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It had been close to six months since my friend Casey set me up with his friend Jack for an erotic massage. I had confessed to Casey quite some time ago that I had curiosities from way back about touching a man and seeing how that felt, but that I would never be able to act upon those desires with another man. I was straight and didn’t feel for men like I did women. I adore women, but I also had curiosities I couldn’t explain.

Casey was a good friend who came out to me several years before, and he was the only person on earth with whom I had confessed these thoughts. Casey’s solution was for me to meet his friend Jack who gave erotic massages and see where things went. He said Jack could help me explore my thoughts, so I took him up on it and Casey scheduled the appointment.

I learned a lot about myself from that massage. Jack was gentle and non-threatening and let me decide if and what I wanted to do. The massage could be just a massage. If I wanted I could let him touch me erotically. And I could touch Jack if I wanted. I ended up doing both and had an incredible experience. But it had been months since I was able to act out my desires and it consumed my thoughts ever since.

I met Casey for lunch at our usual restaurant. It was an Italian place that had outside seating and the day was glorious. The sun was shining, but not too warm. We tend to get together for lunch about once a month, but this time it had been three months since we had seen each other. “Jack’s been asking about you, John. He wants to know if you will ever come back. He said he really enjoyed the massage he gave you and he is worried he traumatized you.”

“I know I know Casey. I said I would come back and I’ve made excuses not to call him. I really want to. I’ve been thinking about that experience for months, and maybe I’m just afraid of what I would do the next time if I saw him. I’m not sure so I have just avoided it. But I know I’ve been shitty not to even call or email him.”

“So he didn’t traumatize you then?” Casey replied. I know Casey was egging me on trying to get me to call Jack. He wanted me to try it again and not go through life wondering what could have been.

“No, of course not. You know that,” I said. “Then call,” he replied. “You know you want to touch Jack’s cock one more time.”

“Shush!” I said looking around to see if he was heard. Casey had a big grin on his face and made me smile, and then we started laughing. I looked around again and thank God nobody was seated near us! To shut Casey up I agreed I would call and I did so just after we left the restaurant.

Jack was very happy to hear from me and we agreed to schedule a massage on Saturday. “So plan on stopping by around 3PM? I don’t have anyone after you so there will be no rush,” Jack said.

“Sure, that sounds great,” I replied. I was a bit nervous and was about to say goodbye when interrupted.

“Oh!, I forgot, I have another therapist here who is helping me. I’m expanding so I hired another guy and he is training with me now, and then he will have his own place not far from here in a couple weeks. Do you mind if he is present? It’s ok if you would…”

“No, it’s fine,” I blurted out cutting him off. “Sorry, yes, it’s no problem at all Jack.”

We said goodbye and my heart started racing immediately. “Another guy,” I thought. “What does that mean?” The last time I was with Jack it got very personal. “Well maybe this time it will just be the massage then,” I thought. Saturday was tomorrow, so I tried to get it out of my mind as I went back to work. But I couldn’t of course. All I could think about was that moment when Jack let me take his cock in my mouth. It was the first time I had touched another man, let alone another man’s cock, and the experience was incredible. Jack’s skin was silky smooth and soft, and he liked the way I touched him as he massaged me. I let my hands stray to his chest as he leaned over me, working on my chest and abdomen. As Jack rubbed me my fingers went to his chest almost as if they commanded themselves to go there. He moaned his approval as his hands moved down and touched my aching cock. He then offered to allow me to extend the session and touch him more if I liked and this voice within me, subconsciously I suppose, agreed.

“John!” came a voice out of nowhere.

“What?” I replied. A bit dazed, I then realized I was in a conference room at work.

“Did you hear the question? You seem to be out of it today.

“No, sorry,” I replied. “I was just thinking about something…” After I made an excuse I got my focus back and finished the meeting and then rushed out as it was the end of the day. All night all I could think about was Jack’s body, his hands stroking me, his cock in my hands, and then…this other guy in the room watching us. Ughhh! No, I definitely could not do the same thing again with a trainee in the room. This was just going to be a massage.

