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I was freezing my balls off. Few places felt as cold as an island off the northwestern coast of Norway in February. The mercury in the thermometer on the porch had contracted until it hovered around -24C, or -10F or so – cold by anybody’s standards!

Now, normally when it was this cold, the air was completely still – but now the weather was changing, and we had the iciest of cold drafts making the outdoors quite unpleasant for a day or two until the temperature started increasing courtesy of the warmer air being blown in from the Atlantic. Well, ‘less cold air’ was probably more accurate than ‘warmer air’. Everything, as they say, is relative.

Yet, that didn’t stop my son from deciding that going out to play was an excellent idea, and I – knowing all too well that if he didn’t get a good outing, he’d be brimming with energy which would need to be dissipated somehow – by climbing the walls indoors, if need be – come bedtime.

Hence, we had dressed up for the occasion and were on our way to the playground. Did I mention it was -10F and windy?

Oh well. Once you’d dressed up (and, once bitten, twice shy, having cajoled junior into peeing before donning layer upon layer of clothing, to avoid having to undress him again in fifteen minutes to go pee!), it wasn’t too bad.

In addition to ourselves we’d brought a thermos flask filled with steaming hot chocolate, so after having basked in the snow for a while, we could warm up a little before playing some more. This was going to be a good day, despite the cold. Hell, perhaps even because of it – it did feel quite like an expedition, dressing up like this, bringing supplies (if only in the form of some cocoa, biscuits and a small bag of marshmallows, which Thomas for some reason or other insisted on dipping into his cocoa before eating them with delight.)

It was a little before ten o’clock, and the sun hovered just over the mountains sheltering us from the prevailing easterly winds, making us squint as we made our way through the winter wonderland we called home.

Being a Saturday, it was quiet outdoors, nary a soul to be seen at this early-ish hour – but we expected to find a couple of other families at the playground; Thomas hoped he’d find his best friend from kindergarten there, whereas I… Well, as long as I found a fellow adult to chat with while the kids played, I’d be happy.

Happy? Nah, make that very happy. Just as we strolled past our neighbours, me pulling Thomas along on a little sled, him proudly ensuring the small rucksack with the hot chocolate, marshmallows, our mugs and some biscuits was kept firmly under control, we heard a knock on a window; as we glanced at the house, we were greeted by Ella, smiling broadly as she waved at us from the kitchen window, then motioning for us to wait a second.

OK, could do. Seconds later, the door creaked open and out stepped Ella, a down jacket slung over her shoulders. “Aw, is it cold!” was her first greeting, before she turned to Thomas. “So, you taking dad out to play, are you? Mind if I come along after a little while?” Vigorous shaking of the head. Apparently, he’d be OK with having his favourite babysitter around. Quelle surprise.

Ella’s glance darted to me. “So, where are you heading? Kindergarten? I just need to do the last dishes and, uh, dress up, then I’d love to join you…”

I smiled and nodded. “Kindergarten it is. You read us like an open book. Oh, by the way, we’ve prepared some hot chocolate, so if you bring a mug…”

Ella giggled. “That’s a date, then!” and waved us on. “See you in fifteen minutes, guys!”

Thomas, already in a great mood, went positively over the moon at the prospects of basking in the snow with Ella, who, much unlike me, was able to shed any and all pretense of being an adult and just play with him on his own terms, like the biggest four-year-old you’d ever seen.

We made it to the playground, and as I had expected, there were others already there, so Thomas ran off to play with friends while I joined the parents huddling against the cold in a corner of the playground. Nods and smiles, I knew most of them, a few very well – among the latter Terje, a former colleague and current friend, which meant that one of the colourfully dressed kids running around us would be Heidi, Thomas’ on-and-off best friend in kindergarten. Good.

As always – heck, we liked to poke fun at the British for being obsessed with the weather, but we were just as bad ourselves – the banter was about the cold and whether it would ease up anytime soon. Luckily Terje and I soon found something else to talk about, as he had just become the proud owner of a 36-foot sailboat which was currently drydocked in a heated tent at his employer, almanbahis where he spent most evenings getting it ready for the summer – they intended to go on a small cruise down the coast towards Bergen and perhaps even Sørlandet if the kids (or his partner, for that matter!) turned out to have the patience for it.

