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In the middle of the night, Nick felt someone climb into his bed. With a sudden movement, the blanket that covered him was gone and his pajama bottoms hung around his ankles. Nick moaned. His cock tingled nervously, feeling oddly vulnerable, exposed so immodestly to the night air. He felt the sudden urge to cover himself with his hands, to hide his swelling sex from the world of his bedroom, but the moment he thought of it, his hands were batted away by a dark shadow and seemed to fade unnaturally into the clean white bedding, from whence he was helpless to free them.

Nick felt a weight on his body and looked up, seeing a shadowy figure leaning over him. He forced his eyes to focus and the shadow began to shift and fade into a woman’s body. He looked again and saw his sister, Elisabeth, straddling him, the crotch of her black laced panties rubbing shamelessly against his hard cock. He felt the warm wetness of her pussy on him, the way he would feel the handle of a hot skillet.

The sensation was almost too much for him. Nick gasped and almost shouted his sister’s name, but she put a finger to her lips and he was lulled into silence. She leaned closer and he could see the lovely swell of her breasts peering out of her bra, which matched her panties. With a famished hunger, Nick eyed the glowing white skin. Oh, how he longed to get his tongue underneath that black lace, to flick it against Elisabeth’s hard red nipple. He wanted to close his mouth around it and suck. He wanted to cup the breast with his hands and feel its soft weight against his palm, to feel his fingertips press into her, the soft skin silently yielding. But his hands seemed bound and he couldn’t do anything.

His cock swelled bigger against his sister. She moaned. It was the oddest sound. Nick didn’t know whether it was the most slutty thing he had ever heard or the most innocent, but it sent such a wave of passion though him that he didn’t really care. He looked at the image of his sister again. Something was wrong about the way she looked. And then it hit him.

Elisabeth didn’t own any black panties! She was wearing their mother’s underwear, the ones he had seen in the laundry he sorted yesterday! He picked his head up, perhaps to protest and then set it down again, silently submitting to her, horribly eager to satisfy her every fancy. But he still had enough pride to be embarrassed about it.

She bent lower, her mouth tracing a line down the muscles of Nick’s chest. He gasped lustily. Her tongue on him felt so good! Elisabeth’s crotch lifted from his engorged member, and the sudden sensation of cold air against his cock was almost enough to make him come. He winced and took a deep breath, trying desperately to hold on longer. If he came now, she might leave and then he’d miss out, so he just had to hang on. He had to!

Her mouth traveled lower. He tried not to think of it inching closer and closer to his twitching member, because if the idea hit him at once, he would explode all over his bedspread.

When the wet warmth of his sister’s mouth began to envelop Nick’s cock, he thought he was going to drown in it. He saw her beautiful pink lips parted around the flesh of his hard sex and almost went insane from the pleasure. The warmth seemed to flow upward into him, making him feel both light-headed and powerful. He felt like he was swimming underwater, it was so difficult to breathe.

Nick sighed, the pleasure filling him so completely he almost forgot to hold back. His sister’s mouth began to bounce up and down on his hard cock. It was total ecstasy. All his inhibitions seemed to be lifted at once and all that was left was pleasure.

He allowed himself to really enjoy his sister’s lovely body, the way her hair swayed, threatening to eclipse his view of her lips on his cock, the way her weight felt on his legs. He felt like he would just burst from pleasure.

His cock twitched. He wanted to fuck Elisabeth with every fiber of his being. He wanted to feel his cock sliding into her moist depths. He wanted to feel her enveloping him, to be part of her, connected. He wanted to feel himself penetrating her, making her yield, making her his possession.

Nick tried to move, to push himself onto her, but he couldn’t. His whole body was immobilized. He tried to sit up, to wiggle his pinky toe, to find his hands in the bed sheet, but found himself completely helpless.

“Fuck me,” Nick gasped. His sister simply laughed into his cock and kept sucking. His cock seemed to burn and itch. He seemed to tremble against the bed sheets. “Fuck me!” he shouted, and his sister’s pace on his cock quickened. It was far too much for him. He came quickly, shooting his seed into his sister’s mouth. He came so much that it overflowed onto his mound of public hair and into the bed sheets. The image began to fade but Nick was still bound by an unknown power and was helpless to stop it.