Saturday morning I started with my usual routine. I went to the edirne escort gym and worked out for about 90 minutes, then went for a run at a track nearby. I try to keep fit and I worked out extra hard since I was getting a massage in the afternoon anyway. As my thoughts continued on what might happen in the afternoon I convinced myself again that this would just be a massage. Maybe there would be something erotic, but it would be one way. With another therapist in the room learning the ropes, this wouldn’t end up like the last time. How could it? Maybe the other guy will just watch. Maybe he will give the massage while Jack watches and instructs.

I went home, showered, and had a bite to eat and then it was nearly time to head over to Jack’s place. It was about an hour drive and I didn’t want to be late. I was still nervous, but not as nervous as last time. It may be that I was disappointed a little. Part of me wanted to continue what I did the last time when I let Jack put his cock in my mouth. I mean, this is what I had been fantasizing about for months. And now that seemed like it was no longer a possibility. I would have to go again if I wanted Jack alone.

I knocked on Jack’s door and the other therapist opened it and said hello with a nice welcoming smile on his face. I was a bit stunned because the guy in front of me was incredibly good looking and he had a strong grip as he shook my hand when I entered. “My name is Sean,” he said. “You must be John. It’s great to meet you! Jack told me a little bit about you and he will be out in a couple minutes. Have a seat.”

We chatted for a couple minutes and Sean told me a little about his background. He seemed like he was in his late 20s or early 30s and had lots of experience working in sports therapy and dealing with injuries. He also had extensive training in massage therapies and had worked at a large resort hotel in the Caribbean giving massages. Like Jack, he also had that quality about him that put me at ease. He got to know a little about me as well, asking what I did for work and what I liked to do outside of work.

“How do you stay in such good shape,” Sean asked. “I can tell you must work out frequently.”

I replied, blushing, “I try to go at least four times per week.” Jack walked in.

“John, it’s great to see you!” I stood up and Jack gave me quick hug and pat on the back. We chatted for a few more minutes and caught up, and then Jack mentioned that he would explain how things worked.

“Ok this is your second time but it’s been quite a while. I’ll just explain again quickly as a refresher. Just like the massage you might get at a day spa, you take all your clothes off and lay face down on the massage table. There are towels if you want them, and as before it is completely optional. We will do whatever you are comfortable with. Sean will be helping me today, if you don’t mind. I’ll be undressed like before unless that makes you uncomfortable. The same for Sean. We have robes as you can see, so if you would prefer that …”

“No, that’s fine,” I replied.

“Ok, great,” Jack continued. “We will start at your feet and work our way up and then we will rotate you and do the other side. Do you have any injuries or places we should avoid?”

“No, I’m feeling well.”

“Ok,” Jack responded. “That’s great. So you know this can be an erotic and sensual massage. We will go only as far as you want this to go. I really enjoyed your last visit and I hope you feel as comfortable as you did then. You know it is ok if you get aroused. For an erotic massage that is natural and the way you are supposed to feel. Sean or I may also get aroused and if that makes you uncomfortable please let us know. It’s not a big deal for us to put on our robes or take a short break if needed. Ok?”

“Sure,” I replied.

Jack continued. “Like last time, if you feel like touching me it’s ok. And be sure to tell us if there is anything you don’t like.” “It’s fine if you would like to touch me as well,” Sean added.

“That’s pretty much as I remember it last time. I’m really looking forward to it,” I said.

“Great. We will leave you for a few minutes to get undressed. Just lie face down and we will be back shortly. The room is in there.”

In the room there was a table. It seemed very sturdy and I could see a stool on the floor underneath the head of the table. There was a long credenza with various oils and lit candles. Across the room was a door that was open allowing a view into another room lit by candles. That room had a mattress on the floor with a white bottom sheet stretched tightly around it. I got undressed and lay face down on the table. Soft music was playing and I relaxed as much as I could but I was trembling too which I couldn’t figure out if it was nervousness or excitement. I still didn’t know how Sean would participate in his training and if he would just watch.

A few minutes later Jack and Sean walked in. “Relaxed,” asked Jack? escort edirne I turned my head to the side and saw that both Jack and Sean were taking off their robes.

