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On the elevator ride to the seventh floor he told her, “go ahead and put your panties back on, bra too if you have time.” There was time for the panties, fortunately their ride was not interrupted this time, but the bra would wait. “Or don’t, that’s not that important.” Okay.

At 11:01 they were back in the room and he reminded her there was much to do.

“Are you sure? You know I’m incredibly horny.” She approached him from the side and attached herself to him. On second thought she grabbed his ass gently and rubbed his groin through is pants. “Do you want to shoot up my hair again? You know… ‘I need dick.'”

“Oh and dick you’ll have. Right now there’s no time, there will be, but I’m saving up for good things to come. I already came 3 times today, y’know.”

“Three? Wait, three,” she wondered as he led her to the suite’s bathroom.

By way of answer he poured her a glass of water and said, “You’ll need at least a couple of glasses of water, start now.” He was covering something, “and do you know what these are for?” He pointed to three packages of douches he’d lined up on the ledge behind the sink.

“Uhm, yeah…” she said after half a glass of water, “why?”

“Well I thought you might like to use one… well, now before hand, you know, anally.” He looked expectantly.

“So you mean this to go… no-holes-barred?”

“I suppose that’s how to put it,” he cleared his throat, “Is that a problem?”

Either the alcohol or the anticipation and horniness defeated the butterflies of the unknown and so, “No sir.” Came her response.

“I’ll finish some other things, while you…”

“OK,” she watched him out as she contemplated the toilet and using the douche as an enema. “OK.” She repeated.

While she attended to preparing herself for just about anything he went to the bedroom and activated the two digital video cameras he had set up; one covering the bed and one that covered just about the whole room. Then he returned to the list they’d collected at the club. Unbeknownst to her the list had grown to twelve men and, although he doubted they would all show up, he wondered how she would handle this much potential sex. What if the list had been longer still? Beside each man’s name he placed a pseudonym – so everyone would feel free to do what ever their name might prevent them from doing. Then in a third column he jotted a different woman’s name next to each so that every man to screw her tonight would call her by a different name; again anonymity. Mayb, just maybe this would provide some distance between her and the slovenly cum-bucket she was to become tonight.

He did this in the suite’s front room and he turned on the room’s stereo. He was moving the dial to an all classic rock station when she emerged from the bathroom. She had just used the complimentary toothbrush and toothpaste after her treatment and was presently putting her hair back up with the chop sticks. She winced just a little when she pulled a few strands of crusted hair.

“Are you ready?” He asked.

“I will be, she crossed to the honor bar and extracted one of the small bottles of vodka. She took a big sip and he led her to the bedroom.

“OK, I nee you just to stand here and say something.” He placed her into a particular spot in the room and went to a laptop where he made sure she was in view on the camera. She read a statement that included her name and age along with saying she was a willing participant in all that was to come. He listened to her voice on headphones and it struck her as odd that she could hear her own voice in her ears through his subvocal mic. “Well, I think we’re ready.”

“Good, you know,” she said easing up to him again, “I hear that I need dick.” She tempted as she reached down to rub the front of his pants again. She pulled him down to her for a soft French kiss and he continued their motion until they sat on the bed. The kiss went unbroken until 11:24 when a knock resounded on the outer door. Their kiss ended and he pulled her onto her hands and knees on the bed. She let herself crawl to his lead until she was facing the opposite edge of the king-sized mattress. “OK, stay here.” He commanded.

“Yes, Sir,” she looked down to hide a wave of nervousness as it passed through her.

He left to answer the door and here she waited; a statue of doggy-style-to-be. Really, she supposed, this was all she had to do; just be posed to receive what was coming next, just be a hole, a receptacle, a… a cum bucket. She looked ahead of her at the dresser to where he’d laid a pile of condoms. Interesting, she knew he would ask if she wanted them, but she decided right then, ‘No, I’m playing this role to the top. If I’m a fuck toy tonight then I’m going to ooze the cum for real. He wants this on tape, then let him have a real show.’ Certainly not a responsible decision, but it was made.

She had heard the suite door click open, and now there was an exchange of men’s voices from the front room. She couldn’t make out any actual words as they mingled with the music, so she waited. There was another knock at the door. There was another bit of talk before the outer door was to click open again.

