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The short fat man swirled the brandy and then raised the glass and inhaled the heady fumes. He smiled when he considered that it cost the equivalent of a day’s wages for many of the people living in his country. Life was good.

Before he walked towards the balcony doors to open the drapes he turned off the room lights. Even though he was in the penthouse of a fifteen storey building it was best not to take any chances.

The drapes slid back and he opened the doors to step out into the warm night air. As he surveyed the scene below he drew on the Havana cigar and let the smoke drift slowly from his lips. He looked down to the city where advertising banners flashed in chaotic disorder and listened to the hum of activity that arose from below.

His eyes swept to the right to take in the panoramic view and he stiffened in shock when he saw the dark figure standing inside the balcony rail. He tried to grasp the impossible situation; how in God’s name? Then he saw the rope dangling from the roof.

The figure appeared to be totally enclosed in a tight black garment and it stood motionless with arms hanging loosely.

His heart thudded in the menacing silence and he began to shuffle backwards into the room. Could he get to his desk and the pistol in the second drawer? The black figure ominously followed him.

In the semi-darkness of the room he continued his slow progress until he felt the desk against the back of his thighs. Carefully he negotiated his way around the desk and then lowered himself into the leather chair. His hands were shaking as he placed his glass on the surface and the cigar in the ashtray.

Fear made him breathless but he tried to keep his voice steady and authoritative as he demanded, “Who the fuck are you and what do you want?”

The black figure remained silent.

He forced himself to appear relaxed as his hand crept towards the handle of the second drawer. His fingers were trembling as he gripped it and silently slid the drawer open.

With an effort he spoke again and tried to sound indignant when he said, “I asked who you are, what do you want?”

His hand was in the drawer and closing around the butt of the pistol. He felt for the safety catch with his thumb and eased it off.

He now had the pistol firmly grasped and prepared to lift it. He was no expert with a gun but surely he could not miss someone standing less than three metres away?

As he snatched the pistol from the drawer he felt the impact in his chest and the weapon tumbled from his fingers.

He looked up and one of the dark figure’s arms was pointing directly towards him. He looked down and stared blankly at the steel handle protruding from the centre of his chest.

At first he felt nothing but then a paroxysm of agony convulsed his body. He tried to stand but his legs were lifeless. He retched and tasted blood.

His body jerked and twisted with excruciating pain but slowly a deadening seeped through his limbs. As he slumped back in the chair he felt himself drifting into a stupor. His last vision before his heart stopped beating was the motionless black figure watching him die.

****************************** Martin sipped his coffee and sneaked a glance to his right. The girl sitting alone was stirring her cup as she watched the traffic go by. There were two tables between them but he had a clear view of her.

The early evening was hot and sticky and he dabbed his forehead with a paper napkin. It was approaching dusk and the street was packed with vehicles and pedestrians and all of them contributed to the cacophony of horns, bicycle bells and shouting voices.

Peddled carts carrying tourists weaved through lines of delivery vans and hand pushed barrows. Pedestrians seemingly oblivious to the moving vehicles continually stepped into the road only to receive screams of abuse from frustrated drivers. It was a scene that repeated itself throughout the day and one with which he was familiar.

After closing his office he occasionally walked to the open café and relaxed with a coffee or an alcoholic drink before returning to his apartment. It was not a regular routine and one that depended upon his mood after the rigours of the day. That was until three evenings ago when he first saw the girl.

On her first visit to the café she sauntered past and sat down at one of the outside tables. A male waiter was instantly at her side and she spoke in the local language. She received her order faster than he was usually served.

He glanced in her direction again and thrilled at her athletic poise. She was quite tall and lounged with her shapely bare legs stretched casually for all to see. Her short dark hair was cheekily tousled and gave her an elfin charm.

He desperately wanted to see her eyes but her gaze was always directly ahead and he had seen only her profile. He made up his mind that if she looked in his direction he would smile in the hope of promoting a conversation, but she never did. He resigned himself to accepting that bursa escort beautiful young girls were not interested in middle-aged men.

