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Author’s Note: Here is the second part of the “Christmas Gifts” story. Thank you all for your comments, encouragement, and suggestions. I incorporated a few of them into the story this time, and I hope you approve of the outcome. As always, any married (or unmarried, for that matter) ladies who are interested in chatting or having me write a story for and about them, please feel free to contact me. Enjoy!


Richard Gerard had secretly fantasized about watching another man take his wife for years. The strange thing was that he was also quite jealous of her. The way she flirted with men at parties, the long stares she would receive as she moved through a room, every curve of her incredible body on display regardless of what she was wearing. But often times Richard would stand in the shower, furiously pumping his seven inch cock while picturing Candace with a younger muscular man. He imagined taking her to a college bar, sitting across the room drinking Soco and sprite while Candace chose her stud, maybe a tall football player, tempting him, teasing him and then propositioning him. Would he come home with her, she would ask. He would of course assent, and then she would point across the room at Richard, and tell the young man, “There is one catch though, handsome. See that man over there? He’s my husband. And he wants to be our DD tonight. And since he is being so kind as to convey us safely to bed, I say the least we can do is to let him watch you fuck me, don’t you?”

Richard’s fantasy had many variables: his wife sucking the young man off in the backseat as he drove them home. He sitting fully dressed as Candace fucked her stud in every position with all the hunger and lust she had inside her. And many other things. But though this had been his fantasy for years, over the last five or so, it was the only one involving Candace that really excited him. Their sex life had become dull, and they both knew it. Richard wandered a bit during that time, of course. He was still rather attractive, wealthy, and it wasn’t easy to have trysts with the occasional pretty young thing. But even those always paled in comparison with the dynamic sexual encounters he had experienced with his wife when they were first a couple. He missed being excited about his wife, who was still the most beautiful woman he had ever known.

Always adventurous, Candace had suggested they try numerous things. Sex in public. Costumes. Role play. And then one day, he suggested that his role be that of the young stud in his fantasy, and for the first time in awhile, the sex was actually good. Afterwards, as they lay in bed cuddling, Candace asked him outright. Richard should have seen it coming; she was brilliant, intuitive, and could always read him. Her understanding of the darkest parts of human sexuality, of his sexuality, was almost preternatural. Hell, it was her field of study, after all. And yet, Richard was somehow actually shocked when Candace whispered in his ear, “Darling, you would like to watch me fuck another man in real life, wouldn’t you?”

Stunned a moment, Richard quickly stammered, “No! Of course not! It’s just a little fantasy I’ve had a time or two. I couldn’t bear for you to be with another man!”

Candace slithered her long leg over his midriff and straddled her husband, smiling a smile that could melt steel. “Richard, sweetheart. You can’t fool me. “She began moving her hips against him, the bare, trimmed brown softness of her bush tickling his hardening member. “I know the secret desires of your heart. Don’t you think I want to make them come true? I love you.”

Richard narrowed his eyes. He could never tell when his wife was working him over. It was completely within her abilities and character to convince him that one of her wants was actually his. And knowing this, he took the bait anyway. Maybe he didn’t care if her motivations were concern for him, or her own. “Would you be willing?” He whispered.

“Well, I have to be honest. Actually having you in the room would make me uncomfortable. And it would definitely make the young man I have in mind uncomfortable, I’m sure.”

“Wait. You already have a man in mind?” Richard said, surprised and a little hurt.

It must have showed on his face, because Candace quickly said, “Oh honey, don’t look that way. Part of the attraction to this… young man I have been thinking about, is that he reminds me so much of you when you were his age. And I never would have brought this up if it wasn’t something I thought you wanted.” And she smiled again. Man, she was pouring the sugar on this thing. She must want whoever this is badly, Richard thought. And the idea excited him. A lot. “But like I said, I don’t think I could do it with you actually in the room. But I have a couple of ideas for compromise. Ways you could enjoy my little adventure without literally being there.”

Richard gasped as his now rock hard phallus slipped inside Candace’s soft, hot love pocket. He would agree to anything now, Kağıthane Escort and he knew it. “You sound like a woman with a plan.”

