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In my opinion, if you’re looking for something quickly jerk off to, then [like I said, IN MY OPINION] this story may not be for you. Some parts have a lot of talking, and some don’t.

Also, the story and characters are 18 and above, and bear no resemblance to any real life people and if any, is just pure coincidence. So ya, enjoy.


Hi. The name’s Kyle. It was crystal clear for me that I liked boys more than girls. And it was my brother Karl who pointed that out for me.

Pretty obvious actually, since the only period in school that I adore is PE, in the shower where all the chiselled abs gather and that’s when people figured out that I was gay, which made it surprisingly easy to come out. No one really cared, well… except for this super religious girl who wouldn’t stop lecturing me about how one gender was for the opposite gender and stuff, and I said,

“If God really hates us, then why did he bring us into this world?” She was speechless, and walked away as if her whole life was a lie.


My coming out helped me release this itchy fear that rested inside me when I realised I have a thing for boys. And now, happily attached to a boy called Zach.

My love for him was automatic, not because of the looks (although he does look hot) but of his humour which consisted of vines and video games, that I both coincidentally adore. Then the rest was history, the only ‘History’ that I would take a test for.

The night we met was also the night we got tangled on the bed. His cock was as perfect as the rest of him. It was a challenge to take in 8.5 inches without feeling like your ass is gonna rip. But I took it very well for a virgin.

And I lowered my hopes at that time thinking it was just another a one-night stand. But I knew better to know that I make wrong conclusions from time to time, he stayed.

I thought I wouldn’t dare to look for big bulges or abs as long as he’s with me. And who knew? That was yet another wrong conclusion…


It was another night filled with love (aka sex) and we were both sporting very horny boners that our jeans struggle to contain.

He started unbuttoning my shirt and I helped to remove his and my jeans as his lips travelled down my neck, and to my torso, licking my erected nipples like his favourite ice cream. (which is the reason why he doesn’t eat it in public, it weirds people out) He sure was taking his time doing it, and I grew impatient.

I reached for his tightening bulge and squeezed every inch of it. His balls hang low in his ballsack and were the size of a ping pong ball. I envied them because in my opinion, tight balls turned me off.

His mouth was already under my belly button, which is a signal for me to start. I’m 100% sure I’m a cocksucker and wouldn’t like to be sucked. Because of that it was either: I suck, or 69. But rarely am I the only one to be sucked.

I squeezed his bulge one last time and then I pulled down his boxers. His wonderful cock sprang out. Another thing I loved about him was how you just stare in awe at how impossibly big his cock looks like. It isn’t obvious until he get closer. It’s like meeting face-to-face with Godzilla.

I did my best to engulf it, and I started to lick from the bottom, and sometimes would go back down to tease him, ‘tease him?’ I hear you saying. Yes, it’s a tease because his favourite gaziantep escort part about a blowjob when the slit on the cock head gets licked. And so I finally did.

My tongue went a little into his urethra, for the first time in the night, he escaped a moan. And then another, and another, one more frequent and more louder than the other. His precum rushed to the top where it tasted salty and sweet, he won’t last long now.

Zach likes the part where I flick my tongue on his slit, but that was when at the very end. His precum tasted exceptionally good today, so I just had to get more. I flicked more than I usually do, and this made Zach very jumpy during the whole process, and actually tried to pull himself away from me, from which I pinned him down as a response.

His moans were the loudest I ever heard, and it wasn’t really that long before it was over. And take this to note, he didn’t just cum, he blasted. Much like a can of coke after you shake it. I swallowed as fast as I could, his cum tasted better than the precum, it was mainly sweet with a little hint of saltiness.

He passed out and I jerked off to his abs. My own cum doesn’t taste the same as Zach but he so claims that he craves for it. (the reason why we 69 often, I got his cum-he got mines.)

