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I began thinking of the events of last night, about my husband wife swapping or rather wife/daughter. Why was he being unfaithful like that? To me as well as her! And why did he let her go with that man?

I must admit he was very drunk last night but even so it still left me quite mystified.

I suppose it was my punishment anyway. But even this didn’t dampen my spirits I had managed to take most, well half of my husband’s cock without too much pain. I had tried other ways to overcome this problem. Doctors that suggested I had a reflex action due to being a little fearful. One even suggested it was more in my mind, well that was complete crap! I stopped seeing him after the second session. Then we tried hypnosis, that didn’t work either. I tried using things on myself, but I could never get passed the first size, and it just didn’t feel right putting some weird lump of plastic in my body.

Now Jim and I had talked about me having sex with someone else last year, but he didn’t like the idea of letting someone else fuck me. But now he was screwing his own daughter, and I knew I was going to lose him if I didn’t do something quick.

I was a virgin when I married Jim and bloody proud of it. I just thought after a few fucks I would open up and get used to it. Like I said before I really did marvel at his cock even though I couldn’t take it. But that wasn’t enough was it? I mean he couldn’t survive on my blowjobs alone.

So when Becky talked to me in the morning I wasn’t that shocked with what she suggested, I guessed she had talked to Jim about someone, ‘Breaking me in’ as the saying goes, but I could see he still didn’t like the idea.

Gradually she wore me down, well it was part that, and thoughts of that Faye woman. OK Jim was drunk but that was no excuse, was it?

Now I liked Tommy but Christ, I was a 23 year old woman and he was 18! OK I had let him hold hands with me when we went out, but this was different. If he told anyone that we fucked I’d become the school slut overnight! I already had a reputation for stealing Sean, Della’s boyfriend, not that it was true because they hadn’t even dated, although now they were.

So there I was a few days later during lunch break with Tommy. No not fucking just sitting on his knee with the other guys around us. We smoked a fag and had a kissing session. I felt a little uneasy being the only girl with my boyfriend and 4 other 18 year old guys around. But I honestly thought it was just going to be him and me! If I’d have known the others would have been there, I wouldn’t have let him convince me into changing my tights, for hold up nude coloured stockings!

I could barely keep the lacy tops covered as it was, but when we all turned a corner my skirt blew up and now everyone knew I had stockings on. We had gone to a quiet corner of the school that was no longer used. Tommy pushed me back against a wall and started kissing my neck passionately.

“Tommy please can you wait until we are on our own?” I whispered.

He took no notice and his hands started going up my skirt! The boys were all watching as Tommy groped me. They were also giving me dirty looks. One of the boys put a lighted fag in my mouth. So I had to use my free hand to take it away and hold it. Tommy held my other hand, well more sort of pinned it against the wall. His other hand was busy up my skirt now, and I couldn’t stop a finger worming into my little panties!

He kept telling me to relax as he nibbled my ear. But with all those eyes on me it was hard to do so. Even so I always liked having my ears kissed, or rather just behind them.

“Did you wear these stockings for me babe?”

“Yeah Tommy,” I panted, hoping the other guys didn’t hear me.

I took another puff on the cigarette. But my legs had started to turn to jelly. My high heels dragged on the tarmac as my feet beşiktaş escort struggled to keep still.

“OH!” I gasped, as his finger now slipped into my pussy.

The boys had now stopped talking and all of them were engrossed in watching Tommy playing with me. I really don’t know why I was letting him do this with a bloody audience!

I saw eyes looking all over me. I just flicked the cigarette away and put my hand down by my side in submission. Tommy’s mouth covered mine and I was worried about my breath stinking of smoke. Tommy didn’t seem to care, as he forced his tongue into my mouth and he was groaning loudly. I found myself looking more and more at the watching eyes. The concentration on the faces became more intense. I saw several boys move to get a glimpse of my body. I bent my leg putting my foot against the wall behind me, and Tommy pushed my thigh open a little wider. I swallowed as my little school skirt exposed my stocking top. I counted 3 pairs of eyes just gazing lustfully at the lacy band of my nylons.

One of the boys moved forward and I felt him cup my breast. I just watched his hand pull and maul at my large tit.

“Tommy,” I whimpered, and then looked at the hand so Tommy would notice.

“Don’t worry he can have a feel of your tits. He knows you are my slut. He won’t touch your fanny.”

