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The captains explained what was going on to the two teams, who all agreed to be on their best behavior. Several the guys put away the beers they were drinking and switched over to sodas.

Looking around at the throng, Tim turned to Mark and asked, “Are you sure Miss Stevens is going to be… well, you know…safe?”

“You know your guys best,” replied Mark. “Will they treat our girls any differently than they would Coach Stevens?”

“God, I hope not!” laughed Tim. “We won’t have any fun at all then! I’m in group B.”

“Oh-ho! You got Yolanda,” whispered Mark in a conspiratorial hiss. “I’m in group A, Coach Stevens. Don’t worry… I’ll watch out for her. Will is in group F, which will be selected by Natalie. Joe is in group H with Colleen. I hope he has staying power.”

“Just do me a favor,” said Tim. “Give it to Miss Stevens three or four times if you can.”


“It’ll make her feel good,” explained Tim.

“Oh, I see,” said Mark. “She’s just like Yolanda.”

Before Tim could reply, loud music blared out of the sound box. The side door to the mess hall opened, and Mai, Colleen, Yolanda, Jenny, Haru, and Chica danced on in. The place went wild with all the guys cheering and whistling. Will had set up tables in the front of the dining area and the six girls stepped up on top of them. Up there, they danced and cavorted, getting the guys to clap in time to the music and putting them into a partying mood.

The song ended and Will turn the volume down as another song came through the speakers. Yolanda took one step forward to stand in front of the other girls.

“Hey, boys,” she said, swaying her hips to the music. “You all ready to party?”

“Yeah,” came a halfhearted reply.

“If that’s the best you’ve got, I’m going home,” pouted Yolanda, which brought forth several cries of disappointment. “Are you ready to party?”


“That’s more like it,” chuckled Yolanda. “You all know the rules, so be gentlemen and we all will have a good time. I see the size of our party has greatly increased and we welcome the Westville high team. You played a great game and were gracious enough to invite us here. I have a surprise for everyone — football Coach Stevens and cheerleading Coach Porter!”

A collective gasp went through all the guys as Sarah and Natalie came in through the side door. They walked over to Yolanda and stepped up onto the table. A low murmur began. Tim saw that Sarah and Natalie had changed into button-down shirts and jeans. Sarah had pulled her blonde hair back into a ponytail and Natalie was wearing her big bulky poncho.

“Quiet down!” ordered Yolanda. “Coach Stevens has something to say.”

“Thanks, Yolanda,” said Sarah. The guys, except for the captains, were all staring at her with a little apprehension. “I was a little surprised to find six cheerleaders here. So I have to ask you, Yolanda, what you are doing here.”

“Well, Coach, we made a bet,” said Yolanda. “If our team won, myself and part of the cheerleading squad would fuck their brains out. That’s why we’re here.”

The silence was so thick you could cut it with a knife. The Westville team knew of their bet with Sarah, but she was here without Nurse Brown and Samantha Crowe. They did not know how she would react to this news.

“I made the same bed with my team, Yolanda,” admitted Sarah, that caused a lot of shocked looks. “I decided that they had played so well that I was going to honor it and fuck each and everyone’s brains out. I could not find the rest of my group, so only Natalie and I came here. We’d be happy if you’d let us join you.”

Voices began to babble in wonder and astonishment at Sarah’s statement. Yolanda then cut the talk completely off.

“Wait a minute… Wait a minute!” she said loudly. “If everyone gets the same reward, what’s the point of winning? I mean… there’s got to be some penalty.”

“Hey, Yolanda!” yelled Will, sitting beside the boom-box. “They invited us here and gave us a nice place to have our party. They could have won just as we did. It was that close.”

“You’re right, Will. It was a very, very close game,” stated Yolanda, “but right is right.”

“My team played well. So well that I will honor my bet with them,” said Sarah. “As their coach, I’ll take the burden of their loss.”

“… and what does taking on the burden mean?” asked Yolanda.

Sarah reached up and grabbed two handfuls of her large breasts and jiggled them up and down. Her hands slid down over her stomach and crotch twice.

“It means Natalie and I will provide some entertainment before we break into groups,” said Sarah sexily.

“All right, then,” yelled Yolanda. “It’s lottery time!”

Tim was surprised when a number of guys began running back and forth through the crowd. He heard snatches of conversations on exchanging one ticket for another. He looked over to Mark and asked, “What gives?”

“Sorry, should’ve warned you,” said Mark. “None of the players know who they’ll be teamed with, escort izmit so they’d dicker and bargain to exchange lottery tickets. Do you want to exchange tickets?”

