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This completely a work of fiction and if a bares and yadda yadda yadda y’all know the crack. Just read it and enjoy.

He was looking at me. Not just the usual glance you recieve from fellow would be travellers waiting in the elements for the bus to arrive but actually looking. I caught his eye and he smiled and nodded, checked his watch then pulled his phone out of his jacket pocket and started what I can only assume to have been txting. All normal but something felt slightly off. The bus was pulling round the corner and all thoughts of that moment got buried under the need to fish change from my pockets for the fare.

A friend of mine was in hospital and for the past few days I had needed to get this certain bus, the number 10 to get me too Sunderland Royal. I’m a creature of habit and was there bang on 9:45 each time so that I got there just as visiting time started. He was only in for a routine op, nothing serious but mates are mates and I knew he’d be happy to see someone other than the little chubby Asian nurses and old men that inhabited his ward.

The first time I’d gotten the bus I’d noticed my fellow traveller. He was alittle taller than me, guessing about 6ft and stocky. Looked in his 50’s with shaved hair and friendly eyes. I’d not payed any real attention to him till he seemed to have payed attention to me. The next day he was there again when I got to the bus stop and greeted me with the same warm smile and slight nod of the head. I returned it with a smile and a “Hi” then stood and waited.

“Hope it’s on time today” he said sounding like it was aimed at me and no one in particular at the same time.

“Heres hoping” I replied. The buses in Sunderland are terrible things and are like a lottery. Anywhere from 10 minutes before to 10 minutes after they are ment to arrive was the usual and you could never be too sure when they would crawl up to the stop. Didn’t help that my town seemed to be pretty much permanently stuck in Winter weather other than a few weeks of sun in the Summer, well if what we get could be called sun.

We chatted as we waited for it to roll along. I say chatted but it was very much a Q & A on my part starting with why I’d suddenly just appear at this particular bus stop days earlier, where abouts in Sunderland I was from, how my mate was. All pretty normal and small talky. His name was Ron and he was really quite charming so standing talking to him was an easy and enjoyable way of whittiling away the time till finally the bus pulled round.

He gestured for me to get on first and the thing was packed with the living dead. Old people covered nearly every seat, talking about the most random things in loud voices as all old people in herds are prone to do. I took about the only seat left right at the back and Ron strode up the isle, bemusedly shaking his head and seated himself next to me. There wasn’t much room and we were squeezed together tightly. “Pension day” he stated glancing round at the blue rince brigade.

We chatted and laughed. Ron was really easy to get along with and the bus journey flew by. Too quickly if I’m honest with myself and soon enough it was time for me too get off. He look slightly disappointed for a split second then stood to let me squeeze past. His right hand brushed against my buttocks and for a millisecond I was both shocked being straight and strangely thrilled. I put it down to being so packed in and trotted off to see my mate.

The next day he was there again and we chatted like old friends. He asked how my friend was doing and I told him that he was getting released later today so this was the last time I’d need the bus. “Thats disappointing” he said “I was getting used to having someone to chat to on the mornings and I never even asked your name”. I told him I was Dave and we continued chatting when he suddenly slipped in a question about what my plans for the night was. “None” was the reply with a rye laugh. Being single for a while I told him I didn’t really have much of a social life these day. “In that case why not have a pop round mine tonight, we can sink a few cans and watch the footy on Sky”. With nothing better to do I thought why not. Ron seemed like a decent guy, he was fun to be around, always ready with a joke or a funny story so I accepted.

We swapped mobile numbers on the bus and he said he’d txt me his address so I could look it up on the internet so I knew where I was going. Turns out not really far from me and later that evening after throwing on some jeans and a tshirt I started the short walk to his. I was strangely excited at the thought of spending time with him. Maybe it was his personnality but for some reason I couldn’t get his blue/grey eyes out of my head. Pushing the thoughts to one side I rang his door bell and within a few seconds there he stood. He looked like he had dressed up for a night out but maybe thats just what he wore away from the confines of our little meetings at the bus stop.

