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I nearly danced going up the stairs. Sir held my rope. Kind of like a leash, but it went down my back. The thought made me giggle. Sir looked, smiled at my silly grin and gave a little tug. Damn…good thing he was beside me for me to grab. I think He liked to keep me off balance. Don’t get me wrong! I loved it. Knowing I could fall and He would catch me! That was a very heady feeling. I turned to go into the bedroom…suddenly, not sure what to do. For some reason, I was feeling a little out of my element. Something in His demeanor was different. I stopped and looked at Sir.

“Knees,” was all he said.

I dropped down, lowered my head and placed my hands on my knees. I could see his feet as he entered the room. Removing most of his clothes, he placed them on the chair. He went to the closet and got the toy bag out. Damn…wanted to look. Was so curious as to what was coming. I knew he was watching me. He knew my curiosity usually got me into trouble. Especially where he was concerned. He drove me crazy. I wanted to know everything he did, everything he felt, everything he desired. I heard the bag thump on the floor and without thinking glanced at it.

“No. You must wait. Now come to me pet.”

Whew, he wasn’t angry. Just reminding me…control yourself. My new mantra for the time being. I thought to stand, but something in my head said…I should say yelled…CRAWL. On all fours, I went to Him. He was sitting on the side of the bed and I knelt between his feet. Hmmmmm. Tilting my face up, I saw his smile. I pleased Him. Yay…I love pleasing Sir. Think I have mentioned that before. Slowly, He, pulled the rope and damn…I was moaning all over again. I love when Sir pleases me too. Fuck, I really love that, and he does it so often.

“Your turn beautiful,” Sir whispered. “I am going to send you to heaven, make you scream and beg and fuck you hard. Your pussy is mine, your mouth is mine, and your ass is mine. You are Pendik Öğrenci Escort mine.”

Oh hell. Nearly came. I wonder if he knows he does that to me. Thinking so. Deep breath, count to 10, bite my lip. Oh that was hard that time. Looking at the paddle. Is it worth it? I don’t like the paddle. Oh yeah, said that already. Punishment paddling is so much worse. No caresses in between. No, need to calm down.

Suddenly, I felt the rope drop down my back. How the hell did I miss Sir undoing the rope? Oh yeah…zoned out, considering cumming.

“Stand little one.” He ordered. “Now lay down on the bed, face up.”

I stood between His knees. Reaching around, he turned me, bent me over his knee…oh hell yeah…and removed my hook. Pouting now…got a nice caress though. Smack…mmmm, I needed that. Standing, Sir moved out of my way. Before I could lay down he put my blindfold on. Ohhhhh, shivers now. I so loved the suspense, the anticipation, the trust. As I lay down, Sir was moving to get the items He took out of the toy bag. I felt the hooks on my cuffs and attached to the corners of the bed. Ankle cuffs were next and then I was spread eagle and totally at the mercy of Him. I trusted Him with my life…after all, I was His, so was my life.

Damn, it was so hard to stay still…did I mention that I move a lot? Cause I do. Feet and hands especially. Think that is why he tied me. Both because he knows it drives me crazy…good crazy…and to keep me as still as possible. One thing Sir never did was to gag me, not with a cloth at least. He liked to hear all the sounds I make and he really, really likes to hear me beg. Think I was going to be doing a lot of that tonight. Mmmm, caresses, down between my breasts, over my tummy and stopping just short…fuck…begging starts now. Was that a chuckle I heard? Bastard…lol. Finally I feel his fingers on my clit…oh thank you gods of BDSM…thank you, thank you. Pendik Çıtır Escort Fingers, oh how I love fingers. The only thing better than a finger is two fingers…maybe three. Suddenly I feel cold metal at my ass. OH YES!! My little jewelled butt plug. Now that slid in easy. Guess the hook stretched me a bit. Fingers back in my pussy.

“Please Sir”! half way between a moan and a whine.

“No. Just lay there and enjoy. Feel the sensations. Ride the pleasure”.

No, no, no, no, don’t cum, don’t cum, don’t cum. This is so fucking hard. Enjoy the sensations He says. Oh, this is going to be difficult. Suddenly, he tries four fingers.


My back is arching off the bed, my heels digging in and my hands in fists. My head is in space and I am screaming. DON’T CUM!!


I scream, I shake, I cry. I cum.

The wave continues. He doesn’t stop. I don’t either. Oh please. Don’t let these count. Please, please, please. Sir doesn’t say a word. He knows. He did it to me.

My feet are free. Not sure when, but they are. My hands are free. I roll over to find Sir. I am still shaking. He holds me, caressing my hair. Suddenly I want more. I kiss his chest. I kiss him all over. He is already hard, but I need to suck Him any ways. I need to taste. I need to be connected to Him. I suck Him in. Not nice and slow like last time. I bury my nose in his groin. He hits the back of my throat. I need this. I need Him. I suck hard, I lick softly, I pull his balls into my mouth. I lick his ass. Mmmm, now Sir moans again. I jerk his cock and poke his ass with my tongue.

“Grrrr…fuck girl. You are my dirty little slut tonight. Damn, you are awesome. Enough.”

Sir pulls me up. Reaching around He pulls my plug out. I immediately feel empty.

“Fuck me girl.”

“Yes SIR.’

Climbing on top, on lower my pussy onto Sir’s hard cock. Oh no, don’t cum, don’t cum, Pendik Elit Escort don’t cum. Grabbing my hips, He slams into me. Fuck, holding on for dear life now.


Ohhhh fuck yesssssss!!

Sir pulls me off. I know he didn’t cum. What is wrong??? Now I am worried. Pulling me forward a little, He re positions me. Oh…I remember. Slowly pressing down, I take the head of his cock. Slowly, it hurts a little. Sir is bigger than the plug. He lets me do this. Thank you Sir. Deep breath and a little more. I feel him go past the muscle and now I feel so, so full.

“My girl. So fucking tight. My slut, my princess.”

Sir likes it. I love it. My clit hits his groin with every downward motion. Oh no…these orgasms are so quick and intense. Hard and fast.

“Fuck me hard. Please Sir. Please, please, please. Fuck my ass.”

“Who’s ass?” He growls.

Oh shit. “Your ass Sir. Fuck your ass. I am all yours.”

“That’s my little whore.”

Hard and fast. “PLEASE.”

“Please what?” He demands.

“Please let me cum Sir.” I beg.

“No fucking way. Don’t you dare cum. Not yet.” He orders

He is fucking me so hard. I can’t sit, Sir holds me. He is grabbing my tits, squeezing my nipples. Twisting. He does love my tits. This is driving me crazy as well. The pain is overshadowed by the pleasure. A strong twist, slap and a grab that will bruise. Tighter.

“Cum NOW.”

I scream. I am shaking uncontrollably. Every muscle is in spasms. Pressing my ass down as hard as I can on his cock. I feel him get larger,…fuck…did not know that was possible. He is filling my ass. I press down again. Still cumming.


Oh, forgot to do that. Slowly, Sir lets me fall to the side. Cradling me, caressing me, murmuring in my ear. I can’t understand a word. I feel a blanket covering me and a water bottle placed against my lips. I drink greedily, and curl in. Sir holds me tight. The tremors slow, the room rights itself and I begin to breathe normally.

Thank you Sir. Did I say that out loud? Just in case I didn’t.

“Thank you Sir” I murmur.

“You are welcome beautiful. Rest. I will hold you and take care of you now.”

“I so love you Sir.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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