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This all started about 10 or 11 years ago. Back when I was just an innocent kid living in what I believed was an innocent world. My sister made friends with the neighbor girl, Samantha. Like most only children, Sam was a spoiled girl who got everything she ever wanted. She was a couple years older than my sister and one younger than me, but she definitely believed that she was superior to everyone around her.

There was a group of us that always played ball, among other things, in my back yard. Sam would always pick on me. She would point me out from the group, call me names and push me around. I was a very shy kid and not very outspoken so I just took the bullying like it was normal. I let her use me as a verbal punching bag. At the time, Sam thought nothing of it, but it hurt and her bullying affected me for years, even to this day. She had no idea that someday all of this would come back to haunt her.

Samantha grew up to be an extremely attractive woman. A 5 foot 2 inch 20 year old blonde with hair about shoulder length. She had a nice tight body than any guy would dream for and an impressive C cup chest. I always saw Sam around school, but there wasn’t much communication between us. I may have said a couple of words to her in the last 5 years, but the memories of our childhood still affected me. Although, I became a much more outgoing guy and pretty popular among the school crowd. We always kept to ourselves and never made an effort to catch up.

One day in the summer I was daydreaming about my past. Thinking of all the things I would do differently. Sam popped into my mind. How I just let her push me around always bothered me. I started thinking of how I wish there was a way to get back at her. And then a plan hit me. I was going to take what’s mine. I know Sam always had a thing for me. It might be why she always bullied me. So I figured that I would get her alone and some how I was going to fuck her. It had been a fantasy of mine since we hit puberty. I always wanted to have some fun with this girl. Why not get my revenge at the same time. I started creating a plan.

I knew that in order to make this work I needed her to be home alone. I needed to figure out her parents schedule. So like any creepy mastermind would do, I parked my car down the road every other day and watched who left and when they came back. I noticed her father left at about 6:30 every morning to go to work and her mother would leave at about 8 every morning. Sam always liked to stay in shape and she would go to the gym shortly before lunch time just about every day. I would wait into late afternoon when her father would come home at about 4 every evening. Luckily for me, this gave me a huge window to act out my plan. I knew what I was going to do was wrong and very much illegal, but I had confidence that if I could make her enjoy this, it would be our secret.

On a Monday, I woke up early and started gathering things I would need. I got my old backpack and started Bostancı Öğrenci Escort loading it full of useful items. I threw in duct tape, rope, scissors, a knife, a lighter, and a candle. I had everything I needed and at about 10 O’clock I set sail for her house. I got there and I looked around and her parents seemed to be gone. Although, I had a plan to make sure they were. Close to about 11 I got the courage to go to her door. With my backpack on I walked up and rang the bell.

Samantha answered looking stunning. She was wearing a pair of tight black gym shorts and a nice pink tank top that curved perfectly to her flawless body. She stuttered,


“Hello Sam, I hope you have been well. Are your parents home? I need to talk to them about something”

“No they are both at work. What did you need to talk to them about?”

“Well it was a personal matter, but if you would invite me in I will talk to you about it instead.”

She stepped back and allowed me to enter. She shut the door behind us and locked it out of habit I suppose. We took a seat on the couch and I set my bag between my feet.

“So what is it Nate?” she asked in anticipation.

I started unzipping my backpack and said to her,

“Well Samantha, you know how we always used to play in my back yard?”


“And do you remember how you used to bully me and push me around?”

“Well, yeah.” She responded with guilt.


It was time. I reached into my bag and grabbed the rope with my left hand. With my right I grabbed behind her neck and threw her to the ground face first. I kneed on her ass as I tried to get both of her arms behind her back. She was in shock and not saying anything, just a gasp of surprise. I got both of her hands tied together tightly and I rolled off of her as she realized what was happening and started to scream.

“What the Fuck!?! Get off of me!!”

I quickly put my hand over her mouth as I reached for the duct tape. I put a single piece over her mouth but made sure she could breathe through her nose. I threw her on the couch again. Hands behind her back and mouth covered with tape. I had her exactly where I wanted her. As I grabbed her ankles and started to tie them together, I began to let her know of my plan.

“Sam, you bullied and tortured me when we were younger. You were awful to me and you treated me like your fucking pet. I think it is time for you to pay for what you have done.”

I began tying her legs together as she just stared right into my eyes. She knew what she had done and she knew she was going to pay. She wasn’t scared. There wasn’t any fright and there were no tears. All I saw in her eyes was acceptance. It confused me, but I went on.

After I tied her legs together I threw her to the ground again, face first. I slid her black shorts down as far as I could to reveal her perfect ass split by an amazing black lace thong. I Bostancı Çıtır Escort pulled the back of the thong straight up as tightly as I could so that the front was splitting her vagina lips. She moaned in what seemed like pleasure, but could have been pain.

