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Amy woke up naked in a strange bed. She was groggy, and couldn’t figure out where she was. She moved her hand down to her pussy, and felt the sticky wetness oozing from her slit. “Cum,” she thought. Slowly, recognition dawned on her. This was Treyvon’s bed. She had spent the night at her black boyfriend’s apartment for the second night in a row, instead of at home with her husband.

Piece by piece, the events of the previous night cave back to her. She had rushed to meet Treyvon after he told her to come over, lying to her husband without a second thought. “I’m going to get caught if I keep doing this,” she thought, feeling guilty.

When she recalled the mind-blowing fuck Treyvon had given her, Amy’s guilt was driven from her mind in an instant. Two minutes after she had walked through his door, his black cock was inside her dripping pussy, and it had stayed inside her for the next six hours. They fucked in every position she could think of, and a couple that were new to her. She lost track of the amount of times he made her cum.

Treyvon had pumped seven loads inside her last night. Not their record, by any means, but not bad for the short time they had. Amy touched her pussy again, scooping out some of his cum with her finger and tasting it. She loved the way his cum tasted.

“Seven loads,” she thought. Her husband was always a “one-and-done” kind of guy when it came to sex, and she was amazed by the black man’s recovery and stamina each time they were together. She was slightly worried that she kept letting him cum in her pussy, though. She was most likely still safe that day, but the unprotected sex was a huge turn on for both of them. She knew Treyvon wouldn’t want to stop, and she wasn’t sure she wanted him to. For the moment, however, that was a problem for future Amy.

She turned to look at the sleeping black man beside her. She ran her fingers along his well-defined muscles and ended up at his dick. The massive black meat was half hard already. Amy was feeling naughty. She picked up her phone and snapped a selfie with the huge black cock next to her smiling face. She made sure her wedding ring was visible, sparkling on her finger as she cradled Treyvon’s cock. After taking the picture she noticed she had three missed calls and five missed texts from Trent. Her husband had been trying to reach her last night as she was getting fucked, completely oblivious to her phone going off.

All of the messages were some variation of “where are you?” or “are you okay?” Amy typed a response. “Sorry, babe! I had too much to drink with the girls and stayed at Janice’s house. Left the phone in her car, just found it now. Thanks for getting the kids to school.”

As soon as she sent the text, she turned her attention back to Treyvon’s black cock, still in her hand. Amy was determined to feel it inside her one more time before she left. She opened her mouth and licked along his shaft, tasting their shared cum dried on it from the previous night. As she got to the tip she sucked it into her lips, enveloping his dick with her wet mouth. She could feel it stiffen to its full hardness, and a moment later she felt his hand move to the back of her head.

Amy bobbed her head up and down in Treyvon’s lap, sucking his hard black cock. She could feel the veins on the massive shaft with her tongue. She tried to deep throat as much of it as she could, but gagged when it was halfway down.

Treyvon laughed at her. “It’s because it’s always in your pussy. You never tried to get it all the way down your throat since that first time.”

“Well, I can’t help that it feels so much better in my pussy,” Amy said. She licked the tip once more before adjusting herself, swinging one leg over his body and lining his cock up with her slit.

“You’ll never get better at deep throating it if you don’t practice,” Treyvon laughed again.

“Every second your big black dick is not in my pussy is time wasted,” Amy said, dropping her body down and forcing Treyvon’s cock inside her. It slid into her with once-tight pussy with little resistance. She rolled her hips on the huge black shaft, relishing the feeling of it stuffing her full.

“Damn, girl, your pussy is ready for me,” Treyvon said. “I barely had to push into you.” He grabbed one of her bouncing tits as he thrust up into her.

“That’s because your monster cock stretched it out and filled it with cum,” Amy replied, pushing her breasts into his face and feeding him her nipple. She arched her back and closed her eyes in bliss as he sucked on it.

“How does it feel being sent home to your husband, full of a black man’s cum?” he teased. “This will make two days in a row.”

“Oh, God, I wish I didn’t have to go,” she said. “I wish I could stay here all day and ride this cock.” Amy could hear the sound of her ass and thighs slapping against his body. She opened her eyes and looked down at Treyvon as he sucked her tits. The contrast of his black skin against her pale breast was intensely erotic for her. She began rokettube porno to slam her hips down onto his cock faster.

