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Abigail was so incredibly nervous that she could already feel her hands trembling. She knew it was stupid. After all, she’d entered this building so many times in the past that it should be a breeze. But then, she’s been a student. Now she was returning as a trainee teacher. Her university hadn’t been able to arrange any other placement, so here she was back at the gates to Hamstock High. It was only 3 years since she’d left at the age of 19; now she was back as a 21-year-old, but feeling more worried than ever.

Just at that moment, a voice came from behind her.

“Abigail? Abigail Harper?”

She swung round to see her old History teacher behind her.

“Mr Dawes – hello. Yes, it is me. I’m surprised you remember.”

“Oh, I never forget a pretty face,” he replied, “But call me Matt, please.”

Abigail knew that was his name. In fact, she could picture her old homework diary now with its secret messages emblazoned on the front: “AH loves MD”. She just hoped that he hadn’t realised at the time.

Matt was not much older than Abigail. He had only started teaching at the school the year before Abigail left, so even now was probably only 24. And he still had the same rugged good looks that Abigail remembered. The same good looks that distracted her all through her final year. Abigail followed Matt into the building. Suddenly she realised, if he was still here, then the chances are she’d be working with him. After all, History was what had brought her here. And sure enough, as she entered the building he guided her straight to the History classrooms.

“Right,” he began, “I’ve made sure that you haven’t got any classes for the first few days, and today you have my undivided attention. We want to make sure that you get off to exactly the right start. You can wander about the department freely, but it’s fairly quiet on a Monday.”

Instantly, Abigail recalled the way her small school had worked – some departments were so small that they only taught classes on a few days each week. Matt continued to explain,

“It’s only me and Mary – you remember Mrs Howell – in on Mondays, and even Gaziantep Escort İlanları she goes home at 11.30. Apart from that, it’s just a chance to read the plans I’m afraid. But, any questions you have, I’m here in my office all day.”

Abigail began her day, sat at a space desk in the office, reading through plans, policies and documents about every element of her new role. Except, she didn’t read more than a few words; she merely turned the pages of the document as she recalled the angst she felt in her younger years, yearning after the handsome man sat at the next desk. Occasionally she glanced across to him, wondering how much he remembered of her. Then, completely without warning, he spoke as if to answer her questions.

“So, it must be strange being back here, Abi?”

Instantly, she remembered that he was the only teacher she ever let call her Abi. Almost as if she were including him in her inner circle. But he probably didn’t remember, did he?

“Sorry, is it still okay if I call you Abi? I remember how honoured I felt when you let me use that the first time.”

“Of yes, of course,” she replied instantly, almost blushing with her excitement. “Yes, it’s a bit odd being back here, I suppose, but I’ll get used to it.”

“You must be quite nervous, though,” Matt continued, “I mean, there are a lot of teachers here who still remember you. They remember what you got up to.” He smiled, almost as if to tease her about what he might know.

“Oh, I think I was okay as a student,” Abi responded, hoping that she sounded confident in her response. “I don’t think I gave anybody any trouble.”

Then, with a wry look, Matt’s response shocked her, “Oh, I think you’d be surprised, Miss Harper… you’d be surprised!”

She wanted to defend herself, but there was something about the look in his eyes that told her that this wasn’t about disciplinary matters. There was something else he was getting at, but she couldn’t quite put her finger on.

“Well, I was never in detention or anything,” she ventured, hesitantly.

“Oh no,” his response was accompanied by a small laugh. “No, nothing like that. But, do you remember Mark Porter – in the PE department?”

There was no question that she remembered him. Mark had been her earlier infatuation. Only the arrival of Matt had knocked him from the top spot. But she wasn’t about to reveal that.

“Yes, I think so…” she murmured.

“Well, he and I both remember you very well. We were flat-sharing when I first came here. You caused him no end of grief.”

“What? How? I don’t remember.” Suddenly a panic went through her. Had she got him into trouble because of her childhood crush? Surely no-one had assumed that he was involved? She didn’t even know anyone had found out. The Matt enlightened her.

“Well, let’s just say, I was glad you came to my lessons in school uniform. I don’t think I’d have been able to cope with that gym skirt bouncing about in front me either!” He giggled, and his head fell instantly to his paperwork. Abigail had no idea how to respond. Was he suggesting that her old PE teacher had fancied her? Or even that he had himself?

“Is he still here?” Abigail asked tentatively.

“No, no,” Matt replied. “He went on to the college to work. Shame really – he’d probably be even more thrilled to see you than I am.” A smile crept across his face.

“Haha, well, I don’t think I’ll be wearing my PE kit this time round.” she added. But the response, even now, took her by surprise

“More’s the pity!”

She paused, wondering how best to respond to his quip. And then, even she was surprised by her own bravery.

“Why? Am I not fit enough for your department in the clothes I’m wearing? My skirt not short enough?” she joked.

“Oh God, no,” replied the handsome teacher, now smiling widely at her, “Why do you think I haven’t stood up from behind my desk? Much like I never did when you were in my classes.”

The flashbacks quickly fell into her mind. It had long been a joke with her friends how Mr Dawes had always taught from behind her desk. She remembered how they used to kid that it was because his penis was too big that it stopped him walking. As she recalled, she let out a brief giggle.

“What is it?” Matt instantly asked. And she couldn’t help but tell him. She chuckled as she recalled their tale, fully expecting her former teacher to smile at her naivety. But he didn’t. He listened to her tale, and then slowly responded.

“It is the one downside of being that large!” and as he spoke, he rose from his desk. Instantly she saw exactly what he was referring to. It was clear that he was aroused by his memories, but what was equally clear was the size of his manhood. It seems that her teenage joke was more accurate than she’d realised.

What she did next, took her by surprise as much as it did him. Perhaps it was the rush of excitement at seeing her old crush stood in front of her, erect. Perhaps it was just an outlet for all her teenage crushes, but all the same, it was unexpected.

“If I said that I’d also had fantasies of it inside me, would that become true, too?” she said, half smiling, but clearly deadly serious in her response.

“Not only would it become true,” he replied, “but it would fulfil my fantasies too. It was bad enough holding myself back when you were 18. Trying to do it now would be impossible.”

And at that moment, he stepped forward to embrace her. His arms drew her in as she kissed his lips, so gently. Almost instantly, his hands slid up her back, cupping her breast, before sliding under her top. He slipped his hand up her sides, gently removing her top and then with a deft twist of his hand, unhooked her bra letting is slide to the floor. Gently he lifted her onto his desk before moving his hands between her legs. As they continued to kiss his hand crept towards her pussy, just as hers fell to his trousers. Gently unzipping him, she let his trousers fall, before sliding her hand inside his boxer to release his thick 8″ cock. She knew that it was bigger than anything she’d had before, but she also knew that she wanted it more than anything else… she’d wanted it for longer.

Within minutes, their bodies were stripped and as he parted her legs and moved his cock towards her, he leaned in and whispered to her,

“I hope you’re going to enjoy this placement.”

And with that, his cock began to slide inside her, fulfilling both their dreams.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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