He stood in slippered feet with a really nice pair of jeans on. Tight and I noticed (eventhough I wasn’t looking) that he had Sakarya Escort quite a bulge down below. His top was tight too revealing a stocky, many body. Hairy strong arms jutting from the short sleeves and a peek at his hairy chest from the neck line. He welocomed me with that warm smile of his and I almost melted, what the hell was wrong with me? He ushered me in and offered me a drink. He had a very comfy looking house. Not too spick and span with big black leather settees in the sitting room and what must have been the biggest television I’d ever seen outside an Argos catologue.

I sat down on a settee and felt myself sink into it invitingly. Ron was soon back with a can of lager and sat himself down next to me. The chair was fairly large but he was quite close. “Sorry” he said after he sat himself down “I thought the match was tonight but turns out it’s tomorrow night”.

“Thats fine” I replied “We can just have a drink and chill. Sure you got something for us too watch”.

“Loads” he said and went to a unit to the side of the TV which was stocked with DVD’s. What do you fancy he said looking straight into my eyes. I almost fumbled my words for a split second before saying I wasn’t too fussed and for him too pick something. He settled on an actiony blockbuster and we relaxed, cans in hand chatting away. We hardlies watched any of the film and it just seemed to serve as background noise. The space between us became smaller and I can’t remember noticing how only that it was. We chatted and laughed and all the time those lovely warm eyes of his said something other than what was coming out of his mouth.

About 3 cans each down whatever it was that was playing ended. We didn’t even notice until there was a silience hanging over the room. “Wanna watch something else” he said with a semi shrug.

“Yeah but you pick again I’m not too fussed” I said half laughing.

“I’ll get us another drink then and stick something on I think you might like” He returned quickly with drinks for us both, slipped a DVD into the drive and stated that he had to go to the toilet and would be back in a second. I sat sipping the lager, feeling my head swim slightly from the alcohol and looking round the room as one does when sat by themselves in an empty room. I heard a door close at the top of the stairs as the film started. No menu just straight into whatever it was so I sat back, got comfortable and waited to see what it was.

It was pretty grainy, looking like a copy. An older man in his 50’s was taking a younger man into a hotel room. They looked pretty serious so I thought (stupidly) that it was a thriller of some kind. The door of the room closed and the older man grabbed the other in an embrase and they kissed, slowly and deeply. Tongues probbing each others willing mouths as they stripped each other. I was shocked. I’d seen my fair share of porn being a bloke but nothing like this. Part of me wanted to turn it off but another part of me was glued to the screen. I could feel my cock stiffen inside my jeans and I couldn’t turn my eyes away.

I watched as the younger one sucked the older man’s hard tool deep into his throat looking like he was loving every minute of it. God knows who much time past, I was too engrosed in what was on the screen but suddenly I was aware that Ron was back. He was just stood watching me from the doorway with a look of part worry, part hope written all over his face. I stood with the shock of it and he took a few steps towards me. “Its ok” he said taking another step towards me “There just doing what comes naturally”. I was dumb struck, my mouth had suddenly dried up and speaking was impossible and all I could do was stand there glancing from Ron walking slowly too me and what I could see just past him.

Before I knew it he was stood no more than a breaths widths from me. “You’ve never been with a man before have you?” I still couldn’t speak and just looked down and shook my head sollemly. With my eyes down I could see that bulge I’d noticed before. It seemed bigger than what I remembered and a thrill coursed through me. I went to walk past Ron to god knows where, maybe the front door and an escape from what was happening inside me. I felt more than saw his hands on my shoulders. “it’s ok, I didn’t know either way and had too know. I fancied you the first time I saw you and just didn’t know how to say anything. I mean what do you say? Hi I’m Ron and I’m gay.”

One of those thick hands of his caressed the side of my face and I felt like just melting into him and had to mentally fight myself not too. His fingers traced down to my chin and gently tilted my head upwards towards his. My heart was like a jack hammer in my chest and I could feel the blood pump in my head. He looked deep into my eyes. My god those eyes of his were beautiful. He leant forward and planted the most gentle kiss onto my lips. My eyes closed with the pleasure of it and when I opened them again the look of desire in his own were almost too much too bare.

I felt a arm wrap around me and a hand at the small of my back Adapazarı Escort urging me into him and I went with it. His other hand gently held the back of my neck and he leant in for another kiss. This one was a proper kiss and I met his lips with my own. Our mouths parted together and I could taste him as he slowly worked his tongue into my mouth. My cock felt like it would just explode there and then. He pulled back slightly and we looked at each other. We were both breathing deeply, just looking into each others eyes. I felt my hands move of there own accord. One felt his bum through the material of his jeans and the other grabbed his back as we dove into another kiss.