She began to ride him then, her meaty, perfect ass swaying back and forth on him, the head of his cock dragging back and forth across her cervix. “I do have a plan, darling. But I am going to hold on to most of the details for a while,” She said speeding up her tempo. “I have decided that sharing this experience with you will be one of your Christmas gifts.” She eyed Richard coolly as he writhed beneath her. She was in total control, and they both loved it. She owned him. He would give into anything now. Richard gripped her hips and arched his back, crying out as Candace placed her hands on his chest and rode on. “Would you like to know the young stud I’ve chosen, Richard? Would you like to know who is going to be fucking your wife in a few months? On this very bed where we sleep? Whose cock I am going to suck? Do you want to know who is going to be filling me with his come?”

Breakneck pace now. In moments Richard would have the strongest orgasm of his life, “Do I know him?”

“Yes, you know him well, darling.”

“Who? WHO?” Richard felt his trigger trip and just as he came, Candace cried out the name of the man she intended to make her lover.

“LUKE!” She cried out as she rode Richard through their mutual orgasm. “LUKE IS GOING TO FUCK ME WHILE YOU WATCH!”


Luke Gerard could barely sleep the night before Christmas Eve Day. He wasn’t sexually inexperienced for a guy his age, but he was no cooter hound. Four girls including his shitty ex girlfriend. And none of those experiences had held a candle to his mother, with her movie starlet good looks and playboy bunny body, jerking him off. Had she meant it when she said she was going to suck his cock? And while his dad “slept down the hall?” And was she going to let him finish in her mouth and swallow? He had always dreamed of what that would feel like. The chicks he had been with so far had barely been generous enough to give him a knob polish with their mouths. But now he had a promise from the sexiest female he could imagine that she was going to take everything he had to offer down her gullet. Could this thing actually happen? And how the fuck was he supposed to sleep with something like that in play?

So he laid there, his cock at full mast, desperately wanting to jerk off. But if his mom actually came through and paid him a visit, he wanted to be ready to go. Jesus, what if he jerked off and then she knocked on his door two minutes later. What if that made her decide against the whole thing and just pass on it. But what if she never showed changed her mind?

And with all this on his mind, Luke finally nodded off with a nine inch tent spike in his boxers about 3:30 AM. Fitful sleep. And then it was filled with warm softness, and the scent of cherry blossoms. And then it was filled with kisses so tender and tasty that Luke opened him eyes. “Thank god you came,” he said to his mother Candace, who had slipped into bed beside him, cuddle him in the early light of dawn, and was half straddling him beneath his covers. She was wearing a lovely pink baby doll nighty, and she was everything that is beauty and sensual pleasure in the world.

“Of course I came, baby,” She whispered. “You’ve been a good boy, this year, and you deserve every gift your loving mother can shower you with.” And with this, she touched his face and kissed him.

Luke pulled his mother close, the swell of her perfect C cups pressing against him through the sheer fabric of her babydoll. For the next ten minutes, their hands explored slowly, and Luke fell in love with every curve, every soft hot inch of flesh his mother had to offer. She was a delight to every human sense. He neck tasted like coconut. Her hair smelled of jasmine. Her soft coos and cries were a song in his ears. Her blue eyes were a color that hypnotized him. The hot press of her moistening flesh electrified his.

“Oh sweetheart, I would love to make out with you all day,” his mom said, smiling, “But your father will be waking up soon, and I promised a certain good little boy that mommy would be swallowing his come for Christmas.” And with that, Candace began to slither down Luke’s body, kissing his bare chest, slipping the covers from both of them, and trailing her tongue down his abdomen as she went. And then suddenly his boxers were off and on the floor, and his gorgeous mother was on her knees between his legs and bending over, smiling up at him as she licked his rock hard member.

God, how she relished her power over him. This was so much more exciting than she had even hoped. As she looked up into her son’s face, Candace was overjoyed to see so much pleasure, so much love, and desire so strong that she could ask anything of him. She owned him. She owned her little boy again as completely as she had when he was a child. He belonged to her completely. But he was no child Kağıthane Escort Bayan now. He was a man with needs that she was aching to fulfill. She licked up the inside of his thigh, spreading his legs on either side of her as she kneaded his egg-sized balls. She leaned a little further down and took one of them in her mouth, suckling it gently, and then made her way back up his cock and finally opened her mouth and throat wide, taking every inch of Luke in deep in one stunning move. She watched him the way a cat watches its prey as he writhed on the bed. Luke would not be lasting long this time, but no man could. Candace never took her eyes from his as she moves up and down his shaft with long, slow, hot sucks, one hand lovingly stroking his belly while the other massaged the kegel muscle below his testicles.

