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I unlocked the front door and walked in to the house. My sister Sarah was curled up on the couch, watching TV. She looked up at me and her face twisted into a knowing grin.

“She got you all worked up again, didn’t she?”

“Is it that obvious?” I asked as I tossed my jacket onto the floor and fell into the recliner.

“It would only be more obvious if you had a little neon sign on your forehead that flashed out ‘my girlfriend is nothing but a prick tease’,” Sarah said, punctuated with a laugh.

“Lisa isn’t a ‘prick tease’,” I said in only a half-hearted defense, “she says she’s just not ready to go all the way.”

“I half expected you to tell me she was saving herself for marriage,” Sarah said, laughing.

“Yeah, well, Lisa’s mom didn’t go out and get her birth control pills when she turned 16 like mom did you,” I said. “Mom told you they weren’t a license to fuck around.”

“I know, but she didn’t say I couldn’t use them as my learner’s permit.” We both laughed good and hard on that one. “Besides, you can’t argue that my moods didn’t get better when I got my hormones straightened out.”

“True. The last four years have been pretty livable since mom put you on the pill,” I said. “And I know there’s a couple guys out there that probably appreciate it, too.”

“Only two guys, Scooter,” Sarah replied, using my nickname admonishingly and holding two fingers in the air like a Peace sign. “Not that either one will ever go down in history as being good in bed.”

“Yeah, well at least they’re getting some,” I growled.

“Holy crap, Scoot, I don’t know why you don’t just go find another girlfriend that will at least suck your dick, or something!”

“You well know why,” I said, sinking as deep as my mood into the recliner.

“That crap about being too shy is getting old, Buddy,” she barked. “You’re not a bad looking guy, you’ve got manners and more than half a brain. That easily puts you in the top 10 percent of males this Podunk town.”

“Thanks, sis. I’ll let you know if that qualifies as a compliment, considering the low caliber of guys in this town.” I untied my shoes and worked them off my feet. “I think you just put me in the category of ‘better than nothing’.”

“Oh, come on,” Sarah said with a wave of her hand. “Hell, I’d do you if you weren’t my brother.”

“Thanks,” I replied with a chuckle, finding the compliment oddly sincere. I then glanced at the glass in her hand as she took a sip. “You sure that isn’t mom’s Chianti saying that for you?”

“Mom knows I drink her Chianti,” Sarah said, defensively. “She also knows that I’ve had sex with a couple guys. Crap, I’m 20 years old, brother dear… I can legally fuck someone if I want.”

“Whoa, down, sis!” I laughed, putting my hands up in front of my face in case she threw something at me. “I was just saying that it’s not every day that my hot sister says she’d ‘do’ me.”

Sarah looked oddly at me for a moment, then smiled and said, “You think I’m hot?”

I could feel my face flush.

“Well… yeah!” I said with more than a little embarrassment. “You’re the best looking girl in this freaking town. All through high school guys were asking me if I thought you’d go out with them. When I told ’em that you were two years older than me, they figured you were out of their league.”

“You think I’m hot?” Sarah repeated.

“Yes,” I said, hissing on the ‘s’ to emphasize my answer. “I’d ‘do’ you if you weren’t my sister.”

Sarah laughed.

“Well, since you’re not drinking mom’s Chianti, I’ll take that as a sincere compliment, Scooter.”

Sarah finished off her wine and climbed off of the couch and walked out of the living room. I got out of the recliner and picked up my jacket and shoes, then headed to my bedroom. I undressed and put on a pair of sweat pants, then started to go through my mail.

About 20 minutes later, Sarah walked into my room. She had changed out of her clothes and was now wearing one of her oversized t-shirts that served as her sleepwear.

“Hey, Scoot. How’s the college thing going?”

Ah, the ‘college thing’.

“Same old story. My grades were good, but not good enough for a scholarship, and although we don’t really have any money, mom still isn’t poor enough for me to get assistance to a decent college, either. Even with a student loan, there are more applicants than spots available.”

“So, things are on hold,” Sarah said with a nod of understanding.

“Things are on hold,” I parroted, “just like they’ve been for the last six months.”

I was sitting on my bed, my back leaning against the headboard. Sarah stepped over and sat down on the edge of my bed.

“Scooter,” Sarah said, looking like she was searching for words, “do you really think I’m hot?”

“Yes,” I replied, surprised that my otherwise self-assured sister seemed to be having trouble comprehending my words. “You are pretty. You’ve got a killer bod. You’re… sexy. You’re hot. What’s up?”