“You could, baby. I can spend all day pumping loads inside you if that’s what you want,” Treyvon said. He seemed to turn everything he said back towards cumming inside her and getting her pregnant. He knew exactly what turned her on.

Amy moaned as the fat black cock sawed in and out of her pussy. She wanted to stay, to submit to being this black god’s sex toy all day. But she knew she had to resist her temptation. If she stayed another night, she might never want to leave, and her marriage would come crashing down around her.

Still, the mere thought of spending another day getting fucked by Treyvon was enough to make her cum. Amy threw herself backwards, pulling her nipple from his mouth as she felt her pussy start to squirt. She rubbed her clit with her fingers as she gushed all over his abs and chest.

As she recovered Treyvon pulled her forward again, pressing her body to his as they fucked. Soon she felt her tits become slick with her own pussy juices as they slid against his chest. She eagerly drove her crotch down on his cock, enjoying the wet smacking sound as they made contact.

Treyvon dug his fingers into her asscheeks and pushed her ass down on his dick until he bottomed out inside her. She could feel his balls against the lips of her pussy. She squeezed her vaginal muscles on the hard black cock inside her, trying to pull it deeper.

“Oh, God, Trey!” Amy gasped. “I love your cock so much. Nothing else can make me feel like this!”

“You need me to fill your pussy every day, don’t you, slut?” he asked, thrusting his dick against her cervix. “You need to feel my cock shoot a load into your womb every day.”

“Oh, fuck!” she screamed as another orgasm ripped through her body. She went limp but Treyvon held her in placed as he pumped into her.

“Tell me how bad you want that black baby in your belly, you married white slut,” he said. “I want to hear you beg me to breed you!”

“Oh God, please!” she grunted, smashing her hips down against his. “Please cum in me. Please. Please make me pregnant. I want your black baby! I want it! Please! Breed me! I need it so bad!”

“Fuck, take my load, slut!” Treyvon grunted as he thrust deep one final time.

Amy felt the now-familiar warmth of Treyvon’s cum shooting into her. His dick throbbed as it deposited its load inside her fertile pussy. The head of his cock was pressed tightly up against the entrance to her womb, and she could feel each and every jet as it came out and sprayed against her cervix.

“Oh, God, I can feel you cumming inside my white body, Trey!” she moaned. The cum continued to flow from black dick firmly planted inside her pussy. “I can feel you breeding me!”

When she finally felt him stop cumming, Amy tried to get up, but Treyvon held her in place. “I need to go. If I don’t get everything done around the house, my husband will know I wasn’t home all day,” she said.

“So what?” he said. “That doesn’t mean anything to me.”

“If we get caught, I won’t be able to do this anymore. My life would be destroyed,” Amy replied. “Come on, I need to take a shower.”

“Seems to me like we’d be able to do this all day, every day if you weren’t so hung up on that pink dick idiot,” Treyvon said. “But whatever, take your shower.”

“Thank you,” Amy said as he released his grip on her body. As she pulled herself off Treyvon’s cock, a torrent of his cum came flooding out of her pussy. Cupping one hand against her mound to keep the rest inside, she ran to the bathroom and turned on the shower. When she finished cleaning up, she grabbed Treyvon’s towel from the rack and wrapped herself up in it. As she walked back into his bedroom, she saw him with his laptop out, typing away.

“Come check this out, girl,” Treyvon said when he noticed her. Amy got back into the bed beside him and looked at the screen. She saw he was typing in information onto a registration page of some sort.

“What is this?” she asked.

“This is the website I told you about, for people into interracial sex,” he replied. “I made you a profile.”

He clicked on the submit button and sure enough, a profile came up. At the top of the page it said “BustyWhiteWife4BBC.” The rest of it had her information, or as much of it as Treyvon knew. He had mercifully left her real name blank. At the bottom was a section labeled “Interests.” Under that, Treyvon had written “Black men, Big Black Cock, Cheating, and Breeding.”

“So I’m Busty White Wife?” Amy asked. She wasn’t sure how she felt about him putting her profile up on a website without asking her first, but looking at it was turning her on.

“Yeah. You can change it if you don’t like it,” he said.

“No, it’s good. It looks like you got my interests right as well,” she said slyly.

Treyvon patted her on the ass. “I know my married white slut,” he said, handing rus porno her the laptop. “I’m gonna take a shower, too. Why don’t you finish your profile?”