This time it was hard and deep and sexual. Our tongues attacked each others and I could hear myself moaning. He pulled my groin into his and I could feel how hard he was. His cock pressed against me as mine pressed against him. We started unconsiouly to grind our hips into each other and the feeling when our cocks met through the jeans was the most amazing thing I’d ever felt. He walked me to the setee all the while kissing me hard. He laid me down and I felt his weight onto of me as we kissed and touched and grinded and moaned. Our hands and fingers grabbed and caressed each others bodies, I’d never been so turned on.

“Lets go up stairs” Ron half whispered into my ear. His hot breath sent me wild with lust and the best I could do was nod into his shoulder. Within a moment his hand was in mine helping me off the chair and he opened the door for me. “First on the left” he said as I stood in a daze up the stairs. Was this really happening. My mind couldn’t quite grasp what was happening but was enjoying every second of this new experience. I walked into the bedroom to be greeted with a massive bed. Everywhere was reds and black and I just stood looking at it all as I felt Ron behind me. His arms wrapped around me as he kissed the nape of my neck. I reached a arm behind and caressed his smooth head.

“Tonight” he half growled with passion into my ear “Your mine. I’m going to do things to you you’ve never had done before and your going to love every second of it. Trust me and this will be the best night of your life”. All I could do was moan ok as I felt a meaty hand trace down the front of me and gentle kneed my cock and balls. I was moaning uncontrollably as his kisses on the back of my neck continued. Without relising it I was at the side of the bed and he slowly turned me to face him. Our lips met again and our hands got to work taking each others tops off.

His body was so manly with thick curling hair covering his wide torso. Thick nipples poked out from the fur that covered him and my hands were all over him wanting to feel that fur under my fingers. He purred and push my head gently to one of those loverly nipples. “Suck it” he commanded and who was I too argue. I took it into my mouth as I had countless nipples before and swirled my tongue around it and gentley nibbled on it. “Harder, god thats right” he said as he fumbled with my jeans. I felt them round my ankles in a second and tried to get out of them the best I could but to no avail. We both laughed and he surgested I sit on the bed to do it. He stood and watched as I removed my shoes, socks and jeans and sat there in my black boxers.

He stepped into me and caressed the top of my head and slowly pulled my face into his crotch. His hard cock was pressed against my nose and my hands reached up and felt how big it was. Mines not too shabby. Thick and almost 7inches but this felt huge. It’s thickness was emmense and as I traced my fingers down I could feel balls that matched the cock. “You want it don’t you” he said as my hands felt how hot he was through his jeans.


“Then if you want it, take it”. I opened his belt with shaking hands and slowly unbuttoned him, hooking my fingers into the top of the jeans I prised them down and too my surprise his cock just leaped out and rested on my cheek. It felt so hot that it would burn a hole through me and the skin on it felt amazingly soft on my face. I looked up at him, into those sexy eyes of his as I wrapped a hand around it. It was even bigger in person and I could barely get my hand around its full width. “Thats right, feels good doesn’t it?” I looked up and just nodded then started to gently wank this monster of a cock. It must have been about 10inches at least and I had no idea how thick it was. It was like holding a bottle of beer.

Pre cum was dripping from the bulbus head as I worked his foreskin back and forwards. I was fascinated by how lovely I though it looked, how soft it felt in my hand and how nice the sticky juice from the end smelt. “Hmmmmmm thats perfect” he moaned as I sped up slightly all the while watching the massive amounts of pre-cum that were dripping off it. Some was running down the shaft and coating my fingers. I swapped hands and looked to see if he was looking. Ron’s head was thrown back in pleasure so I took my chance and gingerly licked his juices from my fingers. It was so sweet. I licked in more then Serdivan Escort looked up and saw that Ron was watching me with a massive grin on his face.

