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The following is a story I wrote in collaboration with a good friend of mine, Logirl. She and I worked on this story on and off for about a year. We have since lost contact but she told me while we worked on this that she wanted me to publish it under my name. This I have done, but I fully intend to give her the credit that she deserves for all that she added to this story. Lo, I miss you and hope that someday you get to see this in print and I hope that I have done justice to the story that we have written together. This is the best story that I have ever written and it is because of your input and help that it is so. I hope you enjoy this story as much as I enjoyed writing it. Some of this is based on fact and personal experience but what that part is for me and some others too know. Smiles.

Raven sat in a quiet corner of her favorite restaurant. With her back to the wall she could watch the entire room. But her attention wasn’t on the people around her or the coffee and pastry set before her. Instead it was focused on the notebook she was rapidly filling with her latest story. The words flowed in an unending stream onto the paper. Then with the same decisive movement her pen had made, she closed the notebook and sat back with a deep sigh.

Her deep green eyes slowly focused and took in her surroundings. The restaurant was empty except for her and a semi-large group seated at the table directly across the room from her. With her first love of writing satisfied, she chose to indulge in her second favorite pass time…people watching.

She counted ten women of diverse cultures, ages, and appearances. All were extremely beautiful. They were sensual and graceful in movement, and held the rapt attention of several waiters. The ladies attention, however, was centered on the one male in their group. And lord, what a man!!

It was difficult to determine his height, but Raven found his muscular body and handsome face stunningly attractive. For a moment the Libran aspect of her took over and simply absorbed the beauty before her. As she watched and admired him, a number of things became obvious.

Each of the women was devoted to his comfort and pleasure. His drink was constantly refreshed, and one girl held a tray of snacks that were constantly replenished by one of the others and offered to him by a third. His every wish was not only fulfilled, but also anticipated.

Just as the women were attentive to him, he was equally attentive to them. Frequently he would reach out and caress whoever was closest, a gentle touch on a shoulder, a back, or a face. He did not grope them blindly, but lovingly and gently repaid their attention with his own. Those who especially pleased him received a more intimate reward, a touch of his hand to breast, buttock, or pubic mound. To secure such intimate rewards, each woman worked in harmony to ensure his pleasure.

Raven sighed and wondered what it would be like to be a member of such a group, to be of one mind in the pursuit of serving one gorgeous man. As vague ideas and thoughts ran through her mind about this, she saw one of the women slip and bump his hand spilling a small portion of his drink. Without blinking or hesitation, she turned and presented her rounded ass to him. He raised his hand and another of the entourage placed a small riding crop in his hand. Without hesitation, he delivered five quick blows to the buttocks presented to him, then handed the crop back to its presenter.

With a gasp, Raven sat up straight in her chair. Taking her eyes from the scene before her, she paused and thought for a moment. What had she just seen? A random incident of violence, a premeditated attack upon the woman, or a master correcting an employee or servant? She thought about it for a moment longer and then gasped as the reality of the situation became apparent. Her startled gaze moved once more to the table across the room from her to be held by the ice blue eyes of the dark man. For a moment he held her gaze and then slowly he looked over her trim body. Holding Raven’s gaze once more, his hand swung out and landed with a resounding smack on the still upturned buttocks before him. Raven noticed that not one whimper had escaped the lips of the woman being punished.

He then reached out and raised the woman to a standing position, pulled her head down to him and kissed her on her full red lips. All activity at the table stopped while the punishment went on. His gaze returned to Raven and locked with hers. As he held her gaze, he raised his hand. One of his entourage approached with a small card and a pen. Without removing his gaze from Raven’s, he dictated a short message and then waved the woman in Raven’s direction.

As the woman approached, Raven turned her head and looked to the woman. Without a word, the woman handed Raven the card and then rejoined the group who were getting up to leave. As he rose, Raven noticed the large gold medallion that hung around his neck. With the distance between Anadolu Yakası Anal Escort them she was unable to discern what was etched into the surface of the brilliant metal. As Raven watched, and without a word, the entourage left the restaurant.

