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If you’re reading this story series and enjoying it, please take the time to comment. This is the third chapter, and I want to know people are appreciating the work before I continue with the story.


Keira started spending more time at Jamie’s. Their weekend assignations were too brief, and they wanted more than quick video chats during the week.

Keira avoided drinking at all on days when she would be staying over at Jamie’s, but regardless of her alcohol intake, whenever she stayed over at his, just before they went to sleep, Jamie would put his girl in a nappy.

The pragmatic manner in which he carried this out every evening, was combined with a reassuring tenderness that Keira found oddly comforting.

Every morning Keira would wake early, and if she was wet, which only happened after she’d been drinking, she’d tiptoe out of bed, clean herself up, and then snuggle back into Jamie’s broad chest. Despite her attempts at not rousing him, most mornings it didn’t work and unbeknownst to her, Jamie’s cock sprang into life as he watched her careful embarrassed waddle into the bathroom, but he never let on that he saw her. He didn’t want her to feel worse than she already did.

Keira noticed with a sense of alarm that it wasn’t just binge-drinking that caused her to wake up wetter than Noah’s Ark; these days it didn’t take much more than a couple of glasses of wine. Although she avoided alcohol on “Jamie nights,” she did enjoy unwinding with a drink or two after work. She had been using mattress protectors at home, but she was getting fed up of having to wash her sheets, and her flat was beginning to smell like a backstreet alley on a Friday night.

And so, without admitting to Jamie, she began wearing nappies at home too.

The first mid-week sleepover at Jamie’s she avoided alcohol all day, which she used as a reason to protest vehemently against his putting her in a nappy that night. But Jamie was having none of it. “If you want to sleep in my bed, you must wear a nappy,” he insisted.

And she really did want to sleep in his bed, so she acquiesced with a petulant shrug. She looked so adorable with her little pout; it only encouraged Jamie even more.

“Aww is my little girl having a tantrum,” he teased.

“I’m not a little girl,” she sulked.

“No, of course not,” he indulged her, “now be a good girl and go to sleep.”

The next morning, her nappy was as dry as when he had put it on her. “See,” she triumphed, “I told you I didn’t need it.” Her eyes shone with a victory as if she’d just won a marathon.

“Well done, darling” Jamie kissed her gently on her lips, “good girl.”

Keira wasn’t quite sure why, but that simple accolade made her glow from the inside out and her eyes beamed with joy. She lay back in sweet submission as Jamie embraced her with sweet tender kisses and made love to his happy little girl.

Jamie would have loved for Keira to spend more time at his place, but she needed her sense of independence, and to be able to enjoy a drink without the resultant embarrassment the next morning. He tried to reassure her that he didn’t mind as long as she wore protection, but Keira couldn’t help but feel ashamed and tried to keep the evidence of her uncontrollable bladder as hidden as possible.

A few weeks passed with Keira spending a couple of nights a week at Jamie’s. With their combined working schedules, they didn’t have time for much, but they did have time to fuck each other like bunnies, and then huddle up together to sleep.

It was an early Tuesday Mersin Escort morning, spring was in the air, the days were getting longer, and Keira woke to the sound of birds chirping outside the window. It was still early, she was dry, which meant she didn’t have to rush out of bed, so Keira snuggled up to Jamie, who within his slumber wrapped his arms tightly around her. She lay there in silent contentment watching the sun’s rays make their hazy presence through the blinds when suddenly she felt the urge to pee.

She attempted, somewhat half-heartedly, to extricate herself from Jamie’s enveloping embrace, but she was so cosy and comfortable, she didn’t really want to move. The desperation to pee was increasing, and she began fidgeting her legs, trying to hold off the threatening deluge. And then the thought popped into her head; she was wearing a nappy, why not use it? Jamie would never know she’d done it on purpose.

With just a brief moment’s hesitation and a quick check to make sure Jamie was still asleep, Keira let go and felt the contents of her bladder gush into her nappy. Usually, Keira woke to a cold, soggy mess, but this was different. The immediate sense of relief was almost orgasmic, and the sensation of the spreading warmth was oddly soothing… even… no, it couldn’t be… was she really getting aroused by wetting her nappy?

