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Chapter 3 – New friends

I was so utterly exhausted that even with Kim right next to me I slept through the whole night, Kim was apparently as exhausted as I was. I woke up to see Kim still tightly hugging the Queen, but she was awake now and already kissing and caressing my cock, licking the first drops of pre-cum. Her tiny little thighs were firmly clasped at the base of my cock, and I could feel the warmth of her wet crotch. That reminded me of last night immediately, I felt a strong urge to penetrate her tiny little body again. I was always horny this early in the morning, but this thought made me throb immediately.

“Mhm..what..ohh.. Mindy.” she spoke with her mouth full, her hands feeling the needy throbbing monstrosity. Without a word, she bent backwards for a kiss, her hand roaming the wast throbbing flesh wildly. I took her kiss as an invitation and I caressed her small body with my hands, eventually making my way to my target.

“What the..” It was my turn to be surprised, instead of the normal tiny wet slit, my fingers found a gaping hole. I looked over her shoulder, her pussy was still visibly open.

“Naughty girl, you’ve been preparing for me.” I said to Kim with a smile, exploring her pussy with my fingers.

“Mhm. No that giant hole there is your doing. You are so freakishly large that my poor pussy never even had a chance to recover.” She said, still busy worshipping the very thing which wrecked such devastation on her pussy. I could easily fit several fingers inside of her. She wasn’t nearly open enough to fit in the queen without some preparation, but sex with anyone of average size would be completely pointless.

“Ouch.. that hurts!” She said as my fingers explored her snatch. “You really did tear my pussy apart, it is still trembling all over.” Kim spoke, covering her snatch with her palm., massaging gently.

“Oh, sorry. I didn’t know.. I never..I’m really sorry.” I tried to apologize mumbling.

“No Mindy, I fucking loved it. It was the best fuck I have ever had. When I say my pussy is still trembling I fucking mean it. You aroused all the nerves there so much, I still get random tiny orgasms occasionally. That thing is not a cock, it’s a force of nature, a tsunami of pain pleasure and cum. And as much as I would like to have that thing spurt cum inside of me, I think I need some time to recover.”

“Oh.. OK then!” I said barely able to hide the disappointment in my voice. I really wanted to have her again. I could still remember the warm feeling of her pussy wrapped around my cock, the tingling pleasure.

“Oh, hey don’t worry I won’t leave you hanging, I can see you need it quite badly. Besides I might be partly to blame for that.” Kim said indicatively caressing the queen.

She then squeezed harder with her thighs and pressed the queen into her tummy jacking it off with her hands.

“Ohh, Kim.”

“Psst… let me thank you for yesterday. The queen deserves her morning bath, let me stand up to appreciate her better.” Kim spoke and in one swift motion jumped out of bed, and to both of our surprises, while reaching out for the queen she simply collapsed.

“What the…” Kim spoke, from the floor, her legs in a puddle under her. She tried standing up, but she had even less success this time.

“Are you OK!” I asked in panic, lifting her to the bed. Can you feel your toes.

“Huh, that’s weird. No I’m fine, I can feel my legs, and wiggle my toes. Look!” she spoke wiggling her toes. “I just have no strength in my legs. Like after a very brutal workout, only worse. Truly a force of nature, you fucked me so hard that I cannot walk, my pussy is still open and I am still cumming.” she spoke looking down at the queen.

“Are you sure you’re fine. Maybe we shouldn’t.. Maybe I should let you rest.” I said. Meanwhile the queen was fully erect, throbbing and leaking pre-cum insanely.

“Don’t worry I just need some sleep, but before that, you will sit still at the edge of this bed while I suck off that monstrosity the way it deserves.”

After that sentence all off my protest were silenced by Kim’s expert mouth and tongue. Before long, I was shooting another load down her hungry mouth, and one more over her ample breasts.

After two of my orgasms we were both so horny that we both forgot about her pain and the queen finally got what she wanted. By the time I came Kim was barely conscious from her orgasms. She decided to take a sick day, but I had to go to class. So I let Kim sleep and went to my own room. Tina wasn’t there luckily, so I could take my shower in peace. This time I remembered to undress in the toilet, and lock the door behind me.


It didn’t take me long to find Tina, she was in the same class I attended. It was my first class and I tried not to stand out. I wanted to find a place in the back of the room, it was enough to be starred at at all times because of my freakish height.