Amy took the laptop and filled in the rest of her info, leaving out her name. Then, she explored the site. It was part discussion, part picture and video sharing, and part social network. The other people she saw were all either white women, couples, or black men. She found a huge media library with hundreds of interracial sex pictures. Most of them where amateurs, women just like her. She felt her pussy getting wet again.

Treyvon came out of the shower, and she was still exploring the site. She had found the forums, and was looking at a thread where people introduced themselves to the community. She was amazed at how many like-minded people she had found.

“Enjoying yourself so far?” Treyvon asked her with a grin. She followed his eyes and noticed that she had been rubbing her pussy unconsciously while she browsed. She blushed.

“I can’t believe there are so many members on here,” Amy said.

“Well, I’m sure a lot of them are inactive, but I never have trouble finding a horny white girl to chat with.”

“So you find them on here and then meet up with them for sex?” she asked. Her pussy was drenched by now.

“Sometimes, he said. “Everyone is there for their own reasons. For some girls it’s still just a fantasy. They want to chat with a black man, but are too shy or uptight to actually do anything. Sounds like anyone you know?”

Amy giggled, thinking back to how she had been only a few weeks before. “They just need a little convincing, that’s all,” she said.

“I knew you’d understand,” he said. “Here, search for ‘BBCTrey,’ that’s me.”

Amy did as she was told. Treyvon’s profile came up in the screen. His page had a profile pic, which of course was a picture of his dick. He pointed to sections on the side marked “Followers” and “Following”. Amy clicked on “Following”. A list of almost a hundred names and pictures popped up. Most of them were women.

“Did you really fuck all these girls?” she asked incredulously.

Treyvon laughed at her again. “Nah, girl. They’re from all over the country. Most of them I just chatted with. There’s maybe seven within driving distance. Those are the ones I fucked.”

Amy laughed, too. “That makes more sense. I was about to be really impressed,” she said. She scrolled through the profile pics of everyone Treyvon was following. She saw names like “BlackOnlySally” and “missluvschocolate”. As she got near the bottom of the list, she saw “TheRealJacksonHammer”. Her jaw dropped. She immediately clicked on his profile.

“I see you found what you were looking for,” Treyvon said with a smile. He slid his hand up her leg under the towel she was wearing. She spread her legs to allow him access. Her pussy was dripping wet again. She scrolled through the pictures Jackson had posted of himself fucking all sorts of different white women. They were all tagged with the woman’s screen name, so Amy had to assume they were members of the site.

“How do I send him a message?” she asked eagerly. Treyvon’s fingers worked her pussy as she stared at the screen.

“I wouldn’t try to just yet,” he said. “I’m sure he gets dozens of requests every day. If you really want to meet up with him, you’ve got to get him interested. Show him you are serious.”

“What do you mean?” Amy undid the towel she was wrapped in, freeing her big tits. She pinched her nipple with her free hand as Treyvon played with her clit.

“Let me take some pictures of you, and we’ll post them on the site. When you see him leave a comment on them, then you reach out. He might even contact you first. You’re hotter than most of the girls I come across on here,” he said.

Amy’s pussy throbbed. Treyvon wanted to post naked pictures of her on the internet. A couple weeks ago that would have mortified her. Now it was turning her on.

“Okay, let’s do it,” she said. Treyvon pulled his hand out of her pussy and offered it to her. She licked it clean, savoring her taste on his fingers. He stood and picked up his phone.

“Alright, now give me a sexy pose,” he said.

Amy lay on her side and propped herself up with her elbow. She put her other hand on her hip. Treyvon began snapping pictures. She moved her hand up to her breasts and lifted one up. She squeezed it, and then brought the nipple to her mouth.

“Those are great!” he said. “Now sit up, I want to get some of just your tits.”

Amy obeyed, sitting up and offering her tits to the camera. She dug her fingers into the ample flesh of her breasts as Treyvon came in close. She saw him angle the phone down, and she spread her legs to give him a clear view of her glistening pussy. She pulled her lips apart, exposing her stretched, drooling hole. She put a finger inside and pulled it away again, drawing a strand of sticky cum back with it. The camera on the phone followed her hand up as she brought it russian porno to her mouth and licked.

“Damn girl, that’s hot as fuck!” Treyvon said. “Get on all fours, like I’m about to fuck you doggy style.”

