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‘Another .. naughty .. oh yeah .. suck me .. so good .. so naughty.’

Having just lazily lifted my head enough to look down my sprawled naked body, I saw men at both sides of my spread legs, the one to the left holding the base of my rigid cock, offering the other man the glistening rod. My head sank back as his lips returned, spreading his wet mouth slowly over my cockhead, then with perfect slowness sliding down my shaft, before shifting direction, returning to the irresistible rhythm which had so captivated me.

Stoned and drunk, cock bare and in a stranger’s mouth, fulfilling of a decades old desire. Beyond all concerns, my cock ruling not just myself, but two other men, both unable to resist the opportunity to fill their mouths with the taste and shape of a willing stranger’s turned-on cock. Being a cocksucker myself, I fully understood such cock worship, just as they understood my complete and willing surrender to their desires.

My current state in this large darkroom in a foreign city was comparable to that of my very first visit to a male only sauna at home. A similar joy of surrendering to the unbelievable pleasure a stranger’s willing mouth could create at the very center of my being. A similar feeling of having crossed some undefinable line in the darkness, motivated by nothing but pure horniness, discovering how fantastic it was to just let myself go in the face of such skillful attention, indulging myself fully in wonderful gay sex.

On that first occasion, it was being rimmed for a seeming eternity, my ass a slave to his tongue’s magic. Learning how utterly incapable I was to stop him, and loving it, a stranger kissing my ass until I was moaning and grinding my hole against his swirling tongue, a bathhouse virgin losing his cherry, unable to think, a slut in paradise. Knowing no reason not to let myself go, getting off anonymously with other men in a darkroom for the very first time.

Now, several years after that first experience, being being sucked by two men in a sauna in another country, I was loving it, again beyond any care, letting the present wash away my younger fantasies in a flood of reality. Merely the tiniest part of me aware how easily my cock had gone from one stranger’s mouth to another, only dimly recognized through a shift in rhythm and lubrication at some point in the indefinably perfect haze of the immediate past.

That small awareness simply increased my horniness when formed into words – ‘oh yeah .. two cocksuckers .. naughty .. hot suckers .. shouldn’t .. go down .. oh yeah .. suck me .. naked cock .. naughty cock suckers.’ Having already given in, there was no longer any reason to think stopping would make any difference. Fully aware that getting sucked by two people was a pleasure that I had always wanted to experience. Something happening right now, my hot cock well coated in two men’s sexy juices, my first cocksucker taking me deep again, before returning his lips to just underneath my flared cockhead while the second man let his hand wander through my curly bush, and over my balls.

And I had tried my best before letting a stranger’s mouth engulf my cock for a fourth time, knowing that there would be no more interruptions on my part, having become overwhelmed in face of the skills of these two unknown men. I knew that letting my cock be sucked this way was to be avoided, at least from a rationally cautious perspective. But after my best efforts had proved inadequate, it was only fair to let body rule in a gloriously sexual way, my mind having done a fine job bringing me to this state of lust. Without being able Çankaya Escort to deliver the final safety margin, even after taking several minutes of concentrated, and fruitless, effort.

Ironically, it had merely been happenstance that the condom was too small.

I had been laying on my spread out towel in the darkroom, watching a fivesome to my right, fisting my hard cock when he had moved next to me. Somewhat acknowledging his presence, I looked at him briefly before returning my attention to the gay group sex scene, already losing focus as I watched a black man get his cock sucked by the man he had been ass fucking previously, another man sliding his extended cock into the black man’s willing ass. All condom free, a fact currently keeping me firmly in an observer role, as almost always the case with an uncovered cock in the past.

Feeling lips slide over my cockhead, unable to stop from moaning ‘oh yeah,’ my eyes closed in bliss, unconcerned as the physical pleasure again outraced any thought. As his tongue began to swirl its way along my sensitive slit, I could barely murmur ‘condom’ while fumbling in the dark, finding the last one (of the original four), ignoring the bottle of rush next to it in the black bag. A last concession to the reality that had postponed enjoying unrestrained sex with strangers, knowing that a hit from the yellow bottle would obliterate whatever restraint still existed. A tempting thought, of course, though a step too far for what remained of my rational mind, even after five hours in a male only sauna.

