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Ken sat cross-legged in the middle of the room, unsure of where Lilith and Matt were in the room.

Lilith had blindfolded Ken before making him disrobe. Ken couldn’t see the look on Lilith or Matt’s faces when he took of his underwear, but he could hear Matt’s snicker as the small steel cage flopped out from behind the elastic of his underwear.

Lilith laughed lightly. “awww, what a cute little thingy you have, cuck!” Lilith and Matt laughed together.

“So,” came Matt’s voice, “is he always like this?” he inquired. Ken heard the unmistakable sound of kissing for a moment before a response came.

“mmm, only when I’m getting ready for you!” she giggled. More wet kissing sounds. “I usually lock his little thing up a few days, sometimes a week, before meeting up with a friend, just to get him in the right headspace and to remind him why we do this.”

They continued kissing softly, and Ken heard the unmistakable sound of Lilith moan softly. “And how long does he have to stay locked up after we’re together, baby?” Matt asked.

“Ohhhh, we don’t have a strict rule. Sometimes he gets unlocked immediately. Sometimes the next day. It just depends,” came the response.

“Ok, so then this time, when did you lock him up?”

Lilith thought for a moment. “It was Tuesday I think.”

“Ok, so it’s been 3 days, and so this time how long will he stay locked after tonight?”

Lilith thought again for a moment. Ken felt the air shift as someone moved in the room around him. He felt someone’s presence near, confirmed moments later as Lilith when she spoke. “I don’t know, Matt, how long do you think I should leave his poor little clitty locked in his cold, metal cage?” She was using a baby-talk voice, the condescension clear in her voice as Ken felt her finger nails scrape softly over his scrotum.

She increased the pressure of the scrape before pinching the skin harder between her nails. Ken grimaced, but she didn’t let up. After a moment realizing there was no response, she spoke again.

“No seriously, Matt, you decide. Tell me how long you want me to keep my little cuck’s little man-clit locked and inaccessible?”

Matt laughed softly. “Really, you want me to decide? Why?”

“Because he deserves to have a real man take control of his little bits,” came the unhesitating reply. “I want him to know that the man that’s about to fuck his wife’s wet pussy is going to decide when he gets to cum again.” Her mouth was close to Ken’s ear, the heat from her breath making the hair stand up on the back of Ken’s neck.

Ken once again felt the air move as Matt drew near. Lilith gasped at something and Ken could feel her face next to his, her head pointed upward. Her hair was rustling and it was obvious Matt had grabbed her by the hair and pulled her back to look up at him, her head right next to Ken’s.

Ken could feel Matt, standing directly in front of them, inching closer.

“There you go baby,” Matt sighed. Ken felt his body directly in front of his face and hear the unmistakable slurping sounds of Lilith taking his cock into her mouth. “Yeah, just like that baby. Make this little cuck listen to you feed on my big, meaty dick.”

The room was silently for a few moments, only the soft sounds of Lilith’s gag reflex as she deepthroated her lover. Matt spoke again.

“Honestly, I’m not sure the little cuck deserves to cum anytime soon, baby. I think he needs to know just how much of a little slut his precious wifey is for my cock.”

“Ughhh, huhhhnngh” came the guttural reply as Lilith tried to respond “uh huh” with a mouthful of dick. Ken felt Matt pull back as he responded, “say it out loud baby, so he can hear you.”

“Yes, Matt, please make my cuck know just how much of a slut I am for your big, manly cock!” Lilith panted, her body heaving, pressed against Ken’s side as she gulped for air during the brief respite.

“Here baby, come around the side here,” Matt was saying as Ken felt Lilith repositioning 90 degrees to his side. Her face leaned in right in front of his, and he could feel her breathing. Then he suddenly felt the head of Matt’s dick press against his cheek as Lilith licked the shaft.

“See cuck, this is what a man’s dick feels like on your face. A feeling Lilith is finally going to get used to with me around,” he laughed as he pulled away. Lilith once again was repositioning, this time on her hands and knees facing Ken.

“So here’s what we’re going to do, cuck,” Matt continued as he positioned himself behind Lilith doggystyle. “Lilith is going to unlock your little clit now, and you’re going to sit there, uncaged, while I drive my cock deep into Lilith’s dripping wet pussy. We’re going to start with your chastity sentence at one month, but I’m going to subtract one day for every minute you last without cumming while you listen to me fuck your wife like the little slut that she is. Deal?”

Ken knew the right answer before even having time to think about it, as Lilith was already fondling with the lock on his cage, inserting the key.

“Umm, yes, sir, that Marmaris Escort works, I guess,” he said, unsure of himself. He felt the lock snap open and Lilith slide it out and set it aside, gasping as she did so.

