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Preface – PLEASE READ!:

This is the FOURTH part of what is a running story. It is all about the taboo. You will not find romance here. Any notion and talk of love is subverted to serve the taboo.

Anal sex and incest and nonconsent/reluctance are MAJOR themes of this story.

Please do NOT read this part and other parts if you take offence to any of the following in a lurid, obscene (and of course fantastical) context: incest, rough sex, extreme sodomy, objectification and degradation, and rape fantasy.

Needless to say I in no way condone anything I write about. It is amoral fiction. Erotic fantasy no different than bedroom play-fantasies. If you cannot separate that from reality I do not want you reading or rating or commenting on my work (let alone trying to get it removed) or assuming things about my intentions.

All characters involved are 18 or older!

I am thankful for all my readers, patient fans, and especially comments, ratings and emails. Please give it a good rating if you got off to it!

P.S. Alice WILL get a happy ending at the end of the series!


Alice was in the bathroom getting ready for bed, when she thought she heard her name. She tiptoed out and put an ear to her parents’ door.

‘Have you seen the state of her clothes?’ her mom was saying. ‘They’re way too small for her, especially with her breasts, not to mention that bottom of hers. She looks like a slut.’

‘Yeah, she really suits them,’ her dad replied.

‘She does seem to be behaving more and more like a slut,’ her mom said. ‘She’s such a tease, especially to her brothers. ‘

‘I wonder if she’s too old to be spanked.’ Her dad seemed lost in thought.

‘She’d love that, the little whore. You know, I’m surprised she’s not pregnant already, the way she is.’

There was a pause, then – ‘Oh, you are hard right now,’ her mum was saying. ‘Is talking about our slutty fat-bottomed little daughter doing it for you?’

Her dad grunted and she heard her mom moan.

‘Fuck me like I’m -‘ were the last words she heard her mom say, but Alice was already walking away from the door, her face red. She was not a slut! Why did everyone think she was?!

She climbed into the small bed and pulled the covers up. Then she got out and opened the window as far as it would go – it was no use, there wasn’t the slightest breeze and it was as hot and still as the night before. She sighed. She’d better try and get some sleep before her brothers came back. She thought for a moment and then took off her pyjamas – sleep with them on would be impossible once her brothers added to the heat.

She was just drifting off when she felt somebody climb into the bed next to her. She turned sleepily towards him.

‘Hey sis,’ whispered Mike.

‘Mm,’ she replied, her eyes still closed.

‘You’re hogging the bed again,’ he said. ‘You’re gonna have to shift up to me.’

‘Where’s Dan?’ she murmured.

‘He’s in the bathroom. We need to make room for him.’

Alice felt an arm around her, pulling her into Mike’s body. She felt her naked boobs press against his chest, and then what she now knew to be his erect penis poking her between the legs.

‘I can’t sleep like this,’ Alice said, as Mike tried to draw her even closer. ‘Your penis is poking me again.’

‘You’re right,’ Mike said. ‘I’ve got an idea though, think it’s the only thing that’ll work.’

‘Face the other way?’

‘No, I’d fall off the bed like that once Dan is back. I need to hold onto you for support.’

Alice laughed. ‘That’s silly.’

‘You try being on the edge! You have it so lucky, being in the middle.’

‘Mm, you’re right,’ Alice said, only just realising how hard her brothers had it. She should think of them, too. ‘Okay, what do you want me to do?

‘You’re going to have to . . . let me show you.’ Mike lifted himself up on his side, and pulled her leg under him in one quick movement. Then he drew her other, higher leg over his other side. Finally he pulled her towards him. Alice found herself sharing breath with her brother, closely knit together with her legs pulled up and wrapped around his waist.

‘This hasn’t helped, you’re still poking me but now it’s against my . . .’ She had a sudden feeling of awkwardness. ‘You’re not trying to have sex with me are you?

‘Ew Alice, gross!’ Mike said, sounding astonished. ‘I’m your brother and you’re my little sister! And you’re asking me for sex?’

‘No!’ Alice cried, feeling herself go red. ‘No, no, I just thought -‘

‘I should tell mom and dad,’ Mike continued. ‘That you wanted to have sex with me. And probably Dan too.’

‘Noooo! Mom already thinks I’m a huge flirt with you guys! I know you don’t wanna have sex with me I was just . . . with your penis against my . . . my pussy.’ She cringed saying the word out loud to her brother, but she supposed she’d already said the worst of it.

Mike laughed. ‘I’m just Casibom messing Alice. You’ve got such a dirty mind though. Anyway yeah, if I just move a bit . . .’

