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It was a better than average day at the Riding Shop, but it was Black Friday. The store had been on Main Street for nine months and had barely hung on. In spite of being a small city not far from a few horse farms and the country club where there were horse stables and riding lessons for teenagers, the store that specialized in riding boots, jodhpurs, breeches and other items associated with horseback riding finally began to get noticed and more importantly shopped in. Michael Valdez, the 5’8″, movie star handsome, olive skinned, 25-year-old, manager, with a smooth oval face, big dark brown eyes, thick clean-cut black hair, and a well-toned 145 pound frame his tight red t-shirt, skintight white riding breeches, thin black belt, and shiny black riding boots, hugged almost obscenely, locked the door at 9:00 P.M. sharp. He was so glad the store was finally closed for the day, he had been working since 5:45 A.M. and between the big Thanksgiving Day meal, and eating junk food all day long had an urge to move his extremely full bowels and urinate.

A knock on the door gave him a start, but he unlocked it anyway, after all a sale was a sale.

“Can I exchange these?” Todd Fox, the 5’6″, cute as a button, baby-faced, well-tanned, 19-year-old, with high cheekbones, big baby-blue eyes, thick wavy golden-blonde hair, and a silky smooth well-toned 135 pound, his white t-shirt, canary-yellow spandex pants and white sneakers, almost looked painted on, asked the store manager.

Michael examined the lady’s white riding breeches. “Are these for you?” He asked slightly confused, both from the style, size and huge wide golden-brown skidmark.

“Oh no.” Todd blushed as he stepped in the shop that smelled of fresh leather and felt his thick circumcised 9″ penis harden as his hairless walnut sized balls got as tight as a drum, said “These are for my aunt.”

“What size do you need?” Michael asked, as he admired the outline of the cute teenager’s cock through the stretched out spandex pants.

“She is 40″ around her hips and stands 5’7″ tall.” Todd admitted as he blasted a loud smelly fart!

“Let me see what I have in the back.” Michael sniffed the big skidmark as he went into the storage room.

A balled up pair of nude pantyhose were forced in the handsome manager’s mouth as he was shoved against the wall! He was so scared he wet his skintight white riding breeches as the gloved hands taped his hands behind his back! He moaned incoherently as a wide ace bandage was wrapped over his smooth lower face to hold the balled up pantyhose in his mouth. He ripped a few ungentleman like farts as burst from his puckered bumhole.

“Do anything stupid and you pee sitting down. Understand stud?” The 5’11”, blue eyed, robber, with thick curly strawberry-blonde hair and a very shapely 40DD-28-40 hourglass figure the black spandex catsuit, wide black leather belt, black spandex hood, black leather gloves and black riding boots hugged like a glove, warned Michael.

The bound and gagged captive could only meow incoherently through his pantyhose stuffed mouth. He watched helplessly as the statuesque robber opened another plastic egg and balled up another pair of nude pantyhose. She grabbed the 3″ wide roll of white stretchy medical tape and snuck into the store.

Todd never saw the robber before he was grabbed from behind and the pantyhose were stuffed in his mouth! He was shoved into the storage room as he soaked his stretchy canary-yellow spandex pants with warm amber urine!

The robber taped the cute blonde’s hands behind his back and then his ankles together, while poor Michael watched. The robber then taped the dark haired captive’s booted ankles together and then unhooked the phones in both the storage room and main store.

The two bound and gagged men watched helplessly as the robber looted the store, stole the money and it was a good day’s haul, and then went through storage room for expensive boots, breeches and jodhpurs. The woman seemed to know where to go and what to take.

Todd could not help but notice how big Michael’s frontal bulge had gotten and because of the fresh accident the outline of his thick circumcised 8″ penis was very noticeable. He got excited too! He stood awkwardly and watched the buxom robber Nevşehir Escort fill big bags with expensive clothing. She went in and out of the backdoor and loaded a stolen white van as the two handsome victims struggled helplessly against the counter, in their pee soaked pants.

The robber slammed the backdoor one last time and fled into the night a lot richer than when she arrived.

Michael looked over the cute captive and got more excited. He at least had good-looking company for a dire situation. He felt pressure against his bumhole, he had been holding in his bowels too long and of all times could no longer control himself. He hopped to the bathroom, not that he could pull down his tight riding breeches.

The horrible smell almost knocked him over. He got to the tiny bathroom and looked inside. Someone had blocked up the toilet with what looked like an elephant sized fecal deposit in the toilet! The stench was awful, but Michael tried to remember who used the bathroom, it was off limits to customers, and of the two part-time helpers in the store he pictured, Kim Marx, the 5’3″, studious, but pretty, olive skinned, 20-year-old, with a pretty round face, big doe shaped golden-brown eyes, that her red framed glasses highlighted nicely, thick curly brunette hair, and an overripe 34DD-24-36 hourglass figure that riding breeches seemed just perfect for complained about a tummy ache, and then there was Samantha Kittredge, the 5’7″, well-tanned, very attractive, 19-year-old, with an oval face, big almond shaped bright blue eyes, thick long braided brown hair, and a very shapely 37EE-25-35 hourglass figure that her breeches always seemed a size too tight, was a notorious toilet blocker. He got hard thinking about both possibilities.

