said -oooooh, dammit, that’s cheating, you bastard…”

“My doctor said what?” dad asked in a seductive tone.

“How the hell would I know?” mom said breathily. “Get that tongue in me…”

We held perfectly still, unwilling to move a muscle. We felt something, or someone, push into the hedge wall directly on the other side of us. We heard clothes rustling and then my mom moaned wantonly.

“God,” she hissed. “I love your tongue, baby. Right there…”

Alexa and I looked at one another in dread. Were my parents really getting it on two feet away on the other side of a hedge? Her eyes were wide with concern. I shook my head ever so slightly, warning her to stay absolutely still.

“Gnnnn, yes…” mom moaned, clearly enjoying whatever dad was doing to her. “Oh God, my ass, yes, finger my ass…”

I squeezed my eyes shut, unable to run away in horror. Alexa placed her forehead against mine and said nothing, obviously feeling trapped as well. Mom’s moans became panting and the hedge wall continued to rustle against us. We could have, possibly, attempted to extricate ourselves away from the leaves slowly, to sneak away, but we were both too scared to take a chance. If they heard us and came around the corner…

“Give me that cock now, big boy,” mom breathed. “I need it so bad…”

We heard my dad unzipping his jeans and then the rustle of them getting shimmied down. Dad sighed as we heard mom begin to give him head. She moaned and started sucking loudly, like something out of a porn movie. Alexa’s eyes went wide as she listened and she fanned her face in response.

“God, you suck better than anyone, baby,” dad groaned. “Your mouth is magic.”

“Mmmmm, better than my pussy or my ass?” mom purred, pausing for a moment to tease him.

“No,” dad chuckled. “But every bit as thrilling. Let me fuck you now.”

“Take me however you like me, Michael…” mom said in a sultry voice dripping with lust. “This is no marathon fuck session, give it to me good and hard and make me cum.”

We heard them rearrange themselves and then mom groaned as dad got inside her. They whispered and panted together as they fucked. The leaves of the hedge kept rustling, meaning they were pressed to it somehow. We still didn’t dare move.

“Oh, fuck!” mom gasped, trying not to be loud. “You feel so good. Yes, right there…”

“Hold on, baby girl, daddy’s gonna make you scream,” dad grunted. “You’re so fucking tight, Karen.”

“Ah!” mom squeaked. “Yes, bite it, my love! Tug-gnnnnn!- tug on it. Ohhhhh, God…”

“You’re so beautiful,” dad moaned. “I love you, baby.”

“I love you!” mom panted. “Cum in me!”

They mercifully stopped talking and fucked faster and faster until they were both gasping and then dad kissed mom, stifling her scream as they both came. We could feel their bodies tangling and thrashing through the leaves, reminding us exactly how close they were.

Finally, they stopped moving, breathing heavily as they basked in the afterglow of their lovemaking. We could hear them kissing and mom giggling as dad caressed her. Pretty sure this whole scene would have been hot as hell if it weren’t mom and dad.

“Y’know,” dad said finally, and I could almost picture him laying next to mom on the grass, tracing the tip of his finger around her nipple as he spoke. It just had that tone to it. “You’re probably still young enough to give Alex a little brother or sister and Alli another nephew or niece.”

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