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In the bedroom, Mal immediately draws Denise into her arms and begins kissing her. Mal’s gentle but demanding lips slide from Denise’s mouth to her cheek, then to her chin, her throat, her shoulder. Mal then kisses the back of Denise’s neck, and at the same time she slides down the zipper tab of Denise’s dress. Her fingers stroke across the straps of Denise’s bra.

Denise shivers with delight. Her nervousness has changed to erotic excitement. She’s forgotten all about the women downstairs, forgotten about Kristy for whom the party ostensibly has been arranged.

Mal deftly unhooks Denise’s bra.

“Oh no,” Denise murmurs. Resistance. A sudden realization she ought not to be doing this. Not in Kristy’s house.

“Come on now,” Mal purrs. “You want me to undress you.”

“I don’t know…” Denise writhes in Mal’s embrace.

Mal keeps planting quick kisses on Denise’s face and neck and shoulders. “You want me to, don’t you? Let me look at your breasts. I bet they’re as sweet as candy.” She begins pushing Denise’s dress down.

Denise quivers. She’s turned on. Anytime a woman talks about her breasts, it turns her on immediately.

As if reading Denise’s mind, Mal says: “I want to suck your nipples.”

Denise feels the wetness in her pussy. The bodice of her dress drops to dangle at her waist, and Mal lifts her brassiere away.

“Beautiful,” Mal says, her voice husky as she gazes down at the pink spike-like tips that project from Denise’s small girlish-looking breasts. Denise is past thirty, but her breasts don’t show it. She’s the sort of femme that always drives Mal crazy: pretty and blonde, her body delectable.

Mal rubs her hand tenderly across Denise’s breasts, causing the conical mounds to tremble, exciting the nipples even further. Denise is wildly aroused. She’s amazed at herself. She came to the party depressed, not expecting anything to happen. This is supposed to be Kristy’s evening, and now here she is enjoying herself with Mal. So unexpectedly with Mal. She’s always been a little afraid of Mal, afraid of Mal’s toughness.

Mal bends her head and turns it sideways. Her warm wet mouth captures the tip of a breast.

Denise moans as she cradles Mal’s head in her hands.

Mal moves from one breast to the other, her tongue working, her lips sucking and nibbling. Denise feels a glorious ache in her nipples. Her pussy is fast turning into a swamp, and if this ever gets to the point where her pants come off, they’ll certainly be soaked.

She wonders if Mal is as excited as she is. Imagining Mal wet increases her excitement. She once heard Noelle brag about making love to Mal. Denise trembles as she imagines it. Mal is so tough.

As she continues licking and nibbling at Denise’s breasts, Mal tries to push the dress the rest of the way down.

“No, it goes up,” Denise says.

Mal chuckles, straightens up and takes a firm grip on the dress at both sides. She pulls the dress up, peels it off Denise’s body.

Now Denise feels marvelously wanton and voluptuous. She can hardly wait for Mal to get Casibom her on the bed.

Mal looks at the package she’s unwrapped. Denise’s straight blonde hair falls back in shining splendor against her shoulders as Mal tosses the dress away. Denise wears a short blue half-slip with lace trim at the hem. Mal resumes kissing Denise all over her face and neck and shoulders. Mal’s lips touch Denise’s eyelids, the tip of her nose, her cheeks, her jawline, the point of her chin, and then her mouth slides down Denise’s graceful throat.

Denise has never felt so adored. No woman ever turned her on like this. Her last lover certainly never showered her with affection like this. And Mal is so butch. So deliciously butch. Her touch is so deft. She knows exactly how to kiss every part of her to produce the most voluptuous sensations possible.

Mal’s hands slide down Denise’s sides to catch the top of her slip. She lowers the flimsy garment, and once it passes Denise’s hips, it falls the rest of the distance to pool at her feet.

Denise wears blue bikini briefs, cut high at the sides, and over that a skimpy blue lace garter belt to hold up her beige hose.

“Fabulous,” Mal says.

Denise blushes, excited by the way Mal looks at her. Denise’s last lover was the one who taught her to wear totally femme lingerie. Denise’s reward is the look of open lust in Mal’s eyes.

Mal suddenly drops to her knees.

Denise moans. “Oh, darling…”

Trembling with delight, Denise gazes down and watches Mal kiss her smooth belly. Each kiss warm on her skin. Mal’s tongue snakes out to lick her navel, then slide along just above the rim of her garter belt.

A thin strip of bare flesh shows between the elastic top of her panties and the lower edge of the belly band. Mal’s index finger hooks into the elastic and draws it toward her. She gazes down into Denise’s pants. She’s been hoping Denise is a real blonde, and now she discovers it’s true. The hairs aren’t merely blonde, they’re as light and as delicate looking as corn silk.

Mal stretches the panties further forward and digs her face down inside them to kiss the golden fluff.

Denise moans. “Mal…Oh Mal!”

Mal works the panties down, bunching them at Denise’s thighs where the garter straps prevent any further descent. The crotch of the panties are now turned outward, and without hesitating, Mal leans forward to sniff at it. Then her fingertips browse in the blonde patch, her forefinger delicately separating the lips to expose the top of the pink slit, the sheath that covers Denise’s clit.

Denise is shaking with pleasure, unsteady on her legs. Mal seems to know everything. Mal knows how to treat a femme.

“Let me lie down,” Denise begs.

Mal helps her. She gets Denise on the bed stretched out on her back with her legs hanging over the edge. They hear music from downstairs. Maybe more women have arrived. Denise doesn’t care about anything in the world outside this room. Anything away from this bed. Anyone but Mal.

Mal kneels on the bed and quickly opens the Casibom Giriş garter clasps that hold Denise’s stockings in place and trap her bunched panties. As soon as the garters are loose, Mal pulls the nylon pants the rest of the way down Denise’s legs.