With those thoughts swirling in her head, Keira didn’t notice the stirring in Jamie’s groin. He’d actually been awake the entire time. He’d felt her legs jerking in desperation and sneakily waited for the inevitable. As his girl released the warm liquid inside her nappy, his cock twitched and sprang to attention.

“Oh dear, did my little girl have an ickle wickle accident,” he teased gently, not realising that Keira had consciously decided to wet herself.

Keira blushed crimson and wriggled to get away from him. She didn’t want him to see her like this, much less have him know that she had enjoyed peeing her nappy.

But this time Jamie held her back, “don’t go, sweetheart, it’s okay” He pulled her towards him, reached down and felt the wet padding between her legs. Keira stiffened. She was blushing furiously, mortification blooming through her, but Jamie kissed her on the neck and whispered, “do you have any idea how adorably sexy you are right now?”

Keira moaned, a cross between arousal and embarrassment. Jamie kept rubbing the front of her drenched nappy, and the eroticism she had felt earlier increased. Now her moans carried no sense of shame only desperate need, and with Jamie’s ministrations, she violently trembled to the most mind-blowing orgasm she had ever experienced.

With the final throes of her orgasm dying down, Keira’s embarrassment returned with full force. She tried to hide under the covers and disappear, but Jamie slid the duvet off her, her naked body sheening with the sweat of her recent climax, her bulging nappy prominently on display. Keira closed her eyes in shame, as Jamie slowly opened the tabs and pulled the nappy out from under her. Keira wanted to die, for the earth to open up and swallow her whole. It was bad enough that he felt the source of her humiliation, but for him to actually see it, that was too much.

But Jamie took no notice of her discomfort. He slid his body downwards until his mouth reached her wet pussy. He breathed in the heady scent of pee mixed with her arousal and slowly lowered his head to her tender pussy lips. He kissed her smooth mound softly, and then with his fingers opened her up to reveal the luscious pinkness within. Her Mersin Escort Bayan ripe little cunt so wet and open for him, he bent down and took a long lascivious lick. He relished the taste of her musky arousal combined with the salty tang of urine. His tongue cleaned her outer lips, circling closer and closer to her gaping centre, where her milky yearnings were becoming increasingly evident. His tongue darted in and out of her, lapping up her piquant offerings. Her petite body writhed beneath him as he held her down by her abdomen. He could feel her muscles contracting as the peak of her orgasm kept rising. Her legs thrashed beneath him, her fists clenched to her sides, as she convulsed to an all-consuming climax.

The discordant emotions that flowed through her overwhelmed her suddenly, and in the wake of a receding climax, she burst into tears.

Jamie held her tightly as her hot salty tears soaked his chest, and as he soothed her with reassuring words of “it’s okay,” and “you’re my good girl,” she couldn’t explain to him… hell, she couldn’t even explain it to herself, the reason for her sobs.

But that morning had turned a corner for her. No longer did she hurriedly escape from bed on a Saturday morning. Instead, she waited for Jamie to wake her, clean her, and then bring her to earth-shattering orgasms. She still avoided alcohol during her weeknights with Jamie, and on those mornings, she woke up dry. Her wet nights with Jamie were kept purely for the weekend. But at home, she’d allow herself the indulgence of a drink after work, or a glass of wine with dinner. Her tolerance for alcohol was continually decreasing, now all it took was one drink for her to wake up with a very wet nappy.

And on those mornings, in the privacy of her own home, she’d slip her hands inside her saturated mess and bring herself off to orgasm. Slowly but surely, she began looking forward to her evening libation, not for its relaxing qualities, but its inevitable morning conclusion.

A few weeks later, Keira’s flat was being redecorated, and she asked Jamie if she could move into his place for the week. Jamie was thrilled, he loved having her around, and she was becoming so much more comfortable wearing and wetting her nappy in his company. He noticed on more than one occasion that she peed her perfectly dry nappy in the morning rather than leave the warm comfort of his bed and embrace.

He also knew that she found the act of peeing herself incredibly erotic. She could deny it as much as she wanted, but he knew that on those mornings after deliberately flooding her nappy, she was creaming it with the cum of what she believed to be a silent orgasm.