“Hey! New girl!” Tina yelled looking straight at me. “Come Nevşehir Escort sit with us.” She continued, waving me over. So instead of keeping low profile I was joining the most popular cadre. Well, it’s not like I was ever going to be able to keep a low profile anyway.

Tina introduced me to her friends. Viviene looked like a supermodel, tall, lean with small perky breasts, narrow hips. She was also the prettiest girl I had ever seen, her face was beyond drop dead gorgeous; noble pale complexion, large dark eyes, perfect cheek bones, full thick lips all framed dark hair.

I had trouble taking my eyes away from her until I saw June, the she was the shortest of the three although still much taller than Kim. June was a complete contrast to Viviene, while Viviene was pale white, June was dark skinned. While Viviene had perfectly positioned slight curves, June’s curves were like a stab in the eyes. She had wide curvy, swaying hips, an impossibly narrow waist and then a set of breasts which could rival mine. Her face wasn’t as drop dead gorgeous as Viviene, but it had that next door neighbour cuteness. She had that contagious bubbly smile. The combination of that face and that body was confusingly arousing.

And finally there was my tall busty, perfectly formed arrogant room mate. Her friends made me even more aware of how ridiculously hot Tina was, she was like the sum of best parts of the two. We didn’t have much time to talk, because the professor was entering, so I took my seat next to Patrice, right behind Tina.

There was a short roll call, after which the teacher introduced his topics for the semester. I was lost in my thoughts heady after my adventure with Kim, I was watching Viviene from the back imagining making love to her. I imagined shoving my big fat cock into Violet’s perfect face, her full lips stretched thin over the impossible girth, her dark eyes widening in shock at the realisation of my size. And then the prize, filling her mouth and then covering her perfect face under layers of my cum. Smearing it all over her pretty lines with the tip of my cock.

I could feel a familiar sensation of warmth spreading down my leg, I was growing a boner thinking of Viviene. God I must stop this or I might get into trouble.

I tried to shift my attention to something else, that’s when Patrice took of her shirt and I saw the depth of her cleavage. The image of the queen wrapped in those soft milky jugs, pi stoning through them as that angelic face with the bubbly smile looked on up at me. Or taking her from behind by those impossibly curvy hips, wrapping her tight pussy around my shaft. And then spurting rope after rope of contrasting milky white cum all over her dark skin.

My erection was growing even larger now, I tried looking somewhere else again, and then I saw Tina’s thong at the top of her very narrow jeans. I wonder how she would react to having probably the biggest cock she had ever seen barely a foot away, directed at her back, and still growing.

I did the only thing I could do to try and relax, I buried my face in the book and tried to concentrate. Just as I did the teacher was starting to ask a girl in the class to come out. The girl was big, huge. She was easily over seven feet tall maybe as tall as I am, she seemed even taller than the boy who gave me the tour. But even more than being tall, she was huge all over. Her hips were those of a very fat person, over twice as wide as mine, and several times in circumference judging by the gigantic protrusion her ass made in the back. But her waist was very narrow only slightly pudgy. On top of that she had a large set of breasts, nothing spectacular, much smaller than June but still quite big. All together he was the most extreme example of a pear figure I had ever seen. Each of her thighs could be as wide as an average person.

The teacher was a tiny little thing. Not only by my standards, so the comparison was quite brutal. He was shorter than her breasts and her thighs looked larger than his entire body.

“There he goes again, bastard.” June whispered.

“What do you mean.” I asked

“Well, you wouldn’t know since you’re new. But that dick of a teacher has taken that poor giant as a.. oh sorry on the pun.” she spoke

“No problem, continue.” I said urging her

“She volunteered for an office assistant at his office, and ever since then he has been solving his height complex by abusing the poor thing. Verbally of course, she could probably stomp him like a bug, I wonder why she hasn’t done so already.”

“Ok, But why now, why not in the office.”

“Well he has to show the others he is good, doesn’t he.” she spoke with a smile.

Meanwhile the girl was now writing something on the blackboard, solving some very difficult problem, while he was berating her. The problem was familiar to me from before, and I noticed she was heading in the right direction she just made a tiny mistake.

“Oh, teacher. There’s a tiny mistake.” Nevşehir Escort Bayan I spoke aloud raising my hand, without even thinking. I immediately clasped my hands ove my mouth. But it was to late, everyone was turned my way.