A second later she heard and felt another person Onwin move into the room. She had been placed facing ¾ of the way away from the door to the front room so she couldn’t see without adjusting her position. A new wave of nervousness entered with the unseen stranger and approached her directly. While the stranger man’s approach was a bit slower – maybe measured, maybe also nervous – she reacted to the nervousness by freezing, tensing, tightening. Her breaths became shallow as she craned to listen, but it only really allowed her to hear that there was conversation again in the living room. She had let her face down toward the bed and could, by moving her eyes, see the stranger from the knees down where he slowly walked in. He was still only about three steps in from the door, now four. He must be sizing up what he sees. He started to toe off a pair of white tennis shoes and spoke.

“Hi Megan, I’m Dave.” His voice came at a medium pace, but not entirely relaxed. Could he be nervous, too? This struck her as odd and didn’t know if that was comforting or cause for more tension. Wait.

“Megan?” she let herself ask.

“Um, Megan?” He said as if confirming and wondering at the same time.

Though awkward this did break the ice, she looked back and broke form to sit up to kneeling, “Megan?” she asked again, “But I’m…” She trailed off as she looked into the face of a man in his late twenties with curling red hair. His furrowed brow belied his shared confusion.

“Um, I’m not really Dave, but for this …” he also trailed off as realization dawned on them that neither was going by their real names. Talking in the other room continues. She felt a little ease of the tension and both saw the softening of the others features. She reached back with her left hand which gave him an invitation to approach. He instantly developed an appreciation for the size of her chest. When he’d entered her black top draped and hung almost to the bed obscuring them entirely. Kneeling, but facing away hadn’t shown him much, but now their profile and her outstretched hand beckoned to him and his features not only softened, but grew to appreciation. His widening eyes felt good on her mind – flattered if not yet comfortable. He took the hand and came around to the front where he was greeted with a kiss. He felt for her and found her breasts. With one long stroke along their sides he then touched her black over shirt and started easing it back.

‘I hope this is right.’ She thought feeling the novice.She had decided to do what she thought was to be done and had let herself flow from nervousness to curious and to calm acceptance. Now she could let horniness come back around. Their slow motions paused but a second, as sis the voices in the front room, when a third round of knocks came to the hallway door. Then he lowered the blouse off her shoulders to her elbows. She let it slide the rest of the way off her arms while he kissed the top of one of her breasts just above the top of her pink spaghetti-strap top. As the outer door could be heard opening she leaned forward to place her hands on the mattress again. “Well Dave,” she said trying to sound allowing, “I think things sound like they might get busy, so I suppose we should get to the business at hand.”

“Alright Megan,” he said quietly and he moved around the bed. As he climbed onto the bed she raised her rear back up and stood on hands and knees. He kept knee-walking until the front of his jeans met the back of her tight skirt. His hands rested on her back and his erection pressed to escape – as announced to her cheeky butt. The hand on her back softly but smoothly rose up carrying her top with it. Her shirt hiked up slowly until she felt her breasts bound up, then swing free to hang unclad. Her shirt was then bunched up to her armpits and hanging down before her shoulders.

Anotehr man appeared at the edge of her vision, in the doorway. He’d arrived just in time for the freeing of the breasts, when ‘Dave’s’ hands were stroking down her back. The other man hesitated at the doorway while Dave’s hands grasped her waist and he pressed his groin firmly to her soft rear for but a moment. Then his hands slid down the sides of her thighs to the bottom of her skirt. She turned her head to face the newcomer.

“Why don’t you come on in, um…?”

The fairly short newcomer, a blond man, started with an, “Oh,” and added, “Oh, hi Danielle, hi.” He quickly paced to where her face was. She recognized him from late in the evening – the stairs. So it was a meeting with her tits that had brought him. Her brow furrowed, but it was Dave who asked…


“Yeah, I was told Danielle, but then again I was told that I am Tom, so…” He said and all three got the smirk or relived humor.

“OK Tom…” she said and put on a sly look while Dave pulled her skirt up, up, up, and over her ass, “Well why don’t you get comfortable, take off your shoes and … ah, let’s figure out what we’re supposed to be doing here.” She tried to sound novel and acted detached as Dave caressed her rear roundly. It made her butt feel free, but not overly large; this position and his touch. It was a pleasant touch; not too soft and not too heavy. He leaned in and kissed Onwin giriş one cheek, the other, moving the red lace aside each time, then the middle, over her asshole. ‘If he’d have seen a few minutes ago what…’ she thought and giggled once at her own gross humor. Still, as she watched Tom unshoe and take off his polo shirt she allowed her ass to relax to the kind treatment so far. Next Dave cupped her pubic area firmly with his whole hand but for a moment, then worked his thumb past the edge of her panties and with barely any pause slid the thumb to the palm into her twat, almost unceremoniously. Yes, she was wet. Both she and Dave let out a different tone of, “Mmmm.” – she for the warm pleasure of his thumb’s penetration, he for his discovery of an easy entry. Tome knelt before her as he undid his belt and fly and rotated to take off his pants.