“Eddie has never told me I’m ‘hot’,” izmir escort said Sarah with a shrug, referring to her boneheaded boyfriend. “He always tells me he wants to fuck or he wants me to suck his dick, but he’s never really said I was ‘hot’ or ‘sexy’.”

“Eddie’s a dickhead,” I countered. “He’s a dickhead with the I.Q. of a toad. He’s a 19 year old high school senior who was held back in 6th grade twice, who’s living on the dream that there’s a football scholarship just waiting for him.”

“But, he has a pretty decent bod,” Sarah offered. “Although he’s a pretty lousy fuck.”

“As long as you have your priorities straight,” I replied, chuckling. “You’re pretty enough that you could have anyone you want. Why you’re sticking with Eddie is beyond me.”

“This coming from my brother whose girlfriend will barely let him touch her boobs through her clothes?”

We laughed a good hearty laugh together. Sarah stopped laughing and stared weirdly at me, then stood up from my bed. Facing me, she lifted up her t-shirt to reveal her naked breasts.

“Would you like to touch mine?” she asked.

My heart leaped into my throat. My sister was standing in front of me, her t-shirt held up at shoulder level revealing a pair of incredibly gorgeous breasts. She was otherwise naked, save a pair of green bikini panties.

“Wow!” was about all I could muster for a moment as I let my eyes wander over Sarah from head to toe, soaking in her beauty. I guess the fascinated look on my face told her just how enticing I found her.

“You like?”

“Hell, yeah!” I replied. “But what about –”

“Mom? She’s not due back from her trip until Thursday. She’s not gonna walk in here and find you playing with my boobs.”

“You- you’d really let me touch them?” I asked nervously.

Sarah pulled her t-shirt off over her head and tossed it on the foot of my bed. She let me have one more good look at her nearly naked body and pulled the sheets of my bed back, forcing me to climb up slightly. She slid her legs under my sheets, and I followed suit. Sarah leaned against me and slipped under my right arm, her left breast pressing against my chest. I could feel her shaking slightly.

My own heart was pounding as Sarah reached over and took my left hand and guided it to her right breast. I just held it for a moment, feeing its heft and fullness. I carefully started to squeeze my fingers gently into her tit flesh, amazed at the pliant, yet firm flesh.

“God, that’s nice,” I said, feeling her nipple begin to harden against my palm. “Wow.”

“You can squeeze it a little harder,” Sarah whispered. “Just don’t try to tear it off like Eddie.”

I increased the pressure of my fingers slightly. I could feel Sarah breathe a little harder in response. I moved my chest slightly away from my sister and let go of her right breast, moving my hand down to left one and massaged it, too. I gave her stiffened nipple a tweak between my fingers and felt her flinch next to me.

Sarah slipped out from under my arm and propped herself on one arm. Now both of my hands were free to each take a breast in hand. I stroked them and massaged them while Sarah closed her eyes and a satisfied smile crept across her lips. With her free hand, she reached out and put her hand behind my head, pulling my face towards her chest. I instinctively supported her right tit and opened my mouth to take in her hardened nipple.

I swirled my tongue around the full circumference of the areole, marveling at the literal taste of Sarah’s flesh. I then began to suck on the nipple itself, instinctively alternating with little careful nibbles with my teeth.

“Wow, Scooter,” Sarah cooed, “mom must’ve liked feeding you!”

I moved my face to Sarah’s other breast and gave it the same loving attention as the first. Sarah clutched a handful of my hair and kneaded my scalp with her fingertips in response.

By now my dick had grown to full hardness and was straining to make a tent out of my sweat pants. Sarah let go of my hair and I suddenly felt her hand grasping at my hard-on through the fabric.

“Seems kind of one-sided,” she said as her hand slipped under the waistband of my sweat pants and wrapped around my rock-hard prick, causing me to jerk involuntarily. “Geez, Scooter… you’re as hard as steel!”

My mouth still full of nipple, all I could do was moan softly in response.

“We need to get you out of there before you hurt yourself.”

Sarah pulled her hand out of my sweat pants and then pushed down on them, working her hand from hip to hip as I rocked with her until my sweat pants had been worked down to mid-thigh, leaving my hard dick and swollen balls exposed openly to my sister.

“Nice package, Scooter. Maybe if Lisa saw that she’d let finally let you go all way!”

I moved my face away from my nipple sucking just long enough to say, “Thanks!” and returned to my tit-feast.

