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Took longer than I wanted to get this up. Hopefully the editing is OK! I appreciate any comments!


The next morning came way too quickly, I could have slept for so much longer. My groggy eyes slowly opened and in front of me was my wall. My mind started to come around, remember the night before, what happened with Mary, but also what happened in the library. It was hard to keep my mind straight and focused anymore. I still had school work to do, and I still had to remain somewhat of a normal functioning member of society. But at the same time my mind kept going back to how much a public slut I wanted to be. I flipped over under my blanket, remembering that I was still naked. As I spun around Mary started to come into my view.

She was laying on her bed facing the other way. It looked like she was reading a book or looking at something on her phone. She laid there wearing a pink sportsbra, I could see the straps running over her toned back, a pair of black leggings that looked a little worn that came down just below her knees, the waistband was rolled down so they sat right on her hips. A pair of pink running shoes were on her feet. I could see the fabric from her leggings running between her ass. She looked amazing. So athletic and sexy. I just kept staring at her until I started realize it had been awhile.

I was scared to say anything, but I knew I had to. I pulled the blanket up so it was just under my chin and opened my mouth.

“Goodmorning.” That was it. Simple and soft.

Mary turned her head and that her whole body as she sat up in her bed, feet on the ground, looking at me. I could see her hard stomach now, it was amazing.

Her knees touched with her hands on top of them as she spoke “Goodmorning Steph”. I could tell she was a little annoyed, or angry, or something, I could see it on her face.

“Listen… Mary” I started softly “about last night” I paused waiting for her to say something, but it never came. “I’m sorry that things went as far as they did… I just got a little carried away… anddddd… I’m kind of finding a new part of me that I’m exploring… and you saw a bit of it… so I’m sorry” I waited again.

“That’s OK Steph” Mary replied while looking down at her shoes before her eyes rose to meet mine. “It was just a little intense, I didn’t really know what was going on.”

“I know! I’m sorry!” I said louder as I raised myself from the bed a little to prop myself up on my elbow, the blanket falling slightly below my collar bones.

“I don’t want to stop you from being who you are… and a part of me wonders if I’m holding myself back too… you know now really having the ‘college experience’… I don’t know.” Mary said a little rushed, and then took a breath, “I’m going to go for a run… maybe we can talk more later?” She said as she pushed herself off the bed and stood up. “I’ll see you in a bit” she said as she opened the door and walked out.

It all went better than I thought it would. I was worried she would hate me, or not want to be roommates anymore. But in the end she was more understanding than I thought she would be, and maybe, just maybe everything would work out alright.

I got up from bed completely naked and opened the drapes. There were buildings across from me, but unless someone was specifically looking at our window I don’t think anyone would notice me standing there. The idea of being caught was something I liked though. I opened my drawer and threw on a long-ish white t-shirt that went past my ass, and a pair of grey cotton boy shorts. Before my mind got too dirty during the day I knew I should do some actual school work. I sat down at my desk, opened my books and got to work.

About 45mins later I heard the door open and Mary walk in.

“Hey Steph” she said as she stepped forward.

I turned in my chair. She looked so amazing, so sexy. The sweat was glistening on her body, dripping down her stomach. Her hair was wet from sweat and I could smell it coming from her body. At that moment I wanted nothing more than to pull her close to me and lick the sweat off her body. Something about how she looked right now turned me on so much. I just wanted to run my tongue up and down her stomach, her legs, her pussy and taste her. It took all of my strength not to do it.

“So I was thinking… on my run…” Mary started. “I thought about what you said, about trying new things, and finding things out about you…” She took a second to gather her thoughts as I sat there, knees together, waiting. “I know what you mean, I mean, seeing you do things makes me think maybe I should open up a bit, and see what I really want… You know what I mean?”

I was surprised by what she said, but it made me happy that everything was turning out OK.

“I understand Mary… just relax and see what happens! You know yourself… just be who you want to me, do what you want to do.” I said while looking into her eyes. For some reason my hand reached out and grabbed her right hand, and I gently pulled her closer. “We’re xslot friends right?” Our knees slightly touching.

“Ya of course” Mary said back looking down at me.

“Good… so just know you can do or say anything you want with me… no judgement or anything… OK?”

