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Chapter 7: Dance With Me

Why would Fred pull such a stunt and just go home? That’s how we all perceived it as we sat down at the table. Passing the note back and forth, we’d look at each other, wondering. In time, I got up to check on the chicken in the oven and James made us drinks without anyone asking. Cindy idly toyed with the box of cards, tilting it different ways or tapping it against the table.

After taking a couple of good sips of her drink, Jen leaned back in her chair, stretched and declared, “Enough of this, what’re we gonna do?” Once more we looked at each other, but slowly, sheepish grins began to appear. Here we were, all nude and we’d already been messing around. Plus of course, I had received my very first blow job, and not from my wife, but from Jen. Grins became giggles, which became chuckles, and quickly we were all laughing out of control. Flirtatious, teasing looks and remarks ensued, along with plentiful laughs.

Thinking I may have gone overboard a bit I looked to my wife. Rather like in a poker game we tried to read each other it seemed. Cindy blinked first, stood and went to put water on to boil for the corn. She also got out the macaroni salad. Oh oh, I thought, maybe she’s not too happy about that blow job after all. Facing the cupboards she spoke out, “George, I’m okay with it. Jen can borrow you.”

Pretty much stunned, not only by my wife’s words but also the rather casual way she had come out with it, I began to rise, but hesitated. Was standing with her back to us her way of being able to say what she had? Was this another way of saying, I dare you?

I was torn between being reactive and upset or simply telling her not to be silly. Emphasizing my love for her or rushing to hug her for the acceptance of the apparent lust. She had seen the wild kissing and the oral Jen had given and hadn’t gotten mad, then. Hell, she’d even spoken about it lightly with Jen. Oh shit, did she want us to do a full swap? She had been messing with James. Staying where I was, I tried to interpret my wife as I studied her back. Cindy still hadn’t even glanced at me. She seemed as to have found something interesting about the counter top. It was too quiet.

“It’s not going to happen,” I declared as I fought the urge to acknowledge Jennifer’s presence by looking at her.

“George it’s okay, really. I’ve done some things. … You didn’t get upset.” Turning now to look at me she continued, “I’ve got to be grown up too.”

I wanted so much to refute her, saying marriage was about love, devotion, fidelity, not sexual desire for another. Then maybe in her way Cindy was saying the same thing, she loved me and knew I loved only her. Words couldn’t begin to express all that I felt at that moment.

Sitting down again, Cindy took my hand and said lovingly, “I know you love me, that shouldn’t be an issue.” A grin rapidly forming, she peeked at Jen and continued, “I might be naughty and watch.”

Hearing the sound of water boiling over Jennifer jumped up to fix the problem. After putting the corn in she went to Cindy, bent and kissed her cheek. Changing things away from the moment she asked, “James, help set the table?”

Tugging my wife to stand, I led us out to the porch. “I feel kinda sick, nervous about this, you sure?”

Nodding Cindy solemnly offered, “It’s plain you want each other. Isn’t it allowed for you to experience things too? How was your first blow job by the way?”

I think I groaned before I tried asking, “You…gonna…?” was all I could manage to get out, and I resorted to indicating James with my eyes.

Cindy sighed, “I’m not sure. Would be nice maybe, good, I think.” Then mewling, “I can’t decide. Can we just see how it goes?”

Kissing my girl, I tried to humor her. “We’re like a couple of virgins.” Suddenly a penny dropped. “Shit! Fred did this on purpose, he set this up.”

Cindy’s jaw dropped at the same instant her eyes grew very large. “That bugger, he got James and me talking, and you two. He, well we, saw you and Jen kissing at the picnic table too,” she remarked, summarizing.

During supper James asked my wife, “How’d you know about alto and other things? You a singer?”

Cindy blushed but didn’t respond. After prodding from me she revealed, “I was in the choir at school, and a musical play or two. And no I won’t sing!”

“Pleeese,” encouraged James, but she emphatically shook her head.

Cindy ended with, “Was in the church choir and had lessons.”

“Lessons, wow! You sing popular stuff? Choir isn’t, but musicals?”

“If I like it,” Cindy shrugged. “Doesn’t matter the genre or era. You sang older, have a favorite artist?”

“Sam Cooke maybe, dad does that age, tourists liked it. I do different things but I like dad’s kind most.”

Cindy and Jen cleared the table and started the dishes. The two beautiful nudes began a busy conversation I couldn’t make out. Jennifer went over to James and they whispered to each other. Returning to the sink they resumed Şirinevler Escort their confab and became fairly animated. I wasn’t being immature, okay, I did want to know what they were talking about, but drinks needed to be made. After pouring the rum, I took all our glasses over to the fridge for ice and mix. To my disappointment the girls clammed up while I was near.