“Don’t go!” Nick exclaimed, struggling to reach out and grab his sister by the wrist. “I don’t want you to leave me!” But his sister Escort bayan giggled and disappeared into the darkness.

Nick awoke with a start and pulled the bed sheets off himself. Had it all been a dream? There was no sign anywhere that his sister had been in the room. His pajama bottoms were on and there was no cum on the bed sheet. Nick let out a tremendous sigh. He felt like a fool. Of course his sister wouldn’t crawl into his bed and blow him! It had all been the fault of his sick imagination. Elisabeth was a good girl. What he just experienced must have been a dream. At least he hadn’t woken up in a pool of cum. He didn’t feel in the mood to hide any more laundry from his mother.

Nick laid back against his pillow and tried to go to sleep, but now that he was awake, he realized that he needed to go to the bathroom. He groaned and sat up. A glance at his bedroom clock told him that it was 4 A.M. If he got out of bed now he might have time to catch a couple more hours of sleep before he had to wake up for church.

He got up slowly and stretched. His body felt oddly stiff, as though he had been exercising, and his brain was foggy. He made his way to the hall bathroom.

He stopped outside the door, his hand on the metal knob. He thought he heard something, a spray of water that indicated the shower was running, and a soft female voice that was chanting in a strange language he had never heard before.

Nick’s cock quickly hardened in his pajama bottoms and his hand on the doorknob grew sweaty. His sister’s voice was so lovely, just like the little angel she was. Nick blushed bright red. He imagined the water flowing off Elisabeth’s naked body, little droplets clinging to her nipples and flowing in little rivulets down her stomach and between her legs. His hard cock became even harder. Was it possible that she was cleaning herself up after the fun they just had a couple of minutes ago? No, that had been a dream, it had to be. He dropped the doorknob and clutched his head. He must still be half asleep.

Again, he heard the sound of his sister’s voice in the bathroom and his heart began to pound in his chest. His mind returned to the image of water flowing over the curves of Elisabeth’s lovely body, kissing her skin gently and then slowly running downward. His mouth went dry and his breath caught in his throat. His hand moved absently under the band of his pajama bottoms and grasped the head of his cock between the thumb and index finger.

He jerked his hand out of his pants the moment he realized what he was doing. He couldn’t afford to soil another piece of clean white laundry fantasizing about his precious little sister.

But then again, the bathroom door might be unlocked. He felt his heart pounding in his throat. The moment the impulse hit him, he knew he was powerless to resist it. He just had to see his sister’s naked body again, and his mental image of the shower water running down his sister’s body was just too good to resist.

He placed his hand back on the metal knob and turned. The door was unlocked! The palm of his hand on the door grew even moister. It took all the willpower he had not to burst the door open all at once and storm in on his sister. Somehow, he managed to push it open slowly. The room was full of steam. He couldn’t see his sister anywhere! He began to panic. What if his sister had slipped on the tile and hit her head? Now that he thought of it, he hadn’t heard her voice for a couple of minutes. What if, while he was outside fantasizing about her, she needed his help? His heart sunk. He threw the door open.

Elisabeth was kneeling on the floor of the bathroom naked, her lips moving quickly in a silent chant. When she felt the door open, she stood up quickly, opening her eyes, and turned to meet him. Almost unabashedly, Nick soaked in the details of his sister’s body, her soft silky skin, her hard red nipples, and her soft, delicate, shaved pussy. She was almost more beautiful than he had remembered.

“What are you doing here, Nick?” his sister asked, surprised. “I thought no one would be awake yet?” She crossed her legs to hide her beautiful crotch from view, but this acted to draw all her brother’s attention to it. Nick gasped. His throat felt dry. He had an excuse. He must have! What was he doing out of bed? He hadn’t meant to be spying on her. He was worried. His mouth wouldn’t move. He couldn’t speak. Oh, why couldn’t he remember?

“I needed to pee,” Nick replied, surprised to hear the words coming out of his mouth. He felt like he was telling a horrible lie, even though he knew it had been the truth. “The door was unlocked.” He stopped and took a step back, feeling total dread with every fiber of his being. He know something terrible was going to happen, he just knew it. Nick looked at his sister, sure that she wouldn’t believe him, that she’d slap his face and yell at him and the noise would wake their mother who would brand him a pervert and send him to a psychiatrist, or worse, maybe she’d kick him Escort out of the house and he’d end up selling himself on the street for food.