Alice felt the pressure against her pussy slide downwards.

‘A bit closer,’ Mike said, and grunted as he tried to shift her forward, pulling her legs higher up against him.

‘You can’t get any closer,’ Alice said, her hands on his muscular shoulders. She could feel the now slightly familiar sensation of his large cockhead pushing against her asshole. ‘I think we’re as close as we’re going to get.’ She tried to settle, ignoring the pressure against her bottom. She was sweating heavily all over. It’s the only way to make room, she told herself. You’ll just have to –

‘We’re still taking up too much room,’ Mike said. ‘It’s your big butt taking up most of the space. If we can just move it a few more inches . . .’ And with his arms clasped tightly around her back pulled her tightly close at the same time as he pushed himself forward.

Alice cried out. Not again! her mind complained as Mike’s large powerful cock slipped inside her, pushing its way continuously into her bum, seeming to go on forever. Her legs involuntarily tightened around her brother, which only drew him deeper. His cock bottomed out inside her finally, and Alice tried to catch her breath. She thought she’d never feel the sensation again of her brother’s big dick all the way in her ass.

‘Mike!’ she gasped.

‘That’s better,’ he said, his hot breath against her forehead as she tried to burrow her face into his neck. He gave his sister a deep pump and she heard him sigh with satisfaction. ‘Now we’re close together,’ he said. He gave her another pump as he gripped her with strong arms. ‘Dan will have some room now.’

‘But you said . . . you said you wouldn’t have sex with me.’

‘I’m not having sex with you, how many times do I have to tell you? You’ve got such a dirty mind. Having sex with your tight bum isn’t sex sex, it’s not proper sex just like having sex with your hot little slutty mouth wouldn’t be proper sex. You see? It’s just like . . . like hugging or something. Ah, better hold your breath, we’re about to get company.’

‘Oh no,’ Alice said in a small voice, and to her relief Mike reached down with one hand and yanked the bedsheets back up just as the bedroom door opened.

‘You took a while in the bathroom Dan,’ Mike said. He was making slow, rhythmic movements under the sheets. Alice wished he’d stop, but she didn’t dare say anything and make it obvious to Dan that Mike was pumping her bottom. She figured he’d probably make him stop, but he’d also be appalled and the whole thing would be too embarrassing.

‘Yeah, well. A lot of beers,’ Dan replied. ‘Playing with my big dick.’ He grinned. ‘How are you doing Alice, you asleep?’

‘Mmm not yet,’ Alice said, her voice muffled. ‘I’m okay.’ She was surprised (but relieved) he hadn’t said anything about the strange position she was in. Maybe he couldn’t tell with the sheets over them.

‘Cool,’ Dan said. He slid into bed behind her, thankfully only pulling the sheets up enough to get in, and hopefully not enough to see his brother’s cock pushing slowly in and out of his sister’s ass.

She knew there’d be no space to move on a single bed with the three of them, but she hadn’t expected it to be this bad. Dan was jammed up right against her, his breath close against the back of her neck – was that his lips touching? His hands slid in the small gap between her stomach and Mike’s chest and gripped her on either side of her sweaty midriff. The most pressing concern, however, was something she naively hadn’t expected. Dan’s thick cock hard against the top of her butt.

‘Are you . . . are you comfortable?’ she asked. She was rolling sweat now, but at least Mike had ceased his inappropriate movements (though he was still deep inside her).

‘Hell, I’m falling off the bed,’ Dan said. ‘Come on, budge up.’

‘We can’t bro,’ Mike said, sounding amused. ‘I’m at the edge myself. It’s Alice taking up the most space.’

‘I’m sorry,’ Alice said meekly. Wasn’t it enough to have made room by her brother putting himself inside her bottom? Or was that a selfish thought? After all, everyone wanted to sleep here.

Dan sighed. ‘The only way I’ll be comfortable is if I put it in your bottom, sis.’

‘You can’t!’ Alice cried. ‘Mike’s in there!’ Then she gasped, realising she’d let it slip. Too late now!

‘Yeah no shit,’ Dan grinned. ‘Mike, you gonna remove that thing?’

‘No way,’ Mike said. ‘Being in Alice’s butt is the only way I’m staying on this bed. It’s like an anchor.’

‘Didn’t think you would,’ Dan said. ‘Well, guess I’m joining the party. If I’m gonna be able to sleep tonight with this big hard thing between my legs.’

