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Sometimes life sucks.

As I slowly climbed the stairs toward my apartment, I reflected on just how bad my life was sucking. It was 9:30 pm, and I had just gotten home from work. I had been there since 6:00 am driving myself to exhaustion trying to meet another ridiculous deadline. Normally, when I worked that late, at least I took solace in the light post rush hour traffic. Tonight, however, there had been a big pileup and what should have been a 30 minute cruise had turned into a 90 minute bump and grind nightmare. Even at that hour, the air was crushingly hot. Still hovering just under triple digits, as far as I could tell.

But hey, no problem. Just crank up the AC and blast some tunes, right? Yeah…no. My air conditioner and stereo were both out of commission. I was planning to fix them soon, but I couldn’t find the time. Well, I didn’t have enough money either.

Miserable job. Miserable traffic. Miserable heat. Miserable fucking life.

My roommate Bob was probably out for the evening. He wouldn’t waste a summer Friday night. Unlike me, he had a social life. Especially since he’d recently broken up with his fiancée, who I always referred to as Mrs. Bob. Since the breakup, he had been on a mission to fuck every woman in the San Gabriel Valley. Most nights, he brought them home and I could hear their groans and grunts and screams until about 2 hours before I had to get up and start getting ready for work. Occasionally, he would end up at some girl’s place so at least I could ease my miserable fucking life with a few hours’ sleep.

Well…at least it was a Friday. I’d be able to sleep in a little bit in the morning, even though I was going to have to swing by the office for a few hours the next day to try to beat the OTHER ridiculous deadline I was up against.

It didn’t even occur to me to go out and do anything. I’d probably just take advantage of Bob’s absence to jerk off to some porn and then crash early. I was looking forward to a quiet evening after a stressed out day. I unlocked my door, walked into my apartment, and…

…and there was a girl in a bikini sitting on my couch watching TV.

A hot girl. In a tiny bikini. With Bob nowhere in sight.

“Hi, Steve!” she said. “We were hoping you’d get home in time to join us!”

Finally, my exhausted brain registered that this curvy little beauty was one of my neighbors, Jessie or JJ. Jessie and JJ were this adorable, very young married couple that lived across the courtyard. I had a mental block and could never remember which was which.

“Hey…Jessie…how are you?” I said. She giggled.

“That’s so funny how you pretend to get our names confused,” she said. So I guess she was JJ.

“Ha ha, yeah,” I said. “Ummm…so…where’s JJ? I mean Jessie?”

“He and Bob went out to get beer,” she replied. “I just wanted to chill out here. I hope you don’t mind?”

“No, of course not.” Seriously? JJ was petite and cute as a button. She had this adorable smile and these big green eyes to go with brownish blondish hair that she kept short. Her body was tiny except for her breasts, which were pretty spectacular. She was very naïve, or at least seemed to be, and honestly didn’t seem to realize how hot she was. I’d seen her in a one piece suit before out at the pool, but never in a bikini.

No. I certainly didn’t mind.

My mind briefly ran through some naughty fantasies. Her stripping the bikini off and throwing herself at me, that sort of thing. But I pushed them back as quickly as I could. As young and hot as she was, she was MARRIED.

Married. They didn’t look married, they looked like high school sweethearts, which I guess they had been up until a couple of years ago. I didn’t really understand why they were married at such a young age. And I didn’t really understand…why him?

He was a decent looking kid, but a bit on the short side, and a bit on the scrawny side. He was nice enough, I guess, but a bit on the immature side. They clearly loved each other, but he sort of talked down to her and sometimes was a bit rude. She seemed to worship the ground he walked on. Although…she did flirt with Bob a lot. Like all women did.

My alone time with lovely JJ didn’t last long. The door opened behind me, and in walked Bob and Jessie, carrying multiple grocery bags presumably filled with six packs of beer. Bob was wearing brightly colored board shorts and sandals. No shirt, of course, so his thickly muscled arms and torso were there for the world to see.

Next to Bob, Jessie looked like…half a Bob. At least he was wearing a t-shirt. He had a big grin and was laughing in a high pitched cackle at something Bob had just said. Sometimes I wondered who had the bigger crush on Bob…JJ or Jessie?

“Steve!” roared Bob. “My Bro!” He set down his bags and rushed forward, crushing me to his bare chest in a powerful (but manly) embrace. JJ was smiling her adorable smile, obviously delighted that her hubby had returned. Or maybe that Bob had returned. Meanwhile, Jessie eyed Bob manbracing me, and I could swear he looked jealous.