“Please come and correct it then, Miss….” he spoke

“Um.. Mindy.” I said softly and started getting up. I then remebered my raging erection from before, but luckily the situation made me relax enough that I could hide properly. So I stepped out to the board, the other three girls looking at me in shock. I stood oppostie the other girl, the teacher well below our breasts, she handed me the chalk over his head. I quickly pointed out the problem, and gave the chalk back to the girl allowing her to progress. The teacher sent me back to my seat. I could see the entire class smiling, probably at the teacher for standing between the two of us.

“Good girl, you saved her.” June whispered as I sat down.

“It was funny you two absolutely dwarfed him. He was totally shocked” Viviene’s pouty lips spoke. And that was the last of the comments, as the teacher asked us to stay quiet. He sent the other girl away, and I got a silent thank you from her.

I would have liked to talk to the girls more, but at the end of the clas the teacher asked me to stay. He offered me the same position as the girl had, I would be sharing the office with her. He also indicated that I didn’t have much of a choice, so I agreed.


I had a few more lessons that day, but I didn’t get a chance to see either of the three girls. Finally in the afternoon I got a chance to go visit Kim.

She was OK, she could walk again, although she was quite wobbly. Her intimate parts were in pain, and still dilated. We both agreed there was no way we could have sex again, at least until tomorrow. I let her rest some more, went to my room, done my homework and thinking of Tina’s trio, jacked of under the shower, once for each of the girls. Although I didn’t feel particularly satisfied after that, having sex with Kim opened my eyes to new possibilities. I hoped Kim would recover by tomorrow.

It just made me more frustrated, jacking off after having actual sex with Kim just didn’t feel adequate. I still needed a release, but since Kim needed rest, I decided to go top sleep anyway.


I was awoken in the middle of the night again by Tina and a completely different guy stumbling drunkenly into the room.

The scenario was similar, they stripped clumsily and Tina threw the boy on the bed. Then, as if opening a Christmas present, she unzipped hits pants and took out his cock with a gleeful sound.

“Oh Al, you weren’t kidding. That thing is huge.” She whispered excitedly pulling out an erect cock about half my size. The slurping sucking sounds which followed, and the amount of joy with which she approached the task at hand made me since with desire to show her my own tool. All I could do was quietly whimper, and silently tug at my own cock under the sheets.

She was really good at giving head, I could see the guy disappearing full length into her mouth.

“I want to feel that thing inside of me. I want you to fill me up.” She spoke crawling forward and very slowly impaling herself on top of the large boy, moaning with each inch. When she got to the bottom she sat still for a second and removed her bra.

“Ohhh you’re really good, I could never penetrate a girl this easily before.” He said and tried to push her up, aiming to fuck himself with her.

“No!” She said sharply. “Your not taking an inch of that thing outside of me.” She whispered, and started gyrating her hips, moving her entire body around his cock. The boy just moaned quietly, his eyes were probably ruled back into his head right now. The sight alone was almost to much for me, I can only imagine what it was like for him. And as expected….

“Ohh.. ahh.. Fuck, I’m gonna..” The guy suddenly whispered, after barely a few seconds passed.

“Don’t you dare!” Tina hissed through her teeth, but there was no helping it. A few moments later the guy exhaled sharply.

“Sorry babe, but you’re just too dam hot.” The guy whispered..

“Oh.. that’s OK baby, I just need you to get back up.” Tina whispered hotly, the anticipation palpable in her voice.

“No way babe, I’m done for today. It’s not easy keeping this bad boy up. But you were really great.” he continued…

“Oh, fuck you! Get out of my room, you’re so fucked when I tell the other girls you’re a five second fuck. Get out!” She hissed angrily.

“But babe…” the guy tried ashamed…

“No buts, get out!” she ordered, and the guy obeyed taking his stuff and leaving in shame…

A few moments passed in silence while Tina was catching her breath, and I was trying as hard as she could to control her breathing.

“So giant, you liked what you heard.” Tina said after a short silence getting off her bed, I Escort Nevşehir still tried keeping quiet and pretending to sleep.

“Don’t pretend you were sleeping, I heard you moaning over there.” Tina said slowly walking over to my bed, she seemed obviously drunk.

“Sorry… I…” I mumbled.

