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Being your god is hard work. Always begging to be stuffed full of me and flooded with my hot potent seed, but as one of my loyal followers you will always be rewarded. Today was no different, you awoke in my bed with the morning light creeping through the window, the sheets barely cover our naked bodies. I led in the centre, one girl nestled up to my chest another rolled with her back facing me and you laying at my feet. The large mattress was plush and supportive under your supple body, hand picked by me to be a part of my breeding harem you are a perfect specimen to carry my children. As a fairly new member of my group you were yet to be impregnated, but you are dying to change that and deep in your womb you felt like today would be the day.

The girl to my right that slept soundly on my chest was already swollen with my child and you envied her femininity. Through your blurry morning vision you watch as she rests upon my firm body, glowing with motherhood as her heavy breast rises and falls with each breath she takes. You envy her curves, the wide hips that gradually grow in readiness for childbirth, the round tits that swell with milk in preparation for feeding my offspring and her perfect form that radiates health and beauty. You crave it for yourself more than anything and since joining my harem you have done everything you can to achieve it. However so far none such luck.

Watching me sleep your mind ponders how you can be the next one to bear my seed, you study my broad shoulders leading down to my thick forearms as the rising heat between your thighs travels up your sweet and innocent little body. You gaze at my strong thighs doused with dark hair, trailing up my body back to my firm chest where it reaches my neck. The few inches that are shaved clean before a light stubble that coats my jaw leading up to a head of messy brown hair, my shining blue eyes still sealed shut as I sleep. Your adoration is reaffirmed with each passing second as the need for me grows and overtakes your thoughts. The silky sheets just obscure my cock from view and you know as soon as you lay eyes upon it you won’t be able to control yourself any longer. The girl on my chest yawns and rolls, leaving me free for you to take action and instantly you tear away the fabric of the bed covers to pounce upon your god’s cock.

It lays semi hard, heavy and thick, draped across my hip and slowly swells as you grow closer. You’d never thought you could be a part of a harem before but after the first taste of my stiff veiny prick you knew you could never live without it again and after the first time your cervix was kissed by its round mushroom head you became addicted to it. Now seeing it the warmth that was present in your sex becomes a fire and you feel the first drops of your sweet nectar escape your pussy. You still gaped a little from the night before but the growing wetness will prove easy work for you to stretch yourself around its full girth as it shoots the morning’s load deep into your body. You bring your face closer to it and drink in the smell of pure masculinity, traces of the other girl’s cunts as well as your own can still be detected but despite your better judgement your body shivers with anticipation in place of anything else.

You take the stiffening shaft in your hand briefly, gently stroking it with wonderment esenyurt escort as it fills with blood. The veins that map the surface bulge and it slowly lengthens in your grip, the heavy sack that waits beneath jumps and stirs to life. The large orbs churning and swelling to whip up a fresh batch of my baby batter while you service my growing cock. You plant a small kiss on its tip, sampling the pre cum that begins to seep from its flared slit as it reaches its final potential. The god like staff would be intimidating to most but you know it’s perfection is unrivaled and every moment that you remain empty of it is almost painful as your aching quim begs you for it. Crawling up the bed you straddle my trunk like thighs and position yourself over the hard rod.

Your dripping womanhood grazes over the warm appendage, your swollen lips dragging across its veiny surface as you grind it softly against the entrance to your burning cunt. You bite your lip and your eyes close as you fight the urge to ram yourself full of the erect altar. Your pussy rubs over the head and you guide the thick round tip between your labia until you feel the pressure at the pink fleshy opening. Letting your weight drop the slick hole spreads apart and instantly you are stretched around the large tool, you gasp quietly and allow yourself a moment as the gape grows and adjusts to accommodate the invading shaft. I groan slightly in my sleep as my body and more importantly my cock are used by you, looking down at me in admiration your brain tingles with joy as you sink deeper onto my throbbing member, knowing that soon you would be shot full of my potency.

Then you begin to feel the satisfaction. The sensation that only comes with being stuffed full of your god’s big cock, as your sopping sex takes another inch of my titanic tool you are met with resistance. Your cervix pushes back against the tip of my shaft, the walls of your pussy strain wrapped around the girthy member and you elicit a stifled squeal as your hips meet mine. From underneath you can feel the swelling nuts that stand ready to gift you with seed, they twitch and jump assuring you that your needs will be met. You then lose control a little, trying hard to stay upright as your quake with pleasure, your first orgasm of the morning overpowering your senses and making you fall further under my spell. Here I lay sound asleep and my unconscious erection was enough to get you off without even trying. Never had a man been so blessed, your past lovers gone in an instant as your shivers slow and your body begs for more.

That did the trick however. With the added relaxation and extra wetness you drop a final inch onto my hard pulsing cock. The space behind your cervix now occupied by a firm round head and as you grind your hips you remember all the reasons why you could not leave this harem even if you wanted to. The sensations that you never felt before me, so powerful and so life changing, grinding yourself against me with a thick shaft buried deep within you, nothing could ever come close to the happiness you feel. Except maybe getting made pregnant. Your determination overcomes your fatigue and you start to bounce slightly on my cock, your fornice caressing the swollen tip of my aching prick as you fuck me with a single minded purpose. As your thrusts become more violent I begin zeytinburnu escort to stir, my brains first thought is one of desire, as my eyes open I watch for a moment as you will yourself to continue. Your ample breasts sway and leap with each throw of your hips, your perky ass drops down like a cushion onto my thighs and your curved hips beg to be grasped as you become noisier with every stroke of my cock.