Since becoming a widower he had not attempted another relationship and although he knew he was attractive to women, the trials of courtship had no appeal.

She stood up to leave and tossed some money down without waiting for the check. As she walked away he had an impulse to follow her. He had nothing better to do so why not?

The sidewalk was crowded as she strolled past the many gift shops and restaurants and he stayed several paces behind her. He felt foolish but convinced himself that he was curious only to learn her final destination.

Suddenly she turned into a side street and he stopped when he reached it and peered cautiously around the corner in the direction she had taken. The street contained yet another small market that would remain active until late into the night. She was examining jewellery at one of the stalls and he waited until she continued her stroll before he followed.

The street was a cul-de-sac with an alleyway leading off at the end and he was surprised to see her disappear into it. When he reached the opening he peered into the darkness but she had vanished. He hesitated for a few seconds but curiosity got the better of him. He walked to the end of the dark alley and found himself at the back of the main street buildings. There was no one in sight and all he could see were piles of sacks and cartons awaiting removal.

He knew he should turn back but having got this far he was determined to discover which building she had entered so he decided to walk just a few more paces.

He had passed only three of the rear entrances when a hand grasped his forehead from behind and a knee pressed into the lower part of his back. His legs folded and he saw the glint of a knife.

As the blade was put to his throat his immediate reaction was shock followed by anger that he had been so stupid to follow her. Now he was going to get robbed and probably murdered.

With his head pulled back and pressure still into his back he was unable to move, so he waited fearfully to learn his fate.

Then he became aware of a face close to his ear and a female voice whispered softly, “Why are you following me?”

He mind reeled in surprise followed by relief that perhaps he was not going to be murdered after all. He found it difficult to speak with his head in such a strained position but managed to gasp, “Was I following you?”

“Yes you were. Did you intend to force me to the ground and then rape me?”

It was a struggle to answer but he replied indignantly, “Of course not, I had absolutely no intention of raping you. The thought never entered my head.”

Suddenly the hand released his forehead and the knee left his back. Without any apparent effort he was turned and thrust backwards into a pile of plastic sacks. She moved quickly to straddle his lap but the knife stayed at his throat.

As he looked into her face it was too dark to see her eyes and he felt mildly frustrated.

She moved her face closer to his and said, “Why didn’t you intend to rape me, don’t you think I’m attractive enough?”

Was she laughing at him? Only her eyes would have told him. He replied, “Young lady if I were in the rape business, you would be at the top of my list. But I am not so will you please remove the knife.”

“I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to slit your throat.”

He concluded that he was going to live after all and said, “Please don’t do that, this is the first time that I’ve worn this suit.”

Slowly she removed the blade and then her mouth travelled a few centimetres and closed over his.

She was kissing him and the shock of it was so startling he was unable to respond. Her lips were warm and he breathed in the delicious scent of her.

When she drew back he whispered, “Why did you do that?”

“I felt like doing it.”

Suddenly she stood erect and grasped his lapels and he was hauled to his feet effortlessly.

She said calmly, “Come along Mister Poulter let’s go and eat. I’ll dust you off when we get into the light.”

He stiffened with shock and gasped, “How do you know my name? Who are you?”

She linked her arm in his and answered, “We can chat over a meal. My name is Bella.”

As they walked back into the busy main street Martin’s mind churned in confusion. A girl he had seen for the first time only three evenings ago knew his name, had held a knife to his throat and then kissed him.

They walked only a short distance before she turned into a restaurant. It was early and just a few tables were occupied. A smiling man hurried forward and Martin guessed he was the owner when Bella embraced him. They spoke briefly before the man ushered them to a discreet booth.

In the light of the small table lamp Martin at last looked into Bella’s eyes. They were large and dark but the colour was mysterious. Were they black or dark blue or purple?

Bella bursa escort bayan ordered without consulting him and while they were waiting he mustered some composure. As calmly as he was able he asked, “Now then Bella, how do you know my name?”