“As relaxed as I can be,” I replied. Jack looked as good as I remembered, maybe even better. He skin was smooth and he had very light hair on his arms and legs, and a hairless upper body. His arm muscles were quite impressive, but not like a bodybuilder. His hands seemed big and strong, and his chest looked as though it had been chiseled out of smooth stone. It was shiny like he had a very thin sheen of oil on his body. His nipples were dark and on the largish side, similar to mine.

Sean also had a nice body. His thighs were very thick like he was a sprinter, and his ass muscles seemed to flex and twitch as he moved. He turned around facing me and I couldn’t believe the size of his balls and cock hanging from his groin. His six-pack abs were definitely noticeable, and although his chest wasn’t quite as pronounced as Jack’s, it was also quite nice. I could tell both of these guys took very good care of their bodies. I try to do the same and I have received several compliments at the gym, but I was not in their league.

“Well I hope that means you are ready for a nice massage,” replied Jack. “We are both going to be working on you, but only one at a time. I’ll take one side and Sean the other. I’ll start one area and then Sean will continue, and then I’ll start the next. Just relax and enjoy, and feel free to let us know if you would like us to spend more time on any area of your body. We don’t have anyone else after you today so there is no rush.”

“What we did last time was great,” I said. Jack chuckled. “I mean the massage you gave me…”

“I know what you meant, Jack said chuckling again”. I was embarrassed and felt the rush of blood to my face. I put my face down so they couldn’t tell.

I felt Jack’s strong hands lift my left leg bending me at the knee, and his hands starting to work on the heel of my foot. At first he rubbed deeply to work the muscles in my foot, working his way up to my toes. And then as he went on the massage got more sensual. He applied warm oil as he rubbed my foot on both the top and bottom. After probably five minutes he let my leg down and then I felt Sean lift my right leg and start the same way as Jack.

Sean’s massage felt equally as nice but was different somehow. His fingers were magical as he stroked the top of my foot from my toes to the top of my ankle. At one point my foot brushed against his chest and I could feel the hardness of his body.

Jack started working on my left leg after Sean finished. As far as I could tell he was at the end of the table and he leaned forward massaging deeply into my calf. As he reached forward to the back of my knee and ran his fingers up and down my calf I thought I felt his thighs pushing into my toes hanging off the edge of the table. He applied more oil and lightened up his massage to eventually lightly stroke my legs. He continued and reached further up my leg to my mid-thigh and this time I felt his soft cock brush up against me. He continued for a few more minutes, focusing on the inner and outer sides of my leg and down to my foot. Sean then repeated mostly what Jack did which felt wonderful.

Jack then stayed at the end of the table and parted my legs more by spreading apart my feet. He then reached further up my body to my thigh and with both hands massaged my hamstring. I felt his dangling cock brush up against my toes again as he reached forward and I could tell it wasn’t intentional. Massaging was an art to him and I could tell he was just in the moment of what he was doing. He came around the table and continued on my thigh and worked his fingers up to my buttocks. He worked on my left cheek for a couple minutes and then finished by lightly stroking my buttock and thigh. His fingers found their way up my inner and outer thigh and I felt his fingers brush up against the underside of my testicles a few times. I felt myself twitch as it tickled.

Sean then repeated on my right leg. He also stayed at the end of the table initially and reached forward to my upper thigh. Sean was shorter than Jack by a couple inches so he stretched further to reach me and I felt cock brush the inside of my foot on the table. Before he moved up to my side he also reached the inside and outside of my thighs with each hand and rubbed oil on me. I could feel my cock start to harden slightly with each tough of my inner thighs. Sean then came around and massaged my buttock similar to Jack except that he put one hand on each side after working the right side for a few minutes. Sean had handfuls of my ass as he massaged me, and then his touch became lighter and lighter and he stroked his fingers over me going from my lower back to my thighs. I shivered from his touch on my lower back and then again when his fingers brushed up against my testicles.

