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As his lips touched hers, the taxi went over a pothole, and they both lurched forward, crashing into each other. They laughed about it then, as they would laugh about it later, when they recalled their “Pulp Fiction” moment, as they called it, recalling the scene where Vincent accidentally shoots Marvin in the head, after their car went over a bump in the road.

They laughed in the taxi, and the tension disappeared and he waited till she stopped laughing and took her head in his hands, leaned towards her, half closed his eyes, and planted his lips on hers.

This time, the only distraction that he felt was his heart pounding with anticipation, and his hand becoming moist as he held her hand in his lap. He felt her kissing him back, lips competing to explore each other, tasting her mouth, moist with sexual desire. He so wanted this to go well. His mind was exploding with a thousand ideas all at once.

Would he live up to her expectations?

Would she be as nice as she seemed?

Is she really unattached or had she got someone else “in tow”?

He felt his stomach fluttering and his whole body tingling. The touch of her body on his was causing him to feel the first stirrings of interest in his cock, and he gripped her hand tighter in his lap. She pressed her hand against his, and their hands rubbed up against the swelling in his pants. This was so exciting for him, and he felt his cock throb Bayan Escort Gaziantep as a surge of blood stiffened it some more.

He withdrew his head a little, and looked at her. She was looking him full in the eyes, while holding her hand in his in his lap. He smiled that smile with his eyes that she loved so much, and he looked at her body, undressing her with his eyes and marvelling at how her body was so different to his own. He knew he would soon see what soft curves lay under those outer clothes, and the sense of certainty was so exciting it tortured him with a delicious sense of expectation.

The taxi driver looked in the rear view mirror. It was earlier than usual to see couples entwined on back seat. Alcohol plus lust equals distracted passengers. But these two were not drunk, they were in love. He could tell. Eating each other’s faces was one clue. She was rubbing her boyfriend’s cock through his trousers, that was another clue. They always thought the taxi drivers couldn’t see. But the drivers looked. And they saw. And they said, nothing.

“$16.50 mate!” announced the driver as they pulled up at the destination. This startled them, as they had been engrossed in a passionate embrace. He paid, she got out, she opened the door, he watched her walk in to the apartment, savouring her feminine form framed in the doorway. He followed her in. She shut the door behind him.

He watched her drop her bag in the doorway, lean against the wall, and hold her arms out to him. He embraced her and started kissing her neck passionately. He was aroused now, and his short breaths sounded in her ear as his kisses rained down on her throat, her shoulders and her cheek.

He felt her unbuttoning his shirt.

First button.

Second button.

Third one was troublesome for her long nails.

“Dammit!” she muttered, as she tugged at the obstinate button, before it too yielded to her fingers

He felt the shirt tugged out of his trousers and the cool rush of air across his shoulders as she yanked the shirt off his body, revealing his bare chest, which she too kissed feverishly, sucking and biting at his nipples. In a moment, the shirt fell to the floor, and he felt his waist tighten, as she undid his belt buckle, and in a moment, she reached inside his pants and cradled his cock in her hand. He flinched with the pleasure, as she slid her hand over the head of his cock, gently pumping it.

He tried to unbutton her top, but she helped him and simply lifted it over her head, revealing a pretty white bra, and two breasts, looking so inviting to him. The light from the hall cast a shadow over her cleavage, and he watched her breasts wobble each time she moved her head which was tormenting his nipples in turn. Later he would recall this detail amongst all the passion, the way her breasts looked imprisoned in their soft white harness, half free, half restrained.

But for now he buried his face in her breasts, trapping her against the wall, the two of them so consumed with lust that they had barely made it one yard into her apartment. She was helping him, so as he reached behind her to remove her bra, she stopped caressing his cock, and her expert fingers undid the clasp behind her back in an instant, and he gently slid each strap over her shoulder one by one, before pulling her bra free, letting her breasts fall free. He gaped at her for a moment, but she was on her knees, dragging his trousers down, then his pants, so that his cock bobbed free and pointed up at her, like the angle of a hook on her hat stand that he studied intently as her lips alighted on his cock, and he felt her mouth full of hot wetness that made him feel so like a man.

He steadied himself against the wall, as all his blood was rushing away from his head, and he felt dizzy with excitement and passion. She was as horny as he was, and he looked down, and saw her hair rhythmically swaying as she took his cock in her mouth, he noted the curve of hips, the soft light on her thighs, the gentle down on her back, and the shoes still on her feet.

He lifted her by the shoulders, raised her up, kissed her to taste his own pre cum on her lips, and with one arm around her shoulder and one around her hips, lifted her clean off the ground, and carried her down the hall.

“Where’s the bedroom?” he asked, breathlessly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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