Sarah wrapped her hand once again around my stiff tool and began alsancak escort to stroke it up and down. For the first time in my life, I was jetting jacked off by a hand other than my own. Once my sister got a rhythm going, she picked up her pace. My mouth still full of tit, I began to moan in pleasure, which only seemed to egg Sarah on more. Before I could pull my face off of Sarah’s nipple and warn her, my balls let loose and a torrent of pent-up cum shot out of my dick.

“Oh, God!” I shouted as best I could, my face still smothered in Sarah’s tit flesh. “Oh!!”

My jizz shot everywhere, it seemed; along my stomach, the back of my arm, my chest, and surely on my sexy sister. Her deft pumping of my shaft didn’t stop until my ejaculations finally ebbed. I rolled onto my back, trying to catch my breath.

“God, Sarah!”

“I’d say you’ve been needing that for a long time, brother dear!” she said, looking about her at the pearl droplets of my semen that had splattered all around us. She reached down to the foot of her bed and picked up her t-shirt. I thought she might be getting ready to put it back on when she used it to wipe my sperm off of her and then me.

She tossed the soiled t-shirt aside and then slipped her panties down her long legs and tossed them onto the shirt. My sister was now full naked beside me, smiling down at me with a sly smile.

“Might as well let you see a live pussy, too.”

Sarah was in full control now, and knew it. She pulled my pillow out from under my head and put it under hers as she lay down on her back. She looked over at me and said, “You’re not going to get a very good view from over there, Scooter.”

Following her lead, I climbed up onto my knees between her spread legs. Before me was every guy’s dream; a young, sexy woman with creamy white and unblemished skin, fully naked and exposing herself for my pleasure. Only this was my own sister. My sister that had just given me the greatest orgasm of my life and didn’t seem the least bit shy about what were sharing.

Sarah’s legs had always looked really nice, but now they looked incredibly long and absolutely delicious as they served as highways directing my gaze to her furry muff. She had a full patch of pussy hair, save for the areas she shaved for her bikini, that matched perfectly the honey gold of the hair on her head. Sarah’s tummy was smooth and rolled sweetly to her firm breasts that hardly sagged to the sides as she lay on her back. And her smile… her sexy, knowing smile wasn’t one normally shared with a brother; only for a select few men.

“God, sis,” I said in awe, “you look fucking incredible.”

“You’re not looking bad yourself at the moment,” Sarah said, looking me over and settling on my crotch with her gaze. “Lisa doesn’t know what she’s fucking missing.”

“Thanks,” I said, an odd moment of shyness passing over me.

“Now, you better get down here and take a closer look!”

I did as I was told, bending at the waist and closing in on the sweet honey pot before me, As my face neared Sarah’s pussy she spread her legs even wider, allowing her labia to fall away from each other and exposing her pink canal and budding clit. My nostrils filled with a scent both musky and sweet; not at all offensive. In fact, the scent stirred a sexual hunger in me that I had never known before.

I brought my face right up to her snatch until her pubic hair were just tickling my face. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, drawing in Sarah’s sexual aroma and savoring it.

Suddenly, Sarah grabbed the top of my head with a hand and pulled my face hard into her cunt. My cheeks were immediately smeared with slick, sweet juice. I opened my mouth, almost instinctively, and stuck my tongue into her love canal, probing as deeply as I could.

I drew my head back from Sarah’s love nest slightly as I slid my legs out and lay flat on my stomach between her splayed legs. I dove back in and attempted to duplicate on Sarah’s clit the motions I had pleased her with on her tits. I swirled my tongue around her bud, glancing the edges of its base.

“Oh, yeah, Scooter! That’s it!”

I wasn’t oblivious to all that was could be done to please a woman. I had read my share of men’s magazines and their articles about what women wanted. I’d just never had a chance to put it into practice. Until now.

I let my tongue fall to her vaginal opening again and patiently licked at her labia, lapping at her juices. I mentally pictured every fold, every nuance of her pussy lips, and made sure my tongue found at touched each and every one.

I then returned my attentions to Sarah’s clit, working my tongue around it again and pinching it between my lips. When I sucked her bud into my mouth her hips bucked and she let out a little squeal.

“Mmm, that’s nice!” she purred.

I sucked a little harder on Sarah’s clit and her hips rocked at me more. I began to carefully chew on my sister’s sensitive nub with just the edges of my teeth buca escort and her hips came off of the bed. As her butt came up I quickly slid my hands beneath her and cupped an ass cheek in each palm. I held on to her round ass to anchor her pussy to my face and tormented her clit with my suckling mouth.