Tim looked up at the busty, black cheerleader standing on the table. He quickly shook his head.

“No, thanks. I’ll stick with what I have.”

“Good,” laughed Mark. “Cause I wasn’t going to exchange tickets, no matter what.”

“Okay,” said Yolanda, who held up a large pot over her head and pulled out a slip of paper. “Group A is… Coach Stevens!”

“Big surprise,” muttered Tim to Mark jokingly.

“Group B is… ooo, myself,” cooed Yolanda. “Group C is… Haru. Group D is… Jenny. Group E is… Chica. Group F is… Natalie. Group G is… Mai, and group H is… Colleen. Five minutes for a group meeting.”

The eight women stepped off the tables, calling for the group to meet them at various points in the large dining hall. Tim headed up front to where Yolanda was standing. Mark made a beeline toward Sarah. Will moved over to Natalie and Joe joined the group in the back around Colleen.

“A baker’s dozen,” murmured Yolanda lustfully. “All right, guys. This is the time when we get to know one another. Your paper has a number on it. I’ll go from one straight down to thirteen. I’ll do two or three of you at same time, but only if you all agree to it. If you want me to do something special, asked first, okay?” Yolanda looked at the group around her and a worried look came over her face. She looked around the room and stopped when she spotted who she was looking for. Tim followed her gaze over to Sarah’s group and he saw the big center, Tiny, standing there.

“She can take him,” he whispered to her.

“You sure?” asked Yolanda.

“Yeah, that’s Sammy, our linebacker, standing next to him. Sammy’s…uh… huge and Coach took him balls deep.”

“Well, then,” purred Yolanda. She turned and began rubbing her right hand up and down the front of Tim’s pants. He quickly became hard and she gave them a final squeeze before letting go. “Your number one, Tim. Who’s thirteen?” A skinny guy named Gary who was the Westville water boy raised his hand. “Our policy is whoever goes last, comes first.” Yolanda knelt down in front of him. “How about a nice, wet blow job?”

Gary was actually shaking in his nervousness as he stammered, “I…uh… I don’t…”

“Go for it, Gary,” said Tim encouragingly. “I know you’ll do us proud.”

Gary screwed up his courage and looked down at Yolanda before saying, “P… Please?”

Yolanda had his pants undone and down to his knees in no time. Gary’s prick was rock-hard and pre-come was losing out the tip. His knees were shaking so much that Tim moved over to catch him if he fell down. Yolanda reached up and gripped his cock firmly around the head. She then tightened down her grip.

“Count backwards from ten,” she told Gary.

Gary did so and the trembling in his knees lessened. His breathing became less ragged as a sexual tension inside him subsided. Yolanda slowly eased her grip and began to gently stroke his cock up and down.

“Thanks,” gasped Gary. “I thought I was going to pop right then and there.”

“No, now you’re gonna pop,” said Yolanda as her lips formed on ‘O’ and she took Gary’s prick deep into her hot, wet mouth.

Yolanda’s head bobbed back and forth in time with her hand, that was stroking Gary’s hard shaft. Her tongue laved back and forth over the head of this prick and her cheeks billowed inward as she sucked on it. Gary barely lasted thirty seconds. He shuddered and moan just before he blasted his white, sticky sperm into Yolanda’s mouth. Yolanda, feeling him spurt, moaned in pleasure as she swallowed down Gary’s thick seed. As Gary finished, his knees gave way and Tim helped him back into a chair.

“Geez, I… (pant)… never…” gasped out Gary, still overcome by the sudden climax.

“We can do that again when it’s your turn, if you like,” said Yolanda, giving him a big smile, “or we can try something different. Think about it.”

At her group meeting, Sarah found herself surrounded by twelve members of the opposite team, which included Mark. She was a little bit grateful that Sammy was also included in her group. The other teams members were respectful, but seemed to be waiting for something.

“Uh, Coach, number thirteen?” hinted Mark.

“Oh, right!” Said Sarah quickly as she remembered Yolanda’s instructions. “Who is number thirteen?”

“That’d be me, Coach,” said a tall, wiry guy with long blonde hair, which was tied in the back.

“You’re the kicker!” Stated Sarah, recognizing the hair and its style. “You kicked in the field-goal.”

“Yeah,” said the kicker, trying to hide his smile of accomplishment. “My name is Jeremy. Uh, Coach? I’ll understand if you don’t want to. I mean… well, you know.”

“Nonsense,” stated Sarah. “I wouldn’t hold that against you anymore than I’d hold it against the rest of your team for playing a great game. Now, let’s get those pants down and sit up on that izmit escort table.”

