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This is a work of fiction and all characters are 18 or over. Many thanks to Gayle for editing my story! Comments welcome!

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My wife Carol and I have been married for just over 21 years, and have been a steady item for 24 total since we dated in college. For me it was truly love at first sight, as my wife was a cheerleader at the time, and the very first time I ever saw her she was rooting for our football team in her tight sweater and short skirt. She was simply a vision with short blonde hair, electric blue eyes, and the cutest smile you could ever imagine. She was quite petite, standing 5’1″, and weighing no more than 110 pounds, and fortunately for me she has managed to maintain her figure ever since. The second I laid eyes on her I knew I had to meet her, and went out of my way to introduce myself and ask her out.

Carol and I hit it off instantly and fucked like rabbits on our very first date. We both possessed a kinky side, which we were pretty open about with one another, and really explored our sexuality. We dabbled in almost everything two people could do together, but never felt the need to include others (we thought about it mind you, but loved each other so much we didn’t want petty jealousies to poison our relationship). My role was often Dominant and Carol’s submissive, yet we enjoyed a wide range of activities to keep our horny young minds and bodies stimulated. More often than not she liked things a bit rough and I was usually more than happy to oblige.

Early in our relationship we did a lot of role-play, and one of our favorite and most frequent sexual activities was when we played Daddy/daughter. We were both very vocal, and talked incessantly in character during our lovemaking. Carol would most often set the scene, like Daddy coming to visit her at college for parents weekend. She would set things in motion by showering me with kisses, saying, “I’ve missed you so much Daddy.” That of course would kickoff a long night of passion between two consenting adults.

Two years after we were married, Carol gave birth to our only child, a daughter named Kelly. Complications during birth left Carol unable to have additional children, and though we originally wanted more, we felt blessed with a child like Kelly, so one was enough. As our daughter grew up in our small home, Carol and I found it harder and harder to have our naughty play time with an inquisitive set of ears in the house. We had sex often, but it had become a bit vanilla, and our kinky talk/play was limited to nights when Kelly was staying with friends or family.

As Kelly advanced through puberty and started growing into adulthood, I was amazed how much she took after her mother. By the time she was a Junior in high school, she could have been the identical twin of the girl I first met at college. She too had a perky petite figure, complete with her mom’s hair and eyes. When she graduated high school her body had filled out and she had simply become a stunning young woman of 18 years.

Being her father, I tried my best not to notice, but how could I not? She was the spitting image of the woman I fell in love with, so I told myself it was only natural. She wore clothing popular with kids these days, short skirts and tight tops, really showing off her supple young form. I sneaked glances every now and then, surreptitiously drinking her in and thinking of my younger, more carefree days with her Mom. I was saddened by the thought that she’d be leaving for college in a matter of weeks, no longer my little girl.

What I didn’t know was that my wife was watching me watch our daughter. Unknown to me, Carol had caught me on more than one occasion ogling Kelly, yet never said anything. One Saturday afternoon the three of us were chatting before Kelly headed out with friends for the day, when she bent over to retrieve her keys from the purse she had placed next to her on the floor. It was summer, and she was wearing a thin white pair of capri pants with a tight baby blue top. I couldn’t help but look at her perfect ass on display before me, and at first was surprised I couldn’t see any panty lines. Upon closer inspection, I found a tiny dark “Y” just above her cheeks, and realized my daughter was wearing a minuscule thong under her tight white pants.

I was completely taken by the lovely sight, and felt a pang deep inside my groin at the erotic vision before me. With regret, I pulled my eyes away before she stood up, and fought to maintain my composure. I quickly glanced over at my wife to see if she had noticed my glare, and she looked back with a sly grin on her face, then cocked her head at me just a bit…busted! I was totally embarrassed at being caught checking out my own daughter, yet Carol looked more amused than upset. Kelly retrieved the keys, slung her purse over her shoulder, and ran out the door waiving good-bye as she went.

As the door slammed shut, Carol moved close to me and whispered softly, “You’re a naughty boy, Daddy.”

My face must have turned a thousand shades of Escort Bayan Gaziantep red, and I could only stammer, “What, errr, what do you mean?”

“You know exactly what I mean Daddy, you were checking out Kelly, weren’t you?” she replied with a knowing smile.