While these thoughts flew through his head, the room was completely silent and his sister stared at him, apparently startled. Then, a sort of sloppy, almost obscene grin began to spread across her angelic face.

“Oh? Can I watch you pee?” Elisabeth asked gaily, as though she were five years old and proposing to play doctor in the bushes by the pool. She moved slightly so that her breasts bounced, causing Nick’s mouth to water. He could hardly believe he was alone in the bathroom with her and that she was naked. He bit his lip and struggled to concentrate on something else entirely. He would be a good brother to her! No matter how lovely his sister looked, he wouldn’t let it get to him. Slowly, after a superhuman effort of will, his cock began to shrivel back to its normal size and Nick felt strong enough to act responsibly.

“Oh, I couldn’t do anything like that around you. You’re my baby sister!” Nick protested finally. The words left him feeling cold and limp, but oddly satisfied. Elisabeth, unabashed, began to stare at his crotch expectantly, and he blushed bright red, covering the small bulge with his hands.

“Oh, come on!” Elisabeth said with a giggle. “I bet you have an awesome cock.” She began to reach her hand into the elastic band of her brother’s pajama bottoms. Nick turned an even brighter shade of red. His cock began to twitch in his night clothes. He was scared that he’d get an erection again, and then his sister would see it and all hell would break loose. He couldn’t let that happen!

“Leave me alone!” Nick stammered, batting his sister away a little too zealously. “I really need to go to the bathroom, and I can’t go with you standing around watching.” He felt stupid protesting, when he desperately wanted his sister, when he had to use every ounce of concentration to keep his libido under control. But he didn’t have any other way of protecting himself and Elisabeth.

“Yeah, well, it was you who walked in on me!” Elisabeth exclaimed. “You got to see me naked! The least you can do is take a leak for me.” She thrust her hands onto her hips, and the movement somehow made Nick aware of the soft pink pussy he was trying so desperately to ignore. His cock swelled in appreciation, and his sister gasped.

“Wow, I knew you had to be well endowed!” she exclaimed, nearly dancing around the bathroom in merriment. “Come on, be a man for once in your life! You can’t be such a wuss that you can’t take a leak while someone’s watching you. How are you ever going to grow the balls to get yourself a good job if you’re too big a pussy to give your sister a tiny little thrill? It’s not like I’m asking you to have sex with me.”

Nick remembered fantasizing about his cock sliding slowly into his sister’s pussy while he stood outside the door of her bedroom the evening before, stroking himself, watching his beautiful little sister tease her clit like a pro. Was Elisabeth right? Was it really no big deal to let her watch him pee? Did he have any right at all to be timid after such a lucid fantasy?

His sister’s hands began to slip under the elastic band of his pants. Nick sighed. His hardening cock began to tremble. He remembered the feeling of his sister’s lips on his cock in his dream and thought that he would melt. With a sudden movement, his pajama bottoms were down around his ankles and all nine inches of his penis were standing up in front of him. The air felt oddly cold against his hot cock. He felt his sister’s eyes on him, like a strong hand pulling him forward. Nick gasped in pure pleasure. Without thinking, he began to raise the toilet seat with one hand. Elisabeth giggled.

“Don’t you need to go anymore?” she asked, her eyes never leaving her brother’s engorged cock. “Come on! Pee for me!” She smiled sweetly, sending a soft wave of pleasure through Nick’s body. Nick braced himself to keep from showing how his sister’s words affected him.

“Oh, please no!” Nick gasped, trying to cover his overly exposed cock. “Don’t make me do it! It wouldn’t be right.” But even as the words left his mouth, he knew they were worthless. He would pee for his little sister. The was nothing he could say or do to dissuade her, and deep down he didn’t even want to protest. He knew that all the talk about protecting his little sister was just a persona he put on to make himself feel righteous. Part of him was devastated to learn this about himself, but another secret part of him was awaking, and that part didn’t care, or, infinitely worse, was actually happy that his false sense of dignity came down to nothing. This part was flattered by his sister’s attention and enjoyed feeling low and dirty, perhaps even needed to feel that way.