“Yeah, baby, god your pussy is so tight!” Matt exclaimed as Lilith paused what she was doing and moaned loudly.

“God, Matt, yes, fuck me!” she begged, panting. Ken felt her body start to shake, her head poking into his stomach with each slow stroke as Matt fucked her slowly from behind. Lilith still managed to pull the cage off and toss it to the side, but didn’t bother with the cock ring, as Matt was picking up the pace. Lilith’s face fell into Ken’s lap, on his thigh, her mouth inches from his rapidly stiffening cock as Matt drove deeper and faster into her pussy.

“Yeah baby, tell me how much you love it. Tell your cuck what you’re feeling!”

Lilith was moaning, begging Matt “yes, yes, yes, more, please, more!”

“Tell him!” Matt ordered.

“Oh god baby, it’s so good. Mmmm, yes! Cuck, he feels so good in me. I love it, I love it. Yes baby, fuck me! Harder!” she was yelling.

Matt was fucking her with power now, deep and fast, the sound of slapping skin emanating between Lilith’s vocal moaning into Ken’s lap. Ken knew he wasn’t going to last long, but was trying desperately not to cum, hoping he could stave off the orgasm without direct stimulation, but listening to the fucking and the sounds from his wife, he knew it was going to be difficult.

Lilith repositioned, extending her arms up so she was on all fours and she continued getting drilled. Her mouth was by Ken’s ear now and she let loose with her teasing, moaning her taunts into her cucks ears.

“Fuck, baby, listen to how good Matt fucks me. Yes, Matt, more, more! Mmmmmmm. Baby, he makes me feel so good…so, so good baby, his thick dick, bigger than I’ve ever felt your little clit inside me, god it feels so good baby. I need him. My cunt needs him, baby. It’s always going to need his big, thick, hard cock to make me cum like you’ve never been able to with your little clit. Fuck!!”

She lost track of what she was saying as Matt’s pistoning edged her toward her first orgasm and her face collapsed back to Ken’s lap, grazing his cock slightly and setting him off. She felt the warm cum erupting onto her neck and face, which normally would gross her out but she simultaneously crested into an orgasm of her own with a loud, long, “fuuuuuuuuuck, yessss, baby harder, harder, please, more, more, more! Ahhhiiiiiii”.

Matt continue slamming into her, not letting Lilith down from her orgasm as she continued to moan and scream into Ken’s lap as the pulsing between her thighs continued in intensity with each stroke of the large shaft penetrating her.

“Oh baby, yeah, I’m gonna cum,” Matt grunted.

“Yes baby, fuck me Matt. Fill me up with your cum.”

“unghh” Matt grunted again. “Here it is baby, oh yeah, right…there…”

“Yes, Matt, yes!” Lilith screamed again, cresting into another orgasm. “Oh god, baby, yes, fill me with your cum, Matt! Fill my tight married pussy with your cum!” she moaned half inteligibly as she felt his shaft swell and begin to fire rope and after rope of Matt’s load deep inside of her.

“Oh god, baby, I can feel it! Oh, my cuck, I can feel Matt’s cum emptying into me. God yes! Matt, yes,” she was hissing, breathing heavily as the fucking slowed and she rode her orgasm back down.

“mmmmmm, she moaned again, straightening back up on her arms as she pushed back against Matt’s dick, milking his shaft for every ounce of his spunk. “God, cuck, that was so incredible. Did you enjoy listening as Matt unload his seed deep inside your Goddesses’ pussy while you’re little clit leaked your pussy juice onto me?”

She kissed him softly as she teased him, relishing in the feeling of Matt holding his dick burried deep insider her sloppy pussy.

“Yes, Goddess, thank you for letting me take part in that,” Ken replied meekly.

Lilith pushed Ken onto his back, her face ending up midway up his body at his crotch. She could feel Matt’s dick wilting insider her and knew he’d have to pull out any moment, so she wanted to be prepared. She looked to the side and saw the cage, reaching to grab it as she confirmed that the ring was still firmly seated around Ken’s spent dick.

“God, Lilith, your ass is so sexy!” Matt sighed. Lilith giggled and looked over her should at him, shacking her ass from side-to-side playfully.

“Thanks, baby, for the compliment and for the fucking! That was exactly what I needed! So I’m glad you got to enjoy the view too!” Lilith responded.

Matt noticed the cage in her hand. He appeared slightly sheepish in the post orgasm drop, unsure of what his place in this still was, but Lilith, still riding the warmth of her orgasm, allayed his nervousness, anticipating what he was thinking.