After the group had left the building, Raven’s attention was drawn to the card she clutched in her hand. The message was simple; an address followed by “One hour. Be there or not.” Adventurous and curious by nature, she wasted no time in packing her notebook away and paying her bill. With excitement building in her, it seemed to take forever for the valet to recover her jet black Grand Prix and pull it around in front of the restaurant. She looked once more at the card, realizing that the address listed on the card was in a very remote area on the outskirts of town.

Well within the allotted time, she pulled up to a large wrought iron gate in a tall and forbidding stone wall. At the gate was a button and security camera. Without hesitation she pressed the button and waited. Suddenly and silently the gate before her slid open and she drove through with the feeling that her life was about to change forever. Carefully navigating the winding road through a grove of trees, she continued forward, anxious to see where such a man would reside.

As she rounded a sharp turn, her breath caught in her throat, looming before her was a huge gothic style mansion. It was constructed of dark gray stone with ivy clinging to the massive walls. The sheer size of the house and property screamed wealth and lots of it.

With steady steps, Raven walked up to the door and was pleased to note that the hand reaching for the heavy, ornate knocker was steady, despite a growing trepidation. Within moments the door was opened by a woman she recognized from the restaurant, the primary difference being that now she was totally nude.

Not entirely sure of what to say Raven stated the obvious, “I was invited.”

“All who come before The Master do so nude and shaven. Do you accept these conditions?” Her voice was soft and sweet and softened the shock Raven got from her words. These two simple sentences confirmed many of Raven’s suspicions.

In her clear sweet contralto voice, Raven answered, “Yes.”

The other woman stepped back to allow her entrance. The interior design matched the exterior with rich masculine elegance. Everywhere she looked she saw the perfect backdrop for his harem. Simply put, it said, “I am the Master of all that is within these walls.” A shiver of excitement ran through her as she followed the woman down the hallway to a large bathing area.

Waiting for them were two more women. The three women undressed Raven with great care. As each article of clothing was removed — the long flowing skirt, the silk blouse, the lace bra and panties — it was folded and then set aside.

Raven stood before them, all of five foot two inches and 125 pounds and in excellent physical condition. Her faintly olive hued skin, a tribute to her gypsy ancestors, was smooth to the touch. She wasn’t overly buxom, measuring a 34 C bra size; her facial features were delicate and refined. High cheekbones and soft full lips provided a perfect compliment to her jade green eyes. Her one piece of jewelry was a double Celtic knot, which rested just below the hollow at the base of her throat from a simple leather cord. As pleasing as she was, there was one small detail that made the other women smile; she was already neatly and freshly shaven.

“Bathe first, then you’ll be taken to The Master,” the first woman said. Taking Raven’s clothes and purse, she walked silently from the room.

At the far end of the dressing room was an open archway, which led to the bathing area. Raven followed the other two women to the warm bath which waited. With a sigh of pleasure, she lowered herself into the large round tub.

Just as this room was fashioned after the bathing rooms of ancient Rome, with the mosaic tile work and large sunken tub, so too were the bathing techniques. Raven turned around to see her attendants sliding into the water with her. One girl reached for the sponge and the other a small container of liquid soap.

“Please sit,” the woman with the soap requested, motioning to the ledge behind Raven. Taking a step back, she lowered herself, the water coming to just above her hips. The woman with the sponge stepped close and began to gently wet her soft skin. The other woman poured a small amount of the lavender scented soap into her hands, then with delicate touch she began to spread it over Raven’s trim body. Her companion laid the sponge aside and moved to help. With a small shiver, Raven relaxed into the delicious sensation of four hands working the soap into a lather on her upper body.

Their clever fingers moved over every inch of her skin, stroking, and caressing; unintentionally heightening her desire. Not the slightest detail was missed; her sensitive Anadolu Yakası Yaşlı Escort skin throbbed as her ecstasy rose and caused her to forget about the reason for the bath. Through the haze of passion, she became aware of the soft abrasiveness of sponges being stroked over her arms, shoulders, breasts and finally her hard, throbbing nipples. With a sharp gasp of surprise, her body tensed as her climax hit her. With soft moans and cries she rode the delicious sensations to the end. Her head back and her eyes closed, she missed the knowing smiles exchanged by her attendants.

