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Cam had never before realized that the layout in her apartment was so complicated. Racing around naked, bound, blindfolded and hobbled; she keeps bumping into walls and almost trips on the carpet twice.

Sevda left almost half an hour ago and gave her a simple task.

“Bring all your clothes out here.” She indicated the black leather couch in the living room, and then took out Cam’s purse. “I will get Jan and,” pulling out Cams wallet and keys,” a present for both of you.” She had taken the belt from Cam’s terrycloth robe and tied it first around the girl’s waist, then brought the loose end through her legs and pulled it up spreading the aroused cunny lips and tied it to the chain in the handcuffs.

Sevda made sure Cam could move the clothes tied this way and then retied the belt so it was tighter. Whenever Cam moved her hands up now she had to pull the soft cloth hard into her very aroused sensitive cunny and against her clit. Then Sevda added the blindfold. “If you are done before I get back with Jan, you may masturbate and cum.”

Sevda reached out and twisted Cam’s Anadolu Yakası Esmer Escort nipples painfully, “If you are not done you will be punished.”

Cams fingers flew to her clit as soon as she heard the door close. “Already breaking rules?” Sevda’s soft voice nearly knocked Cam off of her feet. The hobble was simply the ankle cuffs Cam always put on Jan , the short chain connecting them together made it hard to walk but the hardest part was the rope she tied to the chain between the cuffs that went up her back and connected to her collar. Now taking too big a step was dangerous and loosing her balance would be deadly. Sevda smacked Cams bottom several times to show her what could happen if she moved her legs carelessly. The kicking legs pulled hard on the rope yanking the collar painfully against her neck.

Aching to cum, she doesn’t dare touch herself for fear that Sevda will catch her or she won’t be done on time. Lost a lot of time when she had to pee. Finding the bathroom had been challenge enough, but tied as she was she couldn’t sit Anadolu Yakası Eve Gelen Escort down for fear of making the belt wet and the chain between her ankles didn’t let her straddle the bowl, instead she had to squat holding her hands down between her legs and pulling the cloth in her cunny out and to the side, her face flushing redder when she felt the wetness already there. She almost peed on herself when she thought she heard a sound behind her, but even when she held her breath and stood still, she heard nothing.

“Is anybody there?” calling out in the darkness of her blindfold, Cam was afraid, if a burglar has decided to rob the apartment…or worse the nasty doorman was delivering a package…bound this way they could do anything to her. The thought sent a nasty shiver up her spine. Raising her hands to cover herself from the burglar/doorman intruder in her imagination, the soft terry cloth rubbing just right on her clit, Cam could not resist any longer.

Forgetting consequences, and even her own inhibitions, her fingers grind Anadolu Yakası Evi Olan Escort on her already wet clit. Her nipples ache for attention, but the handcuffs don’t reach enough to do both. Alternating between her hard nipples and aching clit, Cam accidentally yanks the belt attached to the cuffs. The cloth, now slick, rubs just right with hard tugs, she twists her nipples as she rides the belt. The wet cloth sending shivers of pleasure through her body. Pinching hard on her nipples so sharp jolts add to her shudders of pleasure. In her mind intruders, one…no two, robbers, female robbers wearing high heels…and making her masturbate so they can watch. Standing on her toes and arching her back as she drags the cloth, sticky and wet against her cunny, and restricts her own breathing. Imagining the thieves chocking her, humiliating, threatening. Caressing her with the whips they hold…what they will do if her performance doesn’t satisfy them…or even if it does. Her breath comes in long drawn out rasps as she shudders and cums, falling to the ground, shaking in her hardest orgasm ever. The cool bathroom tiles warm quickly under her hot skin.

Trying to recover and complete her task before Sevda returns; Cam marvels at how her life has changed. Struggling to rise on unsteady bound feet she hears the noise again and might have peed on herself if she hadn’t just gone. Listening carefully Cam knows there is someone in the house.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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