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———Closed Doors———

Episode Six

“FILM (Part II)”


Kara saw Hayley instinctively cover her bare breasts with her arms when Kara opened the door to slip into Hayley’s bedroom. Kara laughed, “God, are you that nervous? I don’t think I’ve ever seen you jump like that before.”

“Shut up,” Hayley shot back, “of course I’m nervous.” She tossed the bra she was holding over towards the closet. “Can you hand me that bag?”

Kara grabbed the pink boutique bag Hayley pointed at. It was the one that had the bikini in it. Hayley pulled the top half of the swimwear out. “Here,” said Kara, taking it from her, “let me help you.” She got the strings tied behind Hayley’s neck and her back and adjusted the triangular panels into place around the young girls tits.

Hayley took her shorts and panties off, pausing before she tied the bikini bottoms on. She looked at Kara. “Does everything look alright – down there?” She flapped her hand down to indicate her crotch.

Kara grabbed Hayley’s shoulders and turned her around to face her. Then she took a step back and went about looking down, examining Hayley’s lovely lower-half. Hayley’s smooth lips were as bare and luscious as Kara thought they had been back in the dressing room where she had first seen them after graduation. She reached out and lightly ran her fingertips over the top edge of the spongy mound. “Perfect,” she finally commented. Hayley slipped the bottoms on.

“Hayley, you gotta relax, sweetie,” Kara stated, after watching how tense her little sister was. “Did you want to try some of that ecstasy or something?”

Hayley stopped and looked at her older sister. “I already did.”


“Remember yesterday? I swiped some from your bag?”

Kara thought back to when they had first arrived at the cabana. “Oh, yeah,” she remembered. “I can’t believe I forgot about that. How many did you take?”

“One,” Hayley answered quickly. “Should I take more?”

Kara couldn’t hide her amusement. “No, lets just wait until that one kicks in first before se start piling them on. We have plans and we don’t want you stumbling around all night petting the walls. I will get you some wine though. That okay?”

Hayley nodded and Kara left. When she returned, Hayley had put her hair up into a chaotic bunch with a white ribbon and was checking her makeup. She took the glass of wine from Kara and downed the entire thing in one long go. As Hayley handed the empty glass back to Kara, she took a deep breath and said, “Okay, let’s do this.”

“There you go,” Kara laughed and followed little Hayley out of the room.


Stacy Marie could see that Debbie had already laid the towels out on the sand and was on one, laying on her back. Stacy walked up and filled two glasses with Strawberry daquiri before she put the pitcher from the blender into a cooler filled with ice.

“Thank you,” Debbie said in appreciation when Stacy handed her a glass. She took a few cursory sips.

Stacy Marie sat down on her towel and laid back, propping herself up on her elbows. “I love that bikini,” she commented, looking at Debbie’s golden, sheen-covered body prone on the towel two feet away. Debbie was wearing a conservatively cut bikini, the bottom half of which was black with white polka dots while the top was white with black dots.

“Thank you,” Debbie replied, “I got it a few months ago.”

“Well, it looks great on you.”

A few minutes later, Debbie rolled onto her front. Stacy Marie sat up and untied the knots to her bikini top, taking it off, revealing her creamy tits. Step one.

Debbie turned her head to say something, but paused when she saw Stacy’s topless body beside her.

“Oh,” Stacy Marie reacted when she saw the look on Debbie’s face. “I’m sorry. If it makes you uncomfortable-“

“No,” Debbie said, cutting her off. She shook her head, “it’s okay. I just didn’t see it coming.” She grinned, a little anxiously, as if to punctuate what she said.

“Are you sure?” Stacy asked as she went to lay back down on her towel, exposing the front half of her body to the sunlight.

“Yeah, I’m sure,” Debbie replied.

A minute later, Stacy Marie brought up, “Uh, what were you going to ask?”


“A minute ago it looked like you were going to say something,” Stacy Marie reminded her.

“Oh. Yeah. I was going to see if I could get you to, um, put some oil on my back. It’s hard for me to reach.”

“Sure,” Stacy Marie said, sitting back up quick enough that her naked tits jiggled a little from the movement. Stacy caught Debbie’s eyes catching the jiggle. This night might go a little easier than I thought.

Stacy picked up the bottle and poured some into her hands after she scooted down to straddle the back of Debbie’s thighs. She started rubbing over the lower back, gently massaging as she went. She wanted Debbie to notice her touch, that it was there. “Did you want me to undo this?” Stacy Marie asked Debbie as the oiled bahis firmaları hands came up to the clasp in the middle of the inch-wide strap that held the bikini top on. It seemed more like a regular bra than anything.