“What are you waiting for?” Elisabeth said with a laugh. “Don’t tell me you’re afraid to pee with you cock stiff like that!” She poked his erection playfully. Nick almost gasped but abruptly stopped Bayan escort himself. The touch of his sister’s skin on him felt like fire. His cock pulsed a little and threatened to spill cum into the toilet. Nick took a deep breath. He wasn’t that pathetic. It was fortunate he had caught himself in time. No matter how sexually outgoing his sister was, he was sure she’d freak if he came so quickly when she touched him.

“Hey, hands off!” Nick exclaimed, pushing down on his expanded cock to angle it towards the toilet. “How do you expect me to go if you keep harassing me like that?” Elisabeth blushed a soft shade of pink and her hands began to close, as though trying to grab a hold of something neither one of them could see. Nick turned and looked at her, suddenly embarrassed about yelling at her. They stood, their noses four inches away from each other, and perhaps for the first time the situation became real to Nick. He saw his hard cock in his hand and the line of his pelvis against his skin, he saw his bare legs and his pants around his ankles and felt his sister’s eyes drilling into his back, a tense pulling in his loins and a pressure in his bladder that meant he needed to urinate desperately.

Nick could hardly believe that he was standing in the bathroom with his little sister, his cock hanging, out seriously considering peeing in front of her. There was an awkward silence as neither one of them moved. The air between them seemed electrified. Nick felt an almost insatiable urge to kiss her. He inched a little closer, praying that his sister wouldn’t move, that nothing would change, that he could just kiss her without thinking about it and the ground wouldn’t swell up and swallow him whole. He inched a little closer. His sister’s eyes grew big. He thought of his cock spreading her pussy lips apart and knocking against her cervix. He sighed deeply and his cock began to twitch.

He could almost feel the soft flesh of her lips. The way the light reflected on them was intoxicating. He felt drunk and happy. Nothing mattered at all except those beautiful soft pink lips. He could have anything, do anything if only he could kiss her, if only she wanted him.

Nick thought of his dream, of his sister’s lovely pink pussy, of the way her lips felt encircling him so completely, bobbing up and down on his hard cock. He thought of her beautiful breasts and how his fingers wanted to press into her soft skin, watching it yield and deform under his touch. He wanted to feel his lips on her nipples, to suck hungrily and to nibble a little, making her squeal in pain and pleasure.

But for now, her lips would do. If he could only move another inch! He could feel her hot breath on his skin. He could take her lips now. Her lovely breasts and her pussy could wait. If only he could steal a kiss, he could have everything. His dream would become his reality. It would be his cock being expertly encircled by his sister’s lovely lips. He wouldn’t have to stand outside her window any longer, rubbing his cock pathetically under the elastic of his underwear. He wouldn’t have to lie to himself any longer.

He would be in her bedroom, in her bed, being pleasured by her, owning her. The new part of him that had just awakened told him so. He would have her any way he wanted. His cock would have free range of her body. He would be master. Master! He could push her to the ground and force his way into her now, if he could only move an inch and make those lovely lips his own. They were calling for him, beckoning to him, he knew they were. She definitely wanted him! So why couldn’t he do it?

Elisabeth sneezed. The effect was lovely. Her breasts jiggled and her whole body seemed to come to life, as though she just had an incredibly fulfilling orgasm. Nick pulled back.

The spell was broken. He could not touch those lips. The silence that ensued was heavy. Nick’s heart beat hard against his ribcage. He felt like he would die if he couldn’t break the silence, like his heart would burst out of his chest like some alien in a horror movie, and drop to the floor, spilling his blood all over the white bathroom tile. He felt darkness bearing down on him. A part of him wanted to scream in terror and run and hide under the covers like a child afraid of the boogieman. But he was a grown man and wouldn’t even let himself think of such a thing. He wasn’t going to go grab his teddy and hug it either, which was another thing he would have liked to do.

He opened his mouth to say something, anything. His tongue felt dry and hard in his mouth, like a popsicle stick or that thing doctors put in your mouth then they make you say “aah”. He tried to move his mouth to speak, but felt it was impossible. His jaw wouldn’t budge and his tongue could give him splinters. And then the words simply came out as if issued by a will other than his own. His heart began to slow and he listened intently to the voice that rang in his ears.

“By the way, what was it that you were singing in the bathroom before I came in?” Nick heard himself asking, before he knew he was interested in knowing. The sound that he had heard from behind the door was as intoxicating as siren song yet as soft and gentle as an angel. Nick wanted to know the name of whatever chant it was that seized him so powerfully.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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