My arms were bent up around my head edirne escort bayan and Jack moved them both down to my side, palms up. His fingers then dug into my shoulders as he stood at my side. He worked on both sides at the same time and massaged me down my back. He spent close to 5 minutes massaging my back and then stroked me lightly with oil from my shoulders down to my waist. He spent more time on my ass as he rubbed me down lightly and inserted his finger a little inside my crack as he worked the oil in. I could feel his finger brush across my anus and down to my testicles briefly before he finished on my back again.

Sean then started on my back and repeated basically what Jack had done. He rubbed my entire back, except as he leaned across the table reaching toward my left side I felt the top side of his cock brush up against my fingers. I started to move my hand inward toward my thigh and I heard him say “I’m sorry John”.

“It’s ok,” I replied and I left my hand where it was. I didn’t want him to be embarrassed and I realized I didn’t really mind. “Wasn’t that the reason I was here,” I asked myself? “To see again what it was like to touch another guy?”

Sean finished up stroking my back like Jack did and also applied more oil to my ass, rubbing it in between my cheeks as well. I felt his finger cross over my anus and down to my testicles, except he spent more time doing it. It tickled but felt amazing at the same time. He rubbed up and down a few more times with the oil and then he was done.

Jack then began to massage my upper arm and shoulder. He pulled my arm away from my body a little to reach the inside of my arm and my hand hung off the edge. As Jack continued to massage my arm I felt his cock brush up against my fingers several times. I could feel the warmth and stiffness as it hit my fingers and my concentration switched from the wonderful massage he was giving me to wondering if and when his cock would brush up against me again. It did and he seemed to pause where he was standing so that the shaft of his cock was pushing against my fingertips. He finished my upper arm and then stepped back as he worked on my lower arm.

Sean repeated on my right arm, and like Jack, I felt his cock brush up against my fingers. The first time Sean paused briefly, maybe to see if I would react, but this time I didn’t and he kept going as though nothing had happened. He hit my hand several more times and with each time it felt as though something larger was bumping against my fingers.

After Sean finished I opened my eyes and saw that Jack had moved to the stool in front and below my face. His hands began massaging my head and neck. “How are you feeling?” Jack’s question was suspended momentarily as I stared down at his lap on the stool. The stool was backless and Jack had his legs apart and his feet bent toward the back. His cock was almost right beneath me, resting on the edge of the stool. I didn’t think he was hard, but his cock seemed like a good 5 inches long and pretty thick. He was shaved completely smooth.

“I feel great,” I replied. “Amazing really. It feels really good.”

“I’m glad to hear that John. Sean and I are both enjoying it as well. You have a really nice body,” he said softly.

Jack massaged my head for a few minutes and then stood and pushed the stool away. He continued on my neck and then lightly stroked my back from my ass to my shoulders. I turned my head to my left keeping it flat on the table above the hole and could see Jack’s cock come close to my forehead as he leaned in to the table. At this point I realized he was nicely tanned and had no tan lines near his waste. His cock was dark bronze and my eyes became stuck on the well-pronounced vein that was visible running the top of his shaft. He certainly wouldn’t have any problems with blood flow!

I continued to watch Jack’s groin and witness his cock getting thicker and thicker as he pressed into the table. I could only see the top half of his shaft initially but then Jack shifted back and then forward for one last far-reaching stroke of my buttocks and his cock sprang up onto the table coming to a rest just inches from my nose. Jack’s balls also were just in front of my eyes and they seemed quite large and very taut. I wanted to reach my hand forward and pull him toward me but I stayed motionless staring at him trying to remember what it was like to have him in my mouth.

Jack stepped back and Sean grabbed the stool and slid under me. I returned my head to the hole looking down and saw Sean’s huge cock hanging off the edge of the stool. He was uncut and also shaved, but had a small patch of neatly trimmed pubic hair at the base of his cock. Sean repeated the massage to my head, neck, and back similarly as Jack did. I left my head facing down as Sean stood and reached as far as he could on the final rubdown and felt the weight of his cock push up against my shoulder as he reached forward.

“Ok, time to turn over,” Sean said. I flipped over and saw both men go toward the end of the table. Jack started on my right foot and lower leg. I closed my eyes thinking about what happened the last time I was here and how sorry I was that I could not try that again with Sean in the room. Jack finished after several minutes and Sean repeated on my left leg.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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