“Umm, okay,” Debbie answered unsurely. “Yeah, I guess.”

Stacy undid it and Debbie lifted herself a little to get her arms out of it and pull it out from under her body. Stacy Marie finished massaging the sunning oil into Debbie’s back, then slid back over to her own towel. She returned to the original position of laying on her back.

After ten minutes or so, Stacy Marie noticed the movement of Debbie’s head as it looked around in every direction. “What’s wrong?” she asked, a little confused.

Debbie looked at her. “Umm, I was going to roll over. I’m looking to see if there’s anyone that might see me.”

“Oh,” Stacy said, looking around with her. “Doesn’t look like it.”

“What if Jon comes back?”

“Oh, he won’t be back until well after midnight. Besides, he’s seen you topless, remember? Strip poker?”

“Yeah, but that was different.” Debbie gave another survey around the area. “Okay,” she said reluctantly. She flipped over onto her back and the ample mounds on her chest flattened just slightly and spread almost as slightly to the sides under their own weight.

“Whoa,” Stacy Marie sighed in a gust of breath.

“What?” Debbie blurted nervously.

“No, no, it’s nothing bad,” Stacy quickly answered, “it’s just…well, your body. It’s gorgeous.”

Debbie blushed and turned her head away. “Whatever,” she said humbly, trying to deflect the gushing compliment.

“No, no, you are. I’d kill for a body like that. Tits like that.”

“Yeah, right. Like you need to wish for any other body than the one you have,” Debbie replied.

Stacy Marie took a glance down her own body. “What does that mean?” she asked. “My tits are only about half the size of yours.”

Debbie looked at her. “But it’s the way they look on you, and how your body wears them. You’re like a Greek statue of Diana.”

“You don’t think they’re too small?”

“No,” Debbie answered, “and besides the color of your skin-” She stopped abruptly when Stacy’s eyes darted past her to something Debbie couldn’t see. She turned her head quickly to look and saw an old man walking along the shore with his dog, coming in their direction. “Shit!” she whispered sharply. Then, in a flash, she flipped back onto her stomach to hide her tits.

Stacy Marie laughed a little at the abruptness of Debbie’s reaction. Stacy kept still in her posture, breasts bared and visible to the old gentleman, and his dog. As he got closer, she saw him notice her when his dog did and she threw him a naughty little smile and gave him a flirty wave with her fingers. He smiled at her and tipped his head in acknowledgement, and just continued on his way past them and away down the beach.

“Oh my god! I can’t believe you just did that,” Debbie chirped in a hushed whisper.

“What? You’re the one that just said that I had good tits,” Stacy Marie defended. She rolled over onto her stomach, too, and grinned her second naughty grin. “Besides, those few seconds probably made that old guy’s whole day. Maybe even week.”

“Or you might have given him a heart attack.” Debbie and Stacy Marie stared at each other for a tense moment before they simultaneously erupted into laughter.


Jack was already out on the beach when the girls walked out. He looked up. Hayley looked like a little sensual kitten in her bikini. Conservative enough to be ‘good girl’ sexy, it was orange, lined all around it’s edges in a trim of baby blue. The way it hugged her was like a second skin, there were no folds or wrinkles, just smooth fabric hugging her curves.

Hayley was nervous as Kara left her in a spot of the beach and walked over to stand beside Jack. “What do I do? Just start stripping, or what?” she asked in a shaky voice.

“First of all, relax,” Kara suggested. “For right now, just do whatever you want. Different poses, walk around, play in the sand. Whatever.”

Hayley nodded her head and timidly followed Kara’s suggestions as Jack began to take pictures of her. In most of them, she looked anxious enough to be cute. Shy enough to be sexy. Jack just kept aiming and shooting. These are going to be good, I think.

After a few minutes, Kara said, “Alright, now, let’s try it without the top.”

Hayley looked at her. Kara looked back, then sighed and walked over to her. “Would you like me to do it first? Show you?” she asked her younger sister. Hayley nodded, with a ‘sorry, but thanks’ look in her eye.

“Okay,” Kara said. Hayley stepped to the side, out of picture, and Kara started taking her bikini top off. First she reached behind her back and undid the knot there. This loosened the top but still let the triangles of fabric cover over her nipples. She posed like that for a couple of seconds, then slowly started pulling the top up and off over her head, leaving the knot at the kaçak iddaa neck intact. Her breasts were bared. Jack was snapping away. Kara posed. After a few shots like that, she turned to the side and Jack took profile shots as she bent over and slowly removed her shorts, leaving her in a pair of tight, see-through black panties.

