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Note to reader:

Rose is introduced in my story ‘I like to watch’

Content warning: interracial, transgender

~ ~ ~ * ~ ~ ~

I liked Cliff from the moment Rose introduced me to him. She had invited us both over to her place for supper, and I found him personable and charming. He was a black actor, and seemed very centred, poised even. He had a ready smile, sensuous lips and brown eyes you could drown in. Yes, I liked him right from the get-go. I would go further: he made my pussy tingle.

As the evening progressed, it became clear to me that he and Rose had more than a professional relationship. Little touches, the way they shared a joke, the way his hand rested on her arm for just a beat longer than was simply social, suggested to me that they had enjoyed – and probably still were enjoying – sex.

I wasn’t jealous; my relationship with Rose was not in any way exclusive. We were great friends, and we had great sex, whenever we both felt horny. That was all.

So the three of us had enjoyed a lovely evening, full of easy laughter and mild flirtation, fine food and some great Californian wine, when Rose cleared away the dishes and poured us each a brandy. The candles flickered on the counter next to the table.

“Is anyone else feeling horny?” she inquired sweetly.

I looked at Cliff. He was smiling broadly at Rose, and then he turned to me and raised his eyebrows. I dipped my head, suddenly shy.

“Rory likes to watch” said Rose, taking Cliff’s hand and putting it between her legs and smiling at me, “Don’t you darling?” (Rose had started calling me Rory immediately after our first fuck, saying that Aurora was far too formal.)

I smiled back. “I love to watch” I said.

“Me too”, smiled Cliff, gently removing his hand from Rose’s crotch, pushing his chair back and settling further into it.

I shot Rose a glance. Was this what she had in mind? But Rose, my darling exhibitionist, rose effortlessly to the challenge.

She stood up, and started to unbutton her shirt. Then she slipped a hand inside it to pinch a nipple. Soon her shirt had fallen to the ground and she was massaging those deliciously enormous tits with her hands, squeezing the nipples and bringing first one and then the other up to her lips. She ran her tongue around the base of each nipple before sucking it into her mouth.

A half-smile played across Cliff’s face; he was not indifferent, but he was still detached.

So Rose kept one hand squeezing her huge tits but snaked the other one slowly down her naked torso to her thighs. She ran the hand from above her knee up to her groin; a soft moan escaped her lips. Fixing Cliff with an unblinking stare, she slowly unbuttoned her pants ’till they too fell to the floor. She was wearing a satin pouch over her now tumescent dick, which she rubbed suggestively while squeezing her tits with her other hand.

She moved toward him: “Take it off” she said softly, moving Cliff’s hand to the waistband of her pouch.

Cliff complied, and Rose’s stiffening cock bobbed up to within inches of Cliff’s sensuous lips.

‘Suck it!!’ I said to myself, wanting to see the head of Rose’s lovely rod disappear down Cliff’s throat.

But Cliff let the moment pass and Rose, now completely naked, put one foot on her chair and climbed up onto the table.

She knelt in front of Cliff and slowly started to stroke her swollen and now rigid cock for him,. She reached out her hand and put two fingers into Cliff’s mouth, scooping out enough saliva to lubricate her hand, which she then used to squeeze out the precum that was beading at the tip of her dick. On her haunches in front of us she ran her now slippery hand up and down the length of her erect pole, jerking her hips forward and back as she did so.

She threw back her head, her thick hard cock glistening in the candle-light.

Cliff moved his chair closer to the table and reached up to cup her balls. Rose sashayed on her knees to the grup escort edge of the table to allow Cliff to half-stand and take her hard dick into his mouth.

She put her hands behind his head and started to fuck his face.

I felt my groin warm and clench as I watched. Suddenly my cunt felt empty.

After several minutes, Rose pulled herself out of Cliff’s hungry mouth, and, fixing me with a knowing look, suggested we go somewhere more comfortable.

I had been in Rose’s bedroom many times by now, and my suspicion that Cliff already knew the room was confirmed by his lack of reaction to the stunning setting – a four-poster bed, covered in pink satin cushions, surrounded on three sides by floor to ceiling mirrors.

Rose ushered us in, and gestured to the bed, as she settled herself down onto an upholstered chair.

“My turn to watch,” she announced.

Cliff wasted no time in taking me in his arms. As he rained soft sweet kisses onto my mouth, he deftly unzipped my dress. I parted my lips, to let his tongue encircle mine, and began to unbutton his shirt.

“On your knees”, commanded Rose, and I realized that she was going to keep telling us what to do, like she was directing her very own private porn movie.

I happily did as I was bid.

“Now unzip him and suck his dick”, said Rose.