“Yes, baby, I was serious. It’s your decision how long he will stay locked up and I’m planning to stick to it. She looked forward at her cuck, laying flat Marmaris Escort Bayan on the floor, arms to his side. She leaned forward and felt Matt’s dick slip out of her, and without missing a beat so she didn’t make a mess, she jumped sideways in a 180, so her head was now pointed toward Matt as she threw one leg over Ken’s head to the other side and settled her worn pussy back onto his face.

Ken smelled the pungent smell of his wife’s sex mixed with another man’s cum before he felt the wet on his chin as Lilith slid back to find his mouth. “Open up cuck, and do your job!” Lilith ordered.

Ken opened his mouth and was immediately greeted with the salty taste of Matt’s cum oozing from Lilith’s gorgeous lips. He licked slowly and deeply up her snatch, letting it slide into his throat as Lilith sighed softly. “Yeah, baby, just like that. Slow and soft. Clean that man cum out of my pussy before you clean your sissy cum off my face and neck.

Ken had forgotten all about that, but Lilith hadn’t. He felt her hands on his dick as she chuckled. “Aww, cucky, what am I going to do with you? Matt was so kind to give you every opportunity to earn a short sentence and you couldn’t even last a minute!”

She laughed out loud at that. “And Matt, look at this!” She laughed again. “This is what my cuck’s sorry excuse for penis looks like after he cums!” They both laughed hard, Ken could feel Lilith’s body shaking on top of his as he continued to lap up Her bull’s cum out of Lilith’s pussy. “Seriously, have you seen a little penis this small after cumming?!”

Lilith flicked it so it feel sideways, but it barely moved with how small it had retreated back into Ken’s body.

She sighed again loudly. “Well, Matt said you started with a month and get a day less for every minute you lasted. You lasted one minute, so based on that pathetic performance, you get one day less than a month. So 29 days, cuck.”

She paused for a second before continuing, and this time Ken could hear the humor in Lilith’s voice. “Actually, we should probably be fair and, since Matt didn’t specify the length of the month, we should obviously default to what the longest possible that a month could be, so that’s 31 days. One day off means a 30 day sentence.

Ken’s body jerked involuntarily as she finished her comment with a chuckle but touching the cold steel of the cage to his limp penis. He felt her wiggle it over his little clit, meeting the eyehole up with the peg of the cock ring and seating it firmly into place. She pushed herself up slightly so she wasn’t laying flat on Ken, allowing gravity to let the last of Matt’s cum flow from her pussy into Ken’s mouth.

“Matt, be a sweetie and grab me that lock over there,” Lilith asked. A moment later Ken felt the slight pulling at the cage as he heard the lock click into place. As it did, Lilith swung a leg back over Ken’s head, removing her pussy from his face, and Ken whimpered slightly.

“uh uh, cuck, this pussy isn’t yours for 30 days. I just needed you to clean me so my thong doesn’t get dirty with Matt’s cum. That wasn’t for your enjoyment.” She grabbed him by the hair and pulled him back into a sitting position. He winced in pain at the hair pull but felt his face being pressed into Lilith’s neck, his cum smearing onto his face.

“You still have more work to do.” He immediately started licking her skin, the cum having run all down her neck and onto her shoulders and collar bone. Lilith continued while he cleaned her.

“So here’s how this is going to work, cucky. You fucked everything up by shooting off your pathetic little sissy juice after only one minute. I don’t know what you were thinking the outcome of this would be, but you are absolutely staying locked up per Matt’s instructions for the next 30 days.” She paused for moment before continuing as Ken finished slurping down the last of his salty cum from her chest.

She pushed him off her and into a sitting position again as she resettled onto the floor.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned softly. Ken wasn’t sure what was happening, but he heard the sounds of soft kissing as Lilith moaned. She gasped slightly, “ohhh, yes, pinch my nipples Matt.” What Ken couldn’t see was that Lilith had leaned back and settled her back into Matt’s chest. Matt had reached around and started playing with and pinching Lilith’s nipples as they kissed softly.

After several minutes of this Lilith broke Ken’s darkened silence again by continuing:

“So while you’re locked up for the next 30 days, I’m giving Matt both the key to your cage, and a key to the house. He’ll be coming over whenever he wants to get laid, or whenever I reach out to him for a fuck. Because one thing is for damn sure, I’m not going without sex just because you can’t control your little clit. Do you understand me?”

“Yes mistress,” was all Ken could muster.

“That’s a good cuck,” was all she could manage before giving herself back to the passion she was feeling from the man holding her in her strong arms.

Taking control of the situation and Escort Marmaris feeling his dick start to engorge again for round two, poking against Lilith’s ass, he pushed her forward, spinning her by her shoulder and laying her back onto the floor next to where Ken sat.