Dishes done, Jen returned and took hold of my hand as she sat, seemingly trying not to smile about something. My wife, who looked very red, came over, took a fair drink from her glass, then turned to James. Holding out a hand, quietly she prompted, “Dance with me.”

They walked to the open area beyond the kitchen. Standing with her back to the table and James toward it, he gazed into my wife’s eyes. Taking hold of his shoulders she admonished him to not look then pulled him close, positioning her head to the side of his. James put his arms about her waist and after a pause Cindy began humming, something that seemed catchy and vaguely familiar. They began to lightly sway, then we heard my wife’s lovely voice.

Don’t know much about history. Don’t know much biology.

Don’t know much about a science book. Don’t know much about the French I took.

James, who appeared curious moments before, was now broadly smiling.

But I do know that I…want…you.

He was absolutely filled with joy now and embraced my wife closely.

And I know that if you…want me too, what a wonderful…time this would be.

Cindy got an enthusiastic kiss.

Don’t know much about geography. Don’t know much trigonometry.

Don’t know much about algebra. Don’t know what a slide rule is for.

He pulled back to look upon her then they both sang.

But I do know that one and one is two. And if this one could be with you,

what a wonderful time this would be.

Kissing my wife again, James cheerily spoke, “My turn.” With happiness in his voice he continued.

Now I don’t claim to be an “A” student, but I’m trying to be.

So maybe by being an “A” student baby, I can win your love for me.

He had taken their swaying into a waltz and Cindy’s expression was one of glee.

Don’t know much about history. Don’t know much biology.

Don’t know much about a science book. Don’t know much about the French I took.

James nodded and together they finished.

But I do know that I want you. And I know that if you want me too,

what a wonderful time this would be.

They kissed like lovers, the lovers they surely would be tonight. Hand in hand they walked back to the table.

Jen jumped up and embraced my wife. Pressing a hard kiss to Cindy’s lips, she joyously cried, “Waitta go!”

Grabbing me by the arm Jennifer commanded, “Boyfriend come,” then promptly marched me to the couch adding, “You too guys,” as she called to James and Cindy. Pushing me down to sit at one end, Jen immediately got on my lap and hugged me possessively. “On that end,” she bid the other two as they arrived grinning, then I found myself trying to keep up with Jennifer’s enthusiastic kisses.

“Jennifer,” I managed to get out as I pushed her back so I could regain my senses a bit, “I am not your boyfriend.”

Cindy laughed from the other end of the couch and I saw her and James entangled in their own embrace. “You teased me about Paul,” my wife giggled, “so I told Jen.”

“Grr,” was all I could respond.

Jen wetly kissed me then furthered my angst with, “Now Cindy’s got two boyfriends and I have one, you.” She punctuated it by kissing me. “Never had,” she began before applying a kiss, her hands stroking the back of my head, “someone I picked,” she continued while darting a hand down to find my cock, “as a boyfriend before.”

I gave up and maneuvered us so I could kiss her neck, a shoulder and, aah, her tantalizing breasts. Letting my anticipation linger, I savored the intimate view before me. “Simply beautiful,” I breathed. With a mild moan I mouthed a nipple. “You taste like tanning lotion.”

Jennifer giggled and bent to kiss me. “Forgot,” she giggled again. “We musta put a lot on.”

“We?” I looked at Jen, then my wife who was attempting to hide her embarrassment.

“It was Jen’s fault!” Cindy proclaimed, laughing in a high voice.

“Shurr, like I put all this on myself?” Jen jibed, trying to look innocent, including batting her eyes.”

Pretending huffiness, Cindy rebuked, “Well you started it!”

Jen made a funny dramatic face and shot back, “Yeah, and I just made you do me!”

Cindy was near losing it in laughter. “Well hey,” she said, laughing, “just being fair.”

Before I allowed myself any more time to imagine what all may have taken place, I got us apart and standing. Looking straight at my still amused wife I declared, taunting, “Come on girlfriend, it’s shower time.”

Listening to hoots and laughs from my wife and now James too, Jennifer actually Şirinevler Escort Bayan beat me to the bathroom. The whole while she bubbled rapidly, “You really wanna shower with me? I’m your girlfriend? George? Oh this is so super! Hope there’s enough hot water. I’m your girlfriend!”