Reaching up I gently grip your hips, your hands cover mine with a guilty realisation and you freeze, slowly looking down to meet my gaze. My bright blue eyes shine up at you and you are greeted by a warm smile, my hands playfully pinch your hips and I give a small thrust upwards. You lose balance and lie down on me and I take the opportunity to trap you in a kiss. Your groans meet mine as we make out, I gyrate inside of you, stirring the pleasure pot that sits deep in your body and my hands grab at your pert butt squeezing it tightly and pulling you down onto my cock. I growl softly and hold you tight against me, I love that one of my girls wanted to wake me up like this and I tense my shaft in gratitude, the extra swelling makes you cry out as your cunt is stretched that bit more. I revel in this moment for a while, you wail with ecstasy in my arms as I make you feel exactly how you wanted to, I cradle you as another shuddering climax washes over you.

You fall silent for a moment before returning with laboured breathing, your entire body shakes and your pussy clamps around me. I just grin, knowing how difficult it must have been to keep quiet as long as you did I decide to give you what I know you want. All my girls reach this point, the jealousy of seeing another woman with my child eventually outweighs the initial need for pure pleasure. Just looking at you I can tell it’s time for the next step. Your bouncing bosom just begs to swell with milk and your already wide hips would look so much better with a few extra inches to curve around. My balls ache in agreement and I take over this tryst for the finale. Scooping you up into my lap I kneel and lift you, spinning us around I nestle between your thighs and bury my lips in your neck. Your nails claw at me and your feet wrap themselves around me, digging your heels into my ass.

My cock effortlessly sinks into your cunt, the buttery cream that gathers around the hole drips down into the sheets and tells me one thing. Your body has an egg for me and it needs to be flooded with sperm so that you can be the woman you were always meant to be. My pounding thrusts only get faster as your existence is transformed into one with a single purpose, in this moment you are made to receive my cum, your moans are stifled as I slip a finger into your mouth. You suck on the digit as I hold you under me, fucking at your fertile little sex with wanton desire. Your brain can’t keep up with your body as the pleasure comes too fast to process, every nerve in your cunt is tightly stretched around my shaft and is played like an instrument with every thrust of my hips. I bring my lips to your ear and start to whisper softly as my balls slap against your ass with abandon.

“This is what you wanted isn’t it” I say, my raspy morning voice crackles into your ear drum “You wanted to be made a mother right?” You nod and groan yes as another taksim escort bayan thrust of my swollen prick brushes past your cervix. “You want my cum, my seed, you want to swell with my child” You nod uncontrollably and squeal with delight as my thick rod ravages your dripping cunt. “I will fulfill your purpose” I start, my deep voice coercing you with my words “I will make you mother to my children and every day of your pregnancy I will fill your pussy with my hot sticky load” That was too much for you. You release my finger and howl in ecstasy as your body shudders and spasms beneath me. Trapped under my weight you wallow in your pleasure as my cock slides in and out of your fertile snatch, coaxing more of your orgasm as each push fills your walls with my throbbing hard member.

I groan into your ear as my balls tighten and I feel the deep ache begin to build in readiness for my own orgasm. My shaft stiffens and grows thicker as my head opens wide and flows with pre cum, your insides are plastered with a mixture of our juices and your ovulation only serves to help. My thrusting slows, your sex clinging to the surface of my veiny prick, pleading it to let loose and fill you with my seed. It won’t be long before I am unable to hold back and the heaviness in my sack tells me I have a lot to give. My urgency grows as my cock head becomes more and more sensitive, it strains inside you as I approach my climax and you hold me closely as I prepare to make you a mother.

Your senses return long enough for you to feel as my cum bubbles up through the shaft of my pulsing prick. The tension starts in my balls as the final slap against your ass starts the flow of spunk, it rockets through my aching appendage and forces your snatch apart that tiny bit more as it pours it’s load deep into your cunt. The flared head twitches and fires off wad after wad of hot steamy cream. It splashes against your cervix and coats the walls of your pussy with a torrent of thick baby batter, the invading liquid seeps into your womb and warms you deep inside and your brain feels a new kind of satisfaction. This was not an orgasm and yet you felt euphoric and happy, your body being bred by your god as your sex is filled to the brim with a potent and powerful load of sperm. Your legs tighten around me as I continue pumping for what feels like almost a minute, my never ending stream of semen emptying into your ovaries as I lie breathless and spent on top of you.

You are certain that did the job. As I regain my strength I pull my cock from within your now sloppy hole, the lips of your pussy pulling at my softening prick until it drops free with the weight of itself. Your gaping entrance is glowing red and a whitish coating shines across the fleshy mound, drops of our combined fluids litter your sex and a strand of cum connects the tip of my shaft to the reservoir inside you. The copious spunk remains firmly inside you, the sticky nectar is viscous and seals your snatch shut, ensuring that your insemination will take. Since your stomach feels warm and tingles you are confident that the wave of ball batter that now occupies your womb is hard at work. For a moment you day dream about the girl next to me and how you will look once your body is transformed for childbirth and you smile knowing that my seed will be nurtured by you. I lie next to you and you take your place on my chest now, the next girl to be blessed with my child. I think to myself how I can’t wait for your pregnancy hormones to kick in and how much you’ll be begging to be fucked by your god once you are permanently aroused and sensitive to everything.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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