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*All person’s taking part in sexual activity are over the age of 18*


The world swirled around in a deep black void. Blake could tell he was laying on his stomach but he couldn’t move. He was unconscious, yet it a dream-like sensation of feeling various pin pricks and pokes happening against his lower back. Then everything faded out again.

When he awoke Blake was lying face down in what he could only guess was a massage table due to the way the he had his head rest had a hole in the center for his nose and mouth to protrude through so that he could breathe.

“Ah good you’re awake.” A voice said off to his left.

“Can I get up?” Blake asked the voice.

“Sure, if you feel strong enough, most of the drugs should have worn off. Go ahead and try to sit up.

Blake placed his unbound hands on either side of his body. He pushed himself up to where he was resting on his elbows. The room started to spin again and he couldn’t help but to lower himself back down. Then the urge to get out flowed over him and he started to push back up again. He got to where he was sitting up and he managed to swing his legs over the edge of the massage table. Once he was sitting up he looked around the room again.

The same man that had stroked him to a gushing orgasm earlier was standing in front of him. At least Blake assumed it was the same man; since he wore the same mask with a moustache and goatee. Blake felt his face drop and he recoiled slightly at the sight of the mask.

“Don’t worry Blakey, I’m not going to threaten your masculinity by making you cream like a little porn star again. Not today anyway. And I ask that you yourself, or anyone else, not make you ejaculate for a full 7 days. I need to let that implant do its work and then we can see how your volume has improved. We’ll also check to see if you are capable of plural climaxing next visit also.”

Blake frowned at what he assumed was the man trying to show power over him with his talk about making him “cream like a little porn star” and in fact do the opposite of what he said. He actually was trying to make Blake feel like less of a man at this very moment.

“Yeah well, maybe next time catch my first stream of jizz with your face, huh. You looked surprised and dodged last time.” Blake retorted trying to sound defiant.

The man stared at him for a long time from behind the mask. Then he slowly removed the mask revealing that he was the same man from the library. Blake’s heart dropped.

“I like getting jizz on my face, you little bastard. Next time I’ll make sure of it. And oh, have fun getting sick, it’s a side effect of the sedative.”

Blake looked confused for a second and then realized that sure enough the room was spinning again and before he knew it, he was throwing up all over the floor.

He was walked towards the open door, and out of the room, into another room with a series of mirrors in it. The man from the library had on the moustache mask again and walked into the room behind Blake.

“If you take a look in those mirrors you can see the implant.”

Blake looked and sure enough it looked like he had a small burn scar on his lower back right above his right butt cheek.

“As you can see it is designed to look like a scar of sorts. It is surrounded by a silicone fake flesh and after the 7 days you should be able to lay on your back comfortably. Please do not attempt to touch, poke, prod or disturb the implant in any way. You can shower and wash normally but do not disturb the area too much with a wash rag or a brush.”

“Can I get dressed now?” Blake asked glaring at the man in the mask. He was truly disgusted that this was the man that had made him cum the hardest he had in a long time. He wished he had experienced a miniscule orgasm with a little dribbling cumshot or something but instead he wasn’t even sure where the first blast of his cum had gone. He remembered the times a girl had jerked him off and he was laying on his back in his bed, it usually landed on his chest or stomach and he could typically feel it like a splash of warm liquid on his body. But when the man in the mask forced him to shoot his load, he never even felt it land. He recalled only feeling the second and third little dribbles sliding down onto his lower stomach from the man’s hand.

As he put on his clothes, as if to answer his question, a video was projected onto the wall of the room he was getting dressed in. He immediately recognized himself, or at least he could recognize his own dick from the shape of the cock head and pubic stubble that the man’s hand was pressing tightly against where his shaft met his stomach. He watched as the video went into slow motion and the stream of cum erupted from the tip of his penis.

The beginning of the rope of cum reached the top of the screen before the last of the first stream left his cock and flew well out of the camera’s view before a second flew up and then dropped back down onto the man’s hand that was Gaziantep Kavaklık Escort gripping the base of his shaft. He was intrigued for a moment. He never thought he’d see his own dick, ejaculate in slow motion.