“Dude, I’m bursa eskort glad you got home,” said Bob. “Just in time for the party.”

“Party?” I asked. So much for a quiet evening.

“Well, just us,” he said. “We’re gonna drink a few beers and then hit the hot tub. And we were hoping you had some weed left.”

Bob reached into the bag and brought out two bottles. He popped the tops of both, handing one to JJ, while Jessie opened one for himself.

“Cheers, ya bastards,” said Bob. What the hell, why not. I was planning to sleep in, so I could share one or two with them. I reached for the bag, but Bob stopped me.

“You gotta put on a suit first,” Bob said. “You can’t just drink and run, you’re gonna Jacuzzi with us later.” I was about to argue, since I really just wanted to get some sleep, but then my eye caught JJ. The thought of seeing her (and her bikini) get shiny and wet was appealing.

“Fine,” I said, and headed for my room.

“Bring the weed,” JJ reminded me.


An hour later, I had a really nice buzz going as we headed down to the hot tub. Life was sucking less than before.

The three of them were ahead of me. Bob was in the middle. Jessie was boisterous and animated. He was deeply into a conversation with Bob, laughing and waving his hands above his head to make a point. JJ was leaning into Bob, and he had his arm around her. Interesting.

I wasn’t surprised to find the hot tub empty. The apartment complex was only a few months old, and only about half full. Most of the occupants were pretty quiet and kept to themselves. Besides Bob and me, JJ and Jessie were the only ones we’d seen that used the pool area at night. Well…also Cyn.

Cyn. Thinking about her sent a small wave of anxiety through me. Like Bob and me, she’d been one of the first people to move into the complex. We already had a complicated history with her. To call her a cougar would be an understatement. She was an apex predator. Sexy, flirty, gorgeous…but also a little too desperate. And maybe a little bit crazy.

Cyn had locked in on me right from the start. Despite being attracted to her, she made me nervous. One night I drank too much and she came onto me hard, and we had a heavy makeout session. After that, I resolved not to let things get sexual and I avoided her as much as I could.

Until one afternoon she showed up at our door looking irresistible, and we let her sit on the couch between us while we were watching porn, and we ended up having a threesome with her. Well, I guess you’d call it that. We took turns fucking her, in the same room, in the same bed. But we didn’t…ummm…you know…do anything with each other.

And then we just didn’t see her for awhile. I wasn’t sure why. Was she ashamed? Was she mad at us? Was she just busy? I probably should have just gone over to her place and asked her, but to be honest I was kind of relieved not to see her.

Bob, on the other hand, couldn’t stop talking about it. He fucking loved it. He wanted to do it again. He kept bugging me about convincing her to go another round with us. But I just didn’t want to step into whatever hornet’s nest of emotions might be awaiting if I approached her.

My thoughts of Cyn were quickly swept away when JJ decided to take a quick dip in the pool before joining us guys in the hot tub. I watched in awe and she rose up out of the pool, dripping and glittering in the moonlight. There are only two things hotter than a hot girl in a bikini: a hot girl naked, or a hot wet girl in a wet bikini. Was it just me, or was there a little bit of extra sway in her walk? Was I just imagining it, or were she and Bob staring at each other as she approached?

She sat between Bob and Jessie. They were packed pretty tight. I sat on the opposite side, with my back to the gate. I saw all three of them look up a second before the gate opened and closed. I turned…

…and there was Cyn. Of course. In a tiny bikini. And she looked soooooo fucking good. Unlike the petite, blonde JJ, Cyn was tall with long, dark hair. She was accompanied by another woman, who seemed rather nondescript by comparison.

We all greeted each other, and she introduced us to her friend Lauren, who had just moved in. Lauren looked a bit older than Cyn, with shoulder length brown hair. She was wrapped in a big towel, so there wasn’t much to see. She came across as shy, and seemed a little uncomfortable with a crowd of strangers. She hung back as Cyn immediately climbed into the hot tub with us.

Cyn pretty much ignored me and sat next to Bob. That kind of pissed me off. Cyn and her games. She was pretty good friends with JJ and Jessie, so the four of them quickly fell into a chatty conversation. They were relaxed and having a good time.

I looked up and saw Lauren, still in her towel, sitting in a chair. She looked a little lost after Cyn had abandoned her, and she was too shy to force her way into the four-way gabfest. I felt kind of bad for her.

“Hey,” I said. “So you just moved in? How do you like it so far?” Just trying to include her in bursa bayan escort the conversation. She rewarded me with a grateful smile and slid her chair closer to me.