Amy did so, presenting her ass to the camera. Treyvon took a few pictures from that angle, and then stepped aside to get some shots of her from the side. She arched her back, her pendulous breasts hanging down almost far enough for her nipples to brush the bedsheets. She saw him step behind her again, and a moment later felt his cock enter her once more. As usual, it slid right in with no resistance.

“I just took a shower,” Amy complained, turning her head back towards him. But she made no move to stop the black man from fucking her.

“I don’t care,” Treyvon said. “I want to get some good action shots of a black dick in your pussy. Besides, who does this pussy belong to?” He slapped her on the ass.

“That’s true,” she said. “My pussy belongs to you, Trey.” He was holding the phone right up to Amy’s ass, taking pictures of her pussy lips stretching around his massive black cock. He fucked her much slower than his usual pace, apparently concentrating more on taking photos than making himself cum.

After a few minutes he pulled his dick out of her completely. Amy sat up and groaned in disappointment. Her earlier hesitation was gone, now replaced with a desire for a proper fucking. Her fingers immediately went to her now-empty pussy.

“Come on Trey, keep fucking me,” she purred, one hand in her pussy, the other playing with her tits.

“We’ll finish what we started in a minute,” he said. “Just let me get the rest of these pictures first.” He stepped towards Amy with his hard dick pointed straight at her face. She grabbed the black shaft with both hands and looked up at the phone Treyvon was holding. As he snapped the pictures, she began to jerk the black cock in her hands, still slick with her juices.

“Hurry, Trey,” she said. “I’m so horny, baby. My pussy needs it.”

She licked his cock head as he kept taking photos. She opened her mouth and took it inside, sucking the black shaft down her throat. Once again she tried to deep throat it, but with similar results. She gaged on the enormous cock filling her throat and had to pull it out. As she withdrew it from her mouth, a fat strand of her saliva clung to the black dick, connecting it to her lips.

“Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about, girl,” Treyvon said. “This is a perfect picture for your profile. Now show me that ass again.” He tossed the phone aside as Amy got back on all fours on the bed. He took his place behind her and pulled her ass towards his hard black cock. She moaned with delight as the black shaft once again penetrated into her.

Amy rocked back and forth on the cock impaling her pussy. Treyvon’s hands grabbed her hips and pulled her backwards onto it. She could feel her ass jiggle each it slapped against his crotch. Every once in a while he would give it a smack with one hand, making her squeal.

He pushed her so she collapsed down onto the bed, her ass up in the air with her face mashed into the pillows. Her big tits were being driven into the mattress with every thrust.

“Damn, your ass looks good like this,” Treyvon said without missing a stroke. The room rang with the rhythmic slap of their bodies hitting each other.

“Fuck, Trey!” Amy said. “Your cock feels so fucking good! I’m gonna cum!” She could feel her pussy start to spasm around the black cock as it continued its relentless assault. Her knees grew weak, but Treyvon held her up while she came. Her cum sprayed out of her pussy, soaking Treyvon’s crotch and making a mess of the bedsheets. She could feel it running down her thighs as she continued rocking backwards onto his shaft.

“I’m about to flood that married white pussy again, slut,” he said, thrusting his cock inside her to the hilt.

“Fuck, yes! Give me your black seed. I love the feeling of your cum inside me!” Deep inside her pussy, Amy could feel Treyvon’s black cock start pumping its potent load. As the hot jets of cum began to hit her cervix, she let out a moan as another orgasm overtook her.

“Fuck!” Treyvon grunted as he fell on top of her, his dark cock still buried inside her cunt. Amy was pinned in place as it throbbed, continuing to pour his seed into her.

“Oh, God! I can feel it!” she screamed. “Yes! Knock me up! Get your married white slut pregnant with your black baby!” The pleasure she was feeling became too much, and all she could do was moan as Treyvon finished filling her pussy with his cum.

A few moments later he pushed himself back up. Slowly withdrawing his dick from her well-used pussy, he stood and helped Amy up as well. A river of cum flowed from her gaping slit, down her thighs to the floor.

“Sorry,” she giggled, pointing to the mess.

“Nah, it’s my fault,” he grinned. “If I hadn’t stretched you out so much, maybe it would stay inside your pussy.”

Amy laughed as she picked up her towel and cleaned up as best she could. Treyvon found his phone, plugged it into the laptop and began looking at the photos he had taken. Amy sat on the bed next to him, and together they chose the best ones to post.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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