Cliff was wearing beige chinos held up with a pale brown belt, which I carefully unbuckled, before tugging the zip down. Nestled in his silk boxers was the biggest, thickest cock I had ever seen. It was dark dark black, and kind of shiny.

And I suddenly remembered a conversation I had had with Rose in this very room. We were nestled together on the bed after making love, and Rose had asked me what was on my sexual bucket list – what positions or sex-acts had I never tried but really wanted to? And I’d told her that I’d never had two cocks up me simultaneously, one in the ass and the other in the cunt. And I said too that I had never fucked a black guy … So was Cliff one of Rose’s generous gifts?

I pulled that fire-hose out of its silky nest and let Cliff’s chinos fall to the floor as I worked the head of his stiffening cock into my mouth. Boy, was it hard to wrap my tongue around that monster! I reached down and fondled his balls, as I moved my mouth in a steady rhythm over the end of his knob.

“Enough!” cried Rose, “We don’t want him to cum just yet. Cliff – get Rory naked. I want to see you sucking her tits !”

I turned to let Cliff more easily unhook my bra and stood meekly while he pulled my panties to the floor. He cupped my breasts in his hands, tweaking first one and then the other nipple, then he ran his hand down the front of my body from behind until his fingers encountered the soft springy hair of my luxuriant bush. I let out an involuntary gasp as he raked it softly with his fingers.

I leant back into him, feeling his massive cock rearing up my back, as his fingers softly parted my pussy lips. But instead of ramming two fingers up into my cunt like most men, he started to rub my swollen clit with his moist finger tips, very gently brushing my pearl with an infinitely slow swirling circular motion that had my breath coming in short gasps within seconds.

Across the room, Rose could sense my excitement, and I watched her cock stiffen and twitch.

Cliff’s expert fingers were bringing me to the brink of orgasm. I leant forward, my forearms on the bed, my legs slightly parted. I felt Cliff’s huge cock start to nose its way into my slick pussy, and I leaned my hips back to take him as far up my cunt as I could. He was still working my hard hard clit with his fingers even as he started to fuck me doggy-style.

Rose couldn’t stop herself; she was squeezing precum over the head of her cock as she watched us, her ideas of directing us in her private porn movie long gone.

Watching Rose jacking off while Cliff’s enormous cock thrust iranlı escort in and out of me and his long fingers played with my clit soon sent me over the edge and the first of many orgasms juddered through me.

Next thing I know, Rose is kneeling in front of me on the bed, swinging her swollen cock in the direction of my mouth. I part my lips and swirl my tongue over the head of her cock, drawing it as far down my throat as I can. Soon she is fucking my mouth in time with Cliff’s doggy-style thrusts up my cunt. Steadying myself with one hand on the bed, I reach out and glide my hand up and down Rose’s greasy pole, squeezing the tip on each upstroke. Rose’s breath – and mine! – was coming in short gasps now as we all three neared the point of no return. Cliff’s hands were on my hips as he pushed and pulled my hungry body up and down the length of his massive cock, pushing the walls of my cunt apart on each up-thrust. I felt giddy, light-headed, my hand wrapped around Rose’s cock, pumping her in time with Cliff’s accelerating strokes.

Finally Rose could hold out no longer, and I felt a thick jet of cum spurt into my mouth and dribble down my chin. She let out a shriek of release and joy as each new jet of jism shot from the end of her cock.

Cliff soon followed, and I felt his wad of thick cream flood into me just as my own final orgasm swept through me.

We all fell onto the bed together, breathless, light-headed and covered in sweat.

As soon as our breathing got back to normal, I realized that I should probably head for the bathroom to clean up, before Cliff’s cum started to dribble out of me and stain house-proud Rose’s satin bedspread. But Rose had a better idea.

“Straddle my face, sweetie, and let me clean your pussy”, she said. “I LOVE the taste of Cliff’s cum”.

Any lingering doubts I may have had about the nature of their relationship were swept away, as I turned around into a 69 position and carefully lowered my dripping pussy over Rose’s mouth.

I used my hands on my labia to open up my cunt for her and felt the first rope of cum gently slide out of me. She licked up each side of my pussy, deftly flicking globs of Cliff’s cream into her mouth, and then reached deep inside me with her tongue, swirling it from side to side and making little slurping noises.

As Rose tongued my cum-filled quim, I watched in awe her limp cock starting to stiffen. It was a sight I never got tired of: watching a tube of soft inert flesh starting to swell and harden, defying gravity as it swung up and out, until it stood ramrod straight and pulsing.

I leaned forward and gently licked it, from its helmet head to the hairy balls at its base. Rose gurgled, her mouth full of Cliff’s salty cream. She swallowed noisily and started to tease my hardening clit with the tip of her tongue.

I moaned and took the head of her cock into my mouth.