“It’s nice,” she said. “The units are big, and I like the layout.”

“Definitely,” I replied. “We looked at a lot of places before we moved here, and most of them had really tiny apartments compared to here.”

“And it’s really nice having real garages with actual doors,” she said.

“Definitely,” I said. She hesitated, looking like she wanted to say something but couldn’t come up with anything. I was feeling the same way. We sat there looking at each other. The conversation was about to die.

“Ummm…” I said.

“Yes?” she replied. Shit, I was blanking. Just too tired and drunk and stoned to carry on a meaningful conversation.

“Ummm…the water’s really nice,” I finally managed.

“Is it?”

“Yeah…ummm…you want to get in? I can scoot over and make some room.”

She smiled again, and I noticed that she was kind of pretty when she smiled. Prettier than I thought at first.

“Well…okay,” she said. She rose from the chair hesitantly. I smiled back, encouraging her. She fiddled with her towel for a moment, and finally removed it.

I watched as her body came into view. She was wearing a rather boring one-piece suit, but…much to my surprise, she was kind of hot. She was medium height and slender, with nice long legs. Her hips were narrow, and her waist was trim. She had slightly wide shoulders and long arms: a swimmer’s body. She had her back to me as she folded her towel and placed it on her chair.

She turned back toward me, and holy shit did she have nice boobs. Not huge, but big for her slender frame. Firm, considering that her age was probably mid to late 40’s. Were they real? It was hard to tell. But they looked great.

I probably stared a little longer than I should have. When I did look up, she was watching me. She didn’t seem upset. If anything, she seemed to enjoy my appreciation. She stepped gracefully into the tub, and sat next to me. Her leg brushed against mine, and she didn’t move away. My heart skipped a beat and my cock began to stir.

“So, Lauren,” I said. She had big brown eyes.

“Yes, that’s me,” she said. Her voice was light and flirty. I almost asked her how she liked the apartment complex so far, but I remembered I’d already asked her that. So I just said what I felt.

“You have pretty eyes,” I said. She blushed and it made her look younger.

“Thanks,” she said. “So do you. I like men with blue eyes.”

“You do?”

“Yes. And blonde hair.”

“Ah…yes,” I said. “Well, I’m glad I wore the blonde toupee tonight.” She laughed, and her laugh was delicate and charming.

“Cyn was right,” she said. “She told me I’d enjoy your sense of humor.” Her leg moved against me. My cock was paying attention.

As casually as I could, I put my arm on the edge of the tub behind her. She moved closer and her firm body fit nicely against me. For awhile we didn’t speak, but now it was comfortable instead of awkward. I was only vaguely aware of the conversation among the others.

I turned my head toward her. She was already looking at me with those pretty eyes. Her lips were slightly parted. I moved my head toward her, and our lips were only a few inches apart…

“Hey Steve!” said Bob. “Why don’t we all go up to our place? We can finish the beer and watch a movie.”

“Uh…yeah, sure.” Damn it. Fucking awesome timing. I was going to have to talk to him about it later. I was pretty sure that was a violation of Bro Code.

As we got out of the tub, Lauren got shy again and pulled away from me. Fucking Bob. Fucking cockblocking Bob. Meanwhile, Cyn was staring daggers at me. What the fuck? JJ was holding Jessie’s hand with her right hand, groping Bob’s ass with her left hand.

The party was just getting started.


It was too late to go to movie rental place, but there was a James Bond movie on one of the cable channels. Which one? Fuck if I know. Thunder Finger? The Man With the Golden Balls? Doctor Blow? Who cares. They all have the same formula: lots of violence with no blood, and lots of sex with no…sex.

We were in semi-darkness. Bob had turned out the lights, so our only illumination came from the flickering images on the TV screen. Quite romantic.

Our living room had two big, comfy matching sofas that fit together in an L shape. Bob called it a “corner group”. I’d never heard that term before, but Bob said everything with so much certainty and confidence that you never doubted him. So, what we had was a corner group. We had a coffee table, but it was pushed to the side because we had recently acquired this huge ottoman that sort of matched the sofas.

And I do mean huge. The ottoman probably had more square footage than my garage. When you pushed it up against the larger of the two sofas, you had something pretty close to a king sized bed. Initially I didn’t know why Bob had bought it for bursa ucuz escort us, but it soon became clear. When he was making out with one of his dates on the couch, he didn’t like having to pause to move the action into his bedroom. So now they could just fuck on the couch. So his sleep-deprived roommate could hear EVERYTHING.

