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She stepped out of the shower and rushed into their bedroom to get dressed. She chose a tight fitting dress, matched with some elegant heels and some gold jewelry. It was her birthday and she wanted to look good for her husband.

He was waiting for her downstairs, looking as handsome as always. He was dressed in a dark suit that accentuated his tall frame.

“You look gorgeous, babe,” he said and kissed her on the cheek.

“Thank you. I love you in a suit,” she replied and smiled.

Soon they were on their way to a new romantic restaurant that recently opened in their town. The hostess directed the couple to a small table in a dimly lit corner and they took a seat.

Before they could study the menu and put in their orders, he placed a little box on the table. An external observer could have thought that a marriage proposal was about to follow but that had already happened years ago.

“What is that, my dear?” she asked.

“A little surprise,” he said.

He pushed the small box over to her side of the table and continued: “Why don’t you go freshen up briefly and take this with you. You might find something interesting inside.”

She took the box and disappeared in the direction of the restroom. Minutes later she was back, now with a sly smile on her face.

“And what is going to happen now?” She asked curiously.

“Did you place the device in the appropriate place almanbahis … your panties?” he asked with a low voice.

“Yes, my dear. I did,” she replied. “But what …”

“Let’s order!” he announced.

The waiter delivered two glasses of red wine and took their order. She looked back at him and noticed him taking a small device out of his suit pocket. She raised her eyebrows. He smiled and turned the knob on the little remote control.

The vibration hit her with a jolt. Suddenly, the device that she had carefully embedded in her pussy had taken on a life of its own. Slowly at first, she felt herself being stimulated by this tiny but powerful foreign entity. Waves of pleasure started to permeate through her lower body.

“Oh, babe, what is this? What are you doing to me?” she asked him.

“Just warming you up for later,” he replied.

He turned up the intensity causing her to gasp and hold on to the edge of the table. The vibrations increased in intensity and she felt herself getting wet and turned on. She let out an uncontrollable moan of pleasure.

She looked around the room trying to see if anyone had noticed her. That’s when the vibrations disappeared as quickly as they had started. Her head spun around and she looked at her husband.

He blew her a kiss and hit her with another assault on her pussy. This time the stimulation was even stronger. She clenched almanbahis giriş her teeth and saw their waiter reappearing.

“Please make it stop. Please …,” she pleaded.

But her pussy buzzed while the waiter placed their appetizers in front of them. She pushed her hands down on her thighs as hard as she could. The waiter left and the vibrations stopped again.

“Let’s eat,” he said. She was more than happy for the reprieve.

For the next hour, her pussy was slowly taken to ever greater heights of teased bliss. She could feel herself getting more and more aroused, her juices slowly flooding her panties. Whenever she came close to her climax, her husband was lowering the intensity leaving her wanting more.

She started to get desperate now. A conversation was no longer possible. All she could think about was her orgasm, the denial she was experiencing and how much she needed to fuck.

“Please, babe, just finish me off. Please make me come,” she begged.

But he didn’t give in. He didn’t push her to a climax but continued to stop short every time. Every time she just needed a bit more vibration to reach orgasm.

She was nearly out of control. On their way home, he continued his remote controlled torture. Did the Uber driver notice what he was doing to her?

When they stepped through the door, she was a woman on a mission. She shoved her husband against the almanbahis yeni giriş wall, tore open his pants and ripped out his cock. Hard and throbbing. Good, she thought.

With one movement of her hand, she tore off her own panties, the small vibrator flying through the air, and jumped on her husband. She lifted up one leg and impaled herself on his cock. His invading member filled and stretched her pussy.

She pushed her hips into him. Now she was the one in control. She was the one fucking him.

But he wrestled her for control, turned them around, pushed her against the wall and started fucking her. He held her thigh up to have a better angle and violently thrusted inside her again and again.

“Harder, harder!” she screamed.

Her pussy was clamping down on his cock but he kept thrusting into her as fast as he could. She felt tight but also incredibly wet.

She sunk her fingernails into his ass and lower back. She could feel her pleasure taking over, held on to his shoulders, arched backwards as much as the wall allowed and came.

“Yes … yes… I am coming! I am coming!” she screamed.

He felt his legs getting weaker as he came too. Barely able to hold her up, he shot a giant load into her. She felt her pussy overflowing and his semen leaking out of her.

Out of breath, she found her footing again and stepped away from him. His cock was still half erect and wet from both of their juices. She grabbed his shaft and pulled him into the bedroom like a dog on a leash.

“Come on, no time to rest. You got me so horny. You need to keep fucking me until I am done.”

It turned out to be a very long and satisfying birthday fuck.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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