“Mom…” Luke muttered his mind a fevered jumble of lust and pleasure. “Mom… Oh god. I’m going to come. Please, please don’t stop…”

Candace smiled around his cock, winked at him, and sped up, but only by a half step. The wink is what did it. She watched Luke arch his back and relished the guttural cry he gave as she felt his cock swell, the head of it ballooning in her mouth. She pulled off a bit so that her lips only came down perhaps two inches beneath the ridge of the purple helmet. She didn’t want Luke shooting it all down her throat. She wanted to taste her son, and she curled her tongue a bit inside the vacuum seal of her mouth and felt her sons cock swell and burst, his sweet, salty semen gushing forth suddenly like juice from a fresh piece of fruit. Candace sucked greedily as he burst again, and again, and again, their eyes never parting. She mewled her satisfaction around his cock as she sucked him dry, watching him over the ridges of his manly abs. and when she felt his orgasm ease, the intense pressure of his cock diminish, Candace let her son’s cock slowly slip from her pretty lips, keeping every precious drop of his baby batter in her mouth. She savored it a moment, closed her eyes, and swallowed. Then she smiled and said, “I was right, baby. You are sweeter than your father.”

She stood and leaned down over Luke, he now as helpless as a puppy before her, and kissed him tenderly. “See?” she said, beaming a grin of pearly white teeth at him. “Now be a good boy, and mama will bring you your big present tomorrow.” With that, she left him quivering with lust, his cock already restiffening as she closed his door behind her and padded down the hall to the bedroom she shared with her husband Richard. He was not asleep of course, but sitting up in bed, naked, his cock softening in his hand, come splattered freshly all over the sheets in front of him. “I take it you heard, even from in here?” Candace said with a grin.

“Just… just the last part. When he came… it was incredible.” He looked up at her as she slipped into bed beside him. “Did you, you know, swallow for him?”

Candace smirked at him. “Let’s just say you wouldn’t like the taste if you kissed me right now.”


Despite the fact that his mother’s early morning visit had been the single most exciting sexual experience of Luke’s life, he felt could not help but feel remorse when he went downstairs a few hours later and met his father out on the veranda. Richard was giving directions to the workmen he had hired to do some last minute decorating for the party they were going to have that evening (the Gerard’s through a Christmas Eve party for friends and colleagues every year), and as Luke walked up and stood beside him, His heart sank with guilt. He had never been close to his father, but he did not dislike him. And as he saw what a great mood Richard appeared to be in, how happy he seemed, his heart sank. If you only knew, pops, Luke thought. If you only knew where your wife was this morning.

“Take a hand there! That’s right, I want the hanging lights all along the woodwork! There you go!” Richard said, a big smile on his face. He turned to Luke and slapped him on the back, a warm gesture that he had rarely shared with his son. And it made Luke feel even lower. “So how’s my boy this morning! Ready for the big party?”

“I don’t know, Dad. I think I might just go out to a flick with Carson instead.”

Richard nudged his arm playfully. “Horseshit! I aim to make a special toast to you this evening. We just got your first semester grades, and as expected, all A’s. How can I brag on you if you’re not here?”

They went back and forth a bit more, but Luke relented. And then everyone was at their palatial house, and Luke was taking coats and putting them away for guests, and his mom was standing alongside his father as if nothing had happened, shaking hands and graciously welcoming people in. Candace looked smoldering this evening, of course, in form-fitting red dress with spaghetti straps, matching pumps and lipstick, and a pearl necklace. She was wearing her hair up, and she kept eating Luke alive with her eyes like Escort Kağıthane she wanted to get down on her knees and suck him off in front of the whole room full of guests.

Candace was always entertaining at parties, and after Richard’s big toast to Luke, she entertained everyone with a game of Rorschach. Candace had always thought visualizing things in inkblots was ridiculous, and so she made fun of the entire idea by having her guests look at her own set of black and white ink blot cards and coming up with witty, often laugh out loud funny remarks about what guests “saw.”