Jeremy pulled his pants down and sat on the table. His hard cock jutted out from under his six-pack abs and legs that were very muscular. Sarah actually began salivating at the sight. She reached over with one hand and gently took a grip around the shaft. As soon as she did this, the eleven other members of Jeremy’s team, all in unison, sighed in relief.

“What?” asked Sarah, unsure of what just happened. She kept her grip on Jeremy’s prick as she looked over at Mark. “What’s going on?”

“Sorry, Coach Stevens,” apologized Mark. “We…um… well, we weren’t sure if you’re going to go through with it.”

“Honestly,” derided Sarah as your hand involuntarily began to stroke Jeremy’s cock up and down. “Was it because I was a teacher? What about Natalie?”

Both Sarah and Mark looked over towards Natalie’s group. The math teacher was already on her knees and helping a guy pull down his pants. His hard cock flopped out and was pointed straight at Natalie’s face. Natalie grip the base and sealed her lips around the head. No sooner had she done that when the guy gave out a strangled cry and began to shake. Natalie’s cheeks billowed out as she was caught unawares by the guy’s climax. Sarah saw Natalie desperately trying to swallowed down the flood of baby batter that filled her mouth, but some of that leaked out of the corners to dribble down onto her chin.

“I don’t think we’re going to be put off by either one of you anymore, Coach Stevens,” chuckled Mark.

“Good,” said Sarah as she turned back to Jeremy. Sarah bent over and began to lab her tongue around and around the head of his prick. Jeremy moaned in delight at the wonders sensation she was producing. When the head was coated with her saliva, Sarah leaned over to lick up and down the shaft. Jeremy gripped the edge of the table tightly and fought off the urge to spurt all over her face. He wanted this to last. Once his prick was totally covered with her saliva, Sarah took the tip of it into her mouth and slowly sucked down on it.

Jeremy had gotten blow jobs before, but not one of where his entire cock when into someone’s mouth. His throbbing cock went into Sarah’s hot, wet mouth and continued down into her throat. The sensations were like nothing he had ever felt before. It was not long until Sarah’s bottom lip was touching against his balls and her nose was pushed against his abdomen. Sarah slowly pulled back, dragging his cock out of her mouth until just the head of it was inside her lips. She then pushed back down until it had slid all the way back down her throat.

Jeremy was shaking and trying his best to stave off his approaching climax. His balls had tightened up to the breaking point as Sarah fucked his cock in and out of her mouth. Jeremy would have grabbed her head to slow her up, but Sarah was holding onto both of his wrists.

“Oh, GEEZ!!!” grunted Jeremy through gritted teeth as his climax exploded inside him.

His hips lifted off the table as every muscle in his body tightened up. Sarah pushed her face down, driving his cock all the way into her throat. She felt it pulsate and her throat swallowed down his rich jism instinctively.

“OH, FUCK!!!” screamed Jeremy as a rhythmic action of her throat around his cock made for an even bigger, more intense climax.

It took a few moments for Jeremy’s climax to taper off. Gasping for breath, he sat and then flopped back onto the table, totally spent. Sarah waited a second and then took his half deflated prick out of her mouth with a loud slurp. She jumped a little bit when everyone began applauding.

“Bravo! Bravo!” yelled Yolanda. “Well, Jeremy, what do you think?”

“I’m… (gasp)… glad I’m… (pant)… going last. It’ll take… (pant)… me that long… (gasp)… to recover.”

“Okay, guys, take your seats,” ordered Yolanda. “It’s entertainment time. Sarah… Natalie, you’re on!”

The six cheerleaders moved off to the sides as Sarah and Natalie stepped back up onto the tables. Yolanda signaled to Will and the heavy beat of ‘Black Velvet’ began to throb out of the boom-box. Sarah started swaying in time to the music and Natalie gyrated her hips around and around. A couple of guys whistled and hooted as the two women seductively dance to the music. There was a loud inhalation of breath as Sarah put both of her hands on her shoulders and slid them down over her breasts to the inside of her thighs. Natalie was sliding her hands over her own shapely ass.

Natalie kicked off her shoes and Sarah followed suit. There was almost the breathless silence that followed when the two women undid the buttons on their sleeves. Sarah could feel her body heating up under the unmistakably lustful stares of over one hundred horny teenagers. She looked over at Natalie and saw the smoldering passion in Natalie’s dark eyes. Natalie returned Sarah’s glance with a smile and both women reached up for the top button on their shirts.

