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Friday at lunchtime, I waited in the parking lot of the high school, standing beside the car and watching the kids on the playground of the adjacent elementary school. I could not prevent myself from thinking that Amber had been in elementary school when I had first met her, and she was soon to graduate from high school.


Amber’s prompting voice caused me to turn my head to find her already leaning against the passenger side of the car, smiling sweetly in a way which would probably betray our secret love if anyone happened to look at us for more than a second. Prominent against the off-white brick backdrop of the high school, her namesake hair blew in the wind, but she did not seem to notice even as many amber strands obstructed her vision.

“Ready?” I asked.

“I’m ready,” she replied, “but are you?”

I sighed. “I don’t know. I honestly don’t know.”

Purposely, I had not spoken with Amber about my reluctance to see her go to college. But I did not need to say anything — her eyes said as much, and my distress clearly was saddening her at least a little. Somehow, I found the willpower and the courage to smile for her, and all too soon we were driving away, heading toward the highway and to the first college on our weekend tour.

Nearly two hours later, we arrived just as students were going from one gorukle escort class to another. Just like when I was in college, students darted out into the street without bothering to check for traffic as they rushed to their next class, or hurried to greet a friend on the other side of the street. I smiled to myself when I noticed a college girl on a leash, kneeling beside the bench upon which sat her boyfriend as he talked on a cell phone.

“Why is she on a leash?” Amber asked, her hand still upon my thigh as it had been for most of the drive.

“Dominance and submission,” I replied, briefly thinking back to my college days when I had experimented a bit with BDSM. “She is probably a slave to him, which would make him her Master, and when they are together, she likely is not permitted to be on the same level as him without his permission, which means that since he is sitting on the bench, she must sit or kneel upon the grass. And likely, she finds a special solace in having the collar around her neck and the end of the leash wrapped around his hand.”

Amber made a soft pensive sound, which widened my smile. “That’s just one of the many unexpected things you’ll learn or at least see in college.”

“Do you think he spanks her?” she asked.

“Probably,” I replied, “and she probably enjoys being spanked… just altıparmak eskort bayan like you do.”

I glanced to my right, and saw Amber actually blush as she smiled, almost certainly thinking about the spanking I had given her that morning before she had left for school. It was a ritual which had begun in the fall, and it was a ritual which we both enjoyed, a special moment of bonding which left a stinging in my hand and in her firm derrière, a stinging which not-so-subtly reminded each of us of the other for quite some time after the spanking had ended.


We had participated in a campus tour twice previously at that college, but Amber wanted to take one last tour as part of her visit to the three colleges on this trip. Throughout the tour, however, I noticed that the tour guide, Ashley, kept looking strangely from Amber to me and back to Amber, as if something was amiss.

After the end of the tour, we happened to bump into Ashley as we took our own stroll across the campus. “I just have to know…” she began. “You two look nothing alike.”

As nonchalantly as possible, I shrugged. “Amber is practically a daughter to me, and I owe it to her parents and my good friends to take care of her as if she truly was my own.”

It took Ashley a few seconds to fully process my nilüfer eskort bayan explanation. “Okay,” she finally said, seeming somewhat relieved. “Anyhow, welcome, Amber.” And then she was gone.

“Is our love that evident?” Amber asked me in a quiet voice to better ensure that the tour guide or anyone else in the area could not hear her question.

“Maybe it is,” I replied. “Maybe it is.”

If the tour guide knew that there was much more to my relationship with Amber, she had not shown it, and for that I was quite relieved… for Amber’s sake, since she might be attending this college in the fall, and Ashley had introduced herself as a Junior.

Interestingly, however, once we made it to our hotel room, Amber asked to be spanked. Clearly, the vision of the leashed college student and our short interchange on spanking had been percolating in Amber’s mind all afternoon. This time, however, as she was draped across my thighs with her skirt bunched around her waist and her panty dangling around a single ankle, I spanked her far more than the usual eighteen times, occasionally pausing to briefly toy with her clitoris or caress her labia or penetrate her weeping sex with my fingers, and the scenario did not end until her pale flesh had become quite red and my hand was protesting its own existence. Then I held her tightly as she sat in my lap, her panty still dangling around an ankle, tears of love mixing with the tears of pain which fell upon my shoulder.

“Thank you, Aaron,” the beautiful, aching woman finally whispered. The kiss we shared was definitely heartfelt, even though our loving interlude had created not pleasure, but pain.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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