During the week she was staying with Jamie, Keira avoided alcohol. Yes, she was becoming more comfortable peeing, and Jamie seemed to find it incredibly arousing, and, although she would never admit it out loud, so did she. But still, there was an inherent shame to having accidents like a little girl, and she wanted to avoid that.

One evening though, she’d received a bollocking from Justin for something that wasn’t her fault. He later apologised, but she was mad as hell, and her fury was still raging inside of her when she slammed the door of Jamie’s flat shut. It was late, and she hoped Jamie would be home so she could vent to him, and then he’d kiss her and make it all better. But he had sent her a text literally as she was about to leave her office, “Emergency at work. Leftovers in fridge. Be home late. Love you, darling,” with a series of heart emojis.

As she waited for yesterday’s Escort Mersin Chinese to warm up in the microwave, she helped herself to a beer from the fridge. She knew she shouldn’t, but it had been a really tough day, and she needed to relax. With warm food and a cold beer inside of her, Keira felt a little sleepy, and she knew she should get ready in her pyjamas and nappy, but decided to wait up for Jamie. She sat down on his couch and started watching some police procedural on TV and within five minutes had dozed off.

The next thing she knew Jamie was standing in front of her, and he was not happy.

“Looks like someone has had a little accident, doesn’t it?”

Keira’s face registered confusion, but as she looked down, she noticed a prominent dark stain on Jamie’s expensive suede couch.

She jumped up in mortified horror, “oh my god, I am so sorry, I only had one beer a couple of hours ago…I’m so so sorry… I’ll pay for it to get cleaned,” the words tumbled out of her as she kept apologising profusely.

“Keira,” Jamie’s tone was both firm and tender, “I know it was an accident sweetie, but darling, you had a drink and then went to sleep without a nappy. And that’s against the rules of you staying here, isn’t it?”

“I didn’t expect to fall asleep,” she said in a small voice.

“But you were tired, and you knew it was a possibility, didn’t you?”

Keira bit her lip and nodded.

“You know what’s going to happen now, don’t you, little girl.”

Those two little words reminded her of the last time he’d used them, and her eyes widened at the memory. “Oh please Jamie, no… I beg you… I didn’t lie this time… it was an accident…” her voice trailed off as Jamie’s expression forced her to accept the inevitable.

He beckoned her to him. She stood in front of him and blushed a deep beetroot colour slowly slid her cold, wet panties down her legs. Her skirt soon joined the pile.

“Don’t want my expensive work suit to get wet now, would we?”

Humiliation coursed through her veins as two fat salty tears trickled down her face and joined the wet panties, the object of her shame, her scarlet letter, on the floor.

He tapped his knee and with a resignation borne of absolute defeat she draped herself over his lap, her nose a mere couple of inches above the evidence of her shame. With her lower half already completely naked, he needed no preparation to begin spanking her.

She didn’t cry out in pain; instead, she just wept, her pitiful tears joining the wet patch caused by her own folly. The acrid stench of stale urine mingled with the seeping heartbreak of her disgrace. Eventually, she supported her forehead on her arm, which she dejectedly rested on the damp patch and sobbed.

Jamie’s heart almost broke in two. He lifted her on to his knee and held her tightly to his chest.

“Shhh now,” he soothed as she wept piteously. “I’m not doing this to punish you, sweetheart, this was to remind you to be more careful next time.”

Keira shook her head vigorously “I will… I will,” she hiccupped into his taut muscles, “I promise this won’t ever happen again.”

“Maybe you should think about wearing a nappy all the time when you are here,” Jamie mused, “you clearly can’t be trusted around the furniture,” his vain attempt at humour.

Kiera didn’t laugh but nodded vehemently. She never ever wanted to feel this way again, and if wearing nappies all the time at Jamie’s place was the way to avoid it, she was more than willing to do it.

Jamie wasn’t surprised at her response. He hugged her close to his chest and kissing the top of her head, he murmured into her silken hair “good girl.”

He would call the couch cleaning company tomorrow.

Right now, it was time to put his exhausted little girl to bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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