I was a little shocked by this but not as shocked as when Tommy turned my head towards Martin. Martin pushed his tongue in my mouth as he continued groping my tits through my blouse. I swear I could feel Martin’s erection pressing on my bent leg!

I looked down and I watched in amazement as Martin worked his naked cock over my stocking!

Another boy came forward and I felt my blouse being opened. My bra was pushed up exposing my tits to everyone!

Tommy had pulled my panties to one side, an act which caused me to cry out with lust.

I was now feeling hands and oh shit! Now tongues explore my hard nipples!

Some of these boys seemed experienced in what they were doing, those who didn’t made up for it by mauling me more excitedly. They were quite rough with my poor breasts, and I would wince from time to time. Nigel put his big hands round both my breasts and squeezed until his finger touched his thumb! When I tried to pull away he just squeezed harder making me whimper.

“Nigel that hurts!” I winced.

This didn’t stop him he just grinned at me.

My mouth was passed from boy to boy like a bag of bloody sweets! But I was so full of lust by now I pushed my tongue into every mouth that covered mine.

Tommy had moved back slightly, but his fingers worked in and out of my pussy.

“Hey stop, listen guys,” Tommy said excitedly.

They all moved back a little, and there it was, the sound of my squelching juiced up cunt on his rapidly moving fingers!

I saw smiles and heard comments about how wet and dirty I was. Then I saw the eyes, that couldn’t contain the delight of what a tart I was. They went back to the groping and kissing and at one point I felt two love bites from two boys at the same time on my aching tits!

Cocks pressed against me again and I felt a wet patch on my stocking top. Martin pulled away gasping, and then another boy actually shot his load on my arm. My hand was now pulling at Stuart’s cock and he began to whoop.

I felt my fingers slick with hot spunk. I looked down through my glazed eyes just to see Nigel pumping his spunk onto my left foot!

They all moved back in various stages of recovery, but they were all listening to the loud squelching coming from between my legs. My legs buckled and I twisted as I gripped Tommy’s shoulders as I screamed. I came hard and long as I shuddered on his fingers to the delight of everyone.

“Go on Tommy do her, spunk up the şişli escort tart.”

Surely he wasn’t going to screw me against the wall in front of everyone!

He pushed me down to my knees and pulled back his foreskin then with just a few jerks my tits received his thick stringy spunk! I honestly didn’t think an 18 year old could manage to store so much. He even had the calmness to spray each tit with an equal amount!

“You my slut?” he panted

“Yeah I’m your slut,” I groaned, without even thinking about it.

“And if I, when I want to fuck you?”

“Anytime,” I gasped.

He pulled me up a little rougher than I thought he needed to. He pulled my bra down and pushed the lacy cups hard against my tits. I felt his spunk trapped in my bra cold and sticky. I looked at all the boys feeling a little self-conscious now. About time too I suppose?

All these 18 year old schoolboys had just groped, and then shot hot spunk on a 23 year old married woman, who was pretending to be a schoolgirl!

Someone handed me a fag and I puffed hard on it, I wiped my hand through my hair feeling something wet transfer from my hand to my head, which had a few of them sniggering. It sent a message to my brain, and I began to feel wet patches on my foot, and one trickling slowly down my leg. I looked down and the wet spunk was clearly visible.

Five cocks and not one in my fanny! What the hell was I playing at? I was just supposed to get Tommy hot for me so at some point soon he would fuck me! Now look at me covered in bloody spunk like a right tart!

“What’s up Becky you look worried?” Tommy asked.

I heard several giggles.

“Oh do you want to know when our next date is?”

I nodded feeling a little foolish.

“Well Sabrina wants to go back out with me, so you and I are history. But if you keep your mouth shut, we can all do this again sometime,” he said with a grin.

I looked at the other boys, they were all grinning at me.

“But I thought we were….”

I looked at my bag that Nigel had tossed back to me. One of them had scrawled on it in black maker pen, ‘BLOWJOB BECKY SCHOOL SLUT’. I began feeling tears roll down my cheeks.

“Hey I bet that’s a record, School Slut in two different schools!” Martin said with a laugh.

I looked at Tommy wondering how he and the others could be so cruel. I started to march away from them feeling my panties slip down. I tugged them back up much to the delight of the laughing boys.

I finally got away from them and pulled my stockings off and my stretched panties and threw them into a bin. I went straight home in floods of tears once more!

I got little sympathy from Becky again. In fact she was quite annoyed.

“God all you had to do was fuck him, didn’t you realise he and his mates were just playing with you?”