When her climax had subsided, they helped her from the bath without giving her a chance to recover. The soft towels they used to dry her only heightened her desire. When her attendants were satisfied their Master would be pleased, they took her by the hand and led her to Him. The trio entered a large room softly lit and lavishly appointed. Women of every description were reclining comfortably, some in pairs sensuously wrapped around each other, others sitting by themselves. Most of them were gathered around the one man in the room, all nude and shaven and all wearing small lockets on chains around their necks.

“This is it,” she thought as she was led to stand in front of him.

He looked her up and down as she stood before him, seemingly examining every square inch of her body. At a signal from him, her attendants slowly made her turn so that he could examine all of her front and back. When she was facing forward again, he motioned to her attendants and they stepped away and assumed a seated position near him.

“These are the rules of my household,” he said,

“1. You must always do exactly as I command you to. No discussion or argument. If anything I command you to do could cause you harm or endanger yourself or others you are allowed to apprise Me of this. This is the only exception to this rule.”

“2. You will ALWAYS call Me Master. No other name or descriptive will you utter.

“3. You will always come to Me nude and shaven. A part of your morning ablutions will be to shave yourself to remove any stubble.”

“4. You will not leave this house without Me or orders from Me to do so. You are not a prisoner, you may leave at any time you wish but if you leave on your own you will not be allowed to return.”

“5. The other women in this house are your sisters, they are to be treated with respect. They in turn will treat you with complete respect.”

“6. There is no contact with the outside, no phone, no radio, no television. What happens beyond these walls is unimportant. If there is someone you must contact, you will be brought to a place where contact may be made. You will not mention this house, or Me, or any of your sisters here. W/we require O/our privacy and will not be disturbed by outsiders.”

“7. You are here to please and serve Me. This you will do whenever I require it. When you are released you are free to pursue whatever you want as long as it does not break any of the other rules.”

He looked deeply into Raven’s eyes as he spoke these words, “Follow these rules and you will find your stay here a happy and educational time. Break these rules and you will be sent away and never allowed to return.”

“Now,” He said, “a small demonstration of what you can expect while here.”

Wow, Raven thought, no welcome, no preamble, just the way it is to be!

He raised His hand and motioned to her attendants. They came forward and led her to a seat at the side of the room.

“rain!!” He called, “ Come forward and bring your toys.”

A small blonde approached with a box under her arms. She was about 5’2” and slightly Rubinesque, weighing around 135 pounds. The box she carried was black leather with gold clasps and hinges and a large gold medallion mounted on the top. She placed the box on the floor beside a long low bench and opened it, then stood waiting.

“Hmmmmm,” he said. “Clips, 10 and 8.”

She reached down into the box removed two vibrators; one 8 inches long and 2 inches around and one 10 inches long and 5 inches around. Next she removed what looked like several interconnected golden chains with small gold clips on the end of them. The chains seemed to form a Y, with two shorter chains attached to a single long chain. The woman took one of the clips from the short chain and opened the clip on the end of it. She then placed the clip around her left nipple and closed the clip until she gasped. The clip on the other short chain was attached to her right nipple in the same manner. Then she tugged on the chains to assure that they were firmly and correctly attached.

Raven noticed that the third clip dangled down in front of the woman and just barely reached her smoothly shaven pussy. As Raven realized exactly where the next clip was going, the woman reached down opened the clip and placed it around her clitoris. Then she turned and walked up to her Master Anadolu Yakası Zenci Escort and He inspected her handiwork, gently but firmly tugging on the chains to assure Himself that they were firmly and correctly attached.