I got in my jockstrap, which I loved wearing them because somehow, I feel extra horny when Zach fucks me from behind and my cock is just trapped into the jockstrap. I guess it’s a fetish?

Then I went out for a snack. And I found a lonely Karl drinking a shot of wine.

“Hey dude.” He turned to me. “So how’s the night going, eh?” He asked with a vile grin.

“Blowed him. Knocked out. I’ll say… it’s the best this week.” I sound like I’m uncertain, but I actually am quite happy. I’m not one to share my sex life with just anyone, even with my brother. Still getting used to telling him since he also tells me about Karen, his girlfriend.

“Meh. Couldn’t give her the big O, even when my dick is like, rock hard.” I raised a eyebrow to that last part as if to say ‘Oh really now?’.

“Ugh. Believe it or not. She said she was the problem herself!”

“Fine, but has this happened multiple times?” I asked with much concern to which he nodded hesitantly.

“Man, I really hope she’s not only after the D and mon-” Karl raised up a finger, “Excuse me, do I look like I own a billion-dollar mansion?”

“Okay… then only the D.” “Who knows, maybe she said that to not make you feel bad.”

“I dunno man.” He face lowered with anxiousness.

“Hey.” Trying to lighten the conversation, “isn’t tomorrow your first day of work since the holidays?” “YOU FINALLY GET TO SEE STAR WARS!!”

Karl works is a staff in the cinema, managing the film camera and stuff so he’s one of the luckiest people to see the latest movies first and what not. Except, after he’s seen the movies like, 3 times day to the point where you already memorise all the lines, it gets boring and repetitive from then on.


To his excitement, he dash back into his room to prepare for the occasion. And I got myself some waffles, even when it’s still midnight. Why? Because my brain isn’t in favour of the time, when it wants something it’ll get it, and now it wants waffles.

I jumped on the bed, and kept Zach close to me.


The next morning, I regretted waking up because my dream was starting to get good. I had a lucid dream. To simply put it, it’s a dream that you control. So take a wild guess on what I had? Yep. A wet dream.

Of course, I woke up with a raging boner. With a small wet spot on my jockstrap. I checked, and yes, just precum. I have to save some for my precious, Zach.

I’m not really in the mood to get up, even when my brain decided I had to and be a jerk to interrupt my dream. So I attempted to sleep once more, to which I easily did.

But this time I didn’t get a satisfying result. It was a lucid dream, but… it was a mix of weird and sexy. Here’s how it goes basically, I was in a game show identical to the answer-a-bunch-of-questions-to-become-a-millionaire shows. But instead of a million dollars, it was a chance to be fucked by Benedict Cumberbatch. (I only him as Sherlock Holmes until after the dream I googled the one who acted as him, and then it felt like something in my whole life was a lie)

Since it was a dream, the questions made no sense. But everything is believable to you in the dream world, so when I realise that it IS a dream. I took my chance and when I finally got my hands on Benedict. I woke up.

But I didn’t mind. To me, he doesn’t look like the type of person to take to bed. The other dream could was what I prefer.

I laid there face down, my mind still hazy thinking what to do now. It must be Monday, the day where I temporarily turn into a sloth. I’d lay in bed all day without even getting up. But I just went with what my brain wants.

Then suddenly, the door creaked open when I was a second to falling asleep. I jumped. It’s Karl. And I was only in my jockstrap, butt exposed, to my brother. This has happened A LOT of times in the past and almost everyday, so I’m used to the occasional visit to my room. But what I didn’t expect was when he was in the house, at 9 in the morning when his shift started at 7.

“What’s up?” I asked. He stared at me for a while and then proceeded to walk around.

“Nothing. Just something came up…” His face full of emptiness. Which quickly turned into—wait?! Is this what it looks like—anger and revenge.

Something did came up.

“Did you know where your boyfriend was?” The question came so suddenly, I had no time to think, he answered for me. “At the cinema.”

“I guess he wanted to see Star Wars too?”

