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My new friend Bill’s package was big. His size nearly matched my 16 inch circumference. I tugged my Bull Master Magnum off. He slowly slid off his ASTJ. He joined me on the bed. An dropped his pumped up engorgement on top of mine. He scissored me our greased up scrotums were slightly tacky. I could feel the warmth of his big balls on mine. Our 2 dicks flopping around as he ground into me. I liked this but I invited him to do the same but on my face.

He spun around and slowly lowered his shaved testicles on my face. I laid still and enjoyed the weighty feel as he smothered my face with his moist skin. Breathing through my nose at first. I eventually opened my mouth and allowed my tongue to explore his thick skinned balls. He must have liked this because he sighed and started to stay in contact position. Cupping his ass with my hands I guided him into place. Rolling my wet tongue and face across his taint stimulating his prostate and massaging his inner groin. Bill, now fully aroused wanted more. He tea bagged me a few minutes more before feeding me his oiled up salty precum covered cock.

Bill’s pumped up cock was a thick 8 inches around. In our current position I could only take down so much of the shaft. I concentrated beşevler escort up the head. I took my time because I wanted him and this situation to last. It was when I slowed down the pace Bill decided my pump needed some attention.

He leaned forward and began playing with my package. He slid his palms down interlocked his fingers and hoisted my balls with his warm hands. He gently massaged and repeatedly lifted my scrotum then allowed it to fall back down. I kept my sucking action going while he kneaded my thick skin. He spit into his hands and rubbed it all over. He seemed fascinated with trying to separate my 2 balls. Just as my balls were beginning to feel sore from all this play Bill rolled us on to one side and we began to 69.

My cock was soft and thick to begin with. But his talented tongue and quick pace had me reacting quickly. I eventually tired having started my blowjob 20 mins earlier. I laid back caught my breath and enjoyed what I was receiving. Bill continued sucking my dick. Taking it out of his mouth to marvel at how much fun we were having. And to make comments on how great it felt to be playing with pumped up cock and balls. He paused briefly to put his tube back on. He wanted cebeci escort fluffed up again. Once he got a good seal. He handed me the trigger to keep him growing. Then he returned to finishing me off.

I enjoyed the look of taking the air pressure up and down in his ASTJ. About as much as I was enjoying getting blown. Just as I was about to drop my load I took the air pressure up and kept him fully aroused. When I shot I gave his air trigger 4 quick squeezes which first caused Bill to wince a bit then compliment me on the fine idea. Then he asked me If I was ready to pay for that?

He ordered me to turn over and get on all fours. I knew what he had in mind but I was not sure it was possible. Bill took the air trigger away from me and controlled it himself. With his free hand he scooped some of the cum I splashed on him and applied it directly to my asshole. He then proceeded to eat my hole. Which I absolutely enjoyed. He reached around and slapped my deflating empty balls. I enjoyed that to. Then I heard the familiar hissing sound of the air trigger release. The ASTJ was coming off.

Bill’s refreshed pumped up cock and balls were about to be free and go to work. I reached over to the night stand and kolej escort handed Bill some lubricant. He thought that was a good idea. I heard him squeeze out a lot and heard him slicken up his cock with a few hardening strokes. I tried to mentally prepare myself for what I knew was going to be hard fought pounding. Then I felt it. The wet tip of his dick at the entrance of my hole. He pressed forward. The thick soft skin splitting it’s way in. I grit my teeth as he slowly made his way. Oh my god. What a pleasurable piercing feeling.

Bill held the base of his cock as he steadily pushed it in me. I tried to relax as much as possible. But this was a fat pumped up 7in long 8in around cock fresh out the tube. I squealed and shook my head it felt delirious. I can only imagine how it felt on his end. We paused once he got it fully inside. Then he began to work it. I gasped and grunted a lot. Then reached under me to jack my own cock. Bill built up a comfortable pace. I asked him to lube us up a few more times. He fucked me bareback for almost 20 mins. Then without much warning he dumped his load inside of me. We rolled over.

His cock and load still inside of me. He pushed my hands away and took over stroking my dick. I creamed a small second load on his fingers. He took a taste off of one of his fingers before wiping the rest off on my hip. We laid then spent. Once his swelled up cock softened he slowly pulled out of me. And we both basked in the feelings before drifting off for a nap together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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