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One of Lilly’s friends grabbed a small plastic device and tried to put it on my penis. I moved away.

“Girls! Grab the loser!” Lilly said and one skinny and bushy gorgeous girl grabbed and even her tiny biceps were holding me in place.

“Haha your boyfriend’s pretty pathetic Lil!” She said.

“You should see him jerk off!” All the girls laughed.

The other girl now placed the device on my penis, it was now completely locked away.

“Guess he won’t be doing any jerking off for a while.”

“Time to teach him a lesson.” Lilly said, she then proceeded to shove her pinky up my ass!!

“Whoa!” I yelled.

“Oh come on it’s only my pinky, you can barely feel it.” She said

“I guess.”

“Now think of my pinky as your penis, small, thin and well pink, except it’s slightly smaller than my pinky.” she said

“Is that what women feel when I’m inside of them!! Oh god!” It was nothing! I finally began to understand Lilly’s point of view.

“I think you’re beginning to understand! But just to be sure” she walked away and opened a closet.

I saw her with two huge strap-ons, I thought to myself that there was no way she was going to do this.

“Are these good?” Lilly’s friend asked.

“Yea, they might hurt but whatever.” Lilly’s friend put on the strap Nevşehir Escort on and passed the second one to Lilly. She held the monster dildo next to my tiny cock and the room laughed. She removed my chastity to exposed my pickle sized boner. “You know Jake, I really like you. You’re sweet, cute and submissive as hell. Just because I will never have sex with you, doesn’t mean I don’t love you. You have to understand someone are sex machines, like Rob. They’re built as the perfect love makers, you are the complete opposite so you need some help to do the job of pleasing me. Just look at your dick versus this, its not even the size of the tip. Size matters, and I want you to see why.” She put on the strap on. “Now on your hands and knees, mouth wide open.”

“Yes ma’am.” I obeyed.

“Andrea, shove that dildo in my bitch’s mouth!”

“Maybe he should ask politely first.”

“Plea..” I said.

Lilly grabbed my marble sized nuts and said “YOU FUCKING BITCH!! SHUT UP UNLESS YOU’RE SPOKEN TO!!’

“Yes ma’am.”

“Good boy, now beg, beg for that dildo.”

“Please let me have it in my mouth.”

“Get on your knees bitch and suck it.” Andrea said. I put the tip in my mouth and sucked a small mouth full of the dildo. “Hah! Call that a BJ!!” She then forced my head onto it and shoved Nevşehir Escort Bayan the entire shaft down my throat. I couldn’t move, I was too weak. Tears began to fall down my cheek because I was choking, but somehow I loved it. “Awww, Lilly! You’re bitch is crying.”

“I can fix this.” She proceeded to pick up her jeans and remove the belt. She stood back and lashed her belt at my back! Thankful the metal was in her hand but still… the pain was unbearable. She then grabbed a baseball bat from out of nowhere and threatened “Now bitch! Get on all fours and if even an inch of that cock slips out your mouth, bye bye baby dick!” she held the bat again my nub, “I know it’s a small target, but I have three strikes before I’m out.” I carefully got on all fours and firmly pushed my lips against the base of the strap on. “Alright here comes a big one!” FUUUUUUCCCCCKKKK! Lilly had no mercy with her strap on, she slammed right up my ass into my stomach and instantly my dick dripped out a tiny load of cum.

“Woah! you’re bf just precame!”

“Nope, that’s his full load, tiny penis tiny load.”

I think I let out six tiny loads of cum before we ended.

After that me and Lilly went into her room and I was completely silent, until she broke it. “You know the silence thing was just me going Escort Nevşehir overboard, you can talk to me, I’m still your girlfriend.”

“OK… Well can you help me get my clothes?”

“Sure here’s some underwear and jean shorts.”

“Are you serious?”

“You’re probably the same size as me and don’t worry about anyone seeing you’re bulge.”

“I can’t wear a girls clothes!”

“No one’s there, and if they are there tell them you’re going back up to fuck Lilly Carter, that’ll shut them up. Also baby sized your condoms are in your clothes.”

“But you said we would never fuck!”

“You want me to change my mind?” I instantly put on her panties and shorts, and they were loose because I don’t have Lilly’s curves but whatever. I ran down an outside grabbed my clothes and went back to the room. Dropped my pants and got ready to lose my virginity!

“Alright, let’s get this over with.” She whined. My dick was instantly hard, I approached her. “Woah! Condom dude, I don’t want my kids to have tiny penises!” I put on the xxs condom, a little loose but I didn’t care. I shoved my dick inside Lilly, she giggled. I kept trying to please her until I came, in under one minute. “Well, I guess you’re not a virgin anymore so congrats.”

“Thanks babe, that was amazing.”

“To be honest, you did make me laugh so it wasn’t too bad.”

“Was I that bad?”

“Yes, that was without a doubt the worst sex I’ve ever had in my life.”

“If I was the worst, than who was the best?”

“Actually, you’re roomie, Alex.”

To be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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