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(Sequel to Sam’s Story)

You started going back to that bar most nights of the week and Saturdays hoping to see me again. You and Lyle the bartender talked a lot and had gotten to the point of toying with opening either a bakery or restaurant. The bar was well-staffed so he always seemed to have time.

Finally, you asked about me.

“Annie? Yeah, she comes in here every few weeks, mostly with her girl crew. One White Russian and then nurses a white wine. Quite a girl,” concluded the bartender while restocking the bar snacks.

“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah, she’s the sweetest. Helped me get this job in the first place, actually.”

“And she’s smoking hot,” you blurted.

He smiled but cocked his head. “Well, she’s kind of like a sister to me so I try to ignore that. But yeah.”

“Sister, huh? Gee, uh,” you said suddenly blushing. Lyle had no reaction so you guessed he didn’t know about the present I’d given you. “Well, maybe we should ask her if we go bakery or restaurant?”

“Break the tie, sure! Whip smart and just the most thoughtful person. She’d do anything for you.”

Memories of that day came flooding back and you couldn’t help but get hard again. It made you shift in your seat and you were glad Lyle had stepped away to serve some others down the bar. Seemed like a good time to take a break. You crossed your napkins on the bar to save the seat and headed to the men’s room.

Calm and collected when you came back, you stopped short. I was sitting at the bar chatting with Lyle.

A couple waitresses came to the bump with orders so Lyle stepped down the bar from me. You came up from behind and brushed me arm. I had the same reaction, lean out of the way, but then laughed and my face brightened up seeing you.

“I think I’ll start a tab,” you started, taking my role.

“Oh really? I think that stool is open.”

Actually several stools were open around me.

“Well, you’re in my seat but I always defer to a beautiful woman,” you said, sliding onto the free stool. I nodded, amused.

Lyle returned with a White Russian and a refill on your beer. I lifted the cloudy drink and clinked it with your stein.

“To meeting this way,” I say, making you smile.

We fell into a bit of awkward banter. You could tell there was a desire to know more, to change our arrangement perhaps and you were sorely tempted.

But then you said, “You know, I came out to see people, to get some fresh air, and one crazy thing I can’t tell you.”

I raised an eyebrow meaning bahçeşehir escort ‘are we doing this?’ You gave me a warm, confident smile.

“I wonder if I could guess in 20 or 50 guesses…” I offered.

“Well, I could tell you but I’ll probably regret it,” you quipped. I thought to myself that I really made an impression on you to remember all this and I felt a bit of pride at that. Then again, how many women strangers offer you a blow job? Probably memorable.

Then you leaned in…

I joined you in leaning in to meet you for what was clearly to be a whisper. Your hand touched my thigh and I thanked the Creator that I wore a dress tonight.

“I dared myself to reward a gift I’d been given,” you said, your lips brushing my earlobe and sending shivers down my body.

“To just anyone, paying it forward?” I asked softly, making an excuse to breathe in your scent, your person musk and hint of cologne.

“You just happened to be the one, lucky you!” you lied softly, not wanting to draw back. Your hand caressed my thigh, feeling my stockings and discovering the lace of their tops. Thigh highs.

You were bold and I felt your fingers slide under my dress, up my inner thigh, and barely graze my satin panties. Enough to feel they are wet and to make me softly moan in your ear…

“Where…” I whispered hoarsely, not wanting to toy any further.

“My apartment is three blocks away.”

I snorted a mood-damaging laugh. “And we used your car last time?”

“I was eager?” you offered, blushing. With that we both leaned back, laughing until we cried and taking another drink.

Lyle circled back around.

“I think I’ll take Annie here to see the building we’re talking about. We won’t be long,” you explained.

“Don’t let him sway you. Bakery is the way to go!” laughed Lyle before turning back to his duties at the bar.

I thrilled a little as our hands slip into holding each other as we walk and part of my mind notes that in my heels we’re the perfect height for holding hands…

You live on the top floor of a small apartment building, five floors like several others in the neighborhood. We let our hands tease each other in the elevator and I kissed your neck as you fumbled for the key to your apartment.

Once inside I had to pause. Wow. I mean Wow! Great views over the local wooded park, clean stylish furniture, and none of the mess I associate with a single guy.

Suddenly my heart sank and my eye scanned around for signs bakırköy escort of a girlfriend or, ugh, a wife. I’d never checked your ring finger. Never thought this would be more than my impulsive gift.