“You know, Dave…” she turned just her head and shoulder to look at the first man, “I like it, but I’d think you want to get a move on now.”

While Dave sat to remove his shirt, then his jeans, Tom knelt to her face again and came close. Slowly, shyly he came in for a kiss. Voices in the other room paused and his voice in her ear receiver sounded, “How are you, OK?”

“Mmm,” She said through a kiss, “I’ll be OK as soon as this guy gets,” another kiss, “his dick in me. Mmm.” Tom looked at her curiously, but she answered by turning her head sideways to show the little black machine in her ear.

“OK, tell them about the rubbers over there on the dresser.”

“OK, well … it’s OK…”

“You sure?”

“Ohh, yeah.”

Just then Dave asked, “Do you want me to put on a rubber?”

She broke another kiss t answer, “No, but I do want you to put that hard dick inside me.” Tom had reached up to caress her dangling mammaries while they kissed. Dave then knelt back up and spread her big red lacy panties with his fingers in the leg holes and moved them down to her knees. She started to shift her weight to allow them to come off, but suddenly her knees were pinned. Dave’s knees were on her panties, and in an instant his firm penis was pressed against her slit from back to the hood at her clitoris. With a slippy squish he reared back and in one stroke entered. He was already most of the way in… and warm, and hard, and a rush filled her tipsy head. “Whoa, yeah!” She said around a wet kiss. Another thrust and she knew to brace herself.

Is it happening?” Came his voice on the receiver. Dave, a little on the small side for her size of gap, made up ground with enthusiasm as, by the time she’d replied he’d already laid in at least five, then ten fast very firm strokes.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” she replied and the pounds of the fucking accentuated her words, “I’m getting fucked.” Beats appeared in the middle of some of those words. She was moving down to her elbows to brace better, but Tom took one of her hands off the bed. He pressed her left breast once more, and then stood before her. For a short-ish guy little taller than she guessed, his penis was nice sized, maybe a little over average. Yep, he was a real blond. Not yet acknowledged, a third man stood in the doorway. She felt a warm familiar friend fluttering at the edge of her heat inside as she shifted her weight to one elbow. Her other hand moved to Tom’s cock while he pulled her top. She let go and bowed her head as he slipped the top over her head and her up arm, then let it drop to the bed. Again she took him in hand with a ring of fingers close to the base. She reached out her tongue and circled his tip with two licks. She then let it into her mouth, far. Her creping orgasm, wondering if it was going to be let out this time, led her to, “Mmm, mmm.” Slowly on Tom’s cock, and she let Dave’s thrusts, still firmly patting her ass, press her oral strokes on Tom.

The voice returned, “Tell them that you’re bad.”

“Mmph,” she had to extract Tom from her mouth, “Ohh… I’m bad.”


“I’m a bad girl.”


“I’m very… bad!” She said loudly letting the thrusts beat each word out of her. More of the spirit swept over her and she buried her face in Tom’s pube, accepting almost all of his cock in her mouth right away. The newcomer, a third man, announced his presence, “Hi, Tawny,” He’d spent his time well and was already almost undressed. Dave’s thrusts had taken on a wet smack sound and her orgasm was getting ready for its night’s debut. “I’m Joe,” the new voice said, “I suppose we will have to straighten out that bad ass of yours, huh.” When he walked into sight she could tell it wasn’t ‘Joe’. He was the bartender. Hadn’t his name tag said ‘Sam’ downstairs? Well, her name hadn’t been Tawny downstairs, nor Megan, not Danielle. Okay.

“Are you going to cum?” came the voice.

“Gah, mmm, Uh huh, uh huh.” She had to say around a mouth full of Tom, driven to the back of her throat. “Yeah, yeah!”

“Well tell them.” In the background there was a knock at the door.

“I’m, I’m gonna cum!”

Dave laid in two more thrusts much less deep and hard. Then cold suddenly took over her excitement and friction heated pussy. Dave was out. Where? Tom now took her hands before she could look around. He held her arms to the bed while Dave showed up next to her head. Dave coaxed his penis in one hand and reached to undo her hair with the other. As he locks fell on both sides of her face any protests were only expressed as “Huh, Oh, Ohhh, Maaan!” while Dave took up a bundle of hair in the same hand as his cock. ‘Joe’ who was Sam had walked up alongside the bed and was in easy reach of her rear.