What a hot sweet baby, Mal thinks. Denise is more responsive than she expected. Totally femme. Like a dream, really. Mal is always a bit intimidated by femmes as pretty as Denise, but this time she’s too enraptured, too determined to give Denise the pleasure she deserves.

She removes Denise’s pumps along with her panties. She gazes at Denise’s blonde little pussy as she draws the stockings down. She can’t see all of it yet, only the blonde fluff and part of the slit where the fine corn silk hair thins out on the lips.

Nothing will remain hidden for long. Mal wants to open her like a picture book. And she does so, firmly but tenderly, pushing Denise’s thighs wide apart so the cool air kisses her moist warm pussy. The lips separate, the petals open, the pink garden is revealed.

Mal sucks in her breath as she gazes at the gorgeous cunt. Most of the hair is above it on the pubis, only a sparse fringe extending down along the sides of the puffed slit. The fleshy folds are a fresh bright pink, slick with moisture. Little droplets are visible on the lips. The inner slit is open, begging to be filled by fingers or a tongue.

Tongue first, Mal decides. This one should be tasted carefully.

“God, you’re beautiful,” Mal says. “What a lovely pussy.”

Denise moans, her pelvis jerking as though to encourage Mal. A dollop of cream seeps out of her vagina, and Mal shudders with lust as she gazes at it.

She lifts Denise’s legs, places them over her shoulders and bends to the fountain.

Denise is wild with excitement. Her previous lovers never turned her on as much when they went down on her. There’s something about Mal. Something special. She cranes her neck to watch Mal’s face as it approaches her cunt.

As Mal bends closer, she inhales Denise’s delicate musky fragrance, a mix of cologne and her natural scent. Mal’s hands slide down the undersides of Denise’s uptilted thighs, until her thumbs are on the larger lips of Denise’s pussy. She strokes the labia gently, wiggling the pliant flesh as she gradually opens Denise further.

Denise groans. She wants to churn her hips, but she forces herself to remain still.

Mal’s thumbs crawl into the wet folds of flesh, and she opens the mouth of Denise’s vagina until it’s nearly round. Denise’s clit is erect, a fat little pink pearl with a gloss of moisture on the tip. Mal imagines she can see the clit quiver. Now she hunches down close to the pussy with her mouth, and she blows gently into the pink dripping opening.

“Oh god!” Denise moans, her hips giving an involuntary jerk.

Realizing Denise is on the edge, Mal firmly fastens her mouth to the wet cunt, her tongue sinking into the sweet hole as far as it can reach.

Denise comes, bumping against Mal’s face, wailing with bliss. Her legs wind tightly Casibom Güncel Giriş around the back of Mal’s neck. Mal grips Denise’s ass and squeezes it, her tongue working in the spasming pussy.

This first orgasm is intense but brief. The moment Denise’s legs slide away, Mal rises and gets Denise turned so that she lies fully extended on the bed. Standing beside the bed and gazing down at Denise, Mal quickly strips off her clothes.

Denise’s eyes are closed, her mind still dwelling on the orgasm. When she opens her eyes again, she sees Mal stepping out of her jeans with a long blue dildo extended from a harness.

Denise giggles. “You’re wearing it?”

Mal takes the latex cock in her hand. “I thought you knew.”

“I’ve never known anyone who wears it!”

Mal shrugs. “Saves time, doesn’t it?”

Denise gazes at Mal and her cock with bright eyes. She wonders how it will feel inside her. She wants it. She wants Mal. She wants Mal’s cock.

Mal loses no time now in completing her possession of this exciting woman. She always packs a cock when she goes to a party. The way Denise responded to her tongue means Denise is capable of much more. Mal climbs onto the foot of the bed, and she carefully lowers herself between Denise’s waiting thighs.

Denise lifts her knees, her arms closing around Mal’s shoulders.

Mal says: “Want it?”


“Tell me.”

“Stick it in.”

“Really tell me. Talk dirty.”

Denise blushes. “Stick your cock in my pussy.”

“That’s good,” Mal says, keeping her hips high to tease Denise. “But say it another way.”

“Oh god, fuck me!” Denise cries.

Mal gets the tip inside her. Then more of it. Then she slides all of the latex cock into the receptive passage, the full length of it into the slick warm flesh.

Denise groans as she feels her tissues stretched. She’s thrilled to be penetrated by Mal. She never expected this. Not this evening. Not ever. Mal always seemed so distant. But not so distant now. Mal is churning now, gyrating her hips as she slowly slides the cock in and out of Denise’s vagina. With each in- thrust, the base of the cock grinds against Denise’s swollen clit. Mal knows everything. Mal knows more than any lover Denise has known.

Denise’s cries and murmurs are music to Mal’s ears. She loves making a femme come like this. She increases the intensity of the fucking, whipping her hips, twisting them, her cock dancing in the tight little hole. Oh yes. She imagines she can feel the heat in there. Denise pushes herself up on the balls of her feet. She’s as wide open as a woman can get, taking all that Mal gives her. Mal is on her now, a hand squeezing one of Denise’s breasts, squeezing the flesh, fingers twisting the nipple, ramming harder as Denise starts to come.

Denise cries out.

Mal keeps fucking her.

Denise comes hard, a long bone-rattling orgasm with her legs up and her toes pointing at the ceiling and her hips pumping at the latex cock embedded in her spasming hole.

Later, as they lie in each other’s arms, Mal says:

“Marry me.”

Denise whimpers. “I thought this was Kristy’s party.”

“Never mind that. Marry me.”

Denise quivers. “Anytime.” Then she snuggles her face against Mal’s body and she takes one of Mal’s breasts in her mouth.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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