And as for the AMOUNT, even he was impressed. Then he immediately realized that once again, it was the asshole from the library wholes hands he was looking at gripping his dick in the video.

Blake’s face dropped and he looked at the ground. He knew that for now, the man from the library had gotten the best of him. The man he was currently directing his hatred towards turned and walked into another room.

“Enjoy it while you can asshole.” Blake muttered under his breath.

The voice on the overhead speaker began to speak again. “This is the kind of stuff that our society members pay unmentionable amounts of money in dues to see. We cannot tell you how happy we are to have you in our ranks Morris. Flies with honey my friend. You will be rewarded soon enough. As you’ve been told, go about your daily life for the next 7 days. It is still Sunday so you can report back next Sunday morning and we will run some more tests. Like Dr. Smiley said, do not masturbate, have sex or receive fellatio for the full 7 days. We’ll examine you on Sunday.”

He started to walk out as the door to the room with the doctor’s table in the middle of it opened. The man with the goatee and mustache mask walked out of it and stopped just inside the room.

“Also, we’ll deliver a flat of sports drinks to you. Please make sure you are drinking at least two of them a day. They’ll help you out.”

He didn’t speak. He only nodded. He was a college age young man. The sports drinks didn’t bother him. Going 7 days without busting his load was going to be torture.

As he drove back to the dorm thoughts continued to swirl around in his head. He had classes to study for since tomorrow was Monday. “One week he thought, no problem.”

He lasted till Wednesday before he actually noticed any big difference in what the implant may actually be doing to his body. Monday and Tuesday had been perfectly normal. He was walking down one of the sidewalks past the gym when he noticed a woman walk out of the gym wearing a pair of yoga pants. They were form fitting and didn’t leave much to his imagination.

Normally he would think nothing of this and keep on walking however today he was aware of a tingling in his loins. He tried to think of something else but suddenly her body seemed to invade his mind. He continued walking to try and bring some normal thoughts to his head but he could feel himself starting to stiffen inside his jeans. He was taken back to the days of when he had gone through puberty and the teacher asked him to come up and do a math problem on the board. One horrifying time he had to make a reason why he couldn’t stand up because he would have revealed a massive pants tent to the entire class.

“So suddenly I don’t have as much control over my boners as I used to?” He whispered to himself.

He was only half hard, thank goodness, but still even wearing jeans he was unsure of just how much he was protruding. He ducked into a building and quickly found the men’s room where he jumped into a stall. He pulled his pants down to see that not only had he experienced an unwanted and unexpected erection but there was also a small dribble of sticky liquid in his boxer briefs.

He’d of course also experienced pre-cum before but usually he had to be insanely turned on for his cock to start dripping before he had even shot his load. This was just a mild erection and already an entire drop of pre-cum dribbled out and hung from the tip of his dick for a few seconds before it dripped onto the bathroom floor. After his boner subsided he pulled his pants back up and went about his day.

Thursday rolled around and he could tell that he was getting even more easily aroused. He was also increasing in sensitivity. That morning he woke up to another anomaly from his past. He’d had a nocturnal emission and his sheets were rather soaked. At first he worried that the League would be upset with him, but they had said he wasn’t allowed to masturbate, have sex or get blown. He hadn’t done any of those, he’d just kind of gone off in his sleep.

He once again wore jeans but he also wore an extra pair of underwear. He hoped that if he continued to leak like he seemed to at every naughty thought, that it wouldn’t look like he had pissed a little bit as he went about his day.

His classes were done and he had managed to not have anything too embarrassing happen. He thought about the week that had gone by. The gym had been tricky. Monday and Tuesday he had gone without any issue. Wednesday he skipped because he was terrified to wear gym shorts anywhere outside his dorm. Now it was Thursday night and his body craved the gym.

“Fuck it. I can control this. I can live with this.” He said out loud in his room.

