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My wife Amy and I had been married for five years now. Our sex life was good, but every once in awhile my eyes started to wander. My wife and I were at a club one Saturday night. We were just going to have a couple of drinks and then head for home and make love. There was this big brunette I couldn’t take my eyes off of. Amy saw what I was staring at.

“Do you like her?” My wife said.

I hated to be so obvious, but I told Amy that woman was so hot. Amy got up from our table and ended up walking towards the brunette woman. I was sort of shocked to see my wife strike up a conversation with the object of my desire. As Amy talked I could see this woman looking over towards me. She smiled and before you knew it, both women were walking back to our table.

“Tom, this is Joyce.”

I stood up and shook her hand. Both women sat down and I ordered more drinks.

“I told Joyce that you were attracted to her and she agreed to come home with us tonight.”

You could have knocked me over with a feather. Both women were smiling and giggling at the thought of the three of us together. We didn’t waste much more time at the bar. Joyce followed us back home in her car. We got inside the house and then the fun began. I watched first as both women started to kiss one another. My dick was growing in my pants as Amy began to remove Joyce’s clothes. My wife is a petite blonde with small tits. Joyce, on the other hand, had dark brown taksim escort hair and was full fingered.

I found out how full figured when Amy stripped Joyce out of her clothes. Once Amy unsnapped Joyce’s bra and pulled her panties off, I almost creamed myself. Amy led Joyce back to the bedroom. I was left alone. I quickly took off my clothes and followed both women back to our bed. The women hadn’t wasted any time. Amy was now naked and on her back and Joyce was in between my wife’s thighs. I watched Joyce used her tongue to lick up and down Amy’s slit.

It didn’t take much for my cock to get hard looking at that. I sat down in a chair we had in the bedroom. I watched as both women were getting into it. Amy was crying out as Joyce used her fingers and tongue to lick her wet slit. Amy had her hands in Joyce’s hair, urging her to make Amy’s pussy burn with desire. I sat and stroked my cock for a few minutes when Joyce looked over my way. She waved for me to join them on the bed.

I climbed in behind Joyce. She had her face down and her bottom was pushed up. I placed my hands on her hips and I eased my mushroom in past her damp folds. Just like that, both woman were making these love noises. I was thrusting harder now into Joyce’s pussy. I could hear slurping noises as Joyce was bringing my wife to a boiling point. I was surprised that Joyce got Amy to squirt. My wife never topkapı escort does that. The next thing I see, juices flying up from Amy’s pussy. Some of the jets of sticky cream even managed to hit me.

I guess all that hot fucking did finally get to me. We must have fucked for close to an hour. I tried to hold on, but I had to let go. I drove my prick in the whole way inside Joyce and I roared. My hot cum came streaming out and I gave Joyce a creampie. I just kept pumping my dick into my brunette lover. She used her pussy muscles and squeezed me hard. My balls ached as I shot all my steamy spunk into Joyce. I can tell you that was some intense lovemaking once we finished. I did finally pull my dick out of Joyce.

“Tom, come here,” I heard Amy call out to me.

I moved closer to my wife’s face. She reached out and held my cock at the base. Amy brought my dick to her lips and she started cleaning all the love juices Joyce and I produced. My dick was already so sensitive as Amy made these slurping sounds. She took my prick all the way down her throat and cleaned me off. Joyce managed to join in and both woman took turns licking my spent shaft.

Joyce stayed the night with us. In the morning we had another fuck session. This time Joyce made me hard with her mouth. Amy then mounted me and lowered herself onto my rod. My wife was bouncing up and down on my cock. Joyce tuyap escort started to fondle and suck on Amy’s nipples. That got Amy so worked up. Her pussy had me in a tight grip. I soon felt Joyce reaching down between my legs.

Her hand went to my balls and she squeezed them. Joyce then told me to lift my hips up. I did as she asked and I felt a finger probing my asshole. Joyce pushed one of her fingers into me as I was driving my cock into my wife’s pussy. Joyce must have found my prostate. It got me so wound up I couldn’t control myself. I ended up blasting my load into Amy’s pussy. Amy screamed as I filled her hole with my baby seed. It took some time to recover after that.

The women took a shower together and I went solo. Joyce got dressed and said she had to go. We exchanged phone numbers and made plans to meet up again soon. Later on, Amy and I spoke about the sex we had together with Joyce.

“That was so hot this past weekend,” Amy said to me.

“You know what I was thinking this morning?” She said to me.

“I was thinking about you making Joyce and me pregnant with your hard cock.”

“Are you serious?” I asked my wife.

Amy nodded yes, and I looked at her in amazement. I asked my wife if Joyce knows anything about what we discussed. Amy said she told Joyce in the shower about her fantasy. I just had to know what Joyce’s reply was. Amy said that Joyce would like to think about that, but the idea of both women becoming pregnant together sounded very hot. I could barely believe my ears.

My cock is now hard thinking about having Amy and Joyce in bed again. I haven’t told my wife this, but I do want to take both women again with my bare cock and give them both a big belly. I guess I will just have to wait and see how things play out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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