Putting on the barely lubricated condom simply hadn’t worked, creating a bit of frustration, which led to a bit of desperation. Intimately knowing just how willing he was to suck my wanting cock, I explicitly asked him to start again, the idea being to lubricate my shaft before trying to get the latex sheath past my cock head. Fully aware of what a compromise this was, and beyond longer caring.

His mouth was irresistible, something we both recognized. He took his time having my cock fill his mouth following my asking, doing a thorough job of reminding me why a condom was unimportant compared to the ongoing pleasure his mouth offered while going down on me. A male pleasure willingly offered and indulged, both of us enjoying spending time together just like this, naked in the dark with a stranger.

He stopped after a proper interval, manners impeccable, and for a few moments, I made a final attempt to put the sheath over my rigid length. He even held the base of my rod as I tried to slide the condom over the head, without success, unable to get it to fit. I abandoned the attempt, saying ‘suck me .. oh yeah . just suck .. suck my cock’ as he started going down on me again, the third time the charm neither could resist. We had both played by the rules, which was more than sufficient by now, especially after having done my best before allowing him to suck my uncovered length. Submerging in bliss, eyes closed, other men having public sex around me as I joined them.

It was easy to accept that this might be a fine time for my bare cock to be sucked, submerging in the pleasure of strangers pleasuring my stiff shaft. Much like the very first time I had kissed a man several years ago, cock to cock, letting him suck me after having resisted for more than a half hour of consensual contact, feeling so horny after ‘fucking’ him from behind, humping my cock against his, watching the porn playing on the monitors in front of us in the cabin as my cock rode against him, watching porn on the Keçiören Escort screens in front of us. Our bodies were sweat-soaked in the late summer heat, turned on, hands pressed against his hips, guiding him in pleasuring my wanting cock. Utterly lost under the skill of an older man, knowing he fully understood the state he had created, wanting him to pleasure me in a way that no woman ever had. His hard cock undeniably sexy against mine, as enticing as any woman’s pussy, including my wife’s fantastically tight cunt at the peak of her cycle.

Of course, a rational part of my mind was currently aware of the extent I was letting myself slip into this essentially forbidden but fantastically hot state, unconcerned about anything except the satisfaction of having my cock sinking into a stranger’s wanting and wet mouth. Feeling his warm and talented lips surround me, I lost all hesitation, giving in to our shared desires.

However, that certainly hadn’t included the idea of a second stranger adding himself, crouching on my left side, handing my cock back to the first cocksucker after he had sucked it so well. Utterly unaware of when that second man got on the platform, or of anything else about him apart from the feel of his sexy mouth sliding down my fully erect length at some point, his saliva different from that of the first stranger, the one that had so completely led me to this state.

The second cocksucker was even naughtier than the first, taking advantage of an already slick and horny cock in the dimness, though this fact was unimportant at this point. In some slightly twisted sexual way, this was a bit of mutually sweet payback for having stopped the initial cocksucker after his first attempt to go down on me, when he could feel my body betray its desire to be his, quivering as he tasted me.

Here, laying on a softly comfortable darkroom platform in a foreign bathhouse, captivated by the feeling of strangers sucking my utterly willing cock, I couldn’t stop appreciating the shared universality of male lust as mine was satisfied. Even with my fractured sense of awareness, there could be no denying the power of male talent in satisfying another man, and no possibility of resisting it after learning what anonymous male sex is like.

Both of the strangers going down on me wanted my cock, with me completely willing to give it to them, especially after that final condom had proved impossible to use. Beyond temptation, the naked feel of a stranger’s mouth overwhelming any concerns about where it may have been in the past. Since where it was right now was perfect, unable to stop either of them from sucking me anyways.