When He had satisfied Himself, He signaled for her to proceed. She stepped down, picked up the vibrators and stretched out on the padded bench. Her head hung over one end slightly as she positioned herself with her pussy facing her Master. Then she slowly and sensuously began to stretch. As she slowly undulated the chains and clips slowly pulled and released her nipples and clit. The farther she stretched, the more her nipples and clit were stretched away from her body. The woman was breathing in short ragged breaths as if the mere act of stretching and pulling on her nipples and clit were exciting her.

The woman was writhing and moaning louder and louder and looking up occasionally to see her Master. All at once he said “8.” Immediately the 8-inch vibrator was up and at the opening of her pussy. Raven could tell that the woman wanted badly to ram the pulsating imitation cock deep into her pussy but she held back. Instead, she slowly inserted the plastic cock into her wet pussy.

“1,” she counted as the first inch of the vibrator sank into her pussy, “2……..3……..4……..5………6……….7…………..8” she counted as the rest slowly entered her.

“On,……..high,” the Master said, and the woman quickly turned the vibrator on high. As the vibrator hummed to life, Raven could see the woman tense and knew that she was approaching an orgasm. The woman lay there writhing and moaning stretching until her nipples turned dark red and then purple, the vibrator humming away in her hot wet pussy.

“Out” the Master said. Slowly, again counting down the inches as the vibrator left her pussy, the woman removed the vibrator. Her whole body seemed to be spasming and jerking, but Raven could tell that she was holding back her orgasm. How she did this was a mystery to Raven, but she did it nonetheless.

“Now, you see the power and the pleasure of control” the Master said. “rain………CUM!!!!” A command in a powerful voice. Raven watched as the woman on the bench convulsed into a mind shattering orgasm. She screamed out her release and jerked and shook with such intensity that Raven thought she might throw her body from the bench to the floor. The juices from her pussy ran down her legs across the padding and onto the floor making small puddles on the tile.

“STOP!!!!” the Master commanded and the woman resumed her stretching writhing and moaning. Raven could tell that the woman maintained a high level of sexual arousal but remained just short of an orgasm.

“CUM!!!” The Master ordered again and again the woman’s body jerked and shook with a powerful orgasm.

“Now,” said the Master, “you see how well trained your body will become. You will achieve this control and more. All is within your reach all you must do is submit to Me.”

“STOP,…………………..CUM,……………………………STOP,………………………CUM,…………………………..STOP,………………….CUM,………………….STOP,…………..” Over and over He repeated Himself, her body twisting and writhing as it alternately orgasmed and then stopped. “CUM!” He yelled finally and then stood back and watched as her body arched off the table almost appearing to hang suspended in the air.

They stood there watching as the woman continued to orgasm, her body spasming and jerking until Raven was sure she would hurt herself. Then the Master walked forward and took rain’s head in His hands He stared deeply into her eyes and began to talk to her very gently and soothingly. His words were quiet and controlled and so low that Raven could not make them out. Slowly rain’s spasms relaxed and her orgasm ended. She finally lay quiet on the bench, her body bathed in sweat, her chest heaving with her need to catch her breath. The Master stood there holding her head and calming her until she was breathing normally and then ordered two of the others to take rain from the room to bathe her and massage her body.

“These and other things will I teach you if you submit to Me.” the Master said “As you are now is a good start but you have to take some time now and think about what you will do. You will be given a room and will be allowed to stay as long as you like until you have made up your mind as to what you will do. Keep this in mind as you consider what your answer will be……if you submit to Me it will be fully and completely, with no reservations or regrets. You will live as I tell you to, and will do all that is required of you with no hesitation. No one will coerce you into staying if you do not wish to, but if you submit there is no leaving, you will live here from then on. Any questions you have will be answered, but no secret of this house will be told to you unless you submit to Me. With these things in mind, you may now retire. sunny will show you to your room and will answer as many of your questions as she can. Good night to you.”

“A good night to you too, Sir,” she replied.

He stood, looked her deep in the eye and smiled, then turned and left the room with all but one of his entourage. The blond haired, blue-eyed sprite smiled at her and said, “ Hi, I am sunny. Please follow me and we‘ll get you all tucked in for the night.”

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