I looked across at Cliff, who was lying next to me on his back, his own massive rod rearing upwards like a glossy black banana.

I reached across to squeeze it and soon I was jerking Cliff off with one hand, while guiding Rose’s cock deep into my throat with the other.

Rose’s tongue in my pussy was driving me wild, and I began rocking backwards and forwards, grinding my clitoris down onto Rose’s chin.

We could certainly have continued to perfectly satisfying orgasms just as we were, but Rose’s directorial instincts got the better of her, and she pushed me away from her mouth.

“Get on top of Cliff,” she said “I want to see you ride his cock.”

Ever obedient to Rose’s every whim – and eager to repeat the experience of Cliff’s monster cock inside me – I happily slid off Rose’s mouth, and turned to straddle Cliff.

He held the root of his phallus rigid with both hands to steady it as I slid my hot little cunt over its engorged head, and slowly eased myself down its slippery length. When I felt that keçiören escort I couldn’t take any more, I looked down and was amazed at how much more of his cock was still visible.

Cliff put his hands on my hips and began moving me up and down his shaft, using me like a little fuck-toy. I smiled down at him and let myself be used. He gradually increased speed, until I felt more and more of his thick cock inside me. Then he moved one of his hands to the top of my pussy. I began to grind myself up and down his hard insatiable pole, as he moved his thumb back and forth over my pearl-hard clit.

Rose watched. She knelt next to Cliff’s head, and reached out her left hand to caress my breasts and tweak my nipples. With her right hand she was tossing herself off. I leaned down and she fed the tip of her swollen cock into my mouth. I swirled my tongue around the head, savoring the taste of her precum, savoring the moment of having two cocks to pleasure, of having two cocks pleasuring me.

And then I wanted to watch Cliff sucking her off as he was fucking me, so I took Rose’s cock and fed it into Cliff’s panting mouth. And then I wanted to taste Cliff’s tongue, taste Rose’s precum on him, so I leaned back down to tongue-kiss him as I jacked Rose off with my slippery hand. All the while riding Cliff, feeling his engorged hardness sliding in and out of my tight wet cunt.

I felt Rose move away, and then I felt some cold greasy lube being squirted into my upturned ass. I felt her hand reach around me and duel with Cliff’s on my clit, as she eased a finger from her other hand up into my ass-hole. Then her thumb. In and out, as I moved my body up and down Cliff’s huge dick. Cliff let out a low moan.

And then I felt the soft wet tip of Rose’s hard cock press its way, oh so very gently, up into my ass. It was really happening, I was finally going to realize my long-cherished dream of being simultaneously fucked by two cocks!

Cliff stretched his arms out either side of him like he was being crucified as I relentlessly rose and fell, his hardness buried deep now in my hot pussy. Rose was kneeling behind me, her hard cock buried in my ass. She held my hips and moved me up and down the length of her cock. Cliff must have felt her cock though the walls of my cunt, because as she thrust into me, he would move out. Then as Rose retreated, he would thrust.

I felt like royalty. Every nerve in every erogenous zone was tingling. Rose and Cliff took turns to finger my clit, as their cocks were thrusting in and out of me in an identical complementary rhythm. Then Rose reached a hand around my body to fondle my breasts. She began to squeeze my nipples.

I almost screamed, the feeling was so intense. I shook my head from side to side, I was kissing Cliff, feeling him speed up as he reached his climax. Rose was fucking my ass, faster and faster and faster.

I turned to look at our reflection in the floor to ceiling mirrors: we were one big six-legged fucking machine, all intent on just one goal, all running to reach the point of no return.

Cliff arched his body up into mine as I swirled my tongue around his. Rose pushed her cock as deep into my ass as it would go: I could feel her balls slapping the base of my butt.

I had started my first orgasm almost as soon as Cliff’s cock had replaced Rose’s tongue in my pussy, and waves of pleasure had been coursing through me ever since. But now I was out of control. I could feel my heart pounding, my breath coming in shorter and shorter gasps. I threw back my head and just screamed.

My orgasm pushed Cliff over the edge, his hips bucked and I felt a stream of cum jet up into me.

Rose took me by the hips and slammed her rod in and out of me like a piston, fucking me faster and faster like a jack-hammer, desperate for release. I was limp, spent, flushed, light-headed, and I let her use my body like it was a sex-toy, until finally, with a whoop of joy, Rose erupted into my ass.

We both fell forward in an entangled heap onto Cliff. Our sweat mingled; our breathing gradually returned to normal.

“Well, that was fun,” said Rose “I can see I’m going to have you guys over for dinner more often!”

~ ~ ~ * ~ ~ ~

If you have got this far and read the whole story, please give it 5 stars!! THANK YOU!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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