“Of course not,” I answered back, although without much conviction. My mind raced, and I started to sweat, wondering what my wife would say or do next.

Carol gazed at me for a long moment grinning like the cat that swallowed the canary. “It’s not the first time I’ve seen you doing it Ted,” she finally said flatly. She then slowly shook her head at me looking somewhat disappointed, turned and walked away.

I stood speechless and alone for a long while. I had been busted by my wife, apparently more than once, staring after our only daughter. After I settled down a bit I tried to make sense of the situation I found myself in. The amazing thing was that Carol did not seem angry with my looking, but appeared more frustrated with the fact that I lied to cover my ass.

I decided the best thing to do was to face the music right away and come clean, not about everything mind you, but hopefully enough to get myself somewhat off the hook. I went looking for my wife, and found her seated in the kitchen sipping a cold drink. I proceeded cautiously over to her and said, “I wasn’t checking her out sweetheart, when Kelly bent over I just couldn’t help notice the fact that she was wearing a thong. It was pretty obvious under those thin pants.”

Carol stared at me rather coldly for a moment, then with an amused look on her face replied, “Oh really, so you weren’t checking her out, were you? That’s funny, ’cause it sure looked that way to me.”

I stammered once again before Carol interrupted me, “It’s okay Ted, I don’t mind. It’s natural for a guy to look at a young pretty bottom.” Then with a twisted smile she added, “Even if it is his little girl’s.”

I felt my face grow hot and knew I must have blushed deeply. There was no way to hide my reaction, so I remained silent and just hung my head.

Carol then said, “Don’t worry honey, it’s fine — honestly.” I lifted my face and looked towards her again, and she appeared to be pleased with my obvious discomfort. She then smiled at me and stated, “Sit down, I’ll make you some lunch.” With that the subject was changed and I tried not to think about it, but had a hard time pushing the entire episode out of my mind.

Kelly arrived home early that evening, and we all enjoyed a nice family dinner together. I was uncomfortable, afraid to look at my daughter too long for fear that Carol would think I was purving on our child. Kelly asked permission to sleep at her friends Melissa’s for the evening, and we gave our approval as long as it was okay with Melissa’s mother, which it was. That meant it would just be Carol and me alone for the entire evening, which would be the first time in months.

After Kelly left, my wife and I settled onto the sofa to watch a movie. It was a silly chick flick that didn’t hold my attention, but Carol cuddled up to me the entire time in rapt attention. If she was still upset with me, she certainly didn’t show it the way she pressed her body against my own. When the picture ended, she climbed up onto my lap playfully, looked into my eyes with a mischievous grin and asked, “Are you ready for bed Daddy?”

I stared back at her unsure of what to say. Was she simply being her playful self, or was she testing me based on what I’d done earlier in the day? Before I could respond, she leaned forward, wrapped her arms around my shoulders, and gave me a gentle kiss on the lips. She then kissed my cheek softly over and over until she made her way to my ear and whispered, “I’m going to get ready for bed now Daddy. Give me 15 minutes, then come tuck me in.”

I stared back with uncertainty, then simply answered, “Okay.” With that she bounded off my lap and headed towards our room. I sat quietly, contemplating just what she was up to, fidgeting with nervous energy. We had not played Daddy/daughter in ages, and given what had happened I was more than a bit uncomfortable with the prospects of doing it that night. I waited at least 20 minutes, then made my way to the bathroom to brush my teeth and freshen up before bed. When I was done, I splashed cold water on my face and headed off to my room, wondering just what I’d find.

I stood outside the door for a moment and took a deep breath to calm my nerves. I noticed it was completely dark inside and started to walk in when I heard, “Is that you Daddy?”

Still somewhat confused as to how I should respond, I simply uttered, “Yes.”

“Don’t turn on the light yet, okay Daddy?” she answered.

I stopped in my tracks, and replied, “Okay, baby.”

I waited with bated breath for her next instruction. When I finally heard, “Come closer, Daddy,” I moved silently into the room until I was beside our bed, completely lost in the moment. “I’m gonna turn on the light now Daddy, cover your eyes,” she added softly.

I did as instructed and light glowed through my fingers mere moments later. I dropped my hands and was simply stunned by what I saw. Carol was laying on top of our bed, clad only in one of Kelly’s favorite summer nighties, pink and short. My wife always wore her hair down, yet sitting on top of her head was one of Kelly’s scrunchies, pulling her hair away from her face, just as our only daughter often wore her own. I could tell she also applied just a touch of makeup, adding a youthful glow to her pretty face.