Alice was confused. ‘What do you mean?’ she said. ‘I don’t want you taking turns in me . . . Mike was only trying to sleep, that’s all.’ From the way Casibom Giriş they were speaking she had this sudden thought that they’d planned something like this in advance, but then the thought was quickly dismissed. That wouldn’t make any sense. Nobody wanted this. Her brothers were just trying to make the best of a bad situation. Still, joining what party?

Alice felt Dan drop one hand from her and presumably grip himself, because his cock moved down, pushing further into her buttocks, sinking down the deep sweaty crack of her ass. She felt the sticky wet of his cockhead. What’s he trying to do? She wondered. There’s nowhere to go. Maybe he’s just gonna stay between my bumcheeks. That would be okay I guess, although I still don’t know how I’ll sleep with Mike so deep inside my ass – why did he have to be so big?

Dan’s cock dropped further down her crack and suddenly, as Dan grunted and pushed forward, pulling her back against him at the same time (with Mike keeping her firmly close to him), Alice felt another invasive force against the top of her butthole.

‘What are you doinnggg!’ she cried, as her other brother’s cock pushed against her ass too and, incredibly, it started to open it up.

‘Sssh, ssh sis,’ Dan said from behind, whispering in her ear. You’re making my cock drip with precum, it’ll go right in. I know you can take it.’

‘I can’t take twooo!’

‘Sure you can, you’re a really sexy girl.’

Alice moaned. She tried to get free but she was completely pinned, the meat filling in a brotherly sandwich. Her bottom was stretching, hurting as it tried to accommodate the new intruder. It felt like a baseball bat was being shoved in – no, it was different to that; after all, her bum was already stuffed full!

The hurt was an aching, sore hurt, not entirely horrible, more like (she thought awkwardly and guiltily) that kind of satisfying, stretching ache when you were pushing on the toilet . . . That felt like too dirty a thought to Alice, so she instead pictured it as doing aerobics – when you felt that strain that you kept pushing into . . .

The actual pain may have been bearable (and, in a more appropriate situation, maybe more than a bit satisfying), but the weird discomfort was intense, more than doubled than when Mike had fucked her ass alone that first time.

Dan seemed to back off a little bit, and Alice was about to breathlessly thank him, when he pushed forward with even greater insistence, and at the same time Mike moved his hands from her back to her big buttcheeks, pulling them apart for Dan. With a sudden plop (plop didn’t seem to cover it, it was more like physical thunder, a bodily strength inside her in inescapable enormity) Dan’s fat cockhead had joined its brother’s inside her bottom, along with the first few inches, which with comparatively less effort slid quickly in after the vanguard.

Alice thought she’d scream (in truth, she didn’t actually think it’d get in at all – she used to think bottoms couldn’t fit any amount of cocks), but instead she was breathless, speechless. Coloured dots danced before her eyes and her legs tightened once more around Mike’s waist, pulling him deeper. She felt speared, impaled from two ends – the pain was fast becoming just a memory, but the enormity was there in spades, the uncomfortable hugeness. She felt fit to burst.

‘Oh wow,’ Dan said. ‘I didn’t expect it to actually fit! Fuckkk.’

‘Damn,’ Mike grunted, pulling himself out a little and then pushing forward. ‘You little slut.’

Alice took a deep breath and finally found her voice, as her dizziness began to subside. ‘Oh my goddd!’ she cried. ‘You’ve got two in my bottomm!’

She couldn’t believe it. Her ass felt impossibly stretched and tight around the two fat cocks. Last night she’d had no idea an ass could even take one dick, and now here she was with two large penises stuffed inside her backdoor. It was just so wrong!

‘Wow sis you really are a buttslut,’ Dan groaned, flexing his cock inside her. ‘I can’t believe you’ve just took both your brother’s dicks in your ass at the same time.’

‘Yeah what a little whore,’ Mike said. ‘We’d have done this ages ago if we’d known you loved booty sex so much you’d actually take two at once in your tight butt.’

Alice wanted to respond, to tell them she didn’t love “booty sex”, but she was struggling too much on keeping a handle on what was happening. She was gasping for breath, boiling hot, unable to focus on anything besides her tight teen butthole wrapped around her brother’s cocks. She couldn’t believe how warm they were inside her. They felt like two huge sausages hot from the oven lodged inside her bottom. Hefty twin brother-meat that were at once both hard and soft, incredibly fat and dominant and yet also sharing with the other. They jostled for space inside her as her teenage anus clasped against them.

They started moving their junk in and out, and despite herself her asshole relaxed and Casibom Güncel Giriş opened up, allowing them to push them deep and really ream her ass with the two cocks in alternating rhythms. She still felt tight, but it was much more bearable now. The warmth, Alice thought. God, they’re so fucking warm. She didn’t even admonish herself for the uncharacteristic swearing (inside her own head or not). It seemed like if there was any time for the odd swearword let slip, it was when both your brothers were hot and huge inside your teenage bottom.