“I checked you out.”


“Because you’ve been ogling me and you’re an attractive man. Also you know somebody in whom I have an interest.”

Martin felt a glow of pleasure that she had complimented his looks and his confidence began to grow. “I didn’t realise you were aware that I was peeking at you. You didn’t once glance in my direction.”

“I have eyes at the side of my head.”

He smiled as he asked, “So what is your line of business?”

“I kill people.”

He laughed. “That doesn’t surprise me, you nearly did for me back there when you put that knife to my throat.”

He frowned. “Just a minute, what’s a beautiful young girl doing carrying a knife anyway?”

“Protection, and it’s also useful for peeling things.”

The food arrived and he decided to abandon the subject of the knife. “You speak the language so it is obvious that this is not your first visit to this country. Is your purpose here business, pleasure or other?”


“And who is this person that we mutually know?”

“Prasong Bidaya.”

His eyes widened in surprise and he felt immediately uncomfortable. He was silent for a few seconds before he asked quietly, “Why do you have an interest in that gentleman?”

“That’s rather difficult to explain. Don’t worry, I know all about his activities. What is your opinion of Mister Bidaya?”

Martin leaned back and said, “It would be unethical for me to discuss a client but off the record he is not a nice person and has a nefarious history. A few days ago his partner was found murdered in mysterious circumstances and the police are baffled.”

“Yes I heard about that. Are you aware of the nature of Mister Bidaya’s business?”

Martin’s lips tightened and he hesitated before replying, “I’m ashamed to say that I am and I try not to think about it. He buys and sells children and gets away with it because the police turn a blind eye. One can only assume that they are well paid for doing so.”

He looked closely at Bella to see if he was receiving condemnation but her gaze was steady.

He continued, “I sell him insurance and I was already involved to quite an extent before I learned how he makes his money. It is now difficult for me to become disassociated.”

“I understand perfectly.” She leaned forward and said quietly, “I want to meet him. Would you consider employing me as a company representative? You know, attractive English girl visits clients to promote good relationships. Maybe even get some business, that sort of thing.”

Martin felt uneasy when he asked, “Why do you want to meet him?

Bella replied, “I can’t answer that question just yet, but I will tell you eventually. May I call you Martin?”

“Of course.”

They had finished their light meal and Bella asked, “How about a relaxing massage Martin?”

He raised his eyebrows and ventured, “If you’re suggesting that I should be seen entering a massage parlour, I’m afraid that is out of the question. I’m a respectable local business man and it would tarnish my reputation.”

She smiled and reached across the table to take his hand. “Don’t be a fuddy-duddy, come along with me.”

She arose and gently pulled him from his seat. He wanted to resist but both curiosity and her captivating charm were too much for him. She slipped her arm around his waist and he allowed himself to be led to the rear of the restaurant where they passed through beaded curtains.

Immediately on the other side he found himself looking up a narrow rickety staircase. She took his hand again and began to climb the stairs in front of him but he pulled back.

“Bella I don’t think this is a good idea. I’m not used to this kind of thing and I’m nervous.”

She held his hand firmly and said, “Trust me; no one will ever know and I promise you will enjoy yourself. This is not a sleazy joint.”

He took a deep breath and said, “Okay, but remember I’m relying on you to keep me respectable.”

At the top of the stairs they passed into a small room that contained just a couch. Martin had time only to breathe in the lingering perfume before two scantily clad young girls entered through another door. They were exceptionally pretty and he felt embarrassed that he was probably older than their fathers.

Although Martin had never taken advantage of its availability, professional sex was an accepted part of the national culture. He had always been attracted to oriental females and his wife had been the reason that he was now permanently established in the country of her birth.

One smiling girl approached each of them and they were led into a shower room. Both girls were wearing simple tunics and peeled them off to reveal that they were naked underneath.

Martin’s escort bursa girl had small but firm breasts and her pubic hair had been shaven. She immediately began to remove his clothes and folded them neatly. Having committed himself to that point, he allowed her to undress him completely.