“No,” I mumbled, feeling pretty stupid.

“If you fuck up my grades I’ll never forgive you!” she spat.

An hour later she softened slightly.

“What about Sean I’m sure he would and he’s nice? Hell I even fancy him.”

“He’s going out with Della, and don’t you go near him again!” I growled.

She smiled, “So you know then?”

I just ignored her.

“So what if he’s going out with her, just flash a smile and your tits he’ll soon jump into bed with you. Or don’t you love my father enough to make this effort? When I’m gone how long before he starts fucking around? It’s your only hope of keeping him you do know that?”

I had a right go at Zack for telling everyone about my previous school and what I did under the stage. I mean bloody hell I was defending myself and it wasn’t even me!

He told me he didn’t tell anyone, and that maybe I deserved it anyway!

Another few weeks past and the exams got nearer; I spent a lot of time bahçeşehir escort bayan revising. I was still being teased at school, by Tommy’s friends, and now I had a run in with Sabrina in the girl’s toilets!

“So you are the slag who tried to date my bloke?”

I looked her over as she stood chewing gum twisting her brown ringlet in her fingers. Four of her mates stood behind her. They all started to close in on me.

“Well what are you going to say about it then Becky Blowjob?”

I went to push past her but she grabbed my ponytail pulling me back.

“Don’t you walk away from me you slut!”

“Ouch!” I screamed, as she pulled me to the ground by my hair.

“Go on then slut, what do you say?”

“Hit the bitch Sabrina,” another girl spat.

“Please just let me go, I don’t want Tommy, y, you can have him. Ouch!”

“Oh thanks very much!” she spat sarcastically.

My schoolbag was ripped from my arm and the contents tipped into the sink. I watched the girls turn the taps on saturating my exercise books.

“What’s that on your face?”


She spat right in my mouth, and then again on my face.

“That,” she said, with a laugh.

I tried to pull away but she just twisted my hair pulling me back to her.

“Now you listen to me if I ever see you look at me, or hear you have being trying to get my bloke I’ll fuck you up real bad!”

She pushed me back and then left with her grinning cronies following.

All my books were ruined I tried to retrieve them but it was just hopeless.


I turned round to see Miss Newark.

“Was that Sabrina? Did she do this?”

“Oh Miss please don’t do anything.”

“Becky I can’t let her get away with this. She is just a bully; I’ll go and see the headmaster.”

“It wasn’t Sabrina Miss, it was me!” I yelled.

“Becky I don’t believe that for a second,” she said.

“Please Miss I just want to get my exams done. I can’t afford trouble, if you tell on her I’m fucked,” I groaned.

She straightened up in surprise.

“Sorry Miss I didn’t mean to swear.”

She sighed, “Very well have it your way, but if she ever does this again to you tell me.”

“I will Miss.”

“You know Becky you are one of the best students I’ve taught. I’ve already earmarked you as the girl most likely to do well.”

God where have I heard that before I thought!

“I won’t disappoint you Miss,” I said, wiping a tear away.

“No Becky, don’t disappoint yourself, and your father, and stepmother.”

I dared not I thought.

Into my final 2 months and my exams were just 6 weeks away. I still didn’t have any hope of having sex with anyone. God what the fuck was that thought for!

Luckily Sabrina wasn’t in my class so I managed to steer clear of her. I got home from school and the house was quiet. I pushed open the living room door and jumped out of my skin.


I looked at the sea of faces that burst into the happy birthday song. Oh fuck I whispered in my head. I was, no Becky was, well that was me I was 19 today!

Della and Sean were there, Jim, and Becky god she was really enjoying this! A few others from school were there too.

One thing occurred to me as everyone congratulated me on Becky’s birthday. In 3 days time it would be Carol’s birthday, (mine I mean).

We had a few snacks and nibbles, and Becky seemed eager for me to throw back the champagne. I had the usual birthday presents from my school friends, and Dad gave me a cool watch. Shit! I mean, Jim gave me a nice watch.

“Well don’t you think your father deserves a kiss?”

I moved to Jim and smiled throwing my arms around his neck.

“Thank you darling,” I whispered, and kissed him full on the lips.

I heard Becky behind me cough; I suddenly pulled out of my husband’s arms. Thank god we were in the kitchen away from everyone else.

So I was still trying to get someone to fuck me, but who? Well I suppose I should have looked for someone a little older. You know sending a boy to do a man’s job sort of thing. But who which man?

Which man could I possibly seduce?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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