Just as Terje had started on explaining how the kerosene cabin heater had so far frustrated all his efforts at getting it going – much to his surprise, as it was of a dead simple construction and there really wasn’t much to get wrong – a slightly larger, colourfully clad teletubby lookalike showed up. Ella. All grins, dressed in thermal coveralls, the only suitable garment for the occasion. “Hi there,” she greeted us adults. “Mind if I play with your kids a little? I promised Thomas I’d join him and Erling over here, so…”

Good-natured laughter all around. Ella was widely known for her love of children. “Knock yourself out,” Terje suggested. “Eventually, we’ll feel so bad for you doing all the running around and playing, we might even join in ourselves, too!”

She was off with a holler, immediately getting Thomas’ attention.

It appeared Thomas had taken Ella’s arrival as his cue for demanding we sip a little hot chocolate, and I didn’t need much persuading when he immediately after greeting her led her back to me and the thermos.

“Ella and I want hot chocolate, papa. Ella said I could have her marshmallows, please.”

She giggled and shrugged. “I never caught onto marshmallows, but hot chocolate would be nice. I even remembered to bring a mug, see?” she smiled and patted the breast pocket on her coveralls, where a mug did its best to make her look rather, uh, asymmetrical in the boob department.

Thomas indulged in his hot chocolate the only way he knew how – by asking me to put a little snow in it to cool it a little, then heaping up with marshmallows and gulping it down in one impressive go before running back to his mates basking in the snow.

That left Ella and me standing there, nursing our mugs while looking at the action.

“So, he’s obviously having fun…” Ella observed. “What about us, then? You want to have fun with me tonight? My parents are off to see mom’s cousin, so I’ve got the whole evening off to, ah, do whatever I please. And doing it with you would please me no end.”

I felt myself becoming erect in seconds; no small feat in the blistering cold. “Nothing would please me more, would you like to have supper with us first? We’re having a lasagna, I’m quite happy that the little one’s taken a liking to something I cook other than pancakes.”

Ella smiled and winked, glanced around to see that nobody were paying us any attention, then, satisfied all attention was elsewhere, softly put her hand on my chest. “It’s a date, lover. I’ll come over at, what, six thirty or something?” Gigglingly, she let her arm fall from my chest, smiling. “I like how you seem to be thrown slightly off balance whenever I call you ‘lover’. You are, you know. My lover, that is.”

I laughed. “Six thirty it is, then. I’ll try to have it in the oven by then, so there’s a little time to play with Thomas before dinnertime.”

“Oh, and one more thing, by the way, while we’re on the subject…” Ella smirked, her mischievous grin warning me that she expected to throw me off balance with her next remark. “Anal. I’m not sure I even want to try it full on, but… Let’s just say I’ve thought of it a little of late, huh?”

With that, she ran off to catch up with Thomas, who was involved in a futile battle to cram snow into something passing for a snowball – it was simply too cold. The cold did nothing to soften my erection, though, which had gone from rock hard to painfully so at her parting words.

Anal? The thought of how unbearably tight her ass would surely feel around my cock if she allowed me to enter her made me lose all contact with the outside world until Terje tugged gently at my arm. “Hey, Earth to Erling – a penny for your thoughts, I’ve been asking you three times now what time it is…”

I snapped back into the here and now, sheepishly grinning and suggesting I was simply tired – I’d stayed up a little later than expected last night and Thomas, being a kid, of course woke up earlier than usual when it was a day off, so…

I for sure wouldn’t tell Terje what had been on my mind. Not for a million dollars. Pulling down my glove a little, I glanced at the face of my watch. “Quarter to eleven, by the way.”

“Thanks,” he muttered. “Phone doesn’t like the cold too much, so for once it is good to have luddites with wristwatches around.”, breaking into a good-natured laugh – Terje and I had been colleagues in almanbahis yeni giriş the past, and we’d teased each other for our respective attitudes towards technology for years – Terje was eager to always try out the latest and greatest the moment it became available – and a week before, if possible.