When she had removed all of his clothing she stepped back and nodded in admiration. He kept himself fit and knew he was in good shape for his age. He also knew that he had a large penis so he was not ashamed to be naked.

He looked across to Bella who was also naked and thrilled at the sight of her. She had full breasts and an athletic body but she moved with the grace of a lioness.

The shower was comfortably big enough for four people and the girls stepped in first and carefully tested the water from the hoses. When they were satisfied they smiled and beckoned.

Martin allowed his girl to take control and she soaped his back. At first she used just her hands but then she pressed her body against him with a sliding motion that was deliciously sensual. When she turned him towards her and began to soap his front she continued to writhe her body against his and there was nothing he could do to stop his penis from stiffening.

It was obviously what she had been trying to achieve because she giggled and slipped her hand around it. For a few seconds she looked directly into his eyes while she slid her hand slowly back and forth.

Suddenly she lifted her right leg and wrapped it behind him. She raised herself on tiptoe and rubbed the tip of his hard penis against her soft vagina. Martin closed his eyes and gasped with the sensation.

He wanted to hug her close and insert himself fully but she giggled with amusement and pulled away. Clearly she had just been teasing him.

He looked towards Bella who was standing with her legs apart and her hands on the girl’s shoulders. Her eyes were closed and the girl had one thigh lifted and was rubbing it sensually under Bella’s crotch.

Martin wondered if he was dreaming. Less than an hour ago he had been enjoying a coffee at the end of a normal day and now he was involved in erotic foreplay with three sexy females.

The girl finished rinsing him and led him out of the shower to towel him dry. She took him into another room that contained two massage tables and gestured for him to lie on one. A few seconds later Bella arrived with her girl and climbed onto the other table.

He lay face down as she dripped oil onto his back. After she had spread the oil she climbed onto the bench and stretched herself on top of him. Slowly she began to massage him with her entire body. Her tiny nipples were hard and he could feel them tracing patterns on his back.

After a few minutes of massage she prised his legs apart and straddling the back of each in turn began to slide her wet slit back and forth along it.

His erection was solid and when she turned him over there was no point in hiding it. He looked sideways and saw that Bella was getting similar massage to the backs of her thighs.

His girl was now rubbing her soft crevice along the front of his thighs, but suddenly she moved higher and grasped his penis. With a fleeting movement she dipped the end of it quickly in and out of her and then returned to sliding her slippery vagina backwards and forwards.

It had been a long time since his penis had been inside a female and even though she had inserted it only a centimetre or two he desperately wanted her to do it again.

For a few more seconds she continued to massage him with her pussy and then lifted herself to insert his penis again but this time a little deeper. The girl was an expert and with each insertion he got closer to an orgasm and with each withdrawal he could not help from groaning with frustration. She was driving him to the limit of his endurance but she was also watching him closely.

He looked sideways and Bella was lying on her back with her knees raised and her girl’s face was buried between her thighs.

He became aware that the girl on top of him was reaching under the bench and her hand reappeared with a contraceptive packet. With a deft movement she opened it and slipped a condom over his pulsating member.

Bella must have been watching because she spoke sharply and both girls immediately climbed down and scurried from the room. Martin groaned with disappointment but Bella quickly crossed the space between them and climbed onto his table.

As she straddled him she muttered, “Was she driving you crazy?”

“To the edge of insanity.”

“Me too. That little minx has got me so fucking horny.”

She put her hand on his penis and peeled off the contraceptive. “You won’t make me pregnant and whether you like it not I’m going to fuck you.”

“I was desperately hoping somebody would.”

She seized his cock and her voice was urgent. “I’ve just got to have this inside me.”

She shuffled forward and lowered herself onto his rigid shaft. As he slid deep into her warm drenched slit she gasped, “God that feels good and thank you for having a big one. Try not to come too quickly.”

Martin wondered if he was hallucinating. He was being fucked by a beautiful young girl that he had met only an hour previously.

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