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Group Sex

And so we were lifted out of the disease-ridden arms of poverty by an angel named Arthur. Mr. Higgins took a liking to my mother: first, because of her beauty and second, because she was a quick learner. As I grew in her well-fed belly, Laurie Marie set the Higgins manor in order, deftly organizing the running of the house and seeing to the care of the outbuildings and the animals. Once a week, Arthur would have to travel on business and he was overjoyed to come home to a well-run home and servants that were pleased to care for him.

Arthur became my father the night I, Cassia Nova, was born, attending my birth and caring for my mother as if she was his husband. He sang me to sleep and cuddled me when I was cranky. My mother found herself falling in love with Arthur but was afraid to act on her feelings for fear of alienating her employer. Luckily for her, the task was taken out of her hands …

* * * * *

Laurie Marie awoke and stretched languorously, enjoying the feel of clean sheets on her clean body. Since Cassia was sleeping soundly still, she took the opportunity to pad across the spacious room and threw the drapes open, welcoming the cleansing rays of the sun. Down below, the gardeners were weeding and replanting a corner of the flower bed and a thick carpet of grass spread underneath fruit and magnolia trees. Everything was so beautiful. She still had a hard time believing that it was all real.

She heard a gurgle from the corner and turned with a smile, heading over to the tiny cradle in the corner. The baby cooed and Laurie Marie took her to the side table, using the water in the bowl to wash the little girl, then put a clean rag on her bottom. Snug Muğla Escort and dry, Laurie Marie climbed back into bed, made herself comfortable and raised the baby to her aching teat, squeezing her legs together as the baby’s first suckle made her pussy twitch.

There was a knock on the door and Arthur stuck his head in, a paper-wrapped package in his hands. “Good morning, Laurie.” He strode over to the side of the bed and pressed a kiss to her forehead, then laid a soft finger against the baby’s cheek. “And good morning, my little buttercup.” His eyes were drawn to Cassia’s rosebud mouth, hungrily sucking on one of Laurie Marie’s dark pink nipples. Out of respect, he wrenched his sight away, focusing on Laurie Marie’s face. “Did you sleep well?”

“I slept wonderfully, thank you.”

“Good.” He laid the package on her lap. “For you. Happy Six Months.”

Laurie Marie’s face lit up. “It’s been six months since I’ve been here? I didn’t realize that.”

“Have you been happy here, Laurie?”

“Oh, yes, Arthur. Very much so. You’ve been such a help to me.” Tears stung her eyes. “I never would have made it alone.”

Arthur smiled, his eyes drawn to her pillowy breasts. “Do you think you could feel anything more?”

“Anything more?” She gave him a tender smile. “I don’t understand.”

“It’s all right.” Arthur stood quickly, his face red with embarrassment. “Just forget that I asked.” He walked quickly to the door. “I’ll look in on you later.”

And with that, he was gone, leaving Laurie Marie confused. She kept feeding the baby and when little Cassia was fed and had been burped, she laid her back down in the cradle to rest. Muğla Escort Bayan It was then that she opened the package he’d brought for her and gasped at the most beautiful lace nightgown that she’d ever seen. Then it hit her. She suddenly understood what Arthur had been trying to say. He wanted to know if she could have any romantic feelings for him and she was so dense that she didn’t understand.

Laurie Marie laid the nightgown on the end of her bed, smoothing it with thoughtful hands. She would apologize tonight and if she was lucky, she would have Arthur’s heart by morning.

Arthur Higgins was having a hard time sleeping that night.

His mind was racing, his thoughts filled with images of Laurie Marie’s overlarge, milk-filled breasts. He imagined rubbing his face against those hot pillows, smearing mother’s milk all over his lips and cheeks. Just that thought had him hard and throbbing and he was losing a battle with his hand, letting it gently stroke his rod until he heard the door latch click. In the dim lamplight, he saw a dark figure moved from the doorway to his bed and the mosquito netting was moved aside, exposing his visitor: Laurie Marie.

“I’m sorry for not understanding what you were saying to me this morning,” She stepped into the light and he sighed in awe, noticing that she was dressed in the lacy nightgown that he’d bought for her. “But I understand now.” She pulled the straps down, releasing her heavy breasts and straddled him, pressing them into her face.

With a deep moan, Arthur took one of her nipples into his mouth, sucking hard and whimpering when warm, tangy milk spurted into his mouth. Laurie Escort Muğla Marie shivered as her cunt reacted with a twinge and milk began to drip from the other nipple as well. He noticed and moved over to catch the escaping fluids, using fat strokes of his tongue to lave her puckered flesh. His hands pushed the gown down around her waist and he let his palms glide over her voluptuous figure. She took the initiative and pulled the gown up and off, leaving her naked in his arms and trembling when his wandering hand found her juicy pussy.

“Don’t tease me.” He whispered, pushing the covers aside. “I’ve wanted you for so long. Please … “

Laurie Marie bent and kissed him, humming at the taste of her own milk and quickly moving them into position over his waiting mouth. As drops of creamy fluid covered his tongue, she reached down between her legs and covered his cock with her hand. His prick was long and skinny and hard as a rock and it took only a few seconds to move into position. He groaned into her mouth as he sunk into her, intensely fighting the urge to immediately drop his load. It had been a long time since he’d had someone and Laurie Marie was so beautiful. He swallowed more of her milk, slipping a nipple into his mouth and suckling as she began to move.

Bursts of warmth rocketed through her body and she shivered at his suckling, loving the alternating pain and pleasure that made her pussy tighten around him. Her juices coated his dick, pooling at the base and dripping down and the feeling of her squeezing him like a glove set him off. His mouth filled with warm milk, his cock erupted inside her, sending her over the edge as well.

Arthur cradled her against him, his hand over her heart. “Stay here with me.”

Her voice was small and scared. “I can’t.”

“Yes, you can.” He sought out her eyes in the dark. “Bring Cassia in her and stay with me.”

Laurie Marie’s eyes filled with tears and she smiled. “Okay.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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