Words kept tumbling from my mouth, mainly concerning cock sucking and being so naughty, how much I loved men going down on me, wanting my cock sucked by such horny men. Something they undoubtedly already understood, lips and mouths knowing exactly how much my cock enjoyed them giving it head, pulsing and throbbing as they both blew me, the second man taking my cock deep again.

The group to my right seemed to have dispersed by the next time I could open my eyes, an unimportant detail at this point, my cock having become the total center of my being. A being in paradise, wet and warm, bathed in two kneeling men’s hot mouths, fingers on my nipples. Both knowing just what a slut I was, unable to resist any man willing to suck me when hard. To the extent that condom free experiences were becoming the irresistible norm recently, after years of strict discipline. Yet here, two strangers were taking Etimesgut Escort full advantage of me, with my full cooperation.

It was fantastic, making it simple to understand why condoms remained so rare when such powerful and simple pleasures were available almost instantly when hard. The scent of poppers was in the air, reminding me of what sort of place this was, one I had fantasized about for years, were sex was rampant, easily shared among horny strangers.

Groaning openly, saying things like ‘I love men .. fuck yeah .. cock lover .. suck me,’ lost in pure animal contentment, several men were around us, all stroking their cocks. At some point, the man to my left exited the room, letting the original cock sucker concentrate on me without any distraction.

Taking me deep again, almost to the very root of my cock, he was one of the finest cock suckers I had ever known, his slick saliva perfectly matching his motions, both unmistakably male. Realizing that no defense against the pleasure was possible, I knew that the gloriously inevitable end was approaching.

A slowly building end, forcing me to put my hands on his head, saying ‘make me cum cocksucker .. fill your mouth .. make me cum so good .. naughty hot cocksucker .. oh yeah .. do that again .. my hot cocksucker .. take me deep .. yeah .. mouth fucker.’ At some point in the recent past, he had shifted position, allowing my right hand to find his rigid cock, starting to pump him, knowing that my orgasm was unstoppable.

My hot cum filled his mouth, as I thrusted repeatedly with each jet pulsing through my cock. My stroking along his length grew erratic as waves of orgasms swelled from my balls to the tip of my extremely sensitive cock slit, his tongue sliding over it, creating sensations of such intensity it was impossible to distinguish them as pleasure or pain.

As my cock drained itself fully into his semen soaked mouth, my stroking improved, the ability to concentrate slowing returning, his cock becoming a focus of devoted attention. I turned a bit, bringing my left hand up, then sliding it along his chest until settling itself to play with now hardening nipple.

He moved his face from my cock, settling back as I played with his body. He shifted a bit, then bent down, his lips approaching mine, my hand gripping his rod fiercely after realizing what he was going to do. The idea of sharing cum has always been one of my naughtier fantasies, if only occasionally indulged in over 3 decades.

The first taste of his mouth drove me into a frenzy, my tongue driving itself past his, running over his teeth, then along the inside of his cheeks. My left arm went along his head, pulling him harder against me, forcing our lips to press and slide. My hand moved against his ear, sweat lubricating our skin, my palm circling in the same demanding rhythm that my right hand was using on his cock. Helplessly making moaning sounds which could not escape past our connected mouths, his intimate sounds providing me further hints on how to best make him cum.

An arm went under my head, tightening, then slackening as my tongue swirled around his. Using a bit of simple suction, his tongue went deep in my mouth, held there as I felt his cock swell, followed by the first jet of hot cum hitting my skin as our cum fueled kissing continued. His orgasm overwhelmed him, its speed and unstoppable power surprising us both, his body surrendering itself as completely to the pleasure of a stranger’s mouth in the dark as I had.

Laying back after hearing his murmured words of satisfaction, the taste of cum in my mouth and another man’s semen on my skin, I fully understood why this had been such an attraction in the late 70s. Leaving the darkroom, I saw that an hour had passed effortlessly, most of that time with my bare cock in one man’s mouth or another’s. Knowing that it wouldn’t be too long before another opportunity arose to enjoy such bathhouse pleasures.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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