I wasn’t sure if you had ESP or not, but you stopped pouring wine to comment. “I pay a cleaner who was here yesterday and my sister decorated the place. Said she wasn’t leaving something this important in a place this nice to a ‘moron bachelor’.” I smiled, embarrassed but relieved.

I walked over to the huge windows and looked out, admiring the view. I could even look across to two different buildings and the big window apartments on them, also topping out at the fifth floor.

I give the wine an obligatory sip but then put it on the table. I was far too interested in your plan here…

You left your wine on the table as well and step to me. I felt a rush as you got close, your lips brushing mine as your hands slid up my hips. My breasts were brushing your chest and I felt your hands start to grip my dress. You were bunching it up, raising it. I felt the increased exposure and flushed a little. I would be deeply flushed across my chest before this is over. It is just my body’s way of saying “oh hell yes!”

Having gotten a good grip on my dress and bunched it up under my boobs, you guided me to sit down on your leather coat, my bottom on the edge. A couple large throw pillows behind me and I couldn’t have been in a better position without being in a sex swing.

My mind eeked wondering if you own a sex swing but I told my mind to shut up for awhile. I spread my arms, my hands relaxing on the rich, soft leather of the couch. This was your show…

I was very exposed, my gold satin string bikini panties and my black satin garter belt were in full view as well as some of my stomach. I was tempted to intervene and free up my breasts as well but I simmered down. ‘Always accept a gift with pure appreciation.’

Your hands caressed my hips, my thighs… I noticed you toy with the garters and the waist of my panties. My mind held its tongue but quickly took a note of what you liked. Your hands slid down over my stockings and I loved your firmness against my skin, enjoying me and me enjoying your touch. You flicked off my heels and caressed my feet. I sighed in appreciation and saw your wheels turning. You were keeping a list as well.

Leaning forward, your body spread my legs more, a move that always got me more excited. A man exerting himself into that position başakşehir escort and me submitting to it… when its right, its sooooo right.

Your hands moved up, fingers caressing my inner thighs and finding my panties. You leaned in and breathed deep. I remembered how you were very comfortable getting tastes of your own cum and you clearly were enjoying my scent of arousal. I remember thinking that I was beginning to like you, lol…

When you dropped your head and breathed on my panties I had to grip the couch cushions with my hands and squirm. Hurry up, I thought, biting my lip. As if on command, your fingers found my panty waist band and I eagerly lifted my bottom to let you pull them down, leaving them stretched between my knees, pushed out of the way by your chest.

I wondered if you liked that I’m shaved but I can’t tell because my eyes were closed. If I’d kept watching you this would have been over far faster than I wanted. I felt your breath on my lips and sighed, getting louder when your lips begin to kiss my engorged labia, my hood, and the skin around my sex.

Kissing led to licking led to probing. Oh my, you were good. Who taught you this well… whoever she is, she was getting angel wings. Fuck, baby, that’s right.

I was squirming continually, wanting more of you, more of your face all over my pussy. Well more of you than that but I didn’t think that was in store that night. That night you were clearly a giver.

I felt your finger slip easily inside of me and curl, making me gasp. I couldn’t help but bring my hand to your head, caressing you wonderful, wonderful man…

When you started sucking my throbbing clit, I couldn’t take it anymore.

“Oh god yes!!” I called out, my hands gripping your hair as my orgasm crashed into me, faster than I had expected. My muscles contracted and spasmed, I bucked under your mouth and you kept your tongue working, swiping and flicking all the right places. I wrapped my legs around you, hooking my ankles together as I gave in totally to this pleasure. I felt your tongue lapping me too, enjoying my juices or trying to save your couch!

You waited patiently for me to float down from that, finally releasing you from my legs. It had been… well, fuck… way too long since I’d felt that good. Really? It had been that long? I’d clearly been wasting time!

“I have… I have to go… go now. Um, Lyle is waiting,” I made up awkwardly, feeling like this had to go the same way, at least that time…

You helped me get dressed and let me use the bathroom to pull myself together. We didn’t look too guilty when we got back to the bar.

“Restaurant,” I said to Lyle who rolled his eyes.

“No fair, you did something to buy her vote!” he protested with a laugh.

“No, but I plan to,” you responded and I gave you a wink.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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