The sound izmit kendi evi olan escort of the guys’ heavy breathing was audible even over the heavy beat of the sensual music. Natalie and Sarah swayed to the music and slowly, button by button, undid the front of their shirts. Moans of desire reverberated around the room as the guys caught glimpses of the expansive cleavage that peeked out of the unbuttoned front of Sarah’s shirt.

“Oh, my God!!!”

It seemed that every single guy in the room gasped out that phrase when Sarah peeled off her shirt. Her large 36DD tits were barely held in by a very small white lace bra. Sarah shook her shoulders and the white mounds spilling over the tops of the bra shook and jiggled. Sarah danced around for a couple more seconds before extending an arm towards Natalie.

Natalie smiled sexily and took off her shirt. She then rocked everyone back as she whipped off her poncho. Sarah was sure it was Natalie’s huge, creamy 38DD size breasts and a black lace bra that had to be just as small as Sarah’s bra had stunned… and excited the guys. Sarah saw a couple of guys try to swap their group ticket with some of the other players who were in Natalie’s group without any success. Natalie reached up with both hands to knead and massage her massive tits.

Sarah and Natalie both slinked their way out of their jeans. All Sarah could hear was a loud heavy breathing from the boys as they leaned towards her and Natalie as if mesmerized by her white and Natalie’s black thongs. Sarah turned around and swayed her ass back and forth in time to the music. Looking over her shoulder, Sarah saw dozens of heads move side to side just staring at her round bubble butt. Sarah bit her lower lip as passion and desire coursed through her at the very thought of arousing all the young men.

Natalie pulled her waist-length, jet-black hair around both sides of her neck to hang down in front of her. With her thick, wavy hair obscuring her breasts, Natalie reached around behind her and unhooked her brassiere. Sarah followed suit and unhooked her own bra, but put an arm across her large tits to hold the bra in place. Natalie whipped off her bra, but kept his hair in place to hide her magnificent assets. Sarah slowly eased her bra out, while keeping her arm in place. She turned around and put a hand over each nipple for turning back forward again.

The guys were just about to go nuts. They could see Natalie’s huge tits sway and wobble behind her curtain of hair, and that Sarah’s large, creamy breasts were barely held in place by her hands. All of them had already had to readjust their hard cocks in their pants and not a few of them were already staining their underwear with pre-cum.

Sarah suddenly flung her arms out to the side, releasing her breasts and letting them bounced into view. Everyone staring at her gasped in appreciation. Natalie pulled her hair back behind her causing the guys to gasp again. The two women smiled at each other and hooked their fingers into their thongs. Sarah was so wet that she had saturated her thong and she felt the wetness on her thighs as she slid it downward. She looked over and saw that Natalie was also dripping wet in her arousal.

“Woohoo!” yelled Yolanda, still dressed and stepping up onto the table. “Let’s hear it for Coach Stevens and Coach Porter!”

The room erupted with applause, whistles, catcalls, and yells. Yolanda let it go on for several moments, but held up a hand when several guys started to move forward.

“Hold up!” she yelled. The other cheerleaders started to bring up exercise mats, and placed them on the tables and floors. “Take your seats. Entertainment time isn’t over yet. Coach Stevens? Coach Porter? Are you ready for the next portion of tonight’s entertainment?”

“Yes,” replied both of them, a little breathlessly.

“Okay,” said Yolanda. “Assume the position.”

Sarah and Natalie both knelt down on a mat and leaned forward onto their hands. They were sideways to the crowd and their pendulous tits hung down for all to see. Yolanda, Colleen, and Haru moved over next to Sarah, while Mai, Chica, and Jenny were with Natalie. Yolanda slid a finger up Sarah’s thigh and right over her glistening slit, causing Sarah to writhe and moan in desire. Yolanda brought her finger up to her mouth and sucked on it noisily.

“Yummm,” cooed Yolanda, taking her finger out of her mouth. “Wet and tasty. How is Coach Porter, Mai?”

Mai did not answer, but slid one of her fingers up Natalie’s thigh. Instead of dragging her finger over Natalie’s labia, Mai easily slid it deep into Natalie’s vagina. Natalie gasped and shivered as Mai added a second finger into her steaming pussy.

“More than ready,” answered Mai as her two fingers squished in and out of the shaking Natalie. She pulled her fingers out and Natalie could not help, but moan in disappointment at the empty feeling she now had inside. Mai bent down and pulled two strange objects out of the case. One was a light blue rounded and curved object that resembled the end of an octopus’ tentacle, including the suckers. The other was a burnt red S-shaped dildo that looked like it belonged to some strange reptilian race. Both had tubes attached to them. “Natalie, tentacle or breeder… small or medium?”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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