I? While not exactly a luddite, I much preferred the tested and true – mechanical wristwatches, analog photography, turntables – hell, even my favourite car was positively ancient and with windscreen wipers probably being the most fancy accessory, being a 1965 Land Rover – a SWB SIIa currently parked in winter storage at work.

“How long do you think the kids will manage outdoors, huh?” He asked, probably posing the question to himself as much as he did to me. It lingered for a few seconds. “God, I wish I had your neighbour’s, what, Ellen, is it? – I wish I had her enthusiasm. Good thing for you to have her next door, she positively adores Thomas, doesn’t she?”

I nodded. “Absolutely, the affection is mutual – he thinks the world of her, and I – well, words can’t even begin to explain how glad I am that she likes spending time with him – good thing his only adult interaction after kindergarten isn’t me and my mates! Oh, and it is Ella, by the way.”

Ella ran after Thomas, who screamed with laughter as he tried to catch up with Terje’s daughter Heidi, which had almost a year on him – it showed, but he wasn’t about to give up anytime soon, definitely not now that Ella had joined in on the chase, too.

“To be honest, I really don’t think I could’ve coped as a single dad without her – sure, I’d be able to get Thomas fed and clothed and all that – but she…” My sentence trailed into silence as we watched her overtake Thomas, in hot pursuit of Heidi, coaxing Thomas to give it all he had. He duly did, and raced through the snow beside Ella, who had expertly slowed down just enough for him to be able to keep up, but not enough for him to notice she cut him any slack.

“Well, she somehow connects with him every time she sees him in a way I only manage very occasionally. I guess I should envy her, but I’d rather consider myself very lucky to have her nearby. She sure brightens his day – and, as he suggested here the other day – he was wondering if Ella was his mum, now.”

“He did, huh? Heard anything from Tania lately, speaking of roomfuls of elephants an’all?” Terje looked at me, concern evident – we’d known each other fairly well before Thomas’ mum split, and besides Thomas, me and Tania’s parents, I believe it was fair to say that Terje and his partner Silje were the ones who’d felt her leaving the hardest – still, to some extent, puzzled as to what could make a woman leave her child just like that.

“Nah, it’s been a few weeks, she called to let me know she’d be behind on her child support. Again. Not that we need the money as such, I just put it aside in a savings account for Thomas whenever some money dribble in, but… Well, it’s been ages since we discussed anything but mundane details like money, she hardly even cares when I try to tell her a little about his doings, once I tell her I won’t send the taxman after her for not paying up, she thanks me and hangs up.”

Terje shook his head. “It’s just… Beyond me, I’m sorry, Erling.” We looked over at the laughing heap of arms and legs as Heidi carelessly had turned around to see how far behind Ella and Thomas were – only to find that they’d gained enough on her to catch her as she slowed down to have a look. “Don’t be,” I suggested. “Hardly your fault, anyway. Let’s see if we can join in on the snow fight instead!”

Laughing – and, presumably, as grateful for the change of subject as I was – he ran off, scooping up a handful of snow as he ran towards the kids. And my mistress. Not that he’d ever know THAT. I hoped.

It felt wonderful – having a moment of carefree, innocent fun with good people. If I were to be honest with myself, I probably did spend too much time doing ‘useful’ and ‘necessary’ things, not leaving enough time to play around with Thomas – after work and kindergarten, cooking dinner, cleaning a little around the house laughing, I grabbed her and pulled her down in the snow, only to have the kids laugh and hoot and start kicking snow at the two adults basking in the snow.

Fooling around with Ella in public felt exhilarating, even as innocent as it was – our impromptu wrestling match causing laughs all round. Luckily, we had the good sense to get back on our feet before feeling too cold, returning to Thomas’ sled and the thermos flask for a quick cocoa. Ella giggled as we left the others behind and whispered “So, tell me… Was I the only one feeling turned on as hell almanbahis giriş at embracing you in public, even if only during a wrestling match?” She didn’t wait for me to reply before barging on. “Hell, I’m on fire, truth be told. Once back home, I’ll, uh, have to treat myself to a little fingering for sure.”