I was completely shocked to say the least! It was one thing to role-play some generic father and daughter, but something altogether different to actually use our daughter’s clothing to do so. My wife’s actions seemed to cross a line we’d never even been remotely close to before, yet for some reason I couldn’t ever recall being as turned on as I was at that very moment. It was taboo times ten, and I’m ashamed to admit I loved it, my cock instantly harder than ever before.

She gave me an innocent smile and asked, “Aren’t you going to tuck me in Daddy, like you did when I was little?”

I was completely overwhelmed, yet stared back dumbly and answered simply, “Jesus Carol.”

“No Daddy, I’m Kelly,” she responded with a wicked grin.

“Kelly…Holy fuck,” I thought to myself as my heart skipped a beat. Just how far was my wife willing to take things I wondered? Was she prodding me on sexually or punishing me for what she’d witnessed earlier?

“Come on Daddy, tuck me in,” she whined when I didn’t move.

Sweat began to pour down my body and my nerves tingled as I tried to process the deeply troubling yet completely intoxicating situation before me. “Please Carol,” I pleaded and looked to her for help or guidance.

“Kelly Daddy, call me Kelly,” was all she replied.

All I could do was stare back at her in silence for the longest time until slowly it became clear to me that this was no test, that she really wanted to play Kelly and Daddy. Carol looked so much like our little girl it was totally believable, but could I actually do it? My wife must have sensed my uncertainty, so she made the next move. She reached for my hand and pulled me closer to the bed and said, “It’s okay Daddy.” She then looked me in the eyes and whispered softly, “I’m going to miss you when I’m off at school, won’t you just hold me for a while?”

My wife looked so sweet and innocent, just like our only child, how could I refuse? From the depths of my soul I knew it was wrong, yet at that time it felt so right. I pulled off my shirt, dropped my shorts and stood before her with an obscene lump in my boxers, making it impossible to hide my excitement. I slowly lowered myself onto the bed beside her, wondering just what was to come.

“Behind me Daddy, lay behind me,” Carol instructed, and pulled me across her body until we spooned against one another, my hard cock pressed tightly against her firm bottom. “Snuggle me Dad,” she added, grinding her ass back into my groin as she pulled my arms tightly around her belly.

My mind and body were still too numb to speak or move, so my normally submissive wife had to press the action. “Hold me closer Daddy,” Carol moaned and began rubbing her bottom up and down against my groin, massaging my hard dick between her taught ass cheeks. After a long while, her actions snapped me out of my near comatose state, as blood pounded through not only my throbbing cock, but once more to my head. With the fog finally lifted from my brain, Carol/Kelly, my wife or daughter…whoever, was going to get fucked and fucked hard!

I slowly slid my hands up from my wife’s abdomen, grasped my her tits firmly through the thin nightie as I pressed my cock into her ass, and whispered in her ear, “Is this better baby?”

“Oh yes Daddy, much better,” she replied with a sigh, wiggling her butt back against me.

I began to nibble on her earlobes, neck and shoulders, something I knew drove her crazy as my fingers found her hard little nipples. I pinched and twisted her nubbins as my lips traveled around her sensitive spots, drawing soft moans and whimpers in response. Every now and then I heard a soft “Daddy” escape her lips between sighs, so I figured it was time to test where I stood. I moved one hand up to Carol’s chin and twisted her head back to face me, stared deeply into her eyes and said firmly, “Give Daddy a kiss Kelly.”

Carol’s eyes opened wide in surprise, which scared me for a moment as I thought maybe I’d gone too far, but she quickly moved her face towards mine and kissed me with a passion I had not felt since our school days. “Ohhh Daddy,” she sighed into my mouth as I grabbed the back of her head and forced our lips together. I moved my hand to the base of her skull, grabbed a fistful of hair and pulled her head back slightly as I slid my tongue into her mouth. I held my wife firmly as we kissed, my tongue moving in and out of her mouth in a sensuous fucking motion.

I moved my other hand from her chest to her hip and rolled her onto her back in one quick motion. I reluctantly moved my lips away from hers for a moment and said in a commanding voice, “Spread your legs for me Kelly.”