The six of us couldn’t quite fit comfortably on the sofas, so JJ and Jessie sat on the floor at the foot of the ottoman. Bob gave them a big blanket, and they were clearly making out (or worse). My impression of JJ as an innocent little girl was changing rapidly. She was definitely in the mood to explore her inner slut.

Bob sat next to Cyn, and she was putting the moves on him. He was making out with her halfheartedly, his attention drawn to the young married couple under the blanket. After awhile, he got up to get a glass of water. When he came back, he sat on the floor. With JJ and Jessie. JJ lifted the blanket and he slid underneath next to her. I saw a brief flash of her bikini top. On the floor, not on her. Jesus.

Lauren’s shyness had followed us from the pool up to the apartment. She sat next to me, but with a couple feet of distance. She seemed very focused on the movie. She seemed cold in her wet swimsuit, so I got a blanket for us. That seemed to re-break the ice, and she slid closer to me. Her feet touched my leg, and they were ice cold. Without asking, I took her lower legs and spun her partway around, so she was sitting back against the other couch – sideways to the TV – and her feet were in my lap. At first she started to resist, but then I put my warm hands on her frozen toes. She sighed, then relaxed. I started rubbing life back into them.

“Mmmmm,” she purred. “That feels nice.”

We didn’t say anything else. I kept working on her feet, and we watched James Bond get laid. Well, I assume he got laid. You never actually see it. Probably so they could maintain the PG-13 rating. Or maybe he was secretly gay, and all those hot girls were just a smokescreen. Who knows.

What I did know was that Lauren was starting to get comfortable, and I was rapidly rebuilding the bridge of sexual tension that I had briefly established with her in the hot tub. Before Bob divebombed it to smithereens.

After her feet warmed up, I worked on her ankles. Then I moved to her calves. I glanced at her, and she was no longer watching the movie. She was staring at me with her big, beautiful eyes. I thought maybe I had pushed things too far, but then she smiled and I knew I had permission to continue our little game.

Meanwhile, things were heating up on the floor. JJ was locked in a passionate kiss with her hubby. No, wait. With Bob???? Yes. Jessie was spooned against her from behind. His hips were moving under the blanket. JJ broke away from kissing Bob for a second.

“Oh FUCK yeah,” she explained. She moaned, then resumed her attack on Bob’s mouth. Her hips were moving too.

Cyn’s eyes were closed. Asleep? The possibility made me bolder. As I reached Lauren’s knees, I shifted positions. I was facing her now, spreading her legs and kneeling between them. My hands began massaging her inner thighs. I saw her bite her lower lip to stifle a moan. My hands slid all the way up her thighs and touched the edges of her bathing suit. They slid back down, all the way to her knees, before turning north once again. As my fingers touched her suit, my thumbs brushed the narrow strip of fabric that covered her secret delights. She gasped and let me play there for a few heavenly seconds, then gently pushed my hands away, letting them rest on her hips.

My fingers moved upward from there, caressing her waist and tummy. Her body was so slender and firm. My cock was stiff and throbbing against my swimsuit. My hands slid over her breasts. Yeah, definitely natural. Her nipples were hard. She didn’t stop me this time. I played with those sweet, wonderful breasts. This time she couldn’t stifle her moans.

My hands moved up to the straps, and I began to slide them down her shoulders. My heart sank when she stopped me.

“Not here,” she whispered. My heart soared again, and my cock throbbed. Not here, maybe, but it was damn sure going to happen somewhere.

Lauren sat up and put her arms around me. She pulled herself into me, and we finally experienced that kiss that Bob had so rudely interrupted before. It was worth the wait. Warm, soft, juicy lips, and a flirty, teasing tongue that lured mine deep into her mouth before pouncing.

“I need you,” she whispered. And I needed her.

We started to untangle ourselves from the blanket, getting ready to head to my room. Suddenly, there was a flurry of activity at the foot of the ottoman. JJ, Jessie and Bob got up and made a beeline for Bob’s room. JJ and Jessie were already naked. Bob still had his board shorts on, but his rigid manhood was sticking out of the front. He was following them, but he didn’t really have a choice. JJ had a firm grip on his cock.

In an instant, they were inside and the door was closed. Wow. Apparently Bob had acquired a taste for what we now call MMF threesomes, although I don’t think the term had been invented yet back then. I stared at the door in disbelief for a few seconds, and almost immediately I heard a screech from JJ and the sound of Bob’s bed banging against the wall. I glanced over at Cyn, and she was…not asleep.

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