“Lay back cuck, and put your head next to your Goddesses’ head,” Matt ordered, and Ken immediately obeyed, their two bodies forming a slight “V” as their heads touched temple to temple. Matt climbed up over Lilith, positioning his dick at her opening again and she moaned softly, her mouth opening and back arching in anticipation, but instead Matt held the head of his dick stationary, pressing ever so slightly at her wet pussy.

“I want your cuck to hear you beg me to make love to you, Lilith,” Matt said.

“Oh Matt, please,” Lilith begged without hesitation. “Please, Matt, I need you. I need your dick. I’ve never needed a dick so badly in my life, please, come, make love to me, Matt!” Lilith begged and, as she said his name, he pushed straight into her, filling her up as she moaned her appreciation.

“Yessssss, baby, yes, take me. I’m yours Matt, take me. Fuck me. Make love to me, Matt!” she hissed as he started to fuck her slowly, planting his mouth on hers. Ken listened as the two passionately rocked their bodies in an unspoken rhythm. This time less animalistic and more passionate and needy than before.

The gasping and moaning, and grasping at each others bodies as they intertwined as one, Matt’s dick pistoning deep into Lilith’s pussy, this time slowly and methodically, emanated throughout the room as Ken listened and felt their copulation happening next to him on the floor.

Lilith’s gasping and panting was interspersed with out-of-breath demands for “more” and “harder” and “right there”. Their bodies were shaking and Lilith was panting on the verge of crying as she audibly moaned her pleasure, her hands clawing at Matt’s back.

She wrapped her legs around his ass, pushing him deeper into her, feeling the bulb of his dick spread her cervix and she held him there, groaning as the warmth spread through her abdomen and out he body. Matt rocked slightly and softly, the minimal motion sending shock waves up Lilith’s cervix and throughout her abdomen.

“Ohhhh, fuuuuuuuuck,” Lilith groaned as her first orgasm hit, her legs pushing Matt’s ass as his dick continued it’s micro-strokes deep insider her.

Matt grunted and she knew he was going to cum, this time directly into her cervix, and she relished in the ability to let it happen without worry, trusting in the pill to experience something she had never been able to experience before, as she was filled with a dick that reached places her husband had never been able to.

Her moan was one unceasing string of sounds as she pulled him deeper, riding the wave of pleasure caused by the giant shaft in her cervix, and she crested yet another orgasm, her back arching off the floor as Matt started to pump his cum deep inside of her. She panted and moaned through her orgasm as he filled her and slowed the rock, collapsing his sweat body on top of hers. They kissed softly as Lilith’s had fell limp next to her and she found her cuck’s arm there, their fingers intertwining.

After a few minutes of just the sound of labored breathing reverberating through the room, Matt stirred and pushed up on his hands, pulling his limp dick out of Lilith’s stretched pussy.

“Mmmm, cuck, back to work again!” she said as she pulled his hand, motioning for him to come over between her legs as she lifted them slightly rocking her pelvis back, exposing or abused sex to her still blind-folded husband.

He dove in, lapping up their mixed juices and Lilith, still reeling from such powerful orgasms, sighed heavily and enjoyed the slow lapping of her cuck’s tongue as Matt climbed over on hands on knees, kissing her deeply.

“God, you are so sexy, Lilith,” he commented between kisses. “And this…scene, or whatever. Fuck!”

They both laughed as they looked down at Lilith’s husband cleaning Matt’s cum out of her pussy.

“Yeah, kind of surreal, I guess,” Lilith giggled.

“So, maybe we do something like this again soon?”

Lilith lifted her head and planted a deep kiss on Matt before lying back to the floor and smiling. “What are you doing Sunday?” she replied playfully.

“Nothing that can’t be moved!” Matt responded energetically.

“Cuck, get off me!” Lilith barked, causing him to retreat slightly so she could rock up onto her knees. He had cleaned her enough that she didn’t feel Matt’s semen running down her legs so she stood, leaving her cuck on his stomach on the floor. She found where she had tossed the key to Ken’s cage and picked it up, walking back over to Matt as he was gathering up his clothes. They kissed again deeply before Lilith reached to hand Matt the key before thinking better of that move. She turned around and crouched, grabbing Ken by the arm and pulling, prompting him to stand up.

She leaned in close to his right ear and whispered, “I’m going to take off the blindfold now, and then you’re going to hand this key to Matt.” She pressed the key into his hand. “I want you to tell him that he now has complete ownership over your little nub and tell him you look forward to him pleasing your wife for the next 30 days while he owns you. Do you understand?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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