“And now guess where my girlfriend was.”

This was starting to get tensioned, this isn’t what I think it is, right? It couldn’t be, it’s impossible.

“Cinema, too.”

He tightened his fists.

“On my break, in the toilet, the-“

“Karl, you aren’t saying?”

“Yes, it so turns out.”


My world shattered that day, the impossible has been done. I couldn’t believe him, Zach turning straight for a girl? Is he… bi?

“T-this, how?! What, why?!”

“That bitch really WAS after the sex, he never liked my looks, so I decided”

“I have to retaliate.”

“DON’T! You’re not gonna kill her aren’t you?!!”

“No.” “Something worse, in fact, I’m gonna do it now.”

He started to get on the bed, moving towards me.

“Karl.” I said in fear. “W-what are you doing.”

He got closer to me, and whispered to me, “Just pretend I’m Zach okay?”

With that, he pulled out a container of some sort from his pocket. Poppers. A legal drug used mainly by gays that makes your muscles relax and turn you into a total sex pig. What has gotten into Karl…

He proceeded to open the container and try to insert it into one of my nostril, I struggled but weaken when I accidentally inhaled it. My whole body loosened up, so this is how a popper works.

I had enough power to concentrate on the current situation, something wet and slippery was between my ass cheeks. I can’t believe it, Karl is giving me a rimjob.

And I couldn’t do anything but accept what other taboo things he could do. He really is doing. Never had I imagined being fucked by a sibling. Had Karen really pushed him that far?

But to be honest… he’s quite good at rimming. Part of me is starting to give in to him, and the other part wants this to end.

He circled the tip of his tongue on my entrance.

Combined with the popper, I moaned. Maybe even louder than Zach’s last night. It was a sensation I never had before. Zach rimmed me before, but this is different. This is my brother. Everything he’ll do to me will feel like a whole new experience, a virgin all over again.

The hesitant side of me got all the power, and pulled Karl away from me. He held my hands to my back. And shuffled on his knees, closer to my face.

He then pulled out his cock, which—looked HUGE, and it isn’t my opinion, it looks like it could be 10 inches! My hesitant side weaken at the sight of it.

And I sucked, sucked it good. Mouth-fucked the hell out of it. It was super hard, he wasn’t lying last night. That Karen is both a slut, and an idiot, for cheating on him. This continued for 5 minutes and he took it out. I wanted more, I begged, I actually begged for my brother’s cock. My hesitant side is dead now.

I felt something thick on my ass, both fear and excitement stirred in me. This cock looks like it could already rip my ass before it even came in, but without lube? This is gonna be one hell of a ride.

He grabbed my ass cheeks and lifted me up and inserted his cock into me. It hurt, it really hurts, but he also brush, no SMASHED my prostate. This sent multiple waves of chills over my body while it also felt like my ass was ripped in half.

My hesitant side revived at the pain and fought back, before finally dying for good.

“Ohhhhh oh ooooh my goood—fuck me Karl—FUUUUUUU—”

He followed my request, he penetrated his cock deeper into me and out, faster and faster, pounding my ass the way Zach hasn’t done.

And then I realised I still was wearing my jockstrap, and my own cock was struggling to get out of it. My fetish made me hornier, wanting more of the monster cock of my brother.

He was so fast to the point where I can call it drilling, which I wished Zach could do. I was starting to think, that Zach wasn’t really that good of a boyfriend at all.

And when the time finally came, I wasn’t ready. I wanted it to last forever, from now till tomorrow. I wanted to spend my whole life with this monster.

With the roar of a lion, he cummed into me. His young seed spurted into me. It felt so thick and slippery, I wanted to keep it in my ass forever. When he pulled out, my ass felt empty. So did I. The feelings just escaped me.

Not until Zach fell on the bed with me, I thought,

…fate wanted this for me.


I’m considering making a sequel to this, maybe when Kyle had the *other wet dream. Maybe.

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