“Come here, Hayley,” Kara said, and Hayley did. Kara turned her to face Jack, while she stood behind her. “Go ahead, Jack.”

Jack started snapping photos as Kara untied Hayley’s bikini top and slowly removed it. From behind Kara ran her hands all over Hayley’s body roaming up to caress her breasts and pinch her nipples while Jack took photos of the two of them. “Is that ecstasy kicking in right about now?” Kara whispered in Hayley’s ear as Jack moved around them. Hayley nodded as the tingles from having her nipples pinched faded away to her extremities.

“All right, are you okay now?” Kara asked in another whisper. Hayley nodded again. Kara stepped away from her and walked back over to stand by Jack, who hadn’t stopped snapping the shutter the whole time. Hayley started moving around on her own, little by little, more and more.

“Okay, how about we take those bottoms off and get out in the water a little?” Kara suggested to her sister.


Hayley started coughing, a plume of smoke jetting out of her mouth into the air as she held the joint out for Kara to take from her. The three of them sat on the couch. Kara started laughing at the girl sitting at her right. She hit it and passed it to her left. Jack said, “Easy, Hayley,” and took his hit.

Hayley had put on a white tank top and loose, black cotton shorts to cover her naked body after stripping down on the beach. Kara would only go so far as to slip back into the button-up shirt that had caused all the trouble in the drive-thru at McDonald’s that morning, and the black panties that she hadn’t took off. Jack, who hadn’t taken off any clothes outside, sat there in his blue board shorts and a white polo. They were waiting for the take-out to arrive.

“Wait till you taste the food, Jack,” Kara commented as she handed the joint from him over to Hayley. “We ate lunch there, and even if it was just salads, it was awesome.”

“Yeah,” Hayley agreed. Her voice was strained against trying her best not to start coughing again and her eyes were watered up from coughing before.

There was a knock at the door.

“Hey! There it is,” Kara said excitedly. She slapped a hand each down on Jack and Hayley’s knees and pushed herself up off the couch. She headed over to the door.

Hayley scooted closer to Jack, closing the gap between them, and handed the joint back to him. Her bare leg grazed against the fine hairs on his leg, and a tingle, accentuated from the bit of drugs she had taken earlier to loosen up, reverberated around the inside of her body. She paused for a second as she first realized it. Then she pressed her leg a slight bit harder against his and slowly rubbed hit against his a few times. Until she noticed his hand holding the small stub out in front of her, she was twirling in her own little world, staring at their point of contact. Hayley snapped out of it and looked at Jack while she took the roach from him. He smiled at her, like she was being silly. Cute, but a little silly. She quickly got embarrassed and blushed, looking away. He gave her leg a pat, to let her know it was all okay.

“Come on,” Kara said as she walked by behind the couch carrying bags of food, “let’s eat out on the deck.” Hayley handed the pot to Jack as she stood up and he dropped it into the ashtray as he followed behind her.

“Wait until you see Hayley’s dress, Jack,” Kara stated while taking a bite of her turkey club. They sat around the table eating their dinners while the sun was beginning to dip below the horizon. “You’re gonna flip.”

“I’m sure I will,” Jack replied, glancing over at Hayley.

Hayley smiled, but dropped her eyes quickly, embarrassed by the topic, though slightly excited by Jack’s suggestive reply. And the twinkle in his eye when he had looked at her. I saw that, right?


Stacy Marie and Debbie left the beach when the sun had set. They were tipsy already, and hungry, so they ordered some Chinese. While they waited for it to be delivered, Debbie and Stacy changed out of the rest of their bathing suits. Debbie slipped on a pair of red flannel, thin cotton pajama pants, along with some underwear and a loose, blue Dave Matthews Band concert tee. Stacy Marie put on a small, slightly loose pair of denim shorts and a thin, clingy black tank top with thin little spaghetti straps.

Debbie was still in her room when the delivery came and Stacy Marie carried the food back there. They sat on the bed, cross-legged, facing each other with the cardboard box-top, that served as the tray, between them. It held four or five white cartons with some sort of Chinese lettering on the side of them in red. With chopsticks, they picked up different cartons, took kaçak bahis a few bites of the contents, and set them back down, beginning the process all over again with another carton. They kept sipping on glasses of Strawberry daquiri as they ate.

“I wanted to apologize again, you know,” Stacy Marie began as she dug through some fried rice, “for the fact that you keep running into Sully – undressed – these past few days. And me and him. I can’t help feeling that a lot of it’s my fault.” And some actually on purpose.