Bad, Tawny?” he asked contemplating her butt, “Bad?” And he reached out and gave her a swat; not badly, just a light swat. Hair held in place as Dave jacked into it, mouth filled as Tom reinserted his dick, all Tawny/Danielle/Megan could do for the swat on her ass was squirm at the waist. Her ass wiggled a bit and enticed another spank. Dave moaned and hitched as he started to ejaculate into her hair. ‘WHACK!’ the second spank, much louder than the first, resounded about the room and brought all movement and sound to a stop, save the trickle of Dave’s semen. Each man looked around a second, but she — at first shocked by the sting — was suddenly thrilled by the tingle and responded with a greater wriggle of the ass and a high, encouraging, “Mmmm!” Only Tom could tell, but she suddenly increased suction which spurred him on from passive blowjob recipient to actually putting in careful thrusts. The third man could see this was the wave of the future, at least the immediate future, and climbed onto the bed to drape an arm over her back and loom over her bare ass. He gave her another spank, and again she moaned. Another, and another, six … each about 5 seconds apart. Was he being fair or was he relishing her responses?

Each spank was followed by a moan which was cut short by Tom’s sliding dick reaching the closure of her throat, “Mmmg … Mmmg!” she exclaimed. Dave loosed her hair and a glob of gooey off-white dripped into view sliding slowly down her hair next to her left eye. Tom edged over and Dave took his place, though losing rigidity, to enter her mouth. She propped back up on her palms to reach the taller man’s member then brought her left hand up to support his limpness to her lips. While she attended to Dave’s tongue bath, and he reacted with a spasm of pleasure, Tom climbed onto the bed. Joe still held her waist, but had taken to gently rubbing her and kissed where the red marks were gradually blushing to the surface. The spanking had brought her elusive and deceived orgasm back to attention, but she knew it would not bring it back all the way. So it hovered there about her sex, and she hoped Tom would administer the fuck to push her over the edge for the first damn time today.

“What do you think?” Joe asked and grinned.

“I don’t know,” replied Tom, “A beautiful ass and great boobs, “What could she have done to deserve punishment?”

“Well, you’re here, what do you want to do?” Another quiet pause ensued as Dave collapsed into a chair by the dresser and voices droned on in the next room.

“Well,” Tom’s voice rose as if addressing her from further away, “what did you do, Danielle?”


In her ear, “Well… tell them something?”


Tom: “I want you…” a pat on the rear, “to tell me,” another pat, “what you did that’s so bad.”

Voice of the man: “You’d better tell them something, make up something.”

‘Whack!’, another, seventh, and very real spank fell on her rosy right cheek. Tom, spanked while Joe, who was Sam, held her waist. “Well?” the former coaxed.

“I um…” She bit her lip as she though, “um…” ‘Whack!” another landed and a surprised yelp eked out, “I stole something, um I stole …”

The second and third men looked at each other waiting, then Tom brought his hand down across both cheeks. “Well?” he demanded as he asked.

“Ow! No, I know I need it; I need dick, I need a good fucking with a dick now!”

“Oh, come again?”

“I said I need a lot of dick, I need dicks too much. That’s why I’m a bad girl; I need to fuck a lot of dicks right now! I’m a cum bucket and I need a fucking load of cum! Fuck!”


“Yeah, wow. You are a bad girl, that’s a potty mouth, too.”

“Well, why don’t you go wash out that mouth of hers while I finish up here?”

“OK,” Joe started to move off the bed. ‘Whack!’ Tom’s next spank resounded clear and sharp across both cheeks. Joe was off the bed when the next man appeared in the doorway. He came in time to see Joe’s penis sidling up to her face and Tom rubbing her whole ass in a round motion that worked her little bit of extra tush in a pleasing way. As his hand crossed from one cheek to the other the new guy was treated to a view of anus and vagina a couple of times. He dropped his jacket in the nearest corner and heard ‘Whack!’, her tenth smack and “Oh, wooo!” from the girl he had just been told to call Jenny. Tom’s hand had landed firmly on both cheeks and low so it included her pussy as well — that was new and sharp and came just as she’d been about to accept Joe’s long slender penis between her lips. She resumed the response of wriggling her ass and raised her right hand to pull her hair all to the left side. Now she took Joe’s shaft in her hand to steady it. ‘Whack! Whack! Whack!’ in the space of four seconds several spanks landed together on her cheeks and caught her pussy, too. Powerful sensations, stirringly painful but exciting, rose from her ass and across her plump labia. She made the pressure on Joe’s cock hard to bear.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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