Luke just sat off to the side, and as the evening wore away and the last of the guests left, Candace noticed him. The look of lust she had affected all evening disappeared and was replaced by one of concern. She gave a few last instructions to the wait staff as they bussed the dining room tables, and sashayed over to Luke, sitting down across from him, smiling tenderly the way a woman does to a man with whom she has just realized she is madly in love. “Why so glum sweetie bear?” Her voice was warm, soft. God he loved her.

Luke could have cried. But goddamn, he hated men that cry. “I betrayed my father, mom. In the worst way. I am the biggest piece of shit walking the earth.”

Candace was quiet a moment, then she said, “Darling. I owe you an apology. I wanted this new and exciting relationship between you and I to be a fun, thrilling adventure. The last thing I wanted was for it to drag you down with feelings of guilt or self-loathing.” She strummed her perfect nails on the table. “You are a good son, Luke. And I should have known that someone with your strength of character would not simply be able to enjoy this without feeling as if he had done something wrong. Tell me baby,” she leaned forward, eyeing him. Her bosom swelled beneath the tight, low-cut fabric. “Do you feel guilty because we are mother and son, or because you feel you have betrayed your father?”

Luke thought a moment. “The second one, mom. The first… I know I should feel guilty, but honestly, I have pined away for you for so long… this morning, the promise of tomorrow… have always been a dream of mine.” He smirked. “And you’re so beautiful and sexy, no man could resist you. Not even me.”

Candace reached across the table and smiled. “Then darling, I think I know just how we can fix this. Richard? Richard, could you come over here?” Luke’s Dad had been just outside the door chatting with a former client, and when he heard his wife call, he jogged over. He looked happier than Luke had ever seen him.

“Richard, dear, I have decided what I want to get Luke for Christmas,” Candace said with a wink.

“So I’ve heard,” Richard said.

Candace reached up and rubbed her husband’s arm, “So I think I’ll let you go ahead and pack for that red eyed flight to Savannah. I know you’d rather be playing golf than hanging around here anyway.” She eyed Luke and grinned. “And while you’re gone, I think I am going to fuck Luke until I can hardly walk.” Luke froze, a look of terror coming onto his face that was so comical his father laughed. “Do you mind, darling?” Candace asked matter-of-factly.

Richard smiled. “Not at all. As a matter of fact,” he patted Luke’s shoulder, “You should know this is my Christmas present too, son. I have dreamed about your mother being with another man for years, and if you’re willing, tomorrow my dream becomes a reality.”

Luke was stunned, and looked back and forth at each of them unable to comprehend what was being said here. “Dad… you want me to… you know… Mom?”

“Yes sir,” Richard said. “Only two rules. One, you wear a condom. I had my tubes nicked years ago, and you’re mom hasn’t been on birth control since. Two, I want you to let me listen over the phone tomorrow. Don’t worry, I won’t interfere or make a sound. I’ll just listen. I would love to watch, but your mom thinks that would be too weird for you at this point.”

“And the fact that he has felt so guilty tells me I was right, Richard,” Candace said. “He was just pouring his heart out about how he felt he had betrayed you, poor thing.”

Richard shook his head. “Nah. This has probably been as exciting for me as it has been for the two of you. So don’t you worry about any of that, Luke. I admit, I was a bit jealous at first, but now… Hell, we’re all grownups. If it feels good, do it, I say. And this feels good. And with that,” Richard bowed formally, “I take my leave. I’ll get packed, head out so I won’t be in the way of you two here, and I’ll be ready in my hotel for the little show you two are going to put on Christmas morning.” Richard kissed his wife goodbye.

Candace watched him stroll away, and then turned back to her son. “See? No reason to feel guilty, sweetie bear. Dad already knows about yesterday and this morning. And he’s loving every minute of it.”

Luke sat silent.

“Is anything else the matter, honey?” Candace asked.

“Do you want me, mom?” Luke asked.

“Sweetheart, of course I do. Why on earth would you ask that after all this?”

“Because so far it’s been nothing but ‘Christmas Gift for Luke and Dad.” He leaned back and crossed his arms. “You could have any man, mom. I’m just an eighteen year old kid. Why me? “

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