I smiled and nodded. “Nah, you’re not the only one. I was surprised at, well, how naughty and liberating it felt at the same time. Had they but known…”

Ella stiffened for a moment, then laughed. “Oh DON’T!!! Fuck, for an instant I imagined we’d been caught in flagranti, so to speak, and wondered how they’d look at us THEN!”

Pouring her some cocoa, I shrugged. “Let’s just hope it doesn’t come to that.” She raised her mug to a mock toast. “I’ll drink to that!”, clinked her mug against the thermos and had a sip.

“I was being serious, though. The moment I get back home, I’ll be letting off some steam.” She glanced around. “Might as well be now, I promised the old ones I’d do a few chores while they were out shopping. Better get started. After cumming. See you for dinner!”

With that, she started for home, pausing by the kids for a moment to say goodbye, then heading back to her house.

I, on the other hand, was left standing with a hard-on I swear could be seen even through the thick, padded fabric of my winter attire.

It was rather cold, though, so after Thomas had finished off what little cocoa was left, he suggested we head back home. Agreeing on the one condition that we take a detour past a nice hill we could use for turning his sled into a speeding bullet, I said my goodbyes to Terje and the others and started pulling him back home. Glancing at my watch, I noted we’d been having at it in the snow for almost two hours – quite a good outing, that!

Sitting still on his sled, he soon felt the cold starting to bite, so by the time we’d made it to the hill kids had been using for sledding since time immemorial – at least since I was a kid, which, as far as Thomas was concerned was just after dinosaurs roamed the Earth – he asked whether we could simply head right back home and light a fire in the fireplace. I didn’t think twice about accomodating him, realizing that once his activity level dropped much below ‘mayhem’, he was bound to feel the cold.

As we strolled past Ella’s house, I caught myself wondering what was going on there at the moment – was she lying on her bed, fingers busily working her sex? In the shower? Elsewhere? Nevermind – tonight she’d be in my bed. I forced my mind back to the here and now, and brought Thomas inside, lit a fire and suggested we read a book of his choosing.

“Even ‘Captain Sabertooth’?” he wasted no time asking, knowing he had me. Like most 4-year-olds, he wasn’t very good at accepting qualifiers being offered AFTER a suggestion had been made. I should have said “Any book except Captain Sabertooth”. I sighed. “Yes. Even ‘Captain Sabertooth’.” – a book we’d read quite literally more than a hundred times, on the exploits of a pirate captain, the scourge of the seas, master of Luna Bay, nemesis of Gory Gabriel…

I decided to give it my best – while I knew the book by heart, I could try to read it with a bit more life and feeling. It paid off handsomely; the story itself hardly was any more engaging – to an adult, at any rate – than it had been earlier, but my work paid dividends in Thomas laughing and hollering as I took on soon the voice of one character, then the next.

Book done, it was time for a quick lunchtime snack before doing the laundry – Thomas eagerly helping out when time came to sort the clothing recovered from the dryer; we then put some chopped tomatoes on to simmer until we needed them for the lasagna, then put on an album we both liked – a quite narrow selection, that, but much to my delight Thomas loved Iiro Rantala, a Finnish pianist able of sounding as whimsical and comical as anything while still being a world-class musician. Well, probably he was a world-class musician precisely as he managed to sound as whimsical, but still…

Then a bit more reading – this time Cap’n Sabertooth was vetoed – and… Well, time to start cooking in earnest.

I liked cooking, and doubly so when I could cook for someone. Grateful that Thomas finally seemed eager to try out new food, I’d enjoyed myself more in the kitchen in the last couple of months than I had in the year prior – and now I even got to prepare a nice meal for Ella, before we…

I sighed at the thought, and paused for a moment to look out into the great nothing outside my window before resuming kitchen duty – the cans of tomatoes we’d put on at lunch time were coming along nicely, tossing in fine-chopped garlic and lots of basil; a tomato sauce simply cannot simmer for too long. Now that I’d fried up the minced meat and tossed it into the tomato sauce, I poured a little balsamic vinegar into the pan, too, before turning my attention to the bechamel sauce. I loved lasagna.

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