Debbie paused eating while she rolled her eyes. “Don’t worry about it. I’m fine. Besides, I have walked in on people having sex before.”

“Really?” Stacy Marie asked, suddenly interested. “Who?”

Debbie looked like she was really hesitant to answer for several seconds. “Nevermind.”

“Oh, come on, Ebb. Who was it? Do I know them?”

Debbie grinned and nodded.

“Oh, you have to tell me now,” Hayley giggled. “Who is it?”

Debbie was still hesitant. Quickly, she blurted out, “Jack’s parents,” and subsequently began stuffing bites of broccoli into her mouth.

Stacy Marie was shocked. “What?!” she exclaimed. Then, she broke into laughter. “Really?” Debbie nodded absently.

“Okay,” Stacy said, calming down a little. “You HAVE to tell me that story.”

Debbie looked up hesitantly, then sighed as she gave in. “It was Junior year,” she began. “Me and Jack were upstairs at his house, in his room, you know – messing around.”

Stacy Marie nodded. Fuck you.

“And I don’t even think they knew we were there. Anyways, when Jack went to take me home, I had to get my shoes. I had left them out by the pool. Jack went ahead out to his car. When I went out back, I didn’t even notice them for a second or two. Then I saw them in the hot tub.”

Stacy brought her hand up to cover her mouth as it fell open.

“They couldn’t see me. She had her back to me, and she was sitting on him, blocking him from seeing me. But they were naked, hands everywhere. It wasn’t until I gasped, as it occurred to me what it was I was seeing, that they turned and saw me.”

“Oh my god,” Stacy gasped. “What did you do?”

“I just grabbed my shoes real quick and took off,” Debbie replied. “I might have mumbled ‘sorry’ or something too.”

“Wow,” Stacy said, taking the story in, “did they ever say anything about it?”

Debbie nodded as she swallowed a bit. “Yeah. Karen pulled me aside the next day when I was over there and asked me if I was alright and stuff. She was really cool about it.”

“Yeah, she’s a sweetie,” Stacy Marie agreed. “You two seem close.” Karen’s not fucking close to me, and I’ve been Hayley’s best friend forever. Fuck you, Debbie, you fucking bitch. Stacy Marie realized at this point that she had better start paying attention to concealing her actual thoughts from Debbie or she might just fuck everything up.

Debbie got a look of confusion about what Stacy was referring to.

“The other day. When I saw you over there?” Stacy explained.

“Oh,” Debbie nodded her head, remembering running into Stacy the day after the party. “Yeah. I guess we are, or, were. I hadn’t really talked to her since Jack and I broke up.

“When Jack and I first got together was right about the time Kara had first moved out. And I guess she missed her and everything. She started talking to me more and more. Hayley was younger then.”

Fuck you! Stacy nodded along with a slight smile, to show she was listening and interested.

“And later, when Mom had that affair and she and Dad got divorced, Karen kinda became, like a surrogate mom, or something, to me. I could talk to her about my life and stuff.”

“You talk to her about Jack?” Stacy asked.

“No,” Debbie answered rather quickly. “Well, not really. A few times. Only when we had had a fight, or it was something that was really important.”

“Is that why you were there the other day?” Stacy Marie asked, finished eating and beginning to take increasingly larger sips of her alcoholic drink. I will ruin you.

“No, I had gone over there to leave a letter for Jack,” Debbie explained. “But Karen was happy to see me again, so we just sat around, catching up.”

“A letter?” Stacy asked. Fucking Bitch! “Sorry, you don’t have to tell me.”

“It’s alright,” Debbie said, sipping her drink. “Jack had asked me to go with him this week, but I couldn’t. Then, I sat here thinking about what had happened and the fact that he did ask me to go. And I decided that this was the opportunity. To lay it all out. What actually happened that night that I ‘cheated’, how I felt about him, how I feel about him. Everything. I had to take my chance.”

“Oh,” Stacy Marie nodded, “that’s awesome. Good for you, Ebb.” Fuck, fuck, FUCK! “But, doesn’t that mean that he hasn’t read it yet?”

“No. I got there after he left. I just put it out in the poolhouse for him. He’ll get it when he gets back.”

The poolhouse. Stacy felt a wave of relief. I’ll just grab it and he’ll never even know it was there. And she will just assume that he read it and didn’t like what it said. Then she’ll think he doesn’t want her, and if everything goes right, she won’t have the stones to take the chance to approach him. I can make sure of that.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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