Parts were a jumble to me as Jen blurted it all out so fast and nonstop. Her hugging and kissing intensified again once we had the water right and got under it. Never had I known anyone so enthusiastic. The fact that some of that was misguided didn’t spoil my rather tickled senses. Strike that, I was happy as a pig in a sea of shit.

We began to wash each other, or tried to. It proved near impossible and risked someone getting bopped with a hand or elbow. Jen was bouncing about too much, so I embraced and kissed her, long and deep. Her mood moved back to the lover, the more romantic. This I could handle. I wanted to explore every inch of this woman I’d had so many lustful thoughts of during the day. Water raining over her body she appeared even more exotic, more impossibly unattainable for someone the likes of me. Yet here she was, we were, and she called me, “boyfriend”.

Finally I got to pay homage to her breasts. So, so delightful and she responded so well. Jennifer’s breasts were perfectly sized for her. Full, round and firm, yet with just enough give. Her dark, solidly aroused nipples barely shied as I kissed and teased with my tongue, then gently suckled as she moaned and pressed my mouth to her tit.

Licking the valley between her breasts, down her sternum, I placed small kisses all over Jennifer’s abdomen. This was almost equally as sexy to me. Perhaps because I’d had a glimpse of her tummy first, when she’d flipped the bottom of her top shortly after we’d first met. Nevertheless, I was now fully lost to the eroticism of her beauty and the wonderful feel and tone of her skin. She was moaning now, over and over. Her dimpled cute belly button in particular, I found I wanted to linger there as I dipped my tongue. Jennifer groaned and squirmed. What is it I have about navels? I mused as I dipped to sample again.

Her moaning became louder and longer. Her body reacting stronger, as I lightly kissed the entire area between the inner slopes of her hips. I teased with my tongue, desiring to elicit even more sexual hunger from her, for wanting me, her boyfriend, to slake her craving. I had to support her, for her legs seemed to weaken as I kissed slower and with more intensity, with increasing lust.

Kill me now but I wanted this woman so badly. The enticing rise of her mound gave way to the center of her womanhood as I kissed and licked her well shaved pussy. She trembled as I paid my respects, in supplication, for permission, to know her fully. Jennifer’s hands pressed urgently on the back of my head, and she emitted unintelligible sounds.

She tilted her pelvis toward me as I traced my tongue lovingly along her entrance, her scent intoxicating, her desire seeping, hinting at more. Tenderly probing, her lips parted, she wasn’t soaked merely from the shower. Moaning stronger, she urged me on as I delved deeper, seeking her full, heady, wonderful taste.

Holding the cheeks of her taut, clenching bum, I worked my tongue in the movements of intercourse. Withdrawing, I lightly licked her now revealed clitoris, then teased around her little female erection. Returning to suck firmly upon her sensitive clit, I slid two fingers into her flowing pussy. Jennifer jumped, groaning loud, her tunnel clamped on my fingers as I continued to suck and mouth her clit.

Crying out, “Yes, yes, ooh, yesss,” she came, shuddering, then nearly collapsed, trembling.

Jennifer moaned and looked dreamy eyed when I rose, lifting her back up. Embracing and tenderly kissing her mouth, my voice hoarse with passion, I breathed, “I want us on a bed.” I saw such emotion in Jennifer’s eyes as she squeezed me hard and near hurt me with the intensity of her kiss.

We hadn’t done much of a wash, we didn’t consider towels. We didn’t see anything but each others eyes, eyes full of desire as we made our way, hand in hand to the spare bedroom. I heard my wife moan loudly from the area of Fred’s room. It took a moment perhaps for the meaning of the sound to sink in, but I felt indifferent as to the impact right then. Jennifer laid herself down, supine on the middle of the bed, arms beckoning me. I laid down by her side and we kissed, we seriously made out.

“Take me. … Want you. … Please,” Jennifer lovingly sighed between kisses.

Tempting as it was to simply go for it, for surely I wanted to, instead I rolled her over and began tasting, sampling all of Jennifer I could. I took my time, kissing tenderly, each shoulder, her upper back then her sides. My lover, my girlfriend, whimpered and moaned with each new touch of my lips upon her aroused, sensitized body. I went high up again, and kissed the length of her spine to the small hollow at its base. Escort Şirinevler That was a special place for her it seemed. She jolted and moaned louder, squirmed and mewled as if wanting more.

Surprising even myself, I slid a couple of fingers in her pussy and Jennifer cried out. A kiss to the little valley of her back and working my fingers inside her flooded tunnel, I then traced my tongue in circles around that small spot, like I would about a nipple. Homing in, I pressed my tongue to the center of the hollow and traced down until I was teasing the cleavage of her bum.