“Ya…” she said while smiling a little

I felt closer to Mary now than ever before and it felt good. We looked at each other for a few seconds before she pulled and walked towards her closet.

“Hey Steph… thanks for the talk”

“No problem! Anytime” I replied with a smile and started to turn back to my work.

“I’m going to go and hop in the shower, I’ll see you in a bit” and with that Mary had grabbed her bathrobe and left the room. And as she left I could feel my stomach start to rumble. I was already distracted from Mary and how hot she looked I figured stopping my work to get some food made sense.

I got up from my chair, slid my feet into my flip flops, and walked down to the common room wearing only my t-shirt over my panties. It was a college dorm so I didn’t exactly stand out. The door swung open from a guy on my floor leaving and he held it open for me as I walked in. Straight ahead was the couches and TV where my first night of showing off happened, I smiled when I saw it. To the left was the kitchen and inside the kitchen making some cereal was Meg.

“Hey” I said as I walked up behind her touching her lower back gently.

She turned to look at me “Hey you… want some cereal?”

“Sure!” I replied, as my eyes moved up and down her body. Fluffy pink slippers on her feet, small pink fabric shorts with cartoon characters all over them, and a white tank top. She brought a bowl down from the shelf, poured in some cereal and milk. I reached out to grab it from the counter when I felt her hands land on my shoulders and push me backwards against the wall. Before I knew what was happening Meg was right up against me and she was kissing me.

I pushed her off. “MEG!… What the fuck!” I was in shock as she still stood right up against me, our legs touching, her hands beside my shoulders against the wall, her lips just in front of mine.

“I’m sorry Steph…I just couldn’t help myself. I’ve been thinking about what happened in the library non-stop and when you walked in looking so fucking sexy I just couldn’t control myself… I’m sorry!”

I could tell that Meg was a little sorry, but more than that she just wanted to continue kissing me. My mind started to click through the scenarios and the consequences. There was no one in the room so getting caught was unlikely right now, but I love V and I don’t want to cheat on her, but at the same time V has been pushing me to let my slut out, and this would be a perfect opportunity to do just that. All of these thoughts rush through my mind in an instant as I’m standing there staring back at Meg. I finally reached a decision.

My head rushed forward so my lips touched megs and I kissed her. Our mouths both opened and our tongues met as our kiss became more intense. My hands raised from my side and went to her back, pulling her close to me. I heard her let out a low “mmmmm” sound into my mouth. I could feel my pussy start get wet as my hands moved down her back to her ass. I squeezed it as I pulled her even tighter.

“Oh fuck Steph” Meg moaned out loud as our lips separated for only a second.

My hands slipped into her shorts and felt her ass, Meg wasn’t wearing any panties. Maybe she was a slut too? I felt her hands move under my t-shirt and on to my ass. She pulled the fabric of my boyshorts up making them into a thong. The added strain on my panties put more pressure on my pussy and I loved it.

“Mmmmm Meg…” I said as I looked into her eyes.

I could feel her hands start to move their way around my body starting to look for my wet pussy. My hands started to do the same on her body. Our tongues continued to be buried in each others mouths. I wanted nothing more than to get on my knees and bury my mouth on her cunt.

The only problem was, we just heard the door open.

Meg jumped back away from me and before I knew it she had her bowl of cereal in her hand. My t-shirt fell back down and covered my panties which stayed bunched up in my ass. I looked as Meg and we smiled at each other. I watched her take a bite of her cereal.

“Well… I’ll see you around Steph” Meg said with a smirk as she started walking towards the door. “I’m in room 608… you know… if you are ever looking for me”

Before I could come up with a good reply Meg was out the door. I fell back against the wall for a minute so I could clear the way for the guy on my floor who interrupted us. I took a deep breath or two to settle myself after that little experience with Meg and grabbed my cereal bowl off the counter.

“Bye” I said to the random guy before walking back to my room, slowly eating my cereal as I went. My pussy was almost dripping by this point after the state that Meg had left me in. If I didn’t have to go to class soon xslot Giriş I would have gone to room 608 and finished what we started. I finally reached my room and opened the door. What I found inside was not what I expected. In front of me was Mary, standing naked with her back to me. My cereal spilled on the ground a little as I was so shocked by what I was looking at. My eyes took in her whole body, from her feet to her head. It was perfect. She slowly slid on a small and tight pair of black spandex shorts. I watched as she bent over and I got a view of her pussy. She pulled the shorts up and they cupped her ass perfectly. She slowly turned around with a black sports bra in her hands.

