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You are reading a book at your desk in the study.
I open the door slowly and peek in.
Then I start to walk towards you.
Your eyes leave the book and focus on me.
You smile.
I am wearing a skirt.
I climb onto your desk and begin to give you a strip tease.
I start to dance,
squatting down and spreading my legs so you can see my kitty.
I lift my shirt over my head
and throw it at you.
I am wearing a black strapless push up bra.
I lick my fingers and let them run up and down my chest and stomach.
Then I undo my bra and throw it at you as well.
My nipples are hard.
I lick my fingers bursa escort again and play with my nipples.
Then I unzip my skirt and shake my ass around as I let it fall to your desk.
I am wearing black crotchless panties with a matching garter belt.
My fingers slide down my stomach and they touch my kitty.
I rub it gently as I moan softly.
I kick off my heels.
I then sit on your desk and spread my legs.
I tease your hardness with my foot.
Then you grab my garter belt and slide it off.
I place your hand on my thigh and it slides up my thigh to my kitty.
You insert your fingers and move them bursa escort bayan slowly.
You make me so wet.
And I moan.
You then remove your fingers and pull my waist to the edge of the desk.
I smile at you and you unzip and let your pants fall to the floor.
Then the boxers fall.
I am so ready for your hardness.
I take it in my hand and jerk it briefly.
And you like that.
You then rub your hardness against my kitty,
making my even hornier.
Then it slips into me.
Your thrusts are slow at first and your hands are under my ass, squeezing it gently.
We kiss as you thrust and you escort bursa fondle my breasts.
My legs are wrapped around your waist.
You lift me up as you push.
And then I lay back.
You enjoy my tightness as you put my legs on your shoulders.
While I lay on your desk, you thrust faster and I moan because the feeling is so intense.
You keep thrusting,
and thrusting,
and thrusting,
and i love it.
Your hardness soon makes me climax.
My whole body quivers and you feel my kitty contracting around you.
My climax triggers your’s as you begin to cum into me and coat my kitty.
You moan and bite your bottom lip as you finish climaxing.
We begin to kiss again as you pull out of me.
I climb off the desk and slowly walk to the door.
I turn to you, smile, and say
“would you like some ass with your tea later?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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