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Our mandatory 2-week summer stay in the family lake house in Wisconsin was something that I loved as a little kid, then loathed as I grew into my teens, and enjoyed even less after I graduated from high school. Being the “middle child” of my cousins meant that I wasn’t cool enough to float and drink with my older cousins on the lake, and the younger cousins bothered the hell out of me. And no way was I about to spend my days playing canasta in the lake house with the aunts and my mom and grandma, or listen to my uncles replay their college and high school football glory days while pitching horseshoes or fishing for the weekend dinner.

Well, except for maybe my uncle Chase. He was the youngest of mom’s brothers, and only about 7 years older than me. We’d always gotten along really well — the only two guys in our whole family who appreciated the subtleties of a Wes Anderson film — but the years he was in college he’d grown a bit distant and had even managed to skip out on a couple of the mandatory family gatherings.

So I was surprised when Chase showed up the summer of my 19th year with his new wife, Sabrina. I wasn’t the most surprised, though: Chase hadn’t told anyone that he was getting married.

Sabrina was incredibly hot. From the moment that she stepped out of Chase’s Jeep and I saw those long, tan, toned legs, I got immediately hard. That hadn’t happened for a couple of years, and here I thought I had those pubescent urges under control. I was surprised that in this moment surrounded by family that my body would betray me so ruthlessly.

I got even harder watching her full breasts jiggle in her halter top as she navigated the uneven gravel drive. And when she swept her dark brown hair around over one shoulder before slipping that same hand in Chase’s back pocket, laughing as he smacked her luscious ass playfully through her jean shorts, I felt my dick twitch just a little in my swim shorts. Thankfully I had been playing frisbee with the kids and had a shield to hide my bulge.

The chaos of the family’s reaction to Chase and Sabrina’s news gave me cover to excuse myself to the bathroom in the lake house, where it only took a couple of minutes to jerk off. I was too hard to just try to breathe it out and calm myself down.

“Hey, champ, there you are.” Chase found me coming out of the bathroom as he and Sabrina brought their backpacks and grocery bags inside. “Did sex izle you meet Sabrina?”

She extended her hand, and I automatically took it, then blushed realizing that just a couple minutes before that same hand was wrapped around my hard shaft, jerking off thinking about her.

“Chase has told me lots about you,” she practically purred. “I’m so glad I finally get to meet his favorite nephew!”

I blushed even more. Like a schoolgirl. But I was a 19-year-old guy…and, so help me god, my body reminded me of that with a renewed rush of blood to my groin.

“Yeah, it’s awesome,” I stammered. “I mean, you’re awesome — I mean, I guess you’d have to be awesome, that is, for Chase to marry you…welcome to the family!” I was trying to figure out how to walk away without turning because the bulge in my pants would’ve been pretty obvious at that point.

Luckily, my mom came in and distracted Chase and Sabrina with a million questions so I could escape the most awkwardly embarrassing moment of my short life so far. I snuck out the back door and headed straight to the dock where I jumped into the lake. The shock of the cool water was exactly what my tight balls needed. For once, I was grateful for the distraction of my younger cousins who were playing a stupid game of jumping off the swimming platform in the lake to see who could make the biggest splash. They thought it was pretty cool that I swam over and joined their game. They would’ve been completely grossed out if they knew why I needed their distraction.

Once I was sure I was under control again, I took one of the inner tubes off the platform and floated away from the kids, needing some quiet time to soak up some afternoon sun. I got about twenty minutes of peaceful bliss before the older cousins invaded, having returned from a beer run into town. They stole the inner tube from me so they could play this game they’d made up a couple of summers ago that was a cross between water polo and dodgeball. For once, they invited me to play with them, but I needed a Pepsi and some of mom’s Rice Krispie treats.

Luckily, mom was winning at canasta or she would’ve given me more grief about not ruining my dinner with junk food as I walked past her carrying my snack. Hoping to catch at least some of the Brewers game, I headed to the basement where I could hear the tv was already on. I was surprised that sikiş izle no one was actually in the tv room, but took advantage of the situation and flopped down to take up the whole couch to myself.