“Fuck!” Sarah moaned. “Fuck! I’m cumming!!”

Sarah shivered all over. Her thighs clamped around my head like a vice and her heels came down and dug hard into the small of my back. She grabbed the sides of my head with both hands and didn’t seem to know whether to pull my face into her muff even harder or to push my face away. My sister’s body went completely rigid and she literally screamed as her body trembled.

I quit my clit sucking and just let my face and mouth rest in her steamy love nest until she settled back onto the bed, panting heavily. Neither of us moved, save for small tremors that coursed in Sarah’s abdomen with each exhalation of my heated breath on her pubic mound.

I slowly worked myself up until I was seated on my feet between my sister’s legs. Her pussy was soaked with my saliva and her delicious juices. I looked down at her with the same sense of accomplishment and satisfaction she had looked with at me after she had masturbated me into bliss.

“Oh, God, Scooter.” Sarah panted. “God, you can eat pussy!”

“Beginner’s luck,” I replied, chuckling.

“Luck, my ass!” sneered Sarah. “That’s raw talent, brother dear.”

“Thanks,” I said as I wiped Sarah’s cunt juice from my face, grinning like a fool.

My sister glanced down at my crotch and grinned. I looked down and realized that I was fully hard again. I looked back at Sarah’s face and our eyes locked. The question need not be asked, but Sarah gave the wanted answer.

“Yes,” she said. “Now.”

I took position over my sister and her hand found my restored manhood. She spread her legs wide again and guided me right to her wanting sex. She placed the head of my dick just at the entrance of her vaginal canal. With one gentle push, I slid easily into her and all the way to the base of my prick in one move, so lubricated was she. As our pelvic bones met at the end of my thrust, Sarah convulsed slightly, then sighed.

“Jesus, your cock feels good in me, Scooter!”

I wanted to reply, but I was straining not to ejaculate at that very moment. Once I was able to regain my composure, I began to withdraw, and then plunge my dick into my sister’s hot pussy. I started out as easy as I could, but it soon became apparent that there was no holding back.

“That’s it,” Sarah said, “deep and hard! Deep and hard!”

“Christ, Sarah!! This is incredible!!”

“Deep and hard, Scooter! Fuck me!!”

I complied with my sister’s orders. I put my weight on my knees and hands, working my pelvis hard and driving my cock like a piston into Sarah’s love hole. I made my strokes as long as possible, savoring every tender inch of her slick canal.

Sarah lifted her legs and wrapped them around my waist and granting me even deeper access to her steaming cunt, as if that were possible. Her heels now dug into the backs of my thighs as she was literally using her legs to help me fuck her.

“Oh, Jesus, Scooter… oh, fuck!!” Sarah groaned. “Fuck, I’m cumming!! I’m cumming again!!”

Conversation was out of reach for me as I simply groaned out loud as my intestines balled up and my dick exploded within my sister’s burning pussy. I continued my thrusts as wave after wave of orgasmic bliss shot through me until my whole body seemed to go limp and my entire weight came crashing down on my sister.

We clutched at each other, Sarah with her legs still tight around my waist and refusing to release my spent member from the confines of her still-throbbing love hole. We both held each other so tightly I thought we’d blend into one. It was then that I noticed that Sarah was crying.

“Sis?” I called out, suddenly feeling panicked. “Sis… I- I’m sorry! I- we…”

“Don’t be sorry,” said Sarah, calming me. “I just… never knew it could be that… good.”

“Was I okay?” I asked.

“Fuck, Scooter… you were wonderful.” Sarah kissed me on the cheek. “You were wonderful. I just…”


Sarah sighed.

“I know it’s not ‘right’, but I just don’t want this to be the only time we do this. Would I sound like a real perv if I said that I want to be able to fuck my brother again? And again?”


“Mom travels so much,” said Sarah. “She’d never know. Nobody would have to know. Just think… no girlfriends that won’t put out for you, and no boyfriends for me that can’t fuck worth shit.”

I laughed. “That wasn’t just a charity fuck for your horny brother?”

“Charity, my ass! I’m not kidding, Scooter. This spoiled me. I really want to feel you inside me again. I want you to eat my pussy as much as you want. I want to suck your cock and drink your cum. I want to ignore the fact you’re my brother and just fuck our brains out and make up for what we’ve been doing without.”

“That would be a dream come true,” I said. “I’d be a fool to not take advantage of such an incredible opportunity.”

“And mom didn’t raise no fools,” said Sarah with a bright, satisfied smile.

Written by: Donny Dickson

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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