Carol’s clear eyes lit up highlighting her arousal, but then she pouted, “No Daddy, please no.”

Her response stunned me for a moment, but I quickly realized she called me “Daddy,” so it must have been a part of her little game. I instantly understood I’d been too passive and she needed me to take control, so there would be no stopping me after that. “Yes Kelly, do as Daddy says,” I stated firmly, holding her tightly and staring into her beautiful blue eyes. When she didn’t move right away I shouted, “Now!”

Carol jumped and genuinely looked a bit frightened, whimpering, “Please Daddy, not that.”

Staring at her with a wicked grin, I nodded my head and simply answered, “Yes Kelly.” Before she could respond I ran my hand from her hip to her crotch, and forced my palm between her thighs until I cupped her pussy through the nightie and panties, feeling the heat of her body.

As her legs slowly parted, my wife let out a long sigh and pressed her face into the crook of my neck and whispered, “Oh Daddy.”

I traced my fingers down Carol’s leg until I reached the hem of Kelly’s nightie, grasped the silky fabric in my hand and slowly pulled it up her body until it rested just above her waist. When I looked down between her splayed legs, I was not surprised to see a tiny pair of pink panties covering my wife’s special spot, matching the nightie perfectly. So, Carol was wearing Kelly’s sexy little undies too, the though of which made my cock throb almost painfully.

I moved my face to my wife’s chest and began nibbling on her hard little nipples poking through the fabric as my fingers wandered over the crotch of our daughter’s panties. I slowly began running my fingers up and down her tender slit as I heard her moaning again in earnest. My hand moved to the waistband, then slowly under the silky garment until I came in contact with Carol’s naked pussy. The difference was immediately recognizable. Throughout our years together, Carol kept her pussy trimmed neatly, but never shaved as she told me it itched too much when it grew back. Yet for the first time in our relationship she was as bald as a baby’s bottom, clearly another thing she must have added to her preparation to spice up the evening.

As I cocked my head and looked up into her eyes, she asked in a whisper, “So, do you like it Daddy?” She seemed to be having a hard time playing her role as she moved at times from a willing to a hesitant daughter, but I didn’t care as I was simply amazed.

I had to lap her freshly shaven snatch, so I slowly kissed my way down her body, first stopping to suckle her nipples through Kelly’s nightie, then across her belly, and finally to the pink panties. I spread Carol’s legs wide and planted soft kisses all over the soft material, damp with her secretions. Her feminine musk wafted through my nose and it was easy to recognize her obvious excitement.

My hands moved to her hips as I grasped the tiny undies and slowly dragged them down and off her lithe body until I held them in one hand. I couldn’t help but hold them up before me and admire their brief but sexy form, wondering momentarily what they must look like on my daughter.

I looked back at my prone wife and saw her staring back intently, her cheeks flushed and her eyes wide. She had one hand between her legs covering her pussy in what I assumed was false modesty in front of her “Daddy,” so I knew she was back to playing the reluctant child.

My hands moved to her ankles where I slowly but steadily forced her feet up to rest near her bottom. I ran my hands up her legs to her knees and pried them apart, opening her widely to my hungry eyes. I slid my torso between her legs so she could not close them as I assumed she might. I then grabbed her hand and dragged it away from her special spot, gazing at her bare slit for the first time as she whined, “No Daddy, you shouldn’t see me like this.”

She darted her free hand towards her crotch, which I quickly caught and held both her wrists firmly in my strong hands. My face formed into a twisted smile as I looked into her eyes and said sternly, “You be good for Daddy now Kelly.”

“But Daddy,” Carol whimpered and twisted her body, but did not say another word as I lowered my head to her exposed little cunny. I showered her pussy with soft kisses all over the dewy flesh, then ran my tongue over her smooth, freshly shaven skin. Carol pouted as I kissed and licked her, yet I felt her ass cheeks flex as she pressed her groin up towards my eager mouth.

I moved her hands together so I could hold her wrists in my left hand, freeing up my right to work on her body. I began running my tongue up and down her slick slit, ever so slowly sliding it in deeper as I went. I sucked two fingers of my right hand for a moment, getting them nice and wet, then slid them into my wife’s open flower. As my fingers and tongue began to work in concert, Carol let out a long, “Ohhhh Daddy.”

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