His mind said one thing but his body was saying something completely different. He was standing there with his tank top on and no shorts or underwear. With nothing covering his penis it was standing at full attention causing the front of his shirt to lift up around the front and seemed to drape over his shaft. Half of it was covered by the shirt and the rest stood proudly out in front of him.

The end of his cock was always wet now when he was erect. This was just something that he hoped he could get used to. He suspected the changes the implant was making to his prostate meant that he now had an abundance of juice building up inside of him. He noticed a slight pain from time to time that was closer to his rear end. When he had looked up the symptom on the internet all it said was that that was where his prostate was located. It was not a pain that was unknown to him. He recalled a time when he had gotten blue balls from a night of heavy petting with a girl that resulted in no release. The literal pain in his ass was excruciating but eventually it subsided. Now he knew why the pain was resurfacing once or twice a day since Wednesday. He needed release. He needed relief from the pressure that was building inside of him.

He also noticed that the head of his dick appeared larger now. Not that he recorded the exact dimensions of his penis but he wrapped his hand around it and immediately he could tell that it was much more of a handful now than it was last week. The shaft too was thicker and wider. Not by much but if he had to guess the head was almost a half inch larger in width and the same could be said for his shaft. Not a huge improvement but this was obviously another side effect of the implant.

He waited till his erection subsided and then threw on gym shorts and headed out the door like he was off to fight his rival. He walked with purpose all the way to the gym. The Thursday crowd was relentless. Most people didn’t hit the gym on Friday because Friday was going out night. Thursday was the last day to get a good lift in unless a person was going to lift Friday morning. Still the crowd was unbelievable.

Men and women of all shapes and sizes were everywhere trying to either get in shape or maintain the shape they had achieved. Blake kept his eyes forward and began to work on his routine. Every so often a fit girl or a shapely butt would cross in front of him but he found if he focused on his lifts he could keep his mind off of sex and keep his dick under control.

As he left the gym he felt like he had actually beaten this condition that the League had purposely afflicted him with. Then he reached the door of his dorm and saw that Carson was in the process of ringing the doorbell.

“Uh, hey Carson. Fancy seeing you again.” He said trying to sound friendly.

“Oh, hey. I just wanted to return your white shirt.” She reached out her hand holding his freshly cleaned shirt. She was wearing a loose fitting black T shirt and soft black pajama leggings.

“Is that the only reason you came by?”

“Well…maybe I also wanted to talk.”

He smiled a genuine smile. “I was hoping you’d say that.”

They sat in his room. She sat on his bed and he sat at his desk just in case his dick got a mind of its own.

“Can I start by saying I’m sorry?” He said looking over at her.

“Well I should apologize also. I tried to force you into being something you are not and that’s not right.”

“Yeah but…”

“No.” She said quickly. “I knew what you were and I painted myself to be something similar…and in all honesty, I am something similar. I’m barely halfway through college and I’ve got no reason to tie myself down to one person. So, I’m sorry also.”

He smiled. She was beautiful as she sat there messing with her hair as she talked. It had been in a ponytail when she walked in. Then as she sat on his bed she had taken it down and was pushing strands of it into sections so that she could start braiding and unbraiding it as she talked.

“Well I’m all for starting over then.” Blake said.

“You know, I was really turned on most of the night when I spent the night with you. Something about lying next to you and feeling your warm shirtless skin against my arms. I really did want to throw the whole ‘building chemistry before we fuck’ thing out the window and just have my way with you.” She said all of this as she suddenly turned and looked straight at him.

She had her head pointed down and her eyes were looking at him from just under her eyelashes. She got up and untied the string to her pajama bottoms. They fell to the ground easily because the string was the only thing that held them on.

Blake froze in terror. His cock became rock hard and he was aware of a sticky mess forming in the area of his basketball shorts where the tip of it resided. She began to walk towards him as she easily pulled off the black shirt revealing her absence of a bra underneath. She was now completely naked as she stood in front of his view.

As she reached the chair that Blake was sitting in she stood in front of him and let her legs spread about shoulder width apart as she said.