“Hey Steph…” She said a little quietly. It was obvious she was a little nervous about what she was doing. “I’m trying to be more open… like you” she added while looking at my.

I smiled back. “You look amazing… you should be confident with that amazing body!”

“Thanks” she said while looking down at the ground. Her hands moved to her bra and started to put it on. She followed that with a black sleeveless jersey, it was the jersey for the school volleyball team. “I have a practice now, but tonight I have a game… you should come watch… it’s at 8pm in the gym”

It took my awhile to gather my thoughts as I was still holding my cereal and working through what I had just seen.

“Uh sure… sounds good!” I said back finally.

“All right, well I’ll see you later then!” Mary said as she grabbed her bag and left for practice.

I was still in shock as the door closed behind me. What had gotten into Mary? I guess our talk, and her run, really did change her mind? My mind kept racing back to her body, it was so perfect. Her pussy looked amazing as she bent over. Between Mary and Meg I was so fucking horny right then. Both girls teasing me and not finishing me off. I put the cereal bowl down on my desk and put my left leg up on my bed. My hands reached for the hem of my t-shirt and pulled it up to my waist in a bunch. My left hand moved down and pulled my panties to the side as my right hand followed and forced two fingers into my dripping cunt.

I fucked myself hard and fast for a few seconds before I took my fingers out and sucked them clean.

“Fuck, what has gotten into me?” I said out loud. I knew I had class in a few minutes, and it was a small tutorial so there was no point in even trying to show off. I grabbed a hoodie and some sweat pants and threw them on. I grabbed my laptop and bag and walked out the door.

The whole way to class, and even while sitting there I could feel my pussy and how wet it was. All I wanted to do was reach into my pants and rub my clit, to fuck my cunt. But even though I liked showing off, I wasn’t going to do it in front of the class.

Instead I decided to write an e-mail to V telling her about my very eventful morning. I went through my talk with Mary and how well it went. I told her about my morning rendezvous in the kitchen with Meg, partially because of how slutty it was, but also because I didn’t want her to think I would cheat on her. And of course I told her about Mary changing in front of me and how it was out of the ordinary, but amazing. I wrote so much to her that by the time I was done there was only a few minutes left in the class. I don’t know what I was supposed to learn that day, but I did know I was still extremely horny.

When I got back to my room I laid down on my bed, I ripped the hoodie off my body, and pushed my sweat pants down. I pulled my grey boy shorts to the side and started to finger my wet hole.

“MMMM… I’m so fucking horny”

I slowly rubbed my clit as dirty thoughts ran through my head.

“I want to be such a fucking slut”

I rubbed a little faster, a little harder.

“I want to fuck Mary so fucking bad… I want to taste her pussy”

“Mmmmm Meg… lets be dirty sluts together…”

My head rolled to the left and I saw my clock, 7:30pm…

“FUCK!” I yelled as my hand came off my clit and my panties slid back in place. Mary’s game started soon and I didn’t want to be late. If there was one thing I could go for right now that wasn’t cumming was watching my fucking sexy roommate wear spandex clothing.

I flipped my phone over just to double check, and the time was right, but I also had a message from V.

V: Hey read your e-mail, sounds like you had a fun morning!

V: Message me when you see this

I typed back to her quickly as I got up from bed.

Me: Hey! Ya it was fun for sure! My god Mary is so fucking hot…

Me: You’d love her 😉

V: I bet I would, lol

V: Do you have time to play?

Me: Sorry babe! I told Mary I would go and watch her volleyball game tonight

V: No problem… hope you have fun!

Me: Thanks!

I started to look through my clothes for something to wear when another message came through.

V: What are you going to wear?

I thought about it for a second and then replied

Me: xslot Güncel Giriş I’m not sure, something normal, it’s in the gym

V: Something normal?

V: Is that what a slut would wear?

I could feel my pussy get even wetter just from her message

Me: Uhhh, I guess not lol

V: Exactly

Me: Well there will be a lot of people around, so…

V: So? Do you like to show off?