I had just sunk my teeth into that gooey, crunchy treat when I noticed that one of the two downstairs bedroom doors was open, and that someone was moving around in there. I tilted my head to get a better angle, and that’s when I realized Sabrina was unpacking some things from her backpack. I wasn’t all that interested in what she was unpacking until she pulled out a green bikini swimsuit…and a purple dildo!

She had her back to me, so when she took off her halter top, all I could see were the muscles rippling across her well-defined back. But when she slipped off her shorts to reveal blue lacy thong panties and the most luscious, full ass I’d ever wanted to bite into…damn, but my dick sprang to attention almost immediately.

Like a grade-A idiot, I sat there with the Rice Krispie treat half in my mouth till I realized I was drooling a bit on my chest. I also realized that she was sitting on the edge of the bed, and if she looked up she’d be looking straight at where I was lying on the couch. I somehow managed to swing my legs off the couch and silently move across the room without breaking my dick and without her noticing me.

But why would she notice me? She had turned on the vibrator and was rubbing it between her legs over her panties, leaning back ever so slightly on the bed with her eyes closed, obviously enjoying what she thought was a private moment.

I moved behind one of the recliners a few feet away from the door so I could sit on the floor without being seen, but still had a perfect view inside the room. She arched her back just a little, jutting her chest forward. Her breasts had tiny, dark nipples that tightened up as she worked that vibrator up and down and finally into her panties.

She spread her legs a little wider and pulled her panties aside so that she could pleasure herself by slipping the vibrator into her pussy. My knowledge of women’s anatomy came primarily from online porn, so I was strangely and pleasantly surprised to see that she wasn’t shaved but neatly trimmed. Little glimpses of pink lips popped in and out of view as she worked the vibrator in and out of that sexy pussy, and I felt my dick throb and jump with practically türk porno every stroke. I couldn’t touch myself because I knew I’d cum too quickly, and I didn’t want to miss a moment of this glorious show.

Her breathing was coming faster, making her tits rise and fall. I thought about squeezing those tits around my cock and it almost made me cum. Then, she pulled the vibrator out, and I could see it glistening with her juices. I was confused about why she would stop because I didn’t think she’d had an orgasm, but then she lay back on the bed to slip her panties off entirely and propped her feet up on the edge of the bed.

She opened her legs like a butterfly, and I could see every inch of her hot pink pussy as well as that little puckered hole below. She began working the vibrator in and out with one hand while the other hand went between playing with her clit and fingering her asshole. From this angle, her tits were two perfect mounds that heaved and trembled as her hips thrust up to meet her hands.

I could hear her panting breaths, interspersed with little moans and gasps at shorter and shorter intervals until she let out one long, low moan with a shudder at the end. Her whole body went rigid and then seemed to roll with wave after wave of pleasure that she sustained with expert strokes and thrusts of her fingers and vibrator. I wasn’t sure what happened next because watching her cum pushed me over the edge, and I closed my eyes as I bent forward and felt my swim trunks fill with hot spunk, squirting over and over until I could feel it running down my thighs as I knelt on the floor.

When I opened my eyes again, she was pulling the vibrator out and a little gush of juice flowed out of her and trickled down her slit, making her asshole glisten with wetness. I had this crazy urge to rush in there and lick it clean, but then she sat up … and looked right at me.

Like the proverbial deer in the headlights, I sat absolutely frozen to the spot, watching her facial expression go from shock, to surprised delight, to seduction. She smiled conspiratorially at me, put one finger inside her wet pussy then licked it before placing it over her lips in the universal sign for “Shhh”. Never breaking her teasing gaze, she stood up slowly and closed the door, letting me know that was all I was going to see.

I looked down to check the status of my swim trunks — dark enough that the cum stain wouldn’t be visible. I was about to stand on my wobbly legs and retreat to another dunk in the lake when I got the second biggest shock of the day.

“Whadda ya think, champ? Did I marry a fucking sex goddess or what?” Chase’s voice asked from behind me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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