“Why don’t you take off those clothes and I’ll get things started?”

She had cocked her hips to the left and now she shifted her weight to her right.

Blake watched as the line of her pussy seemed to be curving to the left and then as she shifted her waist purposefully it now pointed to the right. She had medium width hips that went nice with her body that showed she was a girl that clearly jogged or at least played soccer. Her breasts were smaller but they had an almost impeccable fullness to them. Seeing her pussy from the front, instead of bent over and from behind, he could see the lips parted slightly to allow her inner lips to poke out ever so slightly. Her clit was hidden at the moment but he could see the small cleft of the hood just above the smaller lips.

Blake looked up at her. He felt ashamed at how long he had been looking at her pussy. She was looking down at his cock pressing hard against his shorts. The entire area that was stretched around the head was dark with the liquid that was leaking out of him.

“I’ve seen a man pre cum before but that is next level.” She said. “Did you already shoot your load?”

“Nope,” He said searching for an explanation. “I promise it’s just from being turned on… I could let out even… I mean I could ACTUALLY cum and then it would be a…uh… Whole lot more.”

Somewhere in the back of his mind an alarm went off. He realized he had put himself in a terrible position.

“Buuuuut.” He let the word draw out. “I can’t actually have sex right now, or can’t do any kind of back and forth motion on the skin of my penis right now of any kind.”

A confused look spread across Carson’s face. The bed was close enough to her that she was able to grab the top sheet off his bed and cover herself. She looked embarrassed and confused.

“So let me get this straight. You acted like it hurt your image that I didn’t fuck you the first night I spent with you. Yet now, that I am naked in front of you, and ready to sit on your hard, wet, dick… you are telling me that I can’t?”

He could see the incredulous anger building behind her expression.

“Listen, I really want you on this dick right now.” He said. “But I had this microsurgery. They worked on my lower back and I also had a hernia. The doctor told me I’d probably have some leakage… Like you are seeing, but he told me not to jerk off… or have sex because it could tear something.”

She stared at him for a long time trying to detect whether or not he was lying. Even though he was, either she decided to have mercy on him or somehow she believed him. She let the sheets drop to the ground and she walked up and stood directly to his right side. She reached down and took his right hand in both of her hands and placed his palm against her vulva. “Okay, well then one of us is going to cum tonight, and you sir are going to make that happen.”

“Only if I can take the shorts off.” Blake said. The wet fabric against his cock was starting to get uncomfortable. “I can’t let anything rub against the skin and these shorts are starting to hurt.”

She sprawled out on his bed completely uncovered. His sheets had stayed on the floor where she dropped them. He stood there naked on the side of the bed and gently hooked his arms under her legs and head and pulled her to where she was closer to him on the side of the bed he was standing.

He’d pulled a fold up food tray next to him. On it he had placed a small bowl with a pool of massage oil in the bottom of it. The only massage oil he ever bought was safe for use externally AND internally.

He dipped his fingers into the oil and started with Carson’s shoulders. Her muscles were surprisingly tense and he took what little he knew about massage and did his best to actually work some of the knots out of her. He worked his way down her arms trying to not be quick to pounce on her more sensitive areas. Even though he hadn’t touched anything erotic she had already closed her eyes and was breathing softly and rhythmically.

He reapplied the oil to his fingers and began to rub her upper chest. He could feel she had some muscle tone here and was impressed by her obvious dedication to the gym. His hands moved down to her breasts where he rubbed more gently. Instead of making a massage motion with his fingers he instead pressed them lightly into the soft flesh and let his fingers trail around each boob in a spiraling motion that eventually ended with him caressing her nipples between his thumb and index finger. This brought a gentle moan from her that caused a small tear drop of cum to drip out of the tip of his dick.

His erection hung over her left arm as his own hands worked on her. As the drop of cum splashed on her elbow she must have thought it was just some wayward oil dripping off of him. She didn’t even open her eyes. He could feel the liquid drip out of him and for a second he was concerned with his leakage getting on her but he quickly resumed what he was doing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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