Me: Uh yes.

V: And how turned on are you right now?

Me: VERY lol

V: I thought so

V: So lets pick something for you to wear

V: First of all, no bra.

I chuckled to myself

Me: No problem, haven’t worn one all day

V: Good girl

Something about reading “good girl” made me tingle… I loved it.

V: Hmmm I’m trying to think about the clothes you have

Me: Ok… well… what about shorts?

V: No, toooooo… something…

Me: A skirt? A dress?

V: Hmmmm

V: Oh! Do you have that wife beater dress thing with the buttons there?

My mind went through my clothes, trying to think of what V was talking about. Eventually it hit me.

Me: V I can’t wear that!

Me: That was only for around the house!

V: Are you a slut or not?

The thought swam around my head for a season. Am I a slut? Do I want to be a slut? Deep down I wasn’t sure, but I knew it made me feel amazing, so for now the answer was yes.

Me: Yes… I am

Me: Your slut 😉

V: Good girl

V: So that’s what you’re going to wear.

Me: What about panties?

V: Hmmmm

V: Do you have that bright orange gstring?

Me: Ya, I think so

V: OK, then that lol

Me: Sounds good 😉

Me: Let me get changed and I’ll send you a picture

V: Sounds good babe!

I went to my dresser and started to open the draws looking for what I was supposed to wear. I found the orange g-string in only a few seconds, but the dress was harder to find as it was buried at the bottom. I pushed my grey panties down to the floor and slide on the orange ones. I didn’t remember that they were a little see through in the front. My hands unfolded the white dress and I pulled it over my head and tugged it down my sides. Looking in the mirror shocked me. The dress was a lot more see through then I remembered, it was bright white and had buttons down the front from the rounded neckline to the bottom hen. My nipples were very visible through the fabric and as my eyes moved lower I could see that my bright orange panties were clearly visible as well. Anyone who looked at me would be able to see that I was wearing this tiny pair of panties under this almost see through dress. I turned around to look at my ass and the dress hugged it so tightly. You could see the bright orange waistband wrap around my waist and then dive in between my ass cheeks. My hands fell to my side and I realized it was shorter than I remembered. Maybe I had grown? Now it was only half way between my pussy and my knees. I looked hot, I looked slutty and and I felt amazing.

I picked up my phone and took a couple of pictures and sent them to V

V: wow

V: that dress is even more see through then I remember!

V: you look so fucking sexy babe

I felt a smile on my face.

Me: I know! I didn’t think it was this see through either

V: And how does it make you feel that you’re going out like this?

Me: Fucking hot as shit lol

Me: I’m so fucking horny and I feel amazing

V: mmmm good babe

V: I wish I was there

Me: me too!

Me: We have to find sometime to see each other

V: I know…

V: lets talk about it soon

Me: Hey I have to go or I’m going to be late

V: Are you going by yourself?

Me: Well I was thinking of seeing if Meg wanted to go

V: Oh fuck yes! Go with her…

V: I’m sure you two will have some real fun 😉

Me: lol, well ok then

Me: but I really have to go!

V: OK OK… send me the details later!

V: Love you!

Me: Love you!

I closed the app and took a deep breath. Part of me couldn’t believe I was going to go out dressed like this, but most of me couldn’t wait. The excitement was killing me. I put my feet into my bright pink flip flops, grabbed my stuff and headed out into the hall.

As I walked down the hall towards Meg’s room I passed a couple of guys from my floor and I could feel their eyes on my. Looking at my tits, seeing my panties, wondering who would wear this out in public. Just knowing they were looking made me wet. I got to Meg’s room and knocked. She opened the door almost immediately. Instinctively I licked my lips when I saw her. She stood in front of me in a white cropped t-shirt that showed off her midriff and a pair of grey short cotton shorts rolled once at the waist. She looked amazing, relaxed but sexy, and I wanted her.

“Hey Steph” she said first as her eyes moved up and down my body “quite an outfit you’re wearing” she laughed.

“Uh ya” I chuckled back. “Anyway, I am going to watch my roommates volleyball game… wanna come?”

“Oh, ummmm, ya sure! What else do I have going on?” We laughed together “let me just get changed.”

“Woah! Changed? Why?” I asked.

“Uhhh because I can’t wear this in public?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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