‘What a fucking sexy comfortable butthole you have sis,’ Mike said. ‘It’s so fucking warm.’

Alice would have giggled, if the situation hadn’t been so crazy and inappropriate. It wasn’t often she and her brother shared the same thought, even if theirs was about the inside of her bottom and hers was about their big cocks.

‘It’s like an ass pussy,’ Dan said.

‘There’s definitely no need for anyone to use her pussy,’ Mike added.

‘What pussy?’ Dan said, and they both laughed as they pumped her from either side.

‘You shouldn’t rape me,’ Alice moaned, finally managing to get words out. ‘I’m your sisterrr.’

‘Did you hear that Dan?’ Mike said. ‘Our slutty little sister has learned a naughty new word.’

‘Don’t be silly Alice,’ Dan said. ‘How can we rape someone who is begging for booty sex all the time?’

‘I’m notttt!’

‘It’s definitely not rape,’ Mike said, as he thrust deep inside her at the same time as Dan, making Alice yelp. ‘First, it’s not even in the pussy. Second, you want it so bad. You’re a total buttwhore who can’t get enough fat dicks in the bottom.’

‘And your butt swallows them up like they’re candy,’ Dan added.

Alice continued to whine but she stopped when she realised her brothers weren’t listening. Her whimpers mixed with louder moans as she tried to keep a lid on the incredibly intense pleasurable sensations building in her ass and pussy. Despite herself, the feeling was – well, she could hardly put it into words.

Her brothers began to adjust to the same constant rhythm, both of them going in and out as one – which was, if possible, an even bigger sensation, and one that had Alice feeling like some kind of doll – one of those sex dolls, used just for their holes, and you could move them about and do with them however you liked, however rough, however deep . . . No, she reminded herself firmly, as her brothers fucked her. They’re not like that. They shouldn’t be doing this but they’re still your brothers and they love you. They just really really want to sleep . . .

She started to see stars, and felt like she’d crossed over some peak she didn’t know existed. She must have blacked out, for she opened her eyes, feeling confused and bleary. Her brothers were still doublefucking her bottom. She had no idea how long she’d been out.

‘You back sis?’ Mike said. ‘Wow. Fucking your unconscious body was so hot. Especially with you taking two big dicks in your butt while you were blacked out. I told you she was a great cumdump bro.’

‘Even better than I imagined,’ Dan grunted. ‘Mike’s right, you’ve never looked sexier than unconscious with both our cocks pumping your ass. We’re gonna have to fuck you while you’re passed out more often.’

‘You looked so hot we both came inside you when you were asleep,’ Mike added. ‘And kept on going. That’s why it sounds so wet and nasty now, your ass is full of two loads of cum.’

‘Wha . . . you’re . . . you’re too big . . .’ Alice moaned, still half asleep. She could hear it now, the sticky, sloppy, nasty sounds of a cum-filled butt getting pounded, ready for another two loads.

‘Not our fault we have big dicks,’ Mike boasted. ‘Good job we do though, cause that’s clearly just what you need. The bigger the better for you, huh? Your fat butt’s not even satisfied with one huge cock, it needs another. Hell, maybe two more.’

‘Uh . . . uh . . .’ Alice was groaning and moaning and making all sorts of low noises. She bit into Mike’s neck as she shuddered all over. They’d stopped keeping the same rhythm and were just going all out, both fucking as deep and hard as they could, propelled by her sticky wet load-filled asshole – which had relaxed around their fat dicks (or just plain given up the fight) and was leaking their cum out around them. Mike had two handfuls of her fat ass and was squeezing them roughly, pawing the soak of sweat as he drove himself into her. Dan’s hands were groping her big tits, sometimes mauling, sometimes nipple-pinching, sometimes simply gripping them hard and using them to thrust her back against his cock.

‘Who’s our sexy little buttwhore sister?’ Dan breathed in her ear.

‘I’m not a whorre,’ Alice moaned.

‘It’s not like that, it means something different silly. It’s affectionate. A big compliment, trust me.’ His voice was rough and low, his breath as hot and hard as Mike’s was in front of her.

‘Mmm I don’t know . . .’

‘You know how fond we are of you.’ Mike said.

‘I know . . .’ She felt a shiver of happy pleasure through her despite herself. See, told you they love you, no matter what they get up to sometimes. You’ll always be their sweet little sister.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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