I reached into my bag and got the scissors. I cut off her thong and it was bare ass in front of me. I bent down and whispered into her ear,

“It’s time for your spanking.”

I threw my hand back as far as I could and swung it forward, smacking her ass with tremendous force. She cried through the tape in pain. I continued smacking her ass time and time again. Making it as pink as the tank top she had on. After about 5 minutes or maybe more of that I saw tears from her eyes. I decided that she had enough.

I turned her over showing her irresistible vagina. It was perfectly bald. Shaven no more than an hour before I got there. I slowly ran my hand down her stomach and to her pussy. My fingers went right down in between her legs. I felt her surprisingly soaking wet lips and inserted my middle finger. She moaned with pleasure. Even if she didn’t want to, she was enjoying this.

I let her vagina be for now. I got the scissors and cut off her tank top. It revealed a nice purple bra with pink polka dots on it. It was cute and I almost felt bad that I had to cut it off of her, but I did.

What I saw next was her completely naked body in front of me. Hands still tied behind her back and ankles still locked together. I bent down and began to suck on her nipples. They were hard and she moaned in pleasure once again. I could have sucked on those tiny, yet perky, nipples all day long. This had become one of the best moments of my life.

After I had my fun sucking on her breasts I decided to pull out my surprise for her, a lighter and a long red candle. She looked at me in confusion.

“This is something I have always wanted to do. I just hope you find pleasure in it.” I said.

I lit the candle and held it above her sensational tits. The wax started dripping and she started moaning in pain. The pain quickly turned to pleasure as it began to drip more and more on her breasts. She started to laugh in what seemed to be pleasure. I had her tits just about covered with red wax by the time the candle was burnt out. It was my turn for some pleasure now.

I put her on her knees as I stood in front of her. I took my pants and boxers off revealing my cock which had been rock hard for the last 2 hours. Her eyes widened in either amazement or excitement, but she seemed ready.

“I’m going to take this tape off now, but if you scream this rock hard cock will be going in your ass. Do you understand?” I said to her.

She nodded yes and I ripped off the tape and she let out a yelp.

“Fuck that hurt.”

I smiled and put my dick right on her mouth.

“Open.” I commanded.

She did as she was told and I rammed my cock deep in Bostancı Elit Escort her mouth and began throat fucking her. She had a hell of a gag reflex and was really struggling with my dick. I went as far as I could in her throat and held it there for what probably seemed like an eternity for her. I took it out and she gasped for air.

“Your mouth is perfect.” I told her.

“So is your dick.” She responded while catching her breath.

I then reinserted my throbbing cock in her mouth. I throat fucked her more and more until I almost came and had to pull it out.

“That was close.” I said.

“You’re going to fuck me right?” She said with a look of anticipation.

“Of course.” I responded.

I had her lie on her back and I started undoing the ropes around her ankles. I got them free and slid her shorts the rest of the way off. I ran my hand across her vagina and she moaned.

“Ahh, fuck me already!”

I then threw her ankles above my head and set my cock right on her clit. She stared at me with lust in her eyes. I moved back and slowly inserted my dick into her dripping wet vagina. She moaned loudly with pleasure. I started thrusting back and forth. My dick going in and out of her smoothly. She was moaning so loud and so frequently. She was having the best fuck of her life. She started screaming.

“Nate!! Fuck I’m going to cum! Keep fucking me! Harder damnit!”

I did as I was told and fucked her as hard as I could. She tilted her head back and came.

“Ahhhhh yes! Fuck Nate! Yes! Oh my god!” She screamed.

As her heartbeat started to settle I pulled out and crawled up to her face. I started whacking my cock above her. I commanded,

“Open your mouth and stick that tongue out”

She obeyed as I climaxed.

“Ah fuck Sam! Yes!”

I came all over her face and her mouth. She looked at me and licked her lips. Then she swallowed what cum was in her mouth.

Both of our hearts started to beat normally again. I stood her up and untied her hands. I sent her off to go wash the cum off of her face and the dried wax off of her breasts. I sat on the couch with a feeling of accomplishment. My plan had worked.

She came back into the room and she just stared at me and said,

“Nate I am sorry for everything I did to you when we were younger. I shouldn’t have been so mean and cruel to you. I’ve felt bad for a really long time and I just never got to say I was sorry.”

“It’s okay Samantha. It’s all over now.”

And then she said something unbelievable.

“What you did to me today was wrong. Although I deserved it, You still came into my house and raped me today Nate. If you had done this to any other girl you would probably be going to jail for a long time, but I had the best fucking of my life and I would love for it to happen again.”

“Anytime.” I said with relief.

After that moment she looked at the time.

“You should get out of here. My dad will be home soon.”

I agreed and we started to clean up. I put my pants on as she was putting things back into my bag. She started to zip it up and saw something shiny. She pulled out the knife and with great confusion looked at me and asked,

“Nate…what was this for?”

The End.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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