Jennifer was now beside herself, thrusting her hips high, “Ooh, ooh, boyfriend, George I…” She came again then promptly her hips collapsed.

Pausing my fingers, I lavished kisses all over her gorgeous behind. Kissing the upper backs of her thighs, and darting back to the undersides of her lower cheeks, Jennifer moaned and squirmed anew. I continued lower, intent on knowing all, kissing all. Trailing kisses down her legs, the backs of her knees, her legs started to twitch. Bending her leg up, I kissed and tongued her feet and toes, my fingers in her pussy all but forgotten. I’d never thought to do that before.

On a whim I decided to suck each pretty toe. This is fun, I delightfully concluded and bent her other leg up to do the same. Jennifer twisted over, seeking a kiss, panting, “No-one’s ever, ever licked my feet, sucked my toes before.” Exhaling, “Oh boyfriend,” and she hugged the breath from me.

With a voice of need she pleaded, “George please, can we now?” My desire of wanting to taste her wonderful pussy again, to drink in more of her sweetness, was put aside. I moved over my waiting lover. Still a tad hesitant of what I was about to do, to commit, I moved the length of my too hard shaft along her opening. Jennifer began to whimper uncontrollably, raising her hips to try and capture me.

Shifting lower my mind raced, my face felt hot. I was about to have full sex with a woman other than my wife. Jennifer grabbed hold of my cock and strained up to kiss me intensely. “Put it in! Fuck me! Please!” she begged placing the head of my cock squarely between her opened petals. “Yes! Pleease, I wanta feel you, do it, do it,” she urged. Releasing me she gripped my butt with both hands, pulling me in, and throwing her pelvis up hard.

Total body rush instantly, I froze, Jennifer howled. Completely inside this impossibly delightful woman, I was transfixed. I didn’t try to move, didn’t want more, cumming wasn’t my goal, for that would end it all. Amazing sensations of her heat, swimming moist desire, snugness, gripping. Still she pressed me hard into her, almost crying, “Nnn, so good, stay, stay’n me. Ooh, you, soo good.”

Jennifer’s vagina pulsed then gripped firm and in a high voice she yelped. Clamping harder, tighter, she gushed. Gushed? Holy geez, she came like that? I hadn’t done anything. I was just inside her pussy. Deeply, wonderfully, inside Jennifer’s pussy. My straining cock, bathed in the hot wetness of her excruciatingly wonderful pussy.

“Oh God. I’m…cummming. … I’m cumming, cumming. Oh God. … Oh God…oh…my…God.” Partially collapsing I kissed Jennifer so hard. She was quivering, I was pulsing. We hugged and kissed, tongues seeking.

Oh geez, she was crying. Lifting my head I saw the tears. Attempting to stop, she feebly smiled and tried to giggle. I kissed away her tears, even they seemed sweet.

Her joy, me outlandishly still hard, I began to move. Slowly, I partially withdrew, then gently, lovingly, returned to deep in her amazing inner sanctum. Jennifer brought her legs up, resting her feet lightly on my back. My groin working against hers, my cock buried so very deep. I felt tiny electric like sensations, beginning at the tip of my now hypersensitive cock, rushing up my spinal cord and filling my brain, like a burst of fireworks in a night sky. What was happening? What magic did this beautiful nymph goddess possess?

Slowly we made love, me keeping a steady, deliberate pace, Jennifer never pressuring. She experienced milder but more than one orgasm. I came again but with less thunder. Still connected, I rolled us over, Jennifer now on top. We kissed and cooed and I drifted off.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Stirring, it required a brief moment but then everything flooded back. Jennifer, hair splayed, light weight, sleeping upon me, so sweet. Gently I shifted us and extricated myself. She lightly groaned, moving into a semi prone position. Moving the hair away from her face, I gently kissed her cheek. Rising from the bed, I reached for the sheet and light blanket to cover her with. Pausing to gaze at her loveliness, evidence of our double lovemaking caught my eye. All the sensations, some unique as they were, returned. I went to the bathroom and came back with a towel, wet with warm water at one end. Gently I cleaned away what was visible, then drew up the covers and left, closing the door behind me.

Finding my glass at the table, I dumped the contents and made myself a fresh drink. I had the munchies and found the tins of mixed nuts. Recalling Cindy’s laugh telling me about Wally and Phil, I left them in the cupboard. I didn’t care to munch on a walnut or filbert thank you very much. In fact, I thought I may never eat nuts again.

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