“Tastes better coming straight from the tap” he said and pulled my head forward so the glistening bellend was a few millimetres from my lips. My tongue shot forward without thought and joyfully lapped at the dripping eye. He was right, god why was I being such a slut. It didn’t matter, nothing had felt as right as this. I opened my mouth and before I could do it myself Ron’s hands eased me forward. It was so big I thought my jaw was going to brake. It pretty much filled my whole mouth. He held my head and slowly rocked backwards and forwards. The head popped out of my willing mouth only to dive straight back in, coating my tongue with his sweetness. Each time he did this on the inward stroke he pushed a little deeper into my mouth until I finally felt it hit my tonsils. He knew what he was doing becuase I never once felt like gagging.

“I’ve wanted this since I first saw you Dave. Your such a handsome lad that I knew that having my cock in your mouth would make you look so sexy”. I couldn’t speak, couldn’t move. He had me completely under his spell and that massive monster of a member just kept up its gentle pace, slowly fucking my willing mouth. Pre-cum and saliva was dripping down my chin as I held onto his chunky hips. I looked up into those eyes and tried to smile round that beast in my mouth. Ron smiled down at me then in a instant his eyes sort of glazed over and he bit his lip. I felt the head swell on my tongue. “Oh god, oh god Dave I’m gonna cum”.

Horror shoot through me but I didn’t have time to do anything. His thick hands tightened on my head and with a moan of pleasure I felt something hit the back of my throat. It filled up my whole mouth in a instant and I’ve got to say that my first taste of spunk was amazing. Salty and thick it coated my mouth and I tried to swallow as much as I could but it was no use. Ron was still fucking my face and his cum was pouring out, covering my chin and splashing onto my thighs. I slurped like a man in a desert with his first taste of water. His cock started to shrink slightly and I felt his body shake under my hands. He jammed his now soft but still huge cock as far as he could into my mouth with a semi roar and the last thick, hot blast of cum hit my tonsils and I swallowed it like a whore.

He quickly withdrew and kissed me passionately, licking the cum off my chin and forcing it into my mouth with his tongue. Our tongues danced around and into each other as I tried to get as much of his cum down my neck. I started to crawl backwards across the bed on the balls of my hands and he followed. Changing my position so we were heading for the pillows. I felt his hands on my boxers and I eased out of them as he pulled them down and threw them who knows where. He wrapped those massive arms around me as I ground my throbbing cock into his groin, feeling his thick pubes tickle my sticky helmet. He pulled away from me, looked me dead in the eyes and said “I’ll be back in a second, don’t touch your cock thats my jobs and walked naked out of the room.

As I lay there my head swam with the thought of what I’d just done. Part of me was ashamed, screaming “You’ve just sucked another mans cock, you poof”. That part was small compared to the rest that was nearly singing in glee. I lay there smiling to myself, cock jutting into the air like a little fleshy flagpole as Ron came back into the room carrying a small bag. I smiled quizzically at him as patted it. “My bag of tricks” he exclaimed and we both laughed. Reaching in he took out a small bottle and passed it too me. “Here sniff this, it’s popper”. Removing the top I took a deep sniff and felt it hit me straight away. It felt like all the blood in me had rushed straight too my head and too my cock making it throb even more.

“Remember when I said trust me earlier?” I nodded. “Well in this bag is my toys and I’m going to use some on you. I promise if you ask me too stop I will ok”. I smiled understandably and said ok. I was too turned on too do any thing else. I lay there sniffing the poppers as he positioned himself between my legs and pull out a small tube of what he told me was lube and a vibrator. It was black and sleek and was thinner than my own cock but looked about 8inches long. Looking at me the whole time he poured some lube onto it and wanked it seductively, covering it in the shiny thick liquid. My heart thumped in my chest.

He lowered his mouth onto my cock and the warmth of it was almost too much too bar. “Ooooooh GOD” I part shouted as I looked down and saw my cock disappear into his hot, inviting mouth. I felt his lips clamp down and his tongue swirl round the head as I took another sniff of poppers. He sucked firmly and I could barely get the top on the bottle my hands were shaking so much. Bobbing up and down like a pro he sucked at it and licked it. I was amazed that I didn’t cum right there and then. I felt something press up against my anus and before I knew it he had pushed the vibrator inside me and I felt his knuckles pressed up against me. I hadn’t even really felt that it had happened it had went in so fast and the feeling of it inside me was so good it was unbelievable. My head sunk back into the pillows and I grabbed the sides with my hands.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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