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Randall pulls into the driveway and is disappointed that the house is completely dark. It’s late but he’d hoped that I would be awake since it’s his birthday. Walking into the house he jumps in the shower right away thinking at least he’ll be able to slip into bed and snuggle up to my warm body. Just thinking about my luscious voluptuous body and DD tits makes him hard. As he soaps up his body, he can’t help but take hold of his quickly hardening cock. Accepting that he won’t be getting any loving tonight he decides to give in to his urges. Randall leans back against the wall, closes his eyes, and imagines his beautiful wife kneeling in front of him and taking his cock down her throat. Grabbing her face, he fucks her warm wet mouth hard but, as hot as the image is, he is frustrated that he just can’t seem to build to a climax and gives up.

Wearing only a towel, Randall walks into the bedroom and is surprised to find it all lit up with softly glowing candles and me laying in bed, my head propped up on my hand…naked. “Hey birthday boy, drop that towel and get over here.”

Randall’s eyes darken with lust. He drops the towel and slowly çankaya escort saunters toward the bed. Stopping at the foot of the bed his dark smoldering eyes roam all over my body. Starting at my feet he smirks as he notices my pretty toes are painted in his favourite crimson colour. His gaze continues up my thighs, moving to my back I spread my legs wider. Randall climbs on the bed and crawls towards me until he is straddling me. His rock-hard cock is nestled between my pussy lips. I rock my hips slowly and enjoy the feel of his hardness as it rubs against my clit. That deep sexy growl makes my pussy gush as he takes my face in his hands and kisses me deeply. Our tongues wrapping around each other, caressing and tasting each other. My arms reach up around his neck and pull him against me. I feel his leg slide between mine then push his shoulders back, pushing him onto his back I crawl on top of him and whisper, “you just lay there and enjoy yourself.” I nibble and lick his ear lobe running it through my teeth before moving on to his neck. My hips rocking against his, his cock sliding keçiören escort through my pussy lips making me wetter.

I slowly kiss my way across and down his body, spending a little time biting and licking his nipples before moving a little lower. I feel his excitement building as I near his cock but I’m not ready to go there just yet. I’m saving the best for last. Randall watches me as I move lower kissing each of his thighs, down his calves taking each foot in my hands and massaging them. Finally, I begin to run my hands up his legs, he groans and says “Hurry up,” but I am having too much fun teasing him. His cock jerks as it feels the warm air from my mouth above it. My tongue darts out lightly licking his cock from base to tip. I smile when I hear that sexy growl. Reaching under the blanket I pull out a bowl. He looks at me warily and asks, “What are you up to now my Goddess?” As I dip my finger in, I smile sweetly and say, “icing is a required birthday item silly” as I smear chocolate icing all over his cock. I spend the next 10 minutes licking that cock until it is sparkling etimesgut escort clean but much to Randall’s frustration I won’t let him cum just yet.

I’ve teased both of us enough; I need him inside him now. Crawling up his body until my pussy slides over his cock eliciting a deep moan from my man. Taking his cock in my hand I place it at my opening and painstakingly slowly lower my body until his cock is fully encased in sopping pussy. It is one of my favourite feelings, so I take a moment to enjoy it and just sit still. I’m always surprised how well we fit together. Randall hands take hold of my hips and I begin to move up and down squeezing and releasing as we move together.

I reach over to the bowl again and “accidentally” drop some icing on my tits. Predictably, he says “uh oh, here let me get that for you,” as he sits up taking a nipple in his mouth suckling each of them as if his life depended on it until every last bit of icing is done. I moan loudly then gasp as he flips me onto my back and starts to pound his cock into my pussy. He’s like a madman fucking me so hard making me scream his name over and over. I wrap my legs around him pulling him deeper inside me. Moving together we are so in sync that it doesn’t surprise me when we both climax at exactly the same time. My back arching as my orgasm rips through me and I feel his cum explode inside of me. We both collapse on the bed gasping for breath. I lean over, kissing him and whisper “Happy birthday baby.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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