“Don’t be, Actually I kind of liked the sound of your moaning.” Tina said, now already standing over me, her full breasts shiny from the sweat.

“Guys suck anyway, once they cum the party is over. I sometimes have fun with Vi and June, we mostly share boys. But I’ve never been with anyone your size. I bet your tongue is enormous.” she continued, poking her tongue between two fingers and then placing her hands at the base of the bed.

“Poor thing, you can barely fit here, your legs are so far off the edge. I bet you have a long, thick tongue which would make my toes curl.” Tina continued caressing my leg. I quickly backed up against the wall, pulling my legs closer to her body to hide her raging erection. The queen was as hard as steel hidden beneath my thighs, fighting to get out.

“Oh, don’t be scared, you’re a big girl. I won’t bite, I just want a little kiss.” she continued crawling along the bed towards me. I wanted her too, I wanted her badly, but I was afraid of what she would think of me. Meanwhile the meaty log between my legs was already throbbing with desire, I could feel the throbbing through the bed. Luckily Tina was to drunk to notice.

“That little prick left me horny as hell, and you too seem to need a release. Why don’t we help each other, I promise you won’t regret it.” Tina said while crawling closer and tugging at my sheet just enough to reveal my breasts. My nipples were hard, standing proudly upright.

“Oh wow. They are even nicer than the first time. Even June isn’t bigger. And your nipples are hard as a rock. At least now you cannot pretend you don’t want me.” Tina said and before I could even react, she closed her lips around my nipple, one hand on one massive breast and the other going to the inside of my thigh. Her hands were at too many places at once, and those eyes kept me transfixed.

“Oh.. fuck Tina, no…” I spoke as I felt Tina’s hand caress the side of my throbbing cock. Tina immediately realised that this wasn’t my thigh. And she has touched enough cocks to recognise one. But even thought the shape was familiar the scale must have been completely off.

Seeing the confusion rising on Tina’s face I did the only thing I could think of, and quickly buried her face further into my breast. That way she at least she cannot ask questions. Meanwhile Tina’s hand begun sliding along the painfully throbbing length until it reached the massive glans at the end. Mindy could feel Tina’s gasp through her breast flesh, as Tina groped the pulsing meaty tip.

Having Tina squirm along my body after all the fucking before was too much for me and I felt the surge of pleasure shake my entire body as waves of cum travelled down my cock and onto the sheets. The surge of pleasure with each wave made me forget about Tina’s head, I just kept her firmly pressed into the large fleshy globe.

I could see the sheets flying up with each blast of cum, sliding against Tina’s stomach. As the orgasm subsided so did my concentration and I let go of Tina’s head. As soon as I let her go, Tina took a step back gasping for air and tore off the sheet with a sticky wet sound.

“What the fuck Mindy! What is that thing!” Tina said pointing at my cock. Even after an orgasm it looked magnificent, slick with cum, half limp over 20″ long, 3″ thick arching downward from my crotch to the very impressive puddle of cum between her legs.

“Well, that… um…”

“Are you a… What exactly… is it real…” The shock in Tina’s eyes was changing into a mix of lust and curiosity.

“Don’t worry, I’m a girl.” Mindy said showing her snatch to Tina, her ego slowly starting to get back. “And yes it is real, you can touch it.”

“How big is it… how… how can anything be this big… is that even possible? And it’s… it’s still soft. I mean, is it… does it?” Tina was stammering, her hand extending to caress the python.

“Exactly, it gets bigger.” I said, more confidence creeping into my voice with each stammer from Tina’s side. Outside of this moment, Tina was the dominant senior student, the hot cheerleader that everyone girl wanted to be and every guy wanted to have. But now she was just a stammering girl, confronted with, as Kim would describe it, a force of nature. I started realizing my cock was an embodiment of raw sexual energy, and it was absolutely overpowering. It was easily twice the length and several times the circumference of anything she could have ever seen, and it was obvious from the expression on her face.

“God, I want to see it. I want to see it grow!” Tina said excitedly, tugging on the massive appendage.

“Be nice to it, touch it, give it a kiss.” I said.

Tina needed no further instructions she immediately dove to the massive dong…

“Look at the amount there must be half a litre of cum here. You must have been keeping that in for days!”

“Oh, that’s not so much… I already had four orgasms this evening, so maybe one or two are left for today.” I spoke without thinking.

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