He heard a thunderous fart from across the room. Todd had to pinch a loaf also and from the way he made faces, he couldn’t wait much longer either! Todd hopped to the bathroom, and his cock looked hard as a rock inside his tight piss soaked spandex pants!

Todd turned a few shades of red as he pushed, farted and pushed out a hot, very fat, smelly, semi-solid, chunky, copper-brown, torpedo in between his tight hairless balls and wide upper asscrack! The seat of his pants tented out prominently as he spurted man juice in them as well as fresh hot smelly feces! He couldn’t seem to stop pooping as the seat in his stretchy pants almost split apart from the five grapefruit sized smelly deposit! He always climaxed after pooping in his pants which seemed all too often since he moved into his gorgeous aunt’s house a year earlier!

Michael felt pre-cum leak from his erect dick as he relaxed his sore sphincter muscles, he surrendered his fight to control his bodily functions. He had a good excuse to soil himself for a change. He had been bound and gagged after all.

He blasted a thunderous fart as he pushed! He felt a 3″ in diameter, steamy, solid, odorous, smooth, shiny golden-brown, turd almost split his anus apart! The hefty load of pungent smelling crap gathered in between his tight hairless balls and wide upper asscrack and slowly formed into a three eggplant sized blob in between his muscular legs as he came like never before! He swore the riding breeches would split apart as the last of the hefty solid movement plopped out of his full rectum!

The room smelled of three toilet blocking pooploads as the two boys admired their huge holiday efforts! Todd got excited all over again as he watched Michael’s cock get recharged! He pressed himself against Michael’s piss and semen stained frontal bulge with his! He had another intense orgasm as he pressed and tried to kiss the handsome Latin stud with his gagged mouth. Michael soon had another climax as he dropped an egg sized turd in his already too full once white riding breeches!

Roxy Hart, the 5’7″, Barbie doll faced gorgeous, 51-year-old, former model and B-movie actress, with high cheekbones, big almond shaped hazel eyes, thick curly just below her shoulders flaming-red hair, and a very curvaceous 38GG-26-40 hourglass figure that her tight red knit sweater, white spandex pants and 5″ shiny red highheels, that showed her off all too well got out of her white Mustang on Main Street and strutted to the Riding Shop, Todd was never this Nevşehir Escort Bayan late and all he was going to do was exchange the riding breeches she needed for a bondage shoot on Monday. She had a feeling the skidmark on the seat might be a problem, but Todd was so cute and had a feeling the studious buxom clerk would fall for his charms and large penis that his spandex pants hardly concealed.

The lights were off and the ‘Closed’ sign was on the door. She then noticed lights on in the back. She went around the back of the building to have a look and perhaps use the bathroom, after all it had been almost four days and the big dinner the day before really did her full bowels in. She hoped to do her business at home, but this was an emergency!

The white van pulled up to the backdoor of the Riding Shop. The buxom robber decided to grab the rest of the riding boots and a few other items.

Roxy knocked on the backdoor unaware that it wasn’t locked. She banged on the steel door as her full bowels rumbled for relief! The buxom redhead never had time to react! A balled up worn black thong panty was jammed in her luscious mouth before she had a chance to cry out for ‘Help!’ and two wide strips of white stretchy medical tape was plastered over her full red lips as she was pushed into the smelly storage room! The robber quickly taped her well-manicured hands behind her back as the two handsome captives stared helplessly as their hard cocks tried to burst from the tight wet and pooped in pants!

Roxy was so upset she soaked her white spandex pants with warm yellow pee as she farted a few too many times. The robber taped her pencil thin ankles together and wondered how such dainty looking thing could support such a voluptuous body. She was right behind the gorgeous buxom redhead when it happened! The last smelly fart almost caused the kinky buxom robber to pass out!

Roxy barely pushed as four days’ worth of hot, pungent smelling, very fat, solid, shiny bronze, poops, oozed out of her tight and sore butthole and gathered between her clean shaven vulva to her lovely wide upper asscrack and stopped just short of her rear waistband! She could not stop pooping as the spandex expanded to the size of four overripe melons! She had a series of uncontrolled climaxes as the last of the huge toilet blocker settled in her white spandex pants!

Todd was so turned on he ran his spandex covered cock against Michael’s riding breeches clad leg and spurted semen! Michael was throbbing in his breeches as he watched the gorgeous buxom redhead drop the biggest load of poops he ever saw in her pants! He would give her as many pairs of breeches as she wanted as long as he got to see her pee and poop in her pants!

The robber went right for the boots and began to load them in the van. She was rather excited herself after seeing the gorgeous redhead drop a huge poopbomb in her spandex pants and the two young men, well they were just so cute. She took all of the boots from the shelves and even took a few more pairs of jodhpurs and breeches.

The robber discovered a shelf filled with Co-Flex bandage wrap that was supposed to be used on horses’ ankles. She found a roll of red 4″ stretchy bandage and wrapped it over Roxy’s already gagged face, then used a roll of black wrap over Michael’s gagged mouth and finally a roll of white stretchy 4″ tape over Todd’s packed mouth. They all tried to communicate to the captor; but only garbled meows came out as the two young men got hard all over! The robber played with the front of Todd’s still wet spandex pants and made him spurt. She then brushed up against Michael’s healthy bulge and abruptly stopped, just to get him a little mad!

The robber found some scissors and cut the sweater off of Roxy and was rather impressed at how firm her huge natural wonders stood in the overworked spandex sports bra that did nothing to hide her all too tiny blood-red nipples. Michael was throbbing in his soiled once crisp white riding breeches! He wanted relief, but was only able to piss instead!

Meanwhile in the front of the store at midnight;

“This is crazy.” Kim Marx informed her best friend and co-worker. “Besides, now I have to poop!”

“Michael will ask questions.” Samantha said as Escort Nevşehir she unlocked the front door to the Riding Shop. “My mother always blocks toilets.”

“It wasn’t you then?” Kim seemed relieved.

“No my mother stopped by and I let her use the bathroom.” Samantha confessed. “I guess it was worse letting her in the back room then if I blocked the toilet myself. Besides I have to go so bad I can taste it!”

The robber heard the bell go off and looked in the store. The lights were off but two buxom brunettes were coming her way. She grabbed two more packages of pantyhose and two blue horse bandages.

“Lock the door.” The robber pointed her unloaded pistol at the two young buxom beauties.

“What is going on?” Samantha demanded to know.

“Well if you must know I am robbing this place.” The buxom robber admitted. “Now gag yourself and your pretty friend.” She tossed Samantha the two new bandages and pairs of pantyhose.

Samantha stuffed one balled up pair of taupe pantyhose in her luscious mouth and then the white pair in Kim’s she wrapped the wide stretchy bandage over Kim’s full pink lips and head four times. Kim meowed through her gagged mouth when she saw the other three captives in their soiled and embarrassing states.

Samantha taped Kim’s hands behind her back and wrapped more tape above and below her ample bosom, making the black spandex top tighter, if it was at all possible and her massive boobs look bigger, while Kim wet her shiny red spandex pants. Kim almost lost her balance when her best friend taped her ankles together, it was hard enough walking in 4″ stiletto pumps, let alone standing in them while bound and gagged.

Kim lost control and blasted out a very rancid smelling load of hot, steamy, chocolate-brown, fudge in her shiny red spandex pants! She climaxed as the chunky pudding gathered between her clean shaven pussy to her wide upper asscrack! She never climaxed so hard in her entire life as she dropped an almost seam splitting ten orange sized fecal deposit in her pants! The two young men both became aroused watching the cute brunette soil and wet herself.

The robber even got excited as she gathered up some pantyhose to bind Samantha, since she used up the medical tape.

Samantha struggled and tried to resist as the buxom robber tied her hands behind her back, with a pair of red tights, which forced her blue spandex sports bra to stretch a little too much and being a 37EE cup already stretched it a little too much, then tied her dainty ankles together with a pair of beige pantyhose, as she wet her light gray spandex pants with warm amber piss. She wobbled in her 5″ navy blue highheels as the robber finished securing her ankles together. She blasted some smelly gas, bot to relieve pressure and upset the kinky robber, who instead of getting mad, became very aroused.

Samantha pushed and grunted like a hungry bear as a very hot, almost ass splitting, super solid, knobby, olive-brown, missile shot out of her sore anus and forced the seat of her spandex pants to swell out well beyond normal limits! She had a few wild orgasms as the super hard chunks covered her quaking cunt lips and slid up her wide asscrack! She finally calmed down a couple of minutes after the six bananas sized solid deposit settled in her overstretched spandex pants!

Roxy slowly backed up to the fire alarm and with some effort pulled the lever!

The noise almost burst everyone’s eardrums! It most of all scared the robber enough to run away.

The robber wet her spandex catsuit as she got in the van and sped away. Boxes of boots fell out of the back since she hadn’t shut the backdoor before taking off!

The sound of firetrucks speeding down Main Street at first made the five bound and gagged captives happy, but Michael all of a sudden felt embarrassed as the three trucks stopped right in front of the store with a police cruiser right behind them!

Office Raquel Lopez, the 5’6″, olive-skinned, beautiful, 24-year-old, rookie police officer, with high cheekbones, big almond shaped dark brown eyes, long thick auburn-blonde hair that she wore in a loose bun, and an overripe 40FF-27-40 hourglass figure that her tight tan shirt, skintight tan riding breeches and shiny brown riding boots hugged like a glove charged into the smelly shop with her pistol drawn! She felt dampness between her thick, but well-sculpted legs as she looked over the helpless